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52 year old female with multiple symptoms 5

Menopausal - Night Sweats, waking every hour, no libido, high blood pressure, weight gain, finger joint stiffness and swelling... Have taken several consitutional remedies with lit...
Remedies: Asparagus Officinalis
Started by susienwc. Last post: 2014-12-16

Multiple Symptoms and Suffering.. no end with treatment..COPD..indigestion.. acidity.. colic.. IBS.. erectile dysfunction.. inconstinence.. lessened control on stool and urine.. uneasy feeling in the groin and penile area..hernia like pressure.. 57

Hi, I have been suffering from a variety of diseases for a long time now, thus my homeopathic doctors are getting annoyed as I end up asking too many remedies in a short time. A br...
Remedies: Lilium Tigrinum, Carduus Benedictus, Nux Vomica, Mercurius Vivus, Aloe Socotrina, Passiflora Incarnata, Rhus Tox, Hydrastis Canadensis, Eucalyptus Globulus, Arsenicum Album, Calcarea Carbonica, Calcarea Hypophosphorosa, Calcarea Oxalica, Carbo Vegetabilis, Bryonia
Started by avishek. Last post: 2013-02-25

Confused with multiple symptoms 4

my right side of throat is paining and head .i had gone for ct pns scan .docs say 95% is fine .but pain had not gone and when am blowing nose blood is coming from nose with mucus ...
Started by raaf.l. Last post: 2011-03-17

Multiple symptoms 7

1. Penis: I am 28 years old, male, Indian. I masturbate almost every night. But sometimes (once in 2 or 3 months) after Masturbation there is a sharp pain in the penis with a feel...
Remedies: Sulphur
Started by male_medica. Last post: 2007-07-04

Multiple symptoms and no idea :( 7

hi my names kevin and im 22 yrs old for the last 3 years ive been getting syptom after symptom i seen gps a lot around 2 years ago when it started and havnt been back since as i fe...
Started by fraggle1984. Last post: 2007-04-08

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