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Arnica Montana2

Post operative recovery 2

Good afternoon, my 16yr old son has just had an operation to reverse penile torsion and a circumcision. Could you please give advice for some good healing remedies other than just ...
Remedies: Hypericum Perforatum
Started by MrsB22. Last post: 2020-10-07

Post operative swelling on finger 2

Hi Doctors, I had and accident injury on my right hand index finger for which i had to go for a surgery. It has been one and a half month since the surgery but there is a lot of s...
Started by imtiyaz.ansari1. Last post: 2018-01-15

Post operative puss drainage 2

43 year old female had a huge uterine fibroid. She did hysterectomy last week And after 7 days she went for removing the stitches they found a puss ozzing out from the incision P...
Started by Bhagyashree sonar. Last post: 2017-11-25

Post operative Problem 17

Hello all respected doctors. i have done Non Surgical Uretroscopy for Stone in uretro-vesicle junction. and removed 8mm stone. i completed 7 days antibiotics also. problem is that ...
Remedies: Sanicula Aqua, Berberis Vulgaris, Ocimum Canum, Sulphur, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Hepar Sulphuris Kalinum, Conium Maculatum, Arnica Montana
Started by 123abc. Last post: 2010-10-07

Lasik eye surgery.. Post operative treatment 3

I have gone thru laser eye surgery to remove my Long distance numbers.. I would like to have suggestions that would help me to relieve pain in back of eyes, tiredness after long ho...
Remedies: Arnica Montana
Started by bhavnas90. Last post: 2010-06-23

Post operative problems 2

My 11 yr old son has been operated twice for a brain tumour called craniophrangioma. once at the age of 9 and secondly at the age of 11. He has followong problems after second surg...
Started by sulalitg. Last post: 2006-12-19

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