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Nux Vomica2

Poisoned by Levaquin 16

Hello - I am writing because I am experiencing toxicity side effects from the antibiotic levaquin (some people refer to this as being 'floxed'). I read a previous post fro...
Remedies: Avena Sativa, Morphinum, Alfalfa, Nux Vomica
Started by poisoned. Last post: 2014-08-11

9 mo old beagle believed to be poisoned 3

Tonight our beagle came in the living room staggering and appeared disoriented, and seemed to be a little shaky. I immediate thought he had been poisoned by our neighbor, because h...
Started by melenz. Last post: 2014-06-07

Please advise my husband has been poisoned by Cipro & Levaquin & me....Lupron 41

My husband was given Cipro thorugh an antrax vaccination overseas then contracted e.coli and was given a 2 day I.V. of Levaquin along with 2 weeks worth of pills. he hasn't be...
Remedies: Sulphur, Nux Vomica, Calcarea Fluorata, Calcarea Carbonica, Arnica Montana
Started by RAMCS. Last post: 2014-04-25

I think I may have poisoned myself on salicylic acid 8

I had a very persistant corn in between my baby toe and fourth toe and used corn remover daily for weeks. This was about a year ago. Since then I have had loud noise in my ears, n...
Remedies: Sepia
Started by bougainvillea. Last post: 2010-09-12

Poisoned 6

i have multiple heavy metal poisons (mercury, copper, nickel, aluminum, cadmium, and flouride poisoning and too much testosterone (from hrt). i have ms, fibromyalgia, chronic fatig...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus, Formic Acid
Started by culbeba. Last post: 2006-12-22

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