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Materia Medica

We've added a Materia Medica to make it easier to find information on a specific homeopathic remedy. This information is also available through the shop.

Thesaurus Linked Search

After listening to your comments, the remedy finder has been improved by the addition of a thesaurus linked search. What this means to you is that all similies for words produce the same results.

For example "cold feet" produces the same result set as searching for "foot chilliness". This will, of course make it easier to find the symptoms you are looking for.

This is a big improvement on the previous version which worked by a fuzzy logic to truncate words, so that for example, concentrating is the same as concentrate, and concentrated.

The downside is a lack of precision. For example, stomach ache now gets all results for abdominal pain, as that is the most common usage of that phrase. You can therefore turn off the thesaurus by unchecking the Use Thesaurus box at the bottom of the screen.

It is still new and imperfect, so if you have any suggestions (such as this word should not be included with that word, or conversely - these two words have a similar meaning and should therefore be linked), please don't hesitate to contact ABC Homeopathy.

It Learned to Learn

The new thesaurus linked search also has a facility to learn by its mistakes. THis works in two ways:

  • If a word you enter is not in the database when you enter your symptoms, you can suggest similies; if these are found, the word is added under that meaning, and future searches will include it.
  • When you have finished entering your symptoms, you have the option of giving the condition a name (ie flu, ADHD) If, in the future, somebody searches for any of those conditions, they will be presented with your results. They can also add to your results and extend the symptoms encompassed by a condition.

And thanks to...

On a technical note, I'd like to extend my warm thanks to the hardworking gurus of binary responsible for Linux, PHP and MySQL , which are the open source languages this site is based on. They were chosen because of thier much better speed, support and reliability compared to microsoft's ASP / SQL equivalent, and have the added bonus of being completely free.