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Face; Abscess

Face; sensation of cool air blowing on face; coloc., mez.

Face; Bloated (see swelling, congestion)

Face; sensation of becoming wide; coll.

Face; Cancer

Face; decay of bone; aur-m., 1aur., kali-s., 2phos.

Face; decay of bone; lower jaw; asaf., 2aur-m-n., 2aur-m., 2aur., 2cist., 2con., 2fl-ac., 2kali-i., 2merc., mez., 2nit-ac., 2phos., 2phyt., 2sil., staph.

Face; chilliness; berb., brach., 1caust., rhod.

Face; sensation of cobwebs; alum., 2bar-c., bor., 2brom., bry., calad., calc., carb-s., carl., con., 1graph., laur., 2mag-c., mez., morph., ph-ac., plb., 2ran-s., 2sul-ac., sulph., sumb.

Face; sensation of cobwebs; evening; ran-s.

Face; sensation of cobwebs; evening; 10 p.m., in bed; sumb.

Face; sensation of cobwebs; as from tension; 2bar-c.

Face; Coldness

Face; Congestion (see heat)

Face; contraction; acon., ars., 2bell., cann-s., 2cham., con., gels., kali-i., laur., lyc., 2merc., morph., phos., phys., phyt., plb., rhus-t., sars., sec., tab., zinc-s., zinc.

Face; contraction; right; eup-per.

Face; contraction; gland under jaw; sil.

Face; Convulsions, spasms

Face; Distortion

Face; emaciated; acet-ac., agar., anac., ars-i., ars., bar-c., 2calc., chin-s., cupr., 2guai., hura., iod., kali-bi., kali-i., 2lac-d., merc-c., mez., naja., nat-c., nat-p., nux-m., plb., 2psor., 2sel., 2sep., sil., sulph., sumb., tab.

Face; emaciated; face and hands; grat., sel.

Face; emaciated; after neuralgia; plb.

Face; enlarged gland; in front of ear lobe; 2ail., 2kali-bi., nit-ac., rhus-t., 2sil.

Face; enlarged gland; in front of ear lobe; right only; nit-ac.

Face; enlarged gland; in front of ear lobe; left only; 2rhus-t.

Face; enlarged gland; at jaw; hecla., 2phos.

Face; enlarged gland; submaxillary gland; asim., 2bar-m., 2kali-c., 1kali-i., 2merc-c., 2merc-i-f., 1rhus-t., sil.

Face; bony growth; 2aur-m., 2hecla., phyt.

Face; bony growth; right cheek bone; 2aur-m.

Face; bony growth; lower jaw; 1ang., 1calc-f., 2hep.

Face; Expression

Face; falling of whiskers; agar., ambr., anan., aur-m., 2calc., carb-an., 2graph., 2kali-c., 2nat-c., 2nat-m., nit-ac., 2ph-ac., plb., sanic., sil.

Face; falling of whiskers; after grief; 2ph-ac.

Face; falling of whiskers; moustache; bar-c., kali-c., plb., sel.

Face; freckles; 2am-c., 2ant-c., 2calc., 2dulc., 2graph., 2kali-c., 1lyc., mur-ac., 2nat-c., 2nit-ac., 2nux-m., 1phos., 2puls., 2sep., sil., 1sulph., thuj.

Face; fullness; aeth., apis., cub., ferr., glon., kreos., lac-c., merc-c., nat-m., ox-ac., phos., plan., sang.

Face; fullness; after mental exertion; phos.

Face; fungal growth, lower jaw; 2hep., 2phos., thuj.

Face; gangrene; 2merc., sul-ac.

Face; sensation of hairs; carl., chlol., 2graph., laur.

Face; Heat

Face; heavy feeling; alum., cham., iod., kali-i., nicc.

Face; appearance as if dead; acon., 1aeth., agar., am-c., 2ant-c., 1ant-t., 1ars., asc-t., 2camph., canth., carb-h., 1carb-v., 1chin., chlor., cic., 2colch., 2cupr., dig., ferr-ar., ferr-i., ferr-p., ferr., iod., kali-bi., kali-n., 2lach., lyc., merc-c., merc., mez., nux-m., op., ox-ac., 2ph-ac., 2phos., phyt., 2plb., rhus-v., 1sec., stann., staph., stry., sul-ac., 1tab., 1verat., vip., zinc.

Face; Inflammation

Face; Motions of jaw

Face; sensation of face being large; 1acon., alum., arg-m., glon.

Face; sensation of face being large; after dinner; alum.

Face; sensation of face being large; sensation as if elongated; stram.

Face; sensation of face being large; sensation as if elongated; chin; glon.

Face; Lips

Face; necrosis of bones; lower jaw; 2hep., merc., 1phos., 2sil.

Face; necrosis of bones; upper jaw; 2merc-c.

Face; Numbness

Face; Pain

Face; Paralysis

Face; Perspiration

Face; Pulsation

Face; quivering; agar., chin., coloc., 2gels., 2kali-c., lyss., mag-m., phel., plb., stront., thuj.

Face; quivering; lips; ars., berb., 2carb-v., cast., crot-h., lact.

Face; quivering; lips; upper; 2carb-v.

Face; quivering; lower jaw; agar., nat-c.

Face; abnormal grin from contraction of facial muscles; 1bell., 2caust., 2colch., con., 2hyos., ign., nux-m., 2oena., plb., ran-s., 2sec., sol-n., 2stram., stry., verat., zinc.

Face; saddle across the nose; 2carb-an., sanic., 1sep.

Face; Sensitive

Face; worse shaving aggravates complaints; carb-an.

Face; shivering in face and spreading; caust.

Face; shocks followed by burning; 2thuj.

Face; lower jaw seems shortened; alum.

Face; Skin

Face; Stiffness, muscles

Face; Sunken

Face; Swelling

Face; Tingling

Face; Trembling

Face; Twitching

Face; Veins swollen

Face; desire to wash in cold water; 2apis., 2asar., 2fl-ac., mez., sabad.