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Feedback so far

A lot of people have said a lot of nice things about ABC Homeopathy, which makes me feel good, and so I'd like to share them with you. To respect the privacy of the individuals, I'm publishing them anonymously. Emails like these make me really happy, and I get lots of them:

  • I am a classical homeopath working in Aruba and received your address from dr. ***. After my first visit I find your site amazing. Congratulations!! THis is fantastic work.
  • i did a trial case it has great potential i am intersted in staying in touch congratulations on your program
  • I thank U so much for this site -- Would not wish to lose this capability --
  • Excellent site. This is the best that I have seen on homeopathy so far. My congratulations. ...
  • I am impressed. ..
  • Congratulations on your great initiative.
  • What a fantastic site...
  • ...I have respect for the huge project you've taken on. Seems worthwhile.
  • Just tried your software. Very nice. I will use it again. ...
  • Am so impressed with the site!! Will add it to my links when I update as soon as I get Registered RShom which will hopefully be shortly!! It actually came up with the last remedy I was given by my homeopath which cured!!!!
  • Awesome! Thanks for such a great Homeopathic tool.
  • Wonderful! ...
  • I gotta give it to you: your repertorization site is beautiful. I like the clear, orderly and uncluttered design as well as the way you have made Kent's repertory more accessible...

Those are the early ones, they're still coming in... Stop my head getting too big - report an error or odditiy on the site!