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Case for Telescope

Male: Age 42
Skin: Fair
Height: 166 cm,
Weight: 59 kg
Appearance: sunken eyes, in thoughts, thinking, stress. (Shyness, anger, guilty look on corresponding situations).

Medicines used in 2013.

1) Merc Sol 200, IM
Later changed to NAT MUR, 200, IM.

In 2013, On use of NAT MUR, I was not feeling well and got itching on knees and Elbows. It was reduced after one month but I was not feeling well. Given Nux Vom 30. I was feeling well.

On 05.09.2015, I was given NAT MUR 200, three doses, morning, evening and morning for symptoms arising from grief and stress which dates back to 2013. After one week, there appeared Itching on elbows and knees with watery discharge in the beginning and later mixed with blood. My dress on elbows and around knees is having spots of blood and watery discharge. Itching also on back-side of head. I become very lazy with lack of energy. Sleepy all the day and not like to do anything. I lost weight from 64 to 58 kg and I am appearing week.

On 13.10.2015, took single dose of SULPHAR 200 for itching. I got much improvements in my energy levels, mood, relaxed, less hurrying in everything. Less anger and quarrelling. Itching reduced to small extent but after one week itching increased along with an abscess on left leg between ankle and knee. It was extremely paining. Its size was quite big and swelling around it. Later filled with puss and ruptured and a lot of pus and blood discharged from it and as soon as pus and blood discharged, pain reduced. Later there appeared other 3-4 abscesses. These abscesses are red in the beginning with pain and later from top changing to yellow filled with puss and ruptured themselves. Puss comes out with blood and pain remains along with it but reduces when it ruptures itself. Place around them remains hard for sometimes.

Size of first abscess was large and later abscesses were smaller than previous one. Further not much pus and blood discharged from later abscesses however they remain red and place was hard around them. Some of abscesses have left spot.

Itching reduced after two weeks and on On 02.11.2015, I have taken second dose of SULPHAR 200. I have noticed that Itching has come back and new abscesses have appeared. Further After talking second dose of Sulphar, my symptoms of uneasiness, hurrying, anger quarrelling have come back. I am not relaxed. On first dose of Sulphar, I had noticed Itching reduced but this time it has increased more after three weeks of taking second dose and still now it is more than before.

It is now around more than one and half month of second dose of Sulphar, but my itching has increased. Since two days I feeling new abscesses are appearing on leg and under right and left ribs. All three are red and with extreme pain. Itching has increased alot since two weeks. My knees and elbows have injured due too much scratching. Itching is too much at nigh around 4:00 – 6:00 AM.

Further now we are in winter season but since I have taken first dose of Sulphar I am feeling heat in my body.

I like winter season but moderate one not too cold. I like moderate foods, not hot and not cold. Cold tempered foods and medicine do not suit me. I feel lack of energy, wandering thoughts on talking cold foods or cold tempered medicines.

I seek your advise on these conditions.
  abd111 on 2015-12-19
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take one dose Calcarea Carb 1m.
Avoid all sour food and drinks as they may interfere with medicine.
telescope 2 years ago

I had taken Calcarea Carb 1M on 23.12.2015.

I have noticed that my appetite for food has reduced. I feel hungry after long time.

I have lost weight again. Everyone is noticing that I have become too weak & thin.

My breath has become more short.

I feel a lot of disturbance when I have to move. I feel good when just sitting & relaxing at home. Repeating anything like what I said or re-typing a word on keyboard after typing mistake makes me upset and angry.

I am feeling more cold from second week. I cannot bear cold and hot. I feel cold from little cold but when I get inside room, I feel good for sometime but later feel hot. I was feeling a lot of cold & got cold and throat infection. I used honey that made me normal & I was not feeling much cold.

My Itching and abscesses have increased. A small abscess appears that has too much itching which later changes to red colored and start paining. Area around abscesses swells a lot. Later pus appears and once puss is discharged pain reduces.

My thinking has become very harsh with arrogance.

During the week, I was using honey I noticed that all abscesses start curing, itching reduced and my thinking become normal. I used honey for one week only. After one week the abscesses and itching started appearing again. My thinking again has started harsh.

Now I have a lot of itching on my body and abscesses paining.

I feel the remedies Sulphar and Calcaria Carb are not suiting me. What do you think should I antidote them with Nux Vomica? All medicines such as NAT MUR, SULPHAR, CALCARIA CARB had same action on me which is of itching except SULPHAR which caused abscesses & itching. Please advise. Thanks.
abd111 2 years ago

Please take one dose Thuja 30. It will antidote sulphur and prepare for the next medicine.
telescope 2 years ago

I have taken Thuja 30 on Jan 31st, 2016 on your advise. After taking Thuja, I had very strong flu. first there was a throat infection with light flu for three days. later after one week, I got strong flu where dark yellowish coloured phlegm was coming from left nostril while yellowish from right nostril. From throat also yellowish phlegm was coming. This continued till thirty-forty days. Colour of phlegm changed to light yellow after around 30 days. Later light yellow or yellowish white phlegm (Mucus type) coming from throat which is continue till today. It was only peak summer season that it stopped for 2-3 months. I have throat infection and flu every month that causes fever also. it starts from throat infection resulting from taking even normal room temperature water.

On eating strong sour foods, I am noticing effects of Sulphar that I was having before taking Thuja are appearing again. I started having itching, abscesses, feeling very hot from inside in month of December. Two weeks ago I ate two grape fruits that were sour, so after that above symptoms have re-appeared. Earlier I ate Tamarind and it had same effects. Itching is worst during night at bed when I am sleeping. I wake-up with this itching and continue scratching. Worst itching is one knees, thighs and elbows.

As a reminder, on first dose of Sulphar I was mentally feeling relaxed but on second dose, I started having itching, abscesses, heat inside body. Further mentally I started blaming God and not relaxed and calm.

I have not recovered from weight loss that I faced after taking NAT MUR 200 in Sept 2015. Impacts of weight loss are appearing from by body and face.
[message edited by abd111 on Mon, 26 Dec 2016 16:42:26 UTC]
abd111 last year

I think I advised you to take one dose Tuberculinum 1m through e mail.
telescope last year

Thanks for your prescription of Tuberculinum 1M which I have taken today at 2 PM. However today at 8:00 PM I ate an orange which was slightly sour. Is that will antidote the medicine in someway or its ok?
abd111 last year

Medicine may have been antidoted. Wait for a few days to be sure. If you feel better the medicine is still working, if not you will need to repeat.
telescope last year

Tuberculinum 1M was not antidote as I was feeling better. Today I have completed eighteen days of first dose of it. After Taking it, I am feeling mentally relaxed calm and well. I was doing my work in calm and relaxed state with good energy level. After one week, I noticed that phlegm (white Mucus) coming from throat reduced but on fifteenth day it has started again as it was. on fifteenth day, I did not drink any cold water but I am feeling there is slight throat infection followed by minor flew and very light fever.

whenever I get any disease particularly throat infection, cold, flue, head ache etc I become destructive in my thoughts and actions as if one is extremely hopeless from everything. Same thing when I have some difficulty in life.

There was minor discomfort in breath. Itching was reduced. After fifteenth day, mental relaxation and calmness reduced.

As I mentioned in my previous post dated December 20,2016, symptoms that I got from second dose of Sulphar in 2015 have appeared again on taking two grape fruits. These are Itching, abscesses and feeling of hot from inside. Itching is more at night.

Itching was less for weeks after Tuberculinum. After two weeks, it has increased. Feeling of hot was same. Although there is cold but I feel hot. Last year it was same hot feelings due to Sulphar dose until I took Thuja 30 as prescribed by you.
abd111 last year

Please repeat Tuberculinum.
telescope last year

I have taken Tuberculin 1M second dose at the gap of five months as I could not get second dose due to out of stock in pharmacy. I have taken second dose of it 35 days ago. With second dose, I was feeling very tense and harsh for first two weeks. After weeks this condition started decreasing. No other improvements.

Since I took Thuja 30 as an antidote to Sulphar, I am having severe constipation issue. It takes very long time in WC and not fully relieved.

Some mucus (Phlegm) like fluid of while colour or rarely very light yellowish colour is keep on coming from throat since one and half year when I took Thuja.

During night, saliva gets accumulated in mouth and sometime this gets leak from mouth.

Negative and destructive thoughts are dominant and much more than positive thoughts.

I am having angry appearance when doing something even people notice that. I have lost weight of 10 kg in one and half year.

On taking sour foods such as orange, Tamarind etc I get itching that changes to abscesses with feeling hot.

Kindly look into this case which I am suffering since one and half year.
abd111 11 months ago

You are buying loose medicine, which is not advisable.
Please buy sealed bottle from reputed companies like schwabe or Rekweig.
Buy Sulphur 1M and take one dose in the morning.
telescope 11 months ago

If you look into my case, you will find that my problem started from taking second dose of Sulphar 200. It caused a lot of abscesses to appear on my body and even today sometime on taking sour food, same appear with pain. I was feeling heat in my body in winter season. Now a days I have started having fever whenever I have 2-3 abscesses on my body. Please advise if you still think I should take this dose of Sulphar 1M? I always follow your advise. Thanks
[Edited by abd111 on 2017-08-13 13:49:45]
abd111 11 months ago

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