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Dr. Deoshlok Sharma saliva information
Hello Doctor well Doctor you gave me so much kinds of Saliva and it is hardly difficult fo
dlock 2006-02-23
1   last decade

think my cat has fip please help
HiI have already lost two of our cats to what the vet thinks was FIP, they both died sudde
cuntrygirl 2006-01-30
10   last decade

Is there a specific cell salt for undereye bags/puffiness?
Hello,I have searched and searched and cannot come up with a specific cell salt that SPECI
Jane525 2005-10-20
5   last decade

Seeking remedy for torn arm tendon ..
Greetings,I am seeking a remedy to help my husband. He had an accident, fell on ice, and h
happy missy 2006-02-18
7   last decade

Baldness on head
Sir,My name is sailesh from hyderabad.. well my age is 26 and i lost all my hair in front.
saileshg9379 2006-02-23
1   last decade

I have a post varicocele operation pains
I had 2 varicocele operations and still have pain in my left testicule and whole left abov
abdelkader 2006-02-21
5   last decade

Reduce your weight drastically
Are you realy interested to reduce your weight(Avoid costly affairs health club, Jim, exer
deoshlok 2006-02-23
no replies yet

Sugar ... unrefined... anyone
February 21, 2006EditorialThe Safety of AspartameAspartame, an artificial sweetener used b
walkin 2006-02-23
no replies yet

Antibiotic can KILL
Death by Medicine, Part I & II By Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Martin Feldma
walkin 2006-02-23
no replies yet

rubric please from homeopath
Can someone give me an opinion on what remedy this picture is:Eczema, VIOLENT ITCHINGon ha

maryo 2006-02-17
20   last decade

To Nisha -India
Hello Nishacan you help me with my 18 month old daughter.She repeatedly suffers from croup
shiny 2006-02-21
7   last decade

Hello,Hope someone can help me, I was diagnosed with costochondritis, that is pain in ches
abigail 2006-01-09
2   last decade

Possible Psoriasis
I have this red, dry spot on the top of my right foot. The redness never goes away and the
greenclovers 2005-12-29
2   last decade

anti-depressant withdrawls
Hi, I have been on anti-depressants for about 14 yrs. My recent ones were effexor xr and w
pixie_stix 2006-01-05
2   last decade

need comparative data
Hello fellow LS victims, and I say that because I feel that the lack of research into LS i
mirrormirror 2006-02-23
1   last decade

miscarriage in the process...
I am nearing my twelfth week of pregnancy and went for a routine ultrasound today only to
jentoun 2006-01-26
4   last decade

Special case weird Chronic Urticaria
My baby which is 2 and half year old which suffer from very bad Chronic urticaria for abou

dis43686 2006-02-12
19   last decade

does anyone have info on Vitilago?
I have had Vitilago for 8 years. It is a disease in which you loose the pigment of your sk
susin 2005-12-26
2   last decade

very low cortisol levels
Results from a saliva hormone panel showed a Cortisol level of 0.14 (morning level). The
Violets 2005-12-26
1   last decade

Pilar Cyst
I have a Pilar Cyst on my neck just below the jaw line on right hand side. It is not pain
puttster 2005-12-30
1   last decade

How long before we accept this
I have rabitted on about this for years even have a wesite www.symbiosis.bravenet.comFlyin
walkin 2006-02-22
2   last decade

chicken pox
Is there any homoe medicine to avoid contracting chicken pox?As my child is 7 months and I
pilgrim3 2006-02-22
5   last decade

Grah! Hair hair everywhere...
...but not wanted by me.Ekk. I'm 18, female, and have hair all over my body(basically
CatchShaye 2006-02-18
3   last decade

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma it is for you
Hello Dr. Deoshlok Sharmawell i am very greatfull to you.Here is some information1 I have
dlock 2006-02-22
1   last decade

ganglion on palm
bonjour,for past few days my wife compalin intense pain in center in her left palm when pr
jacques 2006-02-22
6   last decade

Dandruff Please Help
I have had an itchy scalp as long as I can remember. I can't wear my hair down for mo
momofthree 2004-05-25
6   last decade

Strange throat problem
About a week ago I developed a pain in my throat, not a bad pain, but like there's a
bandude 2006-02-22
4   last decade

help needed- 19 year old- small testicles due to bad blood flow and weak pelvis during pubery- varicocele and atrophy
hey there, im a 19 year old male with very small testicles. since puberty, either because
masterp 2006-02-19
3   last decade

BIRD FLU - How to avoid infection
Bird flu – (H5N1) transmittable through depression Why has mankind reached another crisis?

Alexthink 2006-01-10
13   last decade

I was recently (Jan.22) diagnosed with Idiopathic Sudden Hearing Loss (100db) with vertigo
johnm 2006-02-19
2   last decade

Herpes treatment
I am suffering from herpes simplex for the last 3 years.after every fortnight itching star
tanish 2006-02-21
2   last decade

Walkin pls read results of your prescription
Walkin, you suggested that I give my 87 yr old father 1 dose of Rhus-tox 1m to remedy the
ooling 2006-02-21
2   last decade

To Rajiv Prasad
I am a 38 years old female. 4 years ago I developed chicken pox. 2 years later, developed
new2town 2006-02-01
2   last decade

fever with stomachache !! help urgent!!
My daughter which 2 and half years old is suffering for high fever as well as stomachach f
dis43686 2006-02-08
5   last decade

Pre-mature ejaculation
Sorry to create other form.Thank you for given a reply soon.Dear Sir,My age is 28, i am st
Taquib 2004-12-14
6   last decade

I don't have a picture of the lumps, there is no family history. Just today I had a
edaja 2006-02-01
1   last decade

homeo med mixed in hairoil
my friend gave me a homeo medicine which comprises arnica Q ,china Q and other medicines i
ritu131 2006-02-03
2   last decade

Skin Erupation & Lack of Power near about Five year old
Skin Erupation & Lack of Power near about Five year old
drmsj786 2006-02-22
1   last decade

Skin Care
Hi,Do these fairness products really work? I have oily skin and acne problem. Till now not
fairnesscream 2006-02-15
1   last decade

bird flu prevention
This bird flu is known as avian influenza. Now WHO confuse what to do he is not getting r
deoshlok 2006-02-21
4   last decade

tub remedy problem?
Hello, can anyone offer any advice on the remedy Tub.My son was prescribed this recently a
dazedandconfused 2006-02-21
1   last decade

tub remedy problem?
Hello, can anyone offer any advice on the remedy Tub.My son was prescribed this recently a
dazedandconfused 2006-02-21
1   last decade

ANXIETY problems
I have always been a very anxious person, but am looking for some natural rememdies. is th
alyssad 2006-02-16
6   last decade

Remedies Location...
Hello all, I Am looking for the following remedies as they do not appear in the shopping a
Bo1953 2006-02-21
1   last decade

Please Post if cured of Rheumatoid Arthritis
I am a african american male with severe RA for almost 3 years now. Tired of taken medical
ojtwelve 2006-02-01
6   last decade

Kidney failure patients on Dialysis
Is Homeopthy medicnes (eel seum)increases serum potassium for above patients
RKS567 2006-02-09
8   last decade

Anxiety and overwhelmed
Can someone please help.Over the past month I have been experiencing bouts of anxiety (not
TommyV 2006-02-21
3   last decade

sleep problems
hi ,i have trouble getting to sleep on a night and when i eventually do get to sleep i wak
x-ashleigh-x 2006-02-13
4   last decade

Are higher potencies more resistant to antidotes?
Do anyone know if higher potencies are more resistant to antidoting than weaker ones? Is 1
happyandhealthy 2006-02-17
3   last decade

neesha-india, i need your urgent help
dear nasha, i have posted a problem, and i want your prescription on this,please look at t
showbuckhy 2006-02-17
1   last decade

white hair. dr sajjad akram
im 27 and i have a problem of growing white hair on the sides of my head. i have been havi
eliran 2006-02-21
1   last decade

Students stress
My son 16 year old. Now having low self confidence. Not able to concentrate on studies. Al
sudarshan1959 2006-02-21
1   last decade

i m suffering from excessive salivation
Hello.Well i m here to explain my problem.Well i m suffering from saliva and i really need
dlock 2006-02-19
4   last decade

bird flu and WHO
What is avian influenza?Avian influenza, or “bird flu”, is a contagious disease of animals
deoshlok 2006-02-20
1   last decade

9 month old very painful gas
Hi everyone,My son is not able to sleep he is so full of painful gas lately.It starts an h
3carolyn 2006-02-21
1   last decade

We desperately need help for our son
Hello,we desperately need help for our son. here is hisprofile:8 years old male, slender,
lumaa 2006-02-20
6   last decade

Homeopathy Shop near BTM
Pls help me in locating Homeopathy shops near BTM layout and even in Madivala
recreate 2006-02-21
no replies yet

Feel the cold
Dear all,I am looking for a way to warm myself up. My feet and hands are very cold. If I m
Cecilia 2006-01-15
7   last decade

Grinding teeth
My four years son grind his teeth while sleeping. Is it due to worm or some other reason.
iffi123 2006-02-20
4   last decade

Hi, i am 22 years old and have had cervical spondyltis for almost 2 yars.the dr. said it w
painallthetime 2005-09-06
8   last decade

Runny nose--ear infection toddler
Hello, my daughter is two years old and she recently got her second ear infection on Satu
judgeeve 2006-02-16
4   last decade

suffering from red itchy rash around eye lids top and bottom, neck, scalp, doctor says seborrheic dermatitis??
Hello, I am new to this site and new to Homeopathic medicine. I am having some skin proble
sarahrobertson 2006-01-25
3   last decade

bad taste in mouth from fever
hi, i recently had swollen tonsils. and also had a fever. and i was blowing my nose alot.
jollytime 2006-02-20
1   last decade

to dr.sajid mahmood
Please refer to below. On your advice I gave my son Fer phos 6 c for Chalazion, right low
new2town 2006-02-14
4   last decade

Natural Animal Health
Cancer is a symptom, not a disease. It is a symptom of a broken down immune system that is

Namaste27 2006-01-17
25   last decade

Diabetes trials in Austria
Diabetes trials in Austria Diabetes Hotel for parents with children who suffer from diabe
Alexthink 2006-02-20
no replies yet

please help
to Mr Joe De Livera or anyoneelse that might know how to help a young man of 27th, smoking
griselda 2006-02-15
3   last decade

please help her to feel the colours of life
A woman relative aged 35, has a tendency of abortion in 3rd month,she has been suffered fr
showbuckhy 2006-02-15
8   last decade

Breast Milk
BREAST MILK Calcarea Carb. : For increasing Milk.LacVacc. Defl. : For reducing Milk suppl
deoshlok 2006-02-20
no replies yet

nat mur and lexapro...?
Hi, can anyone help me please. Ive been diagnosed with depression. I have been told to tak
Ammeg 2006-02-18
1   last decade

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