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Twisted Foot, Pain not going
My sister who is in research twisted her foot a few weeks back. I am giving her condition
maya_hari 2005-10-03
6   last decade

Cervical Disc Herniation
One month back I suffered from Cervical Disc Herniation of C-5-C6 and C-6-C-7 with the int
Periyar 2005-09-28
7   last decade

Why homeopathy doesnt work on certain people?
Respected MembersThere are thousands and thousands of patients who do not respond to homeo
sazim 2005-09-26
10   last decade

penis shape
my penis is not exactly straight and is curved in shape like a banana when in erect positi

rajiv123 2005-02-27
31   last decade

Loss of taste/smell
I have suffered from this on and off since the birth of my son 7 years ago. I had cold af
jacky 2005-10-03
2   last decade

Attention Sajjad
You were kind enough to reply to my inquiry regarding my sister's 'tearing'
crimson 2005-10-03
4   last decade

I love this web site. Very helpful information being relayed....
ynotme 2005-10-03
no replies yet

snoring problem
My sister snore a lot...Do you know is there is an homeophathy plant for this?Thanks a lot
cathbdg 2005-10-02
1   last decade

15 month old with croup cough
My daughter is 15 months old and is having croup cough.This is the third time during this

shiny 2005-09-26
18   last decade

IBS Problem
I am suffering from IBS related colon disorder. Spastic colon,mental block, dreams insomni

abhay 2003-12-12
16   last decade

Liver or IBS
hicurrent symptoms...acne on forehead, sore throat on having cold stuff,unformed stool(onl
vikram78 2005-09-29
11   last decade

5yo with bronchitis
My daughter has been fighting a low-grade fever (99-101) for a week now. I took her to the
Hessy 2005-10-03
1   last decade

Looking for a homeopathy shop in london
Hello,Iam looking for a homeopathy shop in London where I can buy Euphorbium...It will be
cathbdg 2005-10-02
2   last decade

Can Bellis Per 1 M and Avena Sativa be taken simultaneously?I had 3 doses of Bellis 1M on
Copernicus 2005-10-01
2   last decade

Please please please can someone help!!!!
having real big problems nd i really need some helpwhere do i start??im 26 male gay not co

cornelius 2005-09-30
13   last decade

OCD - anxiety sufferer
I am from India, I am 31 years old and single.I have OCD an anxiety. I also feel irritable
wellbeing 2005-10-02
1   last decade

dry mouth
after having a tooth extracted and it wouldn`t come out after an hour, it broke off and bi
blackbetty 2005-10-03
no replies yet

headache on left side head
Hello,My mother has been complaining of a headache on the Left side of her head. She gets
gracey 2005-09-27
3   last decade

Sajjad, a question about cayenne
Will cayenne pepper help you stop hemmoraghing or does it increase the flow? Someone told
tweetystone 2005-10-02
2   last decade

how many pellets?
How many pellets is "a dose"?Does size of pellets matter?
malgosia 2005-10-02
1   last decade

what potency to choose?
Please, I need an advice what potency and doses (how many pelets and how often) to choose
malgosia 2005-10-02
1   last decade

rhus tox homeopathy cream 9%
I would like to talk about this in particular as I have been advised to use it on my eczem
karlystrong 2005-09-28
3   last decade

magnetic shunt
I have a magnetic shunt in my head. Will this affect remedies?
virginiawoolf 2005-10-02
1   last decade

sajjad another question?
umm how long after does phosphoric acid 30c actually start working in terms of fixing symp
alwaysongame 2005-10-02
1   last decade

What is that?
i'm getting very trouble with frequent pressure to go to toilet from anus.I feel some
sanny 2005-10-01
no replies yet

Extreme Diziness and Weakness
I have symptoms came on suddenly about 1 month ago. The 1st symptoms were dizziness and he
Don Unger 2005-10-01
2   last decade

Thymus 200 remedy
I have just been prescribed this but was concerned to read that there is concern when usin
jacky 2005-09-30
2   last decade

facial swelling
Edema or fluid retention just in the face. Which homeopathic would you use?Thanks for the
gracey 2005-09-29
9   last decade

swollen gland in neck
About 2 years ago, I had this swollen gland in my neck (upper, middle...but, towards the r
spiper2 2005-10-01
1   last decade

Dry flaking skin
I have areas on fingers ( the palm side or the inside of my fingers) that become dry and t
Zofay 2005-10-01
no replies yet

Silica and Scars Didn't seem to help anyone!
I just posted below. How disappointed I was to waste hours reading about this Silica that
curious123 2005-09-25
7   last decade

sajjad one thing?
umm can you tell me what the exact purpose of phosphoric acid 30c is please?, in terms of
alwaysongame 2005-10-01
1   last decade

Eye watering (weeping constantly)
Will you please help my sister who has a left eye which weeps constantly. She was hit by a
crimson 2005-09-30
2   last decade

F**king warts
Man... Ive had warts all my life but soon as i hit puberty i got like 4-6 on the shaft of
Angelofthepit 2005-09-30
3   last decade

Dr. Suresh please help me
7 months ago I had a rhinoplasty. Everything was OK, but 3 months ago when I was asleep I
malgosia 2005-09-30
no replies yet

Weird Acne
Hi,I have had acne for a few years now and am so tired of this battle. I will give you a
manhornz 2005-09-30
2   last decade

Aortic Valve Disease
I have been diagnosed with this condition for around 3 years. The valve is calcifying. T
sukeynan 2005-09-29
2   last decade

Dont panic?
We are in the midst of an outbreak of outbreaks. And while we're not quite in Old Tes
walkin 2005-09-29
1   last decade

Avoid chemical; medicines
An investigation into a doctor who wrongly diagnosed hundreds of children with epilepsy wa
walkin 2005-09-28
1   last decade

Is depression better than suicide
Doctors were yesterday told to stop giving antidepressants to children and people under 18
walkin 2005-09-29
5   last decade

Needs Advise
Many thanks to Passkey/Keypass for having suggested Sulphur 10M as my constitutional med f
pimathew 2005-09-24
6   last decade

i wanted to know if there are any dangers of taking Phosphoricum Acidum 30c, i pretty sure
alwaysongame 2005-09-29
1   last decade

Acne 19 Year old Male
Hi guys, Im just trying to get some insight on what remedy is best for me. Im 19 years old
questioning19 2005-09-26
2   last decade

Joe de Livera
Hi Joe :)I have been taking the Arnica 30c for hairloss. We have spoken before and I have
GaryD 2005-09-22
2   last decade

Sajjad...please advise
Sajjad,I have a lot of hair loss and have a low ferritin level. Joe suggested Arnica 30C s
rkapal 2005-09-29
4   last decade

Chalazion remedy?
Hello,I am suffering from a chalazion in my upper lid, about 3 months now from what I beli
emcbar 2005-09-29
1   last decade

Anyone knows more about Coral?
I went to a Homeopathic college for insomnia and a few other things, such as trust issues
cicka 2005-09-29
2   last decade

Facial hair
I am a mother in my mid fifties and my face is getting excessively hairy. I feel this is
Sophie 2005-09-11
4   last decade

Antidote Rescue remedy and Nux vomica
Hi,I would like to know Which is the antidote for Rescue remedy and for Nux Vomica?Thanks
voxpopuli2 2005-09-27
7   last decade

During IVF(fertility)procedure, Ovaries got swollen
During the procedure of IVF(fertility)ovaries got swollen with cysts over it. The case com
kanmaya Mure 2005-09-29
1   last decade

Hormonal imbalance
I am 25 years old, since 5 years ago I discovered that I have PCOS: my cycle is irregular,
dnina 2005-09-28
3   last decade

Henoch-Schönlein Purpura
My Fiancee is Suffering from Henoch-Schönlein Purpura from last five years , in this
TheONE 2005-09-27
3   last decade

Old shoulder injury
I have a shoulder injury which I got in 2002 when i fell from a bike. It stays painful til
Ranbir 2005-09-28
4   last decade

Helicobacter pylori and peptic ulcer
Hi guys. This is a good job that you are doing here. I have a two year history of digestiv
Ranbir 2005-09-27
7   last decade

Anyone know a Homeopath in Phoenix Arizona Area?
Anyone know a Homeopath doctor in Phoenix AZ Area?Thanks
A2Z_A2Z 2005-09-29
no replies yet

Recurrent tonsillitis and other things.
The main problem that I have is tonsillitis but I also have other symptoms that I think ma
duskysounds 2005-09-29
no replies yet

Burning tongue?
I take dilantin 3 times a day have been for 40 yrs I suspect that it is the major reason f
maiatover 2005-09-26
11   last decade

Chronic Fatigue, pain in legs, tonsil stones
In the last 9 months I been feeling really run down. This feeling soon came on after the l
mpop_20 2005-09-27
1   last decade

antidoting a remedy
Hello. Tom here, first time poster and new to homeopathy.My doc told me to avoid mint and
abcuser3 2005-09-27
1   last decade

Can i smoke marijuana when i'm on a homeopthic treatment
Hi i wondered weather i can smoke marijuana when i;m on a homeopathic treatment.I know i s
stefo007 2005-09-23
8   last decade

HEAVY body odor
Hello, I am 15 years old and I just have a SEVERE problem wit b/o and i do everything corr
regime2008 2005-09-17
6   last decade

Long lasting diarrhoea, weakness, deppression?
I have had diarrhoea for the past month, with no let up. mostly in morning, and later nigh
mol5055 2005-09-20
6   last decade

stretch marks
Hello I am a male 31i am 6'2"i have stretch marks on my lower back and hipsi thi
Hellion 2005-09-27
3   last decade

High fever in 2 yr old
Hi:I have a 2 year old boy, and in last o18 months , he had fever about 3-4 times. Every t
amitra123 2005-09-27
4   last decade

Infection after surgery
My husband had surgery on his big right toe. He had an ingrown toenail which was completel
Hessy 2005-09-27
11   last decade

hair loss
Everytime I wash my hair or brush or comb, I lose lots of hair. I don't brush anymore
foxxy 2005-09-28
no replies yet

hey all, puhleese tell me the remedy for cold...iam suffering from it since yesterday,ligh
Larissa 2005-09-27
3   last decade

limb girdle muscular dystrophy
is there any treatment to LGMD?please save me.
shirish_kakad 2005-09-26
2   last decade

sexual exhaustion
i was diagnosed by a homopathic doctor with sexual exhaustion, i was told that my problems
banveet 2005-08-29
4   last decade

can you help my gandson !!!!!!!!!!!!
My Grandson is will be 10 in Nov. He as ADD. He has been on Adderall XR, Concerta, Ritalin
ninpop 2005-09-24
4   last decade

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