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Dark Leathery Patches
Ever since i remember i have had dark patches under my arms. I am of asian decent also don
7leish 2005-08-11
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I have developed two black hardened warts - one on my right thigh & one on my calve.
kisshor63 2005-08-07
5   last decade

Where to find herb extract,contact Dr.Anthony soon
Our company is a leader of manufacturers and exporters of botanical extracts and herbal ex
Anthony Tian 2005-08-11
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One of the biggest supplier in China-Dr.Anthony
Active Ingredients Group,Inc Our company is a leader of manufacturers and exporters of b
Anthony Tian 2005-08-11
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Active Ingredients Group.,Inc
Active Ingredients Group, Inc. Active Ingredients Group, Inc.,was established in 1990, i
Anthony Tian 2005-08-11
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toe and nail fugus
1.right hand and left foot nails have a nail fungus . One nail on hand is loosened from n
currmom 2005-07-29
12   last decade

Question for Kuldeep
Kuldeep, I'm hoping you can shed some light. I was working with Erika for a few mon
maryo 2005-08-10
5   last decade

vaginal warts and pregnancy
I have vaginal warts and am 4 months pregnant. Is there a safe way to cure them
cameo0103 2004-04-21
2   last decade

16 month old cold and fever
My sixteen month old daughter woke up last night with a stuffy nose and then a couple of h
lmhoopes 2005-08-10
1   last decade

hair loss for 5years
can any one advise me?
nass1974 2005-08-10
no replies yet

advice needed for 6y/o
Hi, I have a six y/o son who has problems with some form of blockage. He doesnt breath thr
habeeba 2005-08-09
5   last decade

Someone's got symptoms matching ignatia and nat. mur . She is 28 and 1 month pregn
neeraj 2005-08-10
1   last decade

Nephrotic Syndrome
My 3 years old daughter had an attack of MCD, NS. After using the steroid, she is doing fi
shahidmanzoor 2005-08-07
4   last decade

Toefungus doe's my 11 year lod have it
Hello! Im a mother of a 11year old boy. He has a big toe that is a yellowish,almost greeni
Toefungus1994 2005-08-10
2   last decade

Thanks to Rajiv Prasad
You are probably coping with Monsoons now, but I wanted to report that all is so far so go
Bodhitshe 2005-08-07
1   last decade

alcohol content question
hi, i have just purchased medicine for my 9month old how has eczema . It is Graphites
mummyjoey 2005-08-09
2   last decade

Reoccurring Strep Throat
Hello~ I think I have Strep Throat again, for the second time this summer. I have been t
zenmama 2005-08-04
8   last decade

Autism 2 yr old
My 2.7 yr old was diagnosed with PDD-NOS ( Autism ) at 21 months. We started therapy and
julie05 2005-08-08
3   last decade

urinarry tract infection
please advice me
anasa 2005-08-06
2   last decade

speaking problem
my son is 11 years old. he is suffering from tonsil problem. but from two years he is havi
anjalidu 2005-06-22
11   last decade

i have no idea where to start for my healing
Hello to everyone who reads this, I have just started looking into homeopathy in the p
brandy 2005-01-26
9   last decade

sick with anxiety
I am under great anxiety due to a tragedy in my family . can anyone tell me something natu
janaya 2005-08-09
2   last decade

Any Remedy for Hypochondria?
Hi, Could anyone Pl. suggest a remedy for Hypochondria and Claustrophobia? regards, H
scorpioncan 2005-08-08
4   last decade

please help: homeopathic practitioner referral in LOS ANGELES, CA
i'm looking for a good homeopathic doctor who doesn't charge me half of my pay c
dontpinch 2005-08-08
no replies yet

Depression & siutational erection problem
I have problem with my wife, which has resulted into a server depression . I have been p
kisshor63 2005-08-07
2   last decade

BACH Flower Remedies
Where Authentic Original Bach Flower Remedies are available in Pune? regards, Harish
scorpioncan 2005-08-08
no replies yet

Sweet Pills
Apart from Mother Tincture / Liquids, Homeopathic medicines are given as Lactose Pills.(G
scorpioncan 2005-08-08
2   last decade

drgodsedr 2005-08-08
1   last decade

Usage of Fatnoks
What is the recommended dosage for the use of Fatnoks (slimmming drops)?
Baakam 2005-08-07
1   last decade

Does halving the dose mean doubling it's strength?
I am taking Ignatia 6C . The intrustions say to take 2 pills 4 times a day. If I take 1 p
beedy 2005-08-07
1   last decade

Your friendly local Staph
Transatlantic Spread of the USA300 Clone of MRSA To the Editor: The emergence of community
walkin 2005-08-08
no replies yet

too mutch bronchial mucus
Hi. My nice from Europe is here to visit me and she cant get rid from her bronchial mucus.
Schere2004 2005-08-04
5   last decade

mr. anas
i have problem with urinarry tract infection, could you please any one who can give me adv
anasa 2005-08-06
2   last decade

Alternative food
My baby is 4 months old, her weight at birth was 6 lbs. and now little less than 10. She h
msmom 2005-08-04
3   last decade

Pulsatilla's similars.
Hello ,i would like someone to tell me ALL pulsatilla' ;s similars. Is nux vomica
marios 2005-04-26
5   last decade

Staph A infection of the skin, terrible itching
I have burning sensation over the body, worse during the day. Sun and heat make it worse.
indigobunting 2005-08-06
3   last decade

Hello all. I have a friend who is allergic to penecillin and red dye. I was just wondering
jose07 2005-08-06
4   last decade

Foot Pain (Big Toe)
I am experiencing great pain in the joint of my big toe, I am thinking it is arthritis
Billscorpio 2005-08-05
1   last decade

sagital sinus thrombosis : CVT
Dear friends I have thrombosis disorder ie my blood gets clot due to defcincy of protein c
nitinkolte 2005-08-06
1   last decade

sugar patient, triglycerides patient
i am 38 years old-dob-21/1/1968 i am a chartered accountant,cost accountant,mcom, working
s.gattani 2005-08-06
1   last decade

Need information on elemental remedies
I'm looking for materia medica information on the period two elements - lithium, bery
cuallito 2005-08-04
3   last decade

vitreous Hemorrhage
I have had 3 hemorrhages in my left eye in the last 3 months, the first two dissolved very
romitdasgupta 2005-08-04
4   last decade

pain under the feet while sleeping
Iam a diabetic. while Iam sleeping I am awaken with severe pain at the soles of both of my
cortelyou 2005-08-04
2   last decade

Burning when urinating
Hi a few weeks ago I have felt a small burn/itch inside my penis. When I urinate it goes s
ruiz6868305 2005-08-05
1   last decade

Falling of hair & dandruff
25 years old. For the past 5 years, hair falling very fast. Used so many shampoos, oils,
gpa8150 2005-08-05
no replies yet

help with nat mur
i have had various problems and have been diagnosed as deppressed, anxiety disorder, bipo
yournamehere 2005-07-22
4   last decade

Lycopodium Biotype and Hiperthyroidic
Please apologies for my medical english. I suffer from hiperthyroid from five years. I�
IIIarcopolo 2005-08-04
2   last decade

I was detected with hypothyroid 5 years ago and am making every effort to cure or find a a

geebee 2005-05-14
22   last decade

Sweet sweat & Stool while urinating
My son, 5 month old has sweet smell esp around his neck. sleeps & eats less though he&
tjalal 2005-08-04
3   last decade

Genital Warts - Vagina
I have a wart on my upper vagina. Every time i take a shower i seems to act up. Sometimes
tyrese's girl 2004-05-03
8   last decade

please help - 23 year old with arthritis
hi, i was hoping someone could read my post titled "Heavy Prolonged Period, Arthrit
Alabama 2005-07-08
9   last decade

Anxious Dog
In September, we adopted a starving street dog. He was neutered probably too young. He h
Armando 2005-08-01
3   last decade

growth on neck
I am writing on behalf of my soulmate, I figure that his unwillingness to do anything abou
shareon 2005-07-29
7   last decade

regarding spinal cord injury
Is there any possible homeopathic treatment for paraplegia following spinal cord injury??
sapna 2005-08-04
2   last decade

Strep throart and no insurance
Atleast I think its strep throat and I know if its left untreated it can sometimes killy
dwaynedays 2005-08-04
1   last decade

All Kinds of Alopecia Areata
Please enter your experiences about this!
makishornet 2005-08-04
1   last decade

I had an episode of nausea last night and found my most comfortable position to be sitting
ruth45 2005-08-03
1   last decade

acne remedies during pregnancy
I have been researching remedies to take for my persistant and painful acne and have set
bodyandsole 2005-08-03
1   last decade

performance anxiety
I am enrolled in coursework to become certified as a Pilates instructor. Testing includes
djhundred 2005-08-03
3   last decade

bad excema from carcinosin
I had taken 30C split dose of Carcinosin 3x for a miasmic block. Amost immediately afte
maryo 2005-08-03
2   last decade

vitreous hemorrhage/Floaters
I am 26yrs old. 3 months ago i had a vitreous hemorrhage, since then i have had two more.
romitdasgupta 2005-08-03
2   last decade

Strange Blood Blisters On Tounge
I need help from all members of the forum about a strange problem. For so many years now
wahijs 2005-08-03
1   last decade

ch or c?
I recieved from France some remedies of potencies 5 ch and 30 ch. Does anyone know how str
Maria&boys 2005-08-03
4   last decade

need help!
OK so I realised I need to be more specific about what is ailing me: Enlarged lingual ton
tanya1 2005-08-03
1   last decade

Hi All, I am suffering from psoriasis from last 8 years, I have been see a homeopath f
mdrizkhan 2005-08-02
1   last decade

bromazepam and homepathy remedies
dear all, this is my first post on this forum and i hope ill get some answers from you soo
calvin 2005-08-02
1   last decade

Pregnancy and lypocodium
Hello, I've been taking Lypocodium for 1,5 years now for my knee (Sudeck atrophy). M
penica 2005-08-01
2   last decade

Lupus Nephritis
what remedies would u recommend?
misslmodest 2005-07-29
6   last decade

Pilonidal sinus
Hello I am male 33. About 10 years ago I had a operation on pilonidal sinus problem. The s
hathiams 2005-08-01
1   last decade

pimple gone haywire
What started off as a pimple on my braline, has gone to something more. Symptoms: inflamm
middy 2005-08-02
1   last decade

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