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Parasite Remedy
I recently returned from travel abroad and have been ill since my return. Colds, Flu, Mig
Newcreation 2006-03-27
1   last decade

arnica 30c
hello,i have been taking arnica 30c for the last 3 months. i have noticed a slight improvm
Tommys 2006-03-27
5   last decade

Staphisagria - pls suggest the correct dosage
i will be having my second baby in a few weeks. for my last baby, the episiotomy brought a
nineclouds 2006-03-25
6   last decade

namaste - help please
Hi Namaste:I need your expertise until I can get my baby to the vet tomorrow.She is 14 ye
ploutos 2006-03-26
2   last decade

Pls Help, severe Laryngitis
Pls help. I am suffering from bad laryngitis which made my voice hoarse. I had severe tons
rdutt 2006-03-27
1   last decade

Spot HeadAche very peculiar....Pls Help.
Hello all at the forum,My Borther is 41 and he has this peculiar head ache since a week
yoga2000 2006-03-27
3   last decade

help me urgrently
hi ilive in PAKISTANmy problem is about my height .It is only 5 footI am 19 so plz help me
Derrick 2006-03-27
1   last decade

Antidote fro homeopathic remedy
I couldnt get the remedies u recommended for my dry inflamed eyes as im in australia where
Virginia 2006-03-27
1   last decade

Remedy Antidote?
Hello,Can drinking/using apple cider vinegar antidote a remedy?Can apple juice or ginger r
ojtwelve 2006-03-26
2   last decade

6 year old son with autism-mild retardation
In need of helping my son with behavior, wetting please help
merlynda1973 2005-04-23
7   last decade

congestion in 5yr old -- pls help
hi,whenever i try to treat my son's runny nose with medicines like aconite, he gets c
nineclouds 2006-03-25
6   last decade

dandruff,hairfall and weakness
Hi all,I am a 39 yr old man and have a generally healthy body.but over the last 6 mnths i
jack2003 2006-03-22
2   last decade

Chalazion persists
I tried Staphysagria 200CH, 2 x daily for 5 days at the suggestion of someone here at the
conniep 2006-03-27
no replies yet

orgasm headache
My boyfriend recently had a violent acute onset headache following orgasm. He is 31 years
samnbudsmom 2006-03-26
2   last decade

Time between remedies
If you try a single remedy and see no improvement, how long do you need to wait before try
Ilovemypuppy 2006-03-25
7   last decade

Can you interpret this dosage?
Hi All,I was given the following advice via email:-" take THUJA-10m once in 45days pe
luckyloke 2006-03-25
2   last decade

Arnica 200ck too little?
Hello,I'm suffering from hair loss and I've noticed that arnica has been prescri
laughhearty 2005-05-20
6   last decade

I 48 years of age suffering from Right Bundle Brunch Blockage for 5/6 years and failed to
ngdas 2006-03-26
1   last decade

Thick sinus drip, ears cracking, popping, sinus pressure
Hi. Off and on I have hadthick sinus drip, ears poppingand cracking and sinus pressure rig
Natural1 2006-03-26
no replies yet

Question about constitutional remedy
I had taken two doses of platina metallicum. I do not really see a lot of symptoms (+ve o
himabindu 2006-03-25
4   last decade

Help for All doctors for Decended Testicles of my son
My Son now 6 and 1/2 year old with weight 12 kgs. He was born premature in 8th month by sc
karina2006 2006-03-25
3   last decade

Hello,my son has discharge from nose already 2 weeks. And it seems nothing can't stop
olgita 2006-03-26
1   last decade

Nesh_India, Do you think one dose of Morgan Bach 1M will increase immunity in child and adults?
I would wait to hear your view about it as I am so tempted to use it also please let me kn
karishma 2006-03-24
4   last decade

cholestrol in age 30
I am 30 years old, I have very very high cholestrol, How I can reduce using homeopath or A
hakimyasaafi 2006-03-25
4   last decade

veratrum veride
what is the dose for emergencies 5 or 10 drops. And is it in water or on tounge.
kahlil007 2006-03-26
1   last decade

molluscum- help!!!!!
hi,my name is heather, i'm 18. i was recently diagnosed with molluscum contagium, and
scumble87 2006-03-25
no replies yet

hello im zainab and desperately looking 4 icthyosis cure.i was going thru this site and re
zainab 2006-03-25
no replies yet

How dowsing digs out symptoms ?
I was refered a young patient of 8 years. He was too young to understand himself. His fath
asknikhil 2006-03-25
no replies yet

my son is 2.5 years old and he is autistic pls help
sorry post is incomplete my son has no clear speech or i say he has no vocobulary he says
shital179 2006-03-21
2   last decade

Post Nasal Drip
I have been suffering from post nasal drip for the last three weeks. My throat is always s
rafeek123 2006-03-25
1   last decade

Obsessive liking tendency
Hello, I am just wondering what kind of homeopathic personality has obsessive liking tende
himabindu 2006-03-25
no replies yet

response to stimulate immune system
i see many of you can not find organic cotton balls any where, i can send you some if you
kahlil007 2006-03-25
1   last decade

i have mild PCOS and am fortunate not to have many of the side effects, however i do have
646464 2006-03-22
11   last decade

hearing problems
My sister in law is having some ear problems...she got diagnosed w/ an ear infection and w
indychic_78 2006-03-25
1   last decade

uregent reply please =- abnormal urea level
Dear Dr. Sharma,The urea results of my father who is 75 years old is as under: He is a d
shameed 2006-03-24
1   last decade

throat pain
Plz help me dr,i have a throat pain or sore throat so painful i cannot eat now for 3 day a
samiztech1 2006-03-13
5   last decade

Acne blemishes and stretch marks
Hi. New to the forum and new to Homeopathy so I thought I would ask these questions to se
Sjafi 2006-03-08
4   last decade

Eczema on a 3 year old, please help
My 3 year old has had eczema since he was about 2/3 months old, before he was weaned. I b

record 2005-05-26
42   last decade

Killer trial - NOW they tell us!!
Trial drug had affected monkey glands Monday March 20, 2006 The drug that left six men se
walkin 2006-03-21
4   last decade

Warts and Newtons Homeopathy
Hello all,I have been treated in the past for genital warts. The doctor used burning to re

salmo9 2006-03-06
30   last decade

deoshlok: info. you needed
This is regarding the enlarged tonsil from tbarbie on Mar 20, I posted this information on
tbarbie 2006-03-24
2   last decade

One of my relations has been diagonised as suffering from Myotonia. Please enlighten me ab
maya_hari 2005-03-01
3   last decade

PCOS, weight and BP issues- Dr. Deoshlok Please
It has been two weeks since I started taking your medicine and I can't feel any diffe
ps2002 2006-03-24
1   last decade

Another adhd suggestion
6.5 yr old. Want to try chamollia since it is supposed to much safer and less risk of agg
rxfill 2006-02-07
6   last decade

to steve lord
hi steve quick question have not seen any info on cotton for hbp any news
kahlil007 2006-03-24
no replies yet

Tonic Water
What is Tonic Water?
Chuck D. 2006-03-23
4   last decade

Something seriously wrong....
Hi,I have problems such as dandruff, flaky dry skin (body) and oily skin/large pores (face
PlzHelp 2006-03-23
2   last decade

Big belly
Hi My wife is 27 yrs old and we had our first daughter 3and 1/2yrs back due to some compl
Sunjoy 2006-03-13
2   last decade

muscular dystrophy of pakistan
hello i am Moazzam Raza from pakistan city wazirabad i have muscluar dystrophy last 17 yea
Moazzam 2006-03-23
1   last decade

I read a post by a cyndi (subject-vaginal tear-2005-06-22)that recommended for lichenscler
Theah 2006-03-23
no replies yet

my ears ring
Ive had this fullness for days in my ears and ringing or buzzing (tinnitus) I have anothe
andy franklin 2006-03-22
7   last decade

My wife has problem with staying asleep,once she has fallen asleep.Any remedy sugestions?
Chuck D. 2006-03-23
no replies yet

9 month old w/sudden reflux problem
Hello,My 9mo DD has suddenly been having problems with reflux for the past week or so. It&
socalmom 2006-03-22
2   last decade

Breast Hemangioma
I am 25 years old. I was diagnosed to have fibro mastopathy and had a surgery 20 days ago.
e_katerin_a 2006-03-22
2   last decade

Remedy please
These days bcause of cold winds most of elders and children r suffering fever and bad coug
princeofnoland 2006-03-20
7   last decade

Can Somebody Please help me with my blood pressure
I sent an email previously and although Dr Shlok replied very quickly and requested inform
naheeda 2006-03-22
3   last decade

Allergic to Dust
My 56 year old sister-in-law is quite allergic to dust. She said that she finds is very di
maya_hari 2006-03-19
10   last decade

itchy and watry hands
i am having eczema for 20 yrs on my hands and fingers on the palm side tried many differen
lali_bikaner 2006-03-22
1   last decade

Facial molluscum in toddler
Hi there-My almost 2 yr old has been suffering from molluscum for quite a while. It was on
mafeb 2006-03-22
3   last decade

Doctors trained with even more ignorance
Can it be that Big Pharm is not ready to put money into medical training ??Medical educati
walkin 2006-03-22
no replies yet

general health
hello forum can anyone tell me homeopathy meds one should take for general health. and gre
kahlil007 2006-03-21
1   last decade

pulsatilla's similars
I was wondering what the possible similars for Pulsatilla are.I've had great success
jgbp22 2006-03-22
1   last decade

Is continuous use Nux vomica safe in higher potency
I'm suffering from coryza (either blocked or running nose) and acidity problems since
mshaved 2006-03-21
4   last decade

my son has autism, he is 2 year and 5 months old
my son has regression from last one year as we note thati have no complications during pre
shital179 2006-03-21
3   last decade

Losing hair since last 4-5 years
Hello, I have been losing hair for last 4-5 years but never did anything serious abo
seattleite 2006-03-04
5   last decade

Moderator, Please change the fonts back to a size we can all read.
parachute 2006-03-22
no replies yet

What if remedy stops working ?
Dear Dr.Sajjad Akram, Dr.Sajid, Dr.Kumar, Walkin and NeshaI am a patient of Hypothyroidism
sazim 2006-03-21
3   last decade

question for Joe De Livera
I have a question concerning the arnica for smoking. I have at home arnica 12c and arnica
tbarbie 2006-03-20
1   last decade

to joe l.
hi joe i would like to know if you have a protocal for ones general health i would like to
kahlil007 2006-03-22
1   last decade

Testing for allergies and homeopathy
Can allergy tests interfere with homeopathy treatments? Can someone be doing allergy treat
allergic 2006-03-21
2   last decade

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