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Miracle mUshroom Kombucha
Well it is not exactly a mushroom, but a lichen (bacteria and yeast that have a mutually b
sunbabe21 2005-09-02
3   last decade

Thinning, Dry and Dull Hair
HiI have a thinning hair dry sull hair issue. Its not hair loss though, luckily.Hair have
jaspreet_inc 2005-08-20
1   last decade

How is a treatment done over a few months?
How is a treatment done over a few months?1-If we do a treatment ,let say for 6 months,it
Mahatma 2005-09-02
1   last decade

Monaural hearing loss
Heyi have come here with a hope that you have some kind of treatment for monaural hearing
lonely 2005-09-02
1   last decade

my 2 year old son is suffering from piles(intrenal) and there are some seen external, it i
waheedamunshi 2005-09-02
2   last decade

joe de livera - please help!
dear joe, as suggested by you, i have started taking arnica 30.. i take pills as i have t
jasmine_191 2005-09-01
3   last decade

Another Acne Sufferer Passkey or Anyone
This question gets old… but I feel that I have tried everything besides the things everyon
blueknurd 2005-06-06
3   last decade

Retina Detchment
I had retina detchment in my Right eye since 7 years and suddenly lost center vision, i co
farooque 2005-08-24
4   last decade

homeopathics supossed to be taken every day?
i´m taking Zincum metallicum 5C 5 times a day.I´t s enough to take day yes, da
Mahatma 2005-09-02
2   last decade

loss of hair, gray hairs, dandruff
My aunt is having so many different kinds of problems due to loss of hair. I am going to t
Wazeema826 2005-08-30
1   last decade

this is not working-- joe please help
Dear joe,i have been taking arnica 30 in the form or pills for more than 15 days.. 4 pills
jasmine_191 2005-09-02
1   last decade

free sample for type II diabetics
Hi,I devised a simple test to prove the effectiveness of DBM (dehydrated bitter melon) tow
bitter 2005-09-01
2   last decade

ywt007 2005-09-02
no replies yet

humphries 11
anyone have any information on this product...reference side effects, whether it really wo
westmj 2005-08-30
1   last decade

head sweats
most nights my 3 yr old son when asleep has a very sweaty head, rest of body seems cool, I
bootie 2005-09-01
no replies yet

Neck Pain ,depression Please help.
Hi,I am sofeware engineerand works on comnputer almost 10 hrs per dayI am facing problems
neetadesh 2005-08-30
7   last decade

little beard thin,small & weak penis
plz help me and select a remedy for me so that i shall get rid from this disease
yaqeen 2005-08-28
3   last decade

msg for passkey..infant with reflux
Hello,I saw on another post that you had some specialty with infants. My daughter in 9 we
aurabindo 2005-09-01
no replies yet

nail fungus remedy
I have been reading about the use of graphites for toenail and fingernail fugus. Does any

cleee02 2005-08-29
15   last decade

help for epileptic cat anyone? thx
young cat from shelter. first epileptic experience at +/- 5 months; convulsions, foaming
mariedo 2005-08-30
3   last decade

Gaining way too much weight on homeopathy
My 11 year old daughter and I (I am 39 years old)have been seeing a Classically trained Ho
troubull 2005-08-31
5   last decade

Arnica after birth
Does any one have experiance with arnica after birth. I have heard different ideas 6 or 30
cashew 2005-08-30
3   last decade

Sabra-Passkey (Remedy)
Hi,I have a post in this forum called Gastro Intestinal Problems. I have tried various rem

pimathew 2005-04-26
39   last decade

savnarang 2005-08-31
no replies yet

infected tonsils
please help me my tonsils are swollen my lymph nodes in my neck are always swollen....do I
barboy33 2005-08-30
1   last decade

Dear Sir,My wife is suffering from red irretation on cheeks. forehead and in between eyebr
skbhatt 2004-10-31
8   last decade

extremely dry, peeling skin on face
I have had excema all my life. It has manifested in diffrent ways. It is worse than ever n
brendamdy 2005-08-10
2   last decade

Strange red patch on side of face?
Hi,About 6 months ago i developed this rash on the right side of my face, this then peeled
windwaker 2005-03-17
5   last decade

Using mint toothpaste
I'm just curious... how much of an effect does using a mint toothpaste have on homeop
cleee02 2005-08-31
1   last decade

I want homoeo remedy for varicocele leading to infertility.
babul 2005-08-31
no replies yet

Attention "rajivprasad"---Please Guide Me--Please Help me
hirajivprasad..i've seen u advising so many patients..PLEASE HELP ME ALSO...GOD WILL
dhara 2005-08-28
1   last decade

Toddler Homeopathic Reaction
My kid has struggled with teething. He's almost 18 months old and has all his teeth (
wrongway 2005-08-25
12   last decade

Need Help!
Following are my symptoms:1)Headache (top of head, as is someone is pressing , also someti

saurabh 2004-11-03
109   last decade

remedy information
i need information for potentized remedy
anasa 2005-08-30
no replies yet

humpries 11
im getting married and it looks like my period starts on or around my wedding day...someon
westmj 2005-08-29
no replies yet

herpes aggravation
I was taking the remedy Nat mur 10M for herpes outbreak all over my body. I have taken so
marapplwht 2005-08-29
no replies yet

Greetings Pankajplease check your email. I have changed my email address and want to make
Frances 2005-08-29
no replies yet

Greetings Sabraplease check your email. I have changed my email address and want to make
Frances 2005-08-29
no replies yet

Different size pupils
Hi , i`m having different sized pupils for months now.I also have swollen neck lymph nodes
jackal 2005-08-29
1   last decade

Homeopathy for babies
Quick question. How are homeopathic remedies best administered to breastfeeding newborns?
robertm 2005-08-29
3   last decade

Lycopodium Clavatum
HiI took the self test for Social Phobia. My result was Lycopodium Clavatum. I've d
naydies 2005-08-26
4   last decade

new member
hi all,my name is raji ,im frm chennai, 3rd yr homeopathic student.i have lot of interest
rajib 2005-08-28
3   last decade

Acne/Rosacea and Psorinum
Has anybody had experience with Psorinum for Acne/Rosacea? My homeopath prescribed Psorinu
kirti 2005-08-14
4   last decade

Bad cold with Loss of Voice
Hi all, I have again got my cold. Real bad one.. got it yesterday and lost my voice today.
maya_hari 2005-08-29
no replies yet

CM potency Combinations!!! URGENT HELP needed
I have a very important question for the homeopathic doctors in this forum.There is a Tons
Alfalfa Q 2005-08-28
2   last decade

acne again :(
I have had acne problems since I was 16-17. this might be a heredity thing as my mother h
vienna 2005-08-28
1   last decade

Epididymal cyst and Silicea - advice
I have just been diagnosed with an Epididymal cyst and told that nothing apart from surger
Michael 2004-08-14
3   last decade

cervicle spondilytis with lumbago pain
my mother is 56 years and she has cervicle spondilytis with lumbago pain and arthritis
anasa 2005-08-25
3   last decade

help to understand article on this site
the article found on http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/20179/ speaks about the durat
Mahatma 2005-08-28
1   last decade

Mouth ulcer
I am aged 67. Generally healthy. I was suffering from the mouth ulcer even when I was aged
esgovindan 2005-08-27
7   last decade

details--multiple problems---please help
hii shall b thankful to anyone who responds to thisi have been suffering fro numerous prob
dhara 2005-08-27
no replies yet

multiple problems--please help me
few things abt me1)i like spicy food2)i cannot tolerate temperature below 15 centigrates..
dhara 2005-08-27
no replies yet

multiple problems---please help me
hii shall b thankful to anyone who responds to thisi have been suffering fro numerous prob
dhara 2005-08-27
no replies yet

5 month old baby anemic
My 5 month old baby has been diagnosed as anemic with his haemoglobin level only 7.7. It s
HelpNeeded 2005-08-27
1   last decade

Obsessions likecheckingof things, cheking taps,combing hair agian and agian for long longt
mani25 2005-08-27
2   last decade

Urgent: Intolerable pain in shoulder
I'm having intolerable pain on my left shoulder. Here is what happend:During night I
vlohia 2005-08-21
6   last decade

8 yo with sensitve skin/eyes/nose
I've poseted a request on my son's condition several days ago but got no reply.
ChuaJA 2005-08-22
5   last decade

Is it reaction to Arnica 6C?
My husband had his hand broken ( knucle bone broken and some internal injusry was reported
noname 2005-08-26
1   last decade

seeking information
Can a homeopath decide that the patient that suffers from vitiligo is due to addison'
kitty 2005-08-26
no replies yet

Hi all,I hope all is well in your various parts of the world.You've probably noticed
moderator 2005-08-26
1   last decade

Any Permenant Cure for Glaucoma
Hi,I am 62 years aged female and am suffering from Glaucoma since past 10 years. I was ope
Shantha 2005-08-26
2   last decade

back pain
i am 6 ft 1 inch and i think that this is the main reason i have lower back pain. it is on
spowell 2005-08-25
2   last decade

Swollen foot
i went for a walk and after two days realised that the right foot started swolling and pai
Larry 2005-08-26
1   last decade

ear pain -- urgent urgent
My wife was hit by closing door in ear last week but still her ear inside has pain.I had p
Sukhomoy 2005-08-25
2   last decade

over active bladder
well, i tried every single medicine in allopathic.. but did not help me..the doctor also d
sal-canada 2005-08-23
3   last decade

Urinary Tract Infection most probably
Hi,I got my first UTI 6-7 years back. And then now, 1 year back, I have gotten it twice.I
maggarwa 2005-08-24
5   last decade

lower abdominal pain
i have got lower abdominal pain on both side extending upto testicles from last 3 months,h
raju_m 2005-08-24
2   last decade

For Sabra
Sabra,I need some advice from you. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you. I c
A2Z_A2Z 2005-08-25
1   last decade

Hair loss due to hashimoto thyroid
I am a 30 year old female, four months back detected with hashimoto thyroid and am on 75 m
hypothyroidpatient 2005-08-25
no replies yet

Can one dilute cell salts?
I know "dilute" is not the right word, but I don't know what is!I would like to take
Rebecca 2005-08-06
10   last decade

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