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Wife's weight gain
Since we have gotten married 7 years ago, my wife has grown terribly fat. She is constantl
dangel 2005-10-11
2   last decade

DHT Sensativity / scalp burning
Hello everyoneI once took a hairloss medication called propecia approx 2.5 years ago. It i
ranjit_singh 2005-10-10
2   last decade

Acne on head
My husband has this small bumps on his head from time to time. It is painful & sometimes s
rit1820 2005-10-04
2   last decade

swollen glands at the neck
I am recovering from a cold. It started 2-3 weeks ago with runny nose, swollen glands at t
nthaby 2005-10-10
2   last decade

Where do I start?
I am 31 and have had chronic urticaria for 21 years. There are periods of time when I am c
Shanda 2005-10-09
1   last decade

jet lag
I will be flying soon from Europe to the USA. What can I take to help deal with jet lag.
nthaby 2005-10-10
4   last decade

geographical tounge
my 4 yr old son has chronic geographical tounge and his tounge swells up so much it cracks
claretwin 2005-10-08
3   last decade

hello sajjad
dear brother, you have not given your suggestion about my mother,s brain tumors,please i n
drsajid 2005-10-06
5   last decade

Hello all,I have 2 thrombosed veins on my penis, they start at the pubic pad and run down
blue1 2005-10-01
8   last decade

Please help: Acne scarring
This is my first post, I need help.6 months ago I had an outbreak of really disfiguring cy
barbedwire66 2005-10-10
no replies yet

I had glandular fever 2 years ago during a stressful period of school as a result of copin
Mari-anne 2005-10-10
1   last decade

Strengthening the Parasympathetic
Currently, and for about 2 years now, my body has been stuck in a Sympathetic state. Due t
density 2005-10-09
3   last decade

sajjad is this authentic?
sajjad you suggest to use the medicine, thrice 1st day, twice second day, and 1 dose third
drsajid 2005-10-09
3   last decade

Acne spots
I have been suffering with spots for about 5 years. They were never bad but they have sudd
francesca 2005-10-09
no replies yet

7 month old with congestion and eczema
Hi, I had earlier posted, but can't seem to find my post. My son has constant conge

kganti 2004-11-29
43   last decade

sleep problem....plz help me guys.....
hi alli am from india...i am doing bodybuilding for the last two years and got a better re
poorna_1984 2005-10-08
4   last decade

failure of homeopathy
i have post my problems but it seems that homeopathy fails to solve themProblem 1my penis
orris 2005-10-08
3   last decade

After high school I started gaining weight. I work out now 3 days a week for half an hour
meena 2005-10-06
2   last decade

uveitis; blue eye
My thorough bred labrador pup has been diagnosed with uveitis in my right eye. His eye is

meiji 2004-08-06
40   last decade

Bad Breath, does Tri-oral 24 hour protector work?
I saw this stuff at Does this work to keep the breath fresh 24 hours?
Johnny0405 2005-09-20
9   last decade

For Joe Di Livera
Hi JoeWith all the due respect and without being sarcastic or criticising you i would like
yrpnet1210 2005-10-07
2   last decade

Arsenic Alba & Bryonia Alba side effects - please help!!
Hello,I am from India and this is for my mother aged 51 years. Two years back he had ate
sudheer 2005-10-06
1   last decade

epistaxis cured case
A little girl of 8 years old brought to me for the treatment of epistaxis, on june 20,2005
drsajid 2005-10-07
1   last decade

retarded growth
i am male 23 yearswant to enlarge my penis upto 7 inches in length and 6 inches in width.t
orris 2005-10-08
1   last decade

Homeopatic remedies
Hi,I went to one of the classical homeopaths and she gave me to remedies, which I need onl
dnina 2005-09-22
4   last decade

Yeast problem
My 11 year old son is autistic. He is obsessed with junk food, especially containing sugar
mkbasu 2005-09-21
4   last decade

passkey help infant reflux
I have a 5 week old baby who suffers from reflux that causes vomiting, gagging, and some d
gdoggy 2005-09-24
7   last decade

Celexa Detox
I am 29 years old and have been taking Celexa for depression for the past three years I we
doglover1 2005-09-24
3   last decade

Sulphur and shyness?
a friend of mine was prescribed Sulphur but she is a very shy person.Does sulphur can also
Mahatma 2005-10-08
1   last decade

Less sperm motility
I am having 50 million of sperm count but my sperm motility is in 10% only.How to improve
JA2810 2005-10-08
1   last decade

diabetics taking homeopathy
after searching and not finding anything on the forum I ask....if you are diabetic does th
jose07 2005-10-08
3   last decade

(Used to be) A Picture of Vitality
Hello to all. I would like to ask a homeopathic practitioner for advice.My husband is 45
joy50 2005-09-23
8   last decade

attn: Joe De Livera
dear sir,i read your post on nat. phos for wt reduction and i have a few questions.1. can
ravin707 2005-10-08
1   last decade

Deep cough coming from my cat....
Question, I have a 10 year old black and white cat. Usually during the winters she has a
confused 2005-10-07
2   last decade

coryza for 5yr old
My daughter got cold when the weather changed from hot to cold. she has less immunity & ca
ajrenu 2005-10-08
3   last decade

need prescription
i have found ur email address from a website and> found it to be a wounderful opportunity
orris 2005-10-07
2   last decade

Do you recommend echinacea purpurea for immune deficiency?My son is a severe asthmatic/ al
jentoun 2005-10-07
1   last decade

penis head (glans)
the glans of penis contains cracks and wrinkles. it looks like the face of very week and o
orris 2005-10-08
1   last decade

Painful joints
I would like to pass on what I have experienced, as well as my husband and aunt.A while ba
cruthbh 2005-10-07
no replies yet

Confused, please help
Okay I am not sure what to take here I am the one with the Uterine fibroids. It was recom
kbrown85283 2005-10-07
1   last decade

beta glucan for lichen sclerosis
Try Mesosilver (collodial silver) and beta glucan for lichen sclerosis.These kill bacteria
Roxy90 2005-05-23
2   last decade

aches on bed
I have been suffering with this peculiar sympton since past 3-4yrs. The whole day i will b
ajrenu 2005-10-04
2   last decade

Thuya 200 for my new 5mth lab puppy
Hello,I am new to this board but came here due to my search about Thuya. We just got a 5m
junebug 2005-10-07
no replies yet

sajjad please see this
dear sajjad,i also repertorised the case,and i think that "phosphorus" is much like t
drsajid 2005-10-06
1   last decade

over used a remedy??
I made a mistake with a couple of remedies.I took ignatia and arsenicum both 200 c, I foll
lansdown 2005-10-05
5   last decade

so tired, need help!!
I have been so tired for so long. I have gone to my doctor mutliple times and he thinks t
sc00b3rt 2005-09-28
11   last decade

Celexa detox and cleansing
I am 42 years old and was put on Celexa (20mg) 2.5 years ago. I had been moody and irrita
prince 2005-10-07
no replies yet

non hogkins lymphoma
I have recently finished 6 sessions of chemotherapy for a large NHL which was located on t
ravicat 2005-10-07
2   last decade

I started off taking celexa but was switched to citalopram as a substitute and recently I
sneudauer 2005-10-07
no replies yet

Juice Plus/Fruit & Veggie Supplements
A long time ago, my parents used to sell a product called Juice Plus.Anyone heard of it? T
LouisianaLady 2005-09-26
2   last decade

Eczema, Skin problems, Graphites and more ??
Continuation of the thread http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/19546/I will welcome yo

kuldeep 2005-02-22
69   last decade

Acne at 23, Male
I am a male 23. I had acne from 16 years of age till 19.It was very severe. I tried every
sameer 2005-10-06
no replies yet

homeopathy is not placebo.Example no 1
WHO says that homeopathy has only placebo effects,see thiscase and make your decision.mrs
drsajid 2005-10-04
1   last decade

Hi all,I am from India and just moved to US 3 months back. I have been taking homeopathy
Sunflower 2005-10-06
no replies yet

Lichen Sclerosis/BXO
Male 29 with LSA/BXO for 5 years. Have been on testastorone ointment and cortico steriods
mitjagruti 2005-10-06
no replies yet

what is homeopathy?
Answer: a system of medicine whereby LIKE CURES LIKE. It requires suiting the medicine to
keeperoftheflame 2005-10-02
6   last decade

Success Stories - Post Here!!!!!!!!!
Sazim started a great thread about Success stories. So lets get them rolling!!!!
confused 2005-10-05
3   last decade

grinding teeth in sleep
I recently noticed my 5yr old daughter grinding her teeth in sleep. I don't know sinc
ajrenu 2005-10-04
9   last decade

Success Stories - A request to the Moderator
Dear moderator and membersIS it possible that we start a seperate forum titled " succ
sazim 2005-10-05
3   last decade

14 month old son with ear infection
Hi,My son has cold now with no fever but green mucus discharge from nose .He had dry hoar
neelima1 2005-10-05
2   last decade

Help!! Is Remedy working for my cat.
Hi,I'm hoping someone can tell me how long it takes for a remedy to work.My cat has c
pepisheart 2005-10-05
4   last decade

Another question re: multiple remedies
As mentioned previously, I am taking china, thymus, calc phos, nat sul and anthrac and I n
jacky 2005-10-05
3   last decade

pauling therapy for curing heart disease
hi just come across this site www.paulingtherapy.com. i know it is not homeopathic but may
whitts99 2005-10-05
no replies yet

reflux without heartburn
I have stomach ache and reflux without heartburn every time I eat and drink. Sometimes I f
veranita 2005-10-04
4   last decade

dog skin itching
Hi Joe, Hope it is Ok to talk about my dog on this site.He is suffering from itchy skin, s
michele 2005-10-04
5   last decade

Menier's Disease
My friend, Gary has Meniere's Disease for which he is using Serc for relief. Is there
crimson 2005-10-03
4   last decade

Man and wife...
When a man opens the door of his car for his wife....either the car is new or the wife is

PANKAJ VARMA 2004-10-21
20   last decade

Twisted Foot, Pain not going
My sister who is in research twisted her foot a few weeks back. I am giving her condition
maya_hari 2005-10-03
6   last decade

Cervical Disc Herniation
One month back I suffered from Cervical Disc Herniation of C-5-C6 and C-6-C-7 with the int
Periyar 2005-09-28
7   last decade

Why homeopathy doesnt work on certain people?
Respected MembersThere are thousands and thousands of patients who do not respond to homeo
sazim 2005-09-26
10   last decade

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