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BSE++CJD Are both forms of the brain cell destruction that is linked to Alzheimer’s? The
passkey 2004-11-11
3   last decade

homeopathy 200c potency dosage
How much a homeopathic medicine in 200c potency can be taken on daily basis(in drops)
moksh 2004-11-30
4   last decade

Where to learn
I am interested in knowing where to find some of the information I read about on this mess
lmhoopes 2004-12-03
5   last decade

Hi Karen
Just went through yr website where you suggest methylcobalamin for vit B12 deficiency. I a

maya_hari 2004-11-27
15   last decade

Dear John,per your advice, here is the new thread for myself. I would like to know if ther

phosphor 2004-11-13
37   last decade

Need help with Pilonidal Cyst
Ever since I was a child, I have always feared regular doctors. It seems like they don�
SarahAmin 2004-12-06
5   last decade

Importance of Symptoms
What is your way of homeopathic practice? Which symptoms you prefered more? Sensational, C
Ali Raza Kamal 2004-12-06
2   last decade

Skin inflammation
Hello,I’m 22 years old, and i'm having a problem for a long time (almost a year now).
BertQ 2004-12-04
4   last decade

corneal opacity after cataract extraction
My aunt had her right cataract operation last week with lens replacement..she now has corn
vishali 2004-12-03
2   last decade

Mosqeto Bites
My 3 yr old daughter is frequently biten by mosquetos - her reaction is to come up in huge

lunda 2004-11-28
14   last decade

Complicated - Please Help!
Hello. My father has colon cancer with hepatic metastasis; he’s been under chemotherapy tr
MCPhisto 2004-12-02
3   last decade

medicine for vision recovery
My daughter was treated for hydrocephalus via a VP shunt and she has loss of vision in rig

dkc123 2004-11-29
14   last decade

Crying/Emotional Crisis
I recently left my husband of 12 years and moved out, with my children spending time at bo
irishgal22 2004-11-30
3   last decade

Lycopodium or Stramonium?
Hi all, I am advised to give my child, age 8, 1M Stramonium. He has never had higher pote

janny 2004-11-22
18   last decade

Allergic tickling cough
My 26 yr old Deaf son suffers from a tickling cough.It started in March 2003. that time no
maya_hari 2004-12-02
2   last decade

Acute case PS
I recently wrote about feeling tired all the time after moving into a retirement center.
luckyme 2004-11-27
5   last decade

please help me
hi friendsi have been trying to find out any homoepathic doctor in rawalpindi or islamabad
Naved Hasan 2004-12-02
no replies yet

ear piercing for 2yr old
Hi, My daughter got her ear lobes pierced yesterday with gun shot at piercing pagoda. wh
anon99 2004-08-24
9   last decade

help me please
hi friendsi have been trying to find out any homoepathic doctor in rawalpindi or islamabad
Naved Hasan 2004-11-30
2   last decade

Curioisty- not medicines
My colleague's wife cannot wear silver jewellery as it will get black in a few hours.
Nkjaya 2004-11-26
4   last decade

Stomach Viral - Diarrhea / Loose Motions
Hi,I need help for my stomach viral(? I think) which started yesterday.Yesterday afternoon
RandyTX 2004-11-30
9   last decade

Cerebral Palsy
My friend's 3 yr old daughter is suffering from cerebral palsy since birth. Actually
Nkjaya 2004-11-26
3   last decade

Good Homeopath in Toronto area?
Does anyone know if there is a good homeopath in Totonto and surrounding area?
kumghi 2004-12-01
no replies yet

Oral Thrush In Adult
Suggestions for 27yr old female, heterosexual in exclusive relationship. Not known diabeti

debbiec52 2004-07-19
14   last decade

Hey Janny...
I am reading 'Children's Past Lives; How Past Life Memories Affect your Child�
Bethin RI 2004-11-30
no replies yet

I understand getting opinions but I see no qualifications that show anybody here has knowl
pvdog 2004-11-29
4   last decade

Would this patient get well?
A patient reported his case to 6 different homeopaths and all of them selected different r

Dr. MAS 2004-09-28
18   last decade

Pregnant and anxious
Hi,I am pregnant and just entered my second trimester. I had a nagging cold with a painful
Manjula 2004-11-29
5   last decade

Medicines to travel
Does anyone knows if is it OK to pass homeopathic medicines through airports controls??; c
mariah 2004-11-30
2   last decade

complex problem of mind
Hi,Can anyone please have a look at my symptoms and suggest a remedy?Profile:Female 28, no

silvia153 2004-10-22
215   last decade

Baby feeding problems
Hello,My baby boy is 11 months.He does not like to eat or drink anything except water.He i
Jayesh 2003-09-12
7   last decade

is 200x = 30ch???
[message deleted by justagirl on Mon, 30 Jan 2012 19:27:18 GMT]
justagirl 2004-11-29
3   last decade

Hi Sabra, question about about fillings...
Hi, I'm wondering if I should go have the lead removed from my head. I've got a
Bethin RI 2004-11-27
3   last decade

severe,chronic piles
my brother age 40,mentally retarded fm birth has severe ,protruding bleeding pilessincever
rajeev r n 2004-11-14
3   last decade

Recurring mild episodes of glandular fever
Start with shiver in the lower back. Dull headache comes on with a sensation of fullness a

bernadette 2004-11-20
23   last decade

confused re: potency
Can anyone clarify for me, which is more potent: 200C or 1M - ? I am thinking that 200C
janny 2004-11-26
12   last decade

Erectile Dysfunction
My age is about 43 years. I am heart patient and suffering from coronary artery disease fo
adamkhan 2004-11-26
4   last decade

Daughter very poor eater.
My daughter is 2-1/2 years old. She has been a very poor eater since I switched her from
concernedmom 2004-11-11
9   last decade

how to buy carcinosin 201
Hi there,I have the skin condition lichen planus and I subscribed to homeo treatment throu
neena 2004-11-27
3   last decade

Homeopathy for Kittens..??
Friends,I hav three kittens of age 2.6 months, lost mother.one among three is very dull.Do

vinaya20 2004-11-02
35   last decade

crack on the edge of teeth
Recently (Two months) I have noticed that there is a crack like formation (as if bifurcate
sanjeebswain2002 2004-11-25
1   last decade

Loss of eyelashes
Recently, I have noticed that many of the lashes from my left eye have randomly fallen out
SQueen 2004-11-27
1   last decade

Good blood pressure and cholesterol lowerer
Hello folksInterested to find out if someone can recommend aboveI have borderline high BPa
towzer 2004-11-26
3   last decade

Balding & premature grey hairs
Iam Vivek.V from Bangalore, India. Iam 28 years old Iam suffering from premature grey hair
vivek_v 2004-11-26
1   last decade

Serious threat to life: Please advice?
On the recommendations of another homeopath my patient who is also my cousin used PC1 home
NooP38 2004-11-26
4   last decade

Cat problem
I suppose animal can also be treated using homeopathic remedy. I have a cat which has fal
zainalbusu 2004-11-26
3   last decade

Ear infection for 21/2 years old
Hi,My daughter who is 21/2 years is having cold from last one week with bland discharge.I
anon99 2004-11-25
8   last decade

Mammography Question...
Hi.If I didn't believe in medical science, and therefore not in mammographies, how wo
Bethin RI 2004-11-24
7   last decade

Insmonnia and Pregnancy
I am 7 months pregnant and for the last two weeks i have been suffering from insomnia. Eac
mrsob22 2004-11-25
2   last decade

What are the advantages of the Plussing method
Hi,I would like to know the following:1. What exactly is the plussing method2. In which si
abcgul 2004-11-23
12   last decade

For Pankaj
Hello Pankaj,I want to help Saurabh, and so do you. But since we have reached to two diffe
magicure 2004-11-22
4   last decade

Acute case - suggestions please
I am a 74 year old woman in good health with no problems until moving into a retirement ho

luckyme 2004-11-19
14   last decade

Sabra here.
HI EVERYONE! My computer crashed and burned. It took nearly 3 months to get another. It wa
sabra 2004-10-31
5   last decade

darning needle posting observations
DARNING NEEDLE POSTING OBSERVATIONSThis is written here so one does not have to go to the
sabra 2004-11-18
9   last decade

cure for crvical spondalosis
Sir The following is my history1. i am 54 years old2. i was chronic bronchtis patient but

ssvnsarma 2004-11-14
18   last decade

I am a 50 yr old man. From the last few months am getting blurred vision. Washing with Eup

Nkjaya 2004-10-29
57   last decade

To Pankaj Varma
Mr. Varma,Please see your PM box at hpathy. There is a message for you.Thank you,Mark
Mark21ny 2004-11-20
2   last decade

sub mucous fibrosis
for the past 3 years i am suffering from sub mucous fibrosis,a condition in which opening
k govinda raj 2004-11-20
1   last decade

Beverly 2004-11-20
1   last decade

Please help,,,Neuropathy
Hello allTo make a long story short..2 months ago today I started with a burning sensation

guest user 2004-11-11
21   last decade

Sit Stand Child & LargePeople Friendly 500lbs FRIENDLY MRI
This New Scanner rountinely finds overlooked pathology tat causes pain its call Sit Stand
Beverly 2004-11-20
no replies yet

Hepatitis B - need a cure please
I have been recently diagnosed with Hepatitis B. I have no apparent symptoms, but I am lo
Abul Hasan 2004-11-18
3   last decade

Breakfast at McDonald'sA true story,I am a mother of three (ages 14, 12, 3) and have
sabra 2004-11-19
2   last decade

Plz i need your help!!(panic attacks etc)
I am 24 years old and I am from Greece… My symptoms are the following: no appetite for lif

marina 2004-10-18
62   last decade

Hi, I'm looking for any cases of polysyrenum...Any ideas? It was proved by Sankaran.
Joanna S 2004-11-16
1   last decade

Anybody heard from Mr Varma?
Hi All,call me paranoid and a worry bag..but im a little worreid about Mr Varma...i havnt
naryssa 2004-11-11
4   last decade

Message to Pankaj and Murthy
Dear Pankaj and Murthy,I have a message of interest to both of you which I cannot disclose
Joe De Livera 2004-11-19
1   last decade

pregnancy & homeopathic profiles
Hi, Does anybody know a good resource on how different homeopathic profiles react to pregn
emilian 2004-11-06
2   last decade

The case is possibly Phos.Bright bubbly personality always smiling.Had been having trouble
saltOftheEarth 2004-11-17
6   last decade

sliced finger
A patient sliced and tore his middle finger at work. He stuck it in a machine and the uppe
itsme 2004-11-18
1   last decade

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