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Can Arnica be treated as substitute for Asprin.
waseem_rana 2005-02-12
7   last decade

Please Could Someone Advise
I want to start taking Thiosinaminum internally for stretch marks as advised on this site.
Megan 2005-02-14
3   last decade

Intelligence and Behavior Many years ago I knew of a man who refused to discuss any subjec
passkey 2005-02-15
6   last decade

Combo Dosage is not anti-homeopathic
Hi All Homoeopaths!The haman races as are today, are mixture of different races who travel
arnadeem 2005-02-17
2   last decade

Dear friends and Drs,i would like to mention here my problems which make me crazy.i have s
noman 2005-01-31
12   last decade

swollen foot
I havehad my feet sprained over and over, since I must wear high-heel sandals (I look like
aidacrc 2005-02-17
1   last decade

ck and c potencies
hi,is a 200ck the same as a 200c??thanks,kppy
kppy3 2005-02-17
4   last decade

Yellow Clot in the Vagina
Just a day before her delivery I found a yellow clot like fat in the lower part of vagina.
nazir_h 2005-02-14
4   last decade

chronic cough two year old
HI My daughter is 2 and half yr old .she developed a cough way back in august 2004 and st
nitinthakur 2005-02-15
3   last decade

bad cough 1 year old
Hoping you can help me out here quickly. She has never had antibiotics yet, always rely on
homeofive 2005-02-15
9   last decade

chalazion - please help
i have a hardened chalazion on my lower eyelid and it is driving me insane. it doesnt hur
diegok 2005-02-16
2   last decade

13 month battling 4th ear infection
My 13 month old is just getting over his 4th ear infection...He was born 5 weeks early and
Herb119 2005-02-16
4   last decade

fever and cough in a child
hello,i'm trying to differentiate between gels. and bell for my daughters fever and c
kppy3 2005-02-16
2   last decade

2 year old afraid of baths
For the past 4 months, my 2 year old doesnt want to take a bath...especially doesnt like t
maltesemd 2005-02-11
5   last decade

Cyst in both overy
Name : Mrs Sakuntla Gupta my motherAge 74 years Investigation: Ultrasound Scan-Pelvis (TVS
ashok_kumar 2005-02-15
2   last decade

Coffea anyone?
Hello all. Posted a little while ago re my 20m old daughter with sleeping problems. On th
bels mama 2005-02-15
3   last decade

most urgent - is there a homeopathic treatment for "status asthmaticus"
A lady is in ICU with the attack of Status Asthmaticus.Is there any homeopathic treatment
Mohan 2005-02-12
2   last decade

High Cholesterol Levels 6.9 and 1.93
Non smokerhealthy diet 5 portions of fruit and veg daily1 day a week water fruit and veg o
jimmy90 2005-02-11
3   last decade

blood pressure
What is the normal Blood pressure reading for me as I am 35 yr old male.Whenever I check t
pilgrim3 2005-02-09
5   last decade

For the last day or so my upper lip has been twitching (like a muscle spasm). it's dr
sheri 2005-02-12
1   last decade

Different ways
Dear people, I want somebody to tell me which will be the difference between takin
mariah 2005-02-13
2   last decade

Potency Question
Is there any way to dilute a 30C potency, that is, to make it less strong? the remedy is C
MorningSky 2005-02-12
1   last decade

Mr.Pankaj Verma - Very very urgent
Patient in ICU after attack of Status Asthmaticus. She had been a heavy smoker for long ti
Mohan 2005-02-12
1   last decade

Hello,Can teenage children be dewormed. Pls suggest a medicine for the same. Thank you,Ren
reni2005 2005-02-09
8   last decade

homeopathy script question
I have been asked over the internet to takeCyprum Met 6c 4dr. pills no.40, 2 pills a dose,
alexis292 2005-02-10
5   last decade

Fear as time goes by...
Dear Members, I would like some help here....this is for my friend Albert, that
mariah 2005-02-11
3   last decade

mom and baby colds
My daughter and I have colds. She is nursing and I am trying to take something that will

lmhoopes 2005-02-04
20   last decade

Need help quickly...Go to ER
Go to your posting, Sabra
sabra 2005-02-12
no replies yet

Need help quickly!!!
((((I used to write as 'peace' but was unable to reconnect using that name))))My
homeofive 2005-02-11
4   last decade

autistic son
I have autistic son who is 11 years old.He can speake little, hyper, flapping hands, thro
diananick 2005-02-07
6   last decade

Question for carcinosin
My daughter has a mild form of strabismus and pretty bad constipatuion. I got a consultati
despes 2004-06-16
7   last decade

help - i'm a mess!
Help - I'm a mess! I have recently suffered from depression for the past year. I have
rosesarered 2005-02-05
11   last decade

lm 5 vs 200c
Dear Members. I would like somebody to tell me wich potency do you think is higher: LM5 or
mariah 2005-02-06
4   last decade

General dosage question
Hi, some ordered treatment has just arrived, in the form of tiny 'Granules'. How
itchy 2005-02-11
1   last decade

Chiropractics gone wrong
My 20 month old daughter had a fall some three weeks ago. She fell from a height of about
bels mama 2005-02-10
2   last decade

Nose congestion after 2 otitis ( 7 months old)
Hi all. I'm new one in this forum. I'm searching for help for my 7-month daughte
yuyanet 2005-02-03
4   last decade

Young son, 2 year old, suffering with ezcema
I am looking to try some alternative therapies. Currently my GP prescribes Oilatum, Cetra
vicky13 2005-02-07
5   last decade

When LM is best
I read somewhere that in cases when proper remedy selection is done, sometimes Centesimal
mariah 2005-02-09
7   last decade

lm prescribing
I am taking Silica as an LM potency. The homeopath said to dilute 1 teaspoon of the stock
nmastae 2005-02-07
10   last decade

Has anyone heard of "carsino cinuu" or "carcin zooch?" Cant find in any books et.
I was prescribed "carsino Cinuu" or Carcin Zooch , writing hard to read (not sure of spell

justagirl 2004-08-13
15   last decade

for sabra please....
for the past 2 weeks my ears have been very stoppped up, ache off and on and i have had of
flowertea 2005-02-02
5   last decade

Pilonidal cyst
Hey,I am suffering from pilonidal cyst from last 2 years. At first, it was okay, i used an
Psingh 2005-02-09
2   last decade

Please find me the name ??
Hi every one,I was reading Materia medica (dont know which one - Boericke, allen, clarke )
sazim 2005-02-07
2   last decade

can't get rid of this cold!!
I have been nursing my kids'colds past two weeks and now I can't get rid of my c
ececelski 2005-01-09
5   last decade

Pain in back right side - small spot
Friend has stiffness in right shoulder sometimes also ache in right arm, also slight pain
saltOftheEarth 2004-10-30
9   last decade

Brucella Melintitis for joint swelling
I was asked to take Brucella Melintitis for joint swelling but am unable to find the remed
mhome 2005-02-07
3   last decade

Sleep problems
I have been having sleep problems for a little while now. When I sleep it seems that I am
energy 2005-02-07
2   last decade

1 year old with blocked nose
My one year old started with a cold about a week ago and she is still having a congested n
isabellesmom 2005-02-08
3   last decade

a good way ???.
Carpenter Shih 3went to Chi and when he go to Crooked Shaft , he saw a serrate oak by the
passkey 2005-02-03
1   last decade

Does anybody know of a homeopathic treatment for entamoeba coli, histolytica? I am in Mex
jaimersak 2005-02-08
1   last decade

acute illness - influenza? Need help
Hi folks,after a very cold week, when I got wet from snow and an icy wind was blowing, I f
innanna 2005-02-06
3   last decade

Bungaris - snake remedy?
Can anyone give me any information on this remedy (i posted below and now found out the na
catherine 2005-02-08
3   last decade

my symptoms
hi. i was wondering if maybe you could help me figure out what could possibly be wrong wi
bigwig9119 2005-02-06
6   last decade

Flu symptoms. Help!
My daughter who is 9 yrs, got up yesterday morning with nausea, she vomited and has a slig
anon99 2005-02-06
6   last decade

I want to share my experience.I get severe colds from time to time. We say that 14 generat
maya_hari 2004-12-21
6   last decade

cough and cold
my daughter nad son both have a bad cough fever and are really congested...i read that bry
flowertea 2004-06-01
4   last decade

Sudden tummy pain
At about 5:00 am I woke up with intense pain in my bellyaround the naval. In the next few
Cecilia 2005-02-02
3   last decade

Bee Stung
Hi,Bee stung on the hand of my daughter yesterday. Gave her APIS 200, 1 dose in the mornin
pimathew 2005-02-07
1   last decade

Anti inflammatory
Todays El Pais has a bit about an anti inflammatory drug called Vioxx. It seems that it ma
passkey 2005-02-01
1   last decade

quick question: 'x' or 'c'
It was recommended that i take 200X or a higher potency of URTICA URENS - RHUS TOX but the
itchy 2005-02-01
3   last decade

first ear infection for 18 m.o.
hi. my 18 month old has her first ear infection. here is a brief(ish) description of the c
sarahbella 2005-02-02
3   last decade

extreme cold in moisture wheather
Dear SirThanks for your mail of various artical one of those nausea is excellentI write ag
msbhatt_2000 2005-02-04
1   last decade

bigwig.....my symptoms
I have posted on your post, but it is not showing on the listings. Sabra
sabra 2005-02-06
no replies yet

What is this remedy ?
A friend of mine took a remedy years ago that helped her immensely with her health problem
catherine 2005-02-05
4   last decade

What is apnea?How does one get the symptoms?Is the breathing affected in sleep?Please expl
pilgrim3 2005-02-06
1   last decade

Mother's Bronchitis ailment
Dear Readers:My mother is suffering from old ailment of Bronchitis. The syptoms are as fol

nahmed-pak 2005-01-05
20   last decade

about hair loss
hi i'm 21 years old i begin to feel that my hair gradually become less ... did any ho
truthforever 2005-01-15
2   last decade

eye injury
My daughter scratched my husband in the eye this morning. First symptoms were pain (sting
lmhoopes 2005-01-31
5   last decade

Cold in Child
Hi,My 9 year old child has frequent cold. Mostly in the morning there will be lots of cong
pandey66 2005-01-28
8   last decade

Mother Tinctures
What is a "mother tincture" ...is it 200C. I just read that they can be Dangerous? Is th
catherine 2005-02-05
1   last decade

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