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Back in January this year I had Hepar Sulphuris 30, 6 days a week, 3 times a day, 5 drops
ratest 2004-06-02
1   last decade

Little boy with rash on calves
My boy - 6 years old. He has had this rash on his calves since about the age of 2. Not sur
momofthree 2004-06-02
1   last decade

Sunscreen & After sun
Hello,Can anyone reccomend a generic homeopathic sun screen and homeopathic after sun?I am
suncare 2004-06-01
1   last decade

I have a few skin problems. I have ringworm, jock itch, eczema behind my ears and itching
gbsk1 2004-06-01
1   last decade

Nat Mur and salt intake
Years ago, when I became interested in Homeopathy, I thought the remedy Nat Mur seemed to
ChrisB 2003-09-02
1   last decade

repertory help ?
I am looking for the symptoms:"lifts / draws shoulders up (permanently)" and &qu
itsme 2004-05-31
1   last decade

HelP! I have dizziness spells
I have had Phos 180 LM for four days in the evening. I do feel well. The homeopathic docto
monsie pickles 2004-05-29
4   last decade

Hypothyroidism in DOg
We adopted a dog with hypothyroidism and she is on thyroxine, .6mg, 2x per day.Are there a
maltesemd 2004-05-30
1   last decade

I am taking Doxycycline Hyclate 100 mg daily as prscribed by doctor. Now I am facing a lot
Sohail Khan 2004-05-25
1   last decade

Morning cough
My daughter is 5 years old and she has cough in the morning and when she coughs her chest
ayushaps 2004-05-09
3   last decade

tetnus vaccination
My daughter needs a tetnus shot but I was wondering if I could do this homeopathically ins
mary jo 2004-05-28
3   last decade

Constitutional types
I would like to know where to find information on constitutional types thank youmonsie
monsie pickles 2004-05-23
3   last decade

Question about medicine potency
Hi,I am aware of potencies like 6X, 6L, 6M etc. But I want to know what it means if there
jhaashish 2004-05-21
2   last decade

can they be taken alternatively?

anon 2004-04-06
93   last decade

White spot on fraenulum
Hello,I have a mysterious white spot on the fraenulum - that bit of skin between the penis
jeanpaul 2004-05-28
1   last decade

Hello! I used this site for some healt's problems, and i found the right homepathic s
spacedmdc 2004-05-27
2   last decade

Throat Cyst
My girlfriend has just been told that she has a Cyst in her neck and it will require major
Mailman 2004-05-26
2   last decade

Extra growth on the heel
Dear Sir,My wife is suffering from acute pain on the right heel. When approached the doct
trnair 2004-03-23
11   last decade

Athlete's Foot
Seems like I got athletes foot from my new gym or from where I get my pedicures. My feet
maltesemd 2003-05-08
6   last decade

Graphites & Eczema
I have begun using Graphites 1M potency for my chronic eczema which fits all the symptoms
Pradyumna 2004-05-26
1   last decade

brown teeth
My 7 y.o. son lost his baby teeth and is getting his permanent teeth in. The bottom two a
merrybees 2004-05-25
1   last decade

can LM doses bring out characteristics
I was wondering, can LM doses bring out characteristics that "go with" the remed
merrybees 2004-05-24
3   last decade

Swimmer's Ear Help, Please?
Hi, Me Again. I had a shower on Saturday and got water in my ears and now I have 'swi
Lois 2004-05-17
5   last decade

painfull feet
I need real help, I have really bad sweaty feet wich not only smell but are really painful
extremefeet 2004-05-01
7   last decade

extreme foot pain
I have a pain in the bottom of my foot near my heel. I have had 2 surgeries; one for plan
maryann 2004-05-13
3   last decade

mental disorders
can anybody tell me about the treatments in homeopathy for mental disorders li
j 2004-05-24
2   last decade

I wonder if homeopathy...
the right thing to tackle. I have heard that it is very important to know which HOMEOPATHI
monsie pickles 2004-05-23
2   last decade

Polycistic Ovary Syndrome
Hi, im yet another 'newbie' on here looking for any advice anyone can give me. M
TensionAndTheSpark 2004-05-23
3   last decade

Sinus & Throat Irritation
I worked outside, watering the plants in the cool evening, that night I had a fever - that
momofthree 2004-05-23
no replies yet

help !!
I am 26 yrs male. have been having continuous hairloss since 6-7 years. have large bald ar
zoomzipper1 2004-05-22
2   last decade

MARILINA 2003-05-26
4   last decade

To Emma-Paranoid pers. disorder
Emma, Thank you so much for your suggestion about Arg Nit.-In fact i have already
mariah 2004-05-20
7   last decade

psychotic treatment
any doctor specializes in psychotic treatment, if yes please inform.
inneed 2004-05-21
1   last decade

Caugh when i speak
Hi,I am 27 year male. I dont smoke and dont drink also. I am suffering from cough frm last

dineshb 2004-05-02
13   last decade

i have ms have had for 14 years but one thing i need to find help with is burning
My legs are back are driving me mad burning and tingling with no feelingany one with any a
chrism 2004-05-04
11   last decade

where to buy cheap books or read online about homeopathy
I found this site where you can buy cheap books about homeopathy and you can read online
gabituca 2004-05-12
1   last decade

Good home study course?
HI, I am looking to take a certificate program in homeopathy. I will need to take my cours
aspen4mom 2004-05-13
7   last decade

allium cepa
i came across a very interesting article ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?c
qutiee22 2003-12-12
3   last decade

Potencies of minerals
What is homeopathic or biochemic medicines for equvalant of 1000 mg of Calcium, 1000 mg of
Annpurna 2004-05-05
3   last decade

Patient's Information A 17 years old, thinly built, smart young boy who is a student
cadet7724 2004-05-19
2   last decade

protection for a non-vaxed child
I have a friend who is opting not to vaccinate her baby, who is now about six months old.
merrybees 2004-05-18
2   last decade

Dosage question
Hi all, I have a patient who injured her knee / leg in a snowboarding accident a year ago
herbie 2004-05-05
2   last decade

child with "intense" personality
Hello everyone... I wanted to draw on your experiences and find out what remedies come to
merrybees 2004-05-14
6   last decade

SAMe (S-Adenosylmethionine) for Depression
I have recently been taking homeopathic SAMe which is assists in your general sence of we
sorathegreat 2004-05-17
1   last decade

Help with Duration of Dosage
Hi, Can someone tell me how long I should take a 30C dosage? How long would I take a 200
Lois 2004-05-16
4   last decade

Just a question. Is there a way for homeopathy to help someone stop smokeing?
Rocky 2004-05-15
2   last decade

Can homeopathy regenerate the optic nerve?
My father suffered a bleeding in the brain and in the optic nerve area, 10 years ago. From
Christos 2003-04-08
6   last decade

No more steroids?!
HI there,I've suffered from nasal polyps for about 15yrs and had surgery to remove th
ruthlynn 2004-05-16
1   last decade

Dear Mr.Pankaj VarmaThese are painless non-scrapable small white spots on inner mouth.Expe
Manmohan 2003-10-19
1   last decade

falling accident and hurting very much
hello...yesterday i fell down several stairs right on my face...and am black and blue all
flowertea 2004-05-15
4   last decade

I am looking for natural ways to treat infertility. I have been trying to conceive for al
BCAZ 2003-07-25
1   last decade

I need to go back to Ghana. I lived almost 2 years there, and had 3 weeks befor I left th
Schere2004 2004-05-10
1   last decade

true acute?
Hi...i am a complemenrty health student undertaking a module in homeopathy. I have been a
chicagomarch 2004-05-13
1   last decade

Please help!
Please help! See below.My 18-months-old son has been just diagnosed with Juvenile rheumato
worriedmom 2004-04-30
3   last decade

sweaty hands
dear sirmy hands sweat very much ,same is the case with my feet, but right now i am inter
ahmad 2004-05-01
2   last decade

against the uncontrolled repeating of remedies
Maybe some of you will find it interesting:"A word of honest warning:Against the repe
Astra2012 2004-05-11
3   last decade

I have sciatica pain which runs down my right leg sometimes in my left. It´s worse a
eronvica 2004-05-01
5   last decade

combinations of homeopathic types
i'm fairly new to homeopathy and have been reading a lot lately to try figure out my
zilver 2004-05-11
5   last decade

Hello,Im constantly Purged with these symptoms. Im always tense, extremely tense, you can
Karma Awaits you 2003-11-25
9   last decade

Hyper Parathyroid
I suffer from a hyper parathyroid. My Calcium reading is 3.09. I was told that the average
skaaprib 2004-05-02
1   last decade

China, mercurius?
I would like any advice regarding the selection of a remedy for my (personality) disorder.
mariah 2004-05-12
2   last decade

persistant thoughts
Could anyone tell me if there is a remedy for persistant thoughts?I am thinking all day on
vmar 2004-05-01
2   last decade

Do you have to believe the thing is going to work in order for it to work?i mean are there
Lynn 2004-05-12
2   last decade

Adult non/hodgkin;s lymphoma
I am 87yrs.very active,fast, scheduled, clean,social, orderly lady who had a sm.lump on ba
Dotty 2004-05-01
3   last decade

Nephew is a year old, has no teeth
Hi,my nephew turned a year old on March 30th and he does not have any teeth whatsoever. Sh
could'nt think of one 2004-04-13
2   last decade

Sulfur = Sulfa??
Hi, I've been having an acne flare up and I was interested in trying some homeopathic
Oopsiedaisy 2003-09-05
8   last decade

Hi Acne? Which medicene
Hi thereI have some acne, some spots that appear the odd once or twice a week, also have s

viper 2003-05-31
14   last decade

I suppose there are many detox remedies out there. If there are only a few I would be deli
spiral8 2004-03-23
9   last decade

Has been recommended for control of tarter in canines. Does anyone know dosage or stremgt?
TuKewt 2004-05-10
1   last decade

Brain Tumour
Please suggest is there any chance of curing my father 59 years old and found brain tumour
ravi_kokki 2004-05-10
1   last decade

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