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Silica already crushed??
Hi,For those of us who can not get a hold of the rocks to make our own silica, isn't
Star123 2005-04-17
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missing lashes and brows
My friends ducttaped my brows and lashes while we were on a camping trip. About 80% of bot
jonjon 2005-04-15
2   last decade

Complicated eczema case
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a case I'm working on. I've
rooty28 2005-04-15
4   last decade

head pressure
well im getting alot of head pressure but mainly at night never in the morning and when i
naumai 2005-04-14
6   last decade

non-verbal autistic son
I started tonight with a prescribed remedy for my son, he won't ever keep pellets in
sherryb 2005-04-17
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Constipation, Osteo arthritis and Angina
Could i please get some help with the problems of my mother.The doctors tell her that she
baccerelli 2005-04-15
1   last decade

any remedy for a 5 years bell's palsy? please helppp pleaseee
hello people my story is too sad, i have bell's palsy since 5 years ago, i have notic
frustration 2005-04-12
1   last decade

Eczema for 8 month old
Hi My 8 month old daughter has been suffering from Eczema for last 6 months..It mostly fla
kanvij 2005-04-02
8   last decade

Silicea and Silica are same right?
Then why all the inconsistency among a few sites about that medicine name.Why are the 2 na
unluckyguy 2005-04-15
2   last decade

Epidermx is the Best protreatment for dewy skin
I couldn't believe how my face felt when I woke up this morning. I used it last night
Star123 2005-04-16
no replies yet

how t get rid off thyroid lump?
My case is simple or complicated,depends from what angle we are looking on it,or for who,f

askomacic 2005-03-10
16   last decade

ulcer with frequently discharge
i having 2 like ulcer.that r frequently discharge. ulcer r formed when thestress is appli
tatasridhar 2005-04-16
1   last decade

Trouble reading replies
I posted yesterday about my PMS treatment and have seen that I hav 3 replies and more view
kizzy 2005-04-16
2   last decade

Eczema gone with EpiDermx
I used to have it on my hands. I saw the before and afters and decided to try it. It'
curious123 2004-07-19
7   last decade

Live in the NOW....Live in JOY....even though you have all the facts.
John is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and always has somet
sabra 2005-04-15
2   last decade

Hair falling with dandruff
HI! Would some body help. Hair are falling in big quantity. When I just maasge my head th
iqadri 2005-04-13
3   last decade

Falling out of bed
My son is taking hyos. for beha!!bior. He has a problem with falling out of bed. He says t
katiesab 2005-04-15
1   last decade

Is there a cure for dandruff ?
I have dandruff and using Head and Shoulders twice weekly. But it still comes. When appr
homeop1975 2005-04-15
3   last decade

For Kuldeep: remedies for spider veins
Hi Dr. Kuldeep. Your remedies, suggestions, and advice have helped me more than I could e
michelle0712 2005-04-15
no replies yet

First Time Using Homeopathy.
Be gentle !Just visited a Naturopath and she has given me some tabs for my anxiety.Just a
wee-haggis 2005-04-14
6   last decade

Stiff shoulder and acidity
My right shoulder has a knot at the intersection between the neck and shoulder. This is ve

Nkjaya 2005-03-14
20   last decade

Narrow Bladder Neck
Hello,I'm 23 male.My bladder neck is narrow.When i go to toilet there is poor flow of
aabid 2004-11-02
5   last decade

Help with remedies for Eye Problems.
I wonder if anybody can recommend a remedy that can help with my eyes?The condition I have
ellepotter 2005-04-11
2   last decade

4th Month of pragnency
haeye you all...plz guide me... At the end of fourth month of pragnency what will be the
shahi 2005-04-13
1   last decade

please........need help with whooping cough
I am getting scared for my girls they are so sick....they have never had any shots they ar
mabc98 2005-04-13
2   last decade

Who guards the guardians
Deadly Flu Strain Shipped WorldwideOfficials Race to Destroy SamplesBy Rob Stein and Shank
passkey 2005-04-13
3   last decade

salacia oblonga
To purchase Salacia Oblonga Capasules for treating type two diabetes and contr
goldie 2005-04-14
no replies yet

salacia oblonga capsules avialable
For Salacia Oblonga herb Capsules and Extract Write to Gautam globalTraditional Indian m
goldie 2005-03-01
1   last decade

What is the protocol for using the pertussis nosode prophylactically? What potency and wh
ruth45 2005-04-14
1   last decade

anxiety & lack of cocentration
i an suffering from blood pressure, anxiety & lack of concentration
skdeokuliar 2005-04-13
1   last decade

is there is any remedy for complete removal of sle
science has progressed a lot. why then it is still unable to cure completely sle. my famil
dee_laul 2005-04-12
12   last decade

Science is catching up!.
Science is catching up !. Stephen Hawking, now in Oviedo, Spain for the Asturias Prize gi
passkey 2005-04-13
no replies yet

Dry Skin
Suggest a remedy for Dry Skin for my wife-40 yrs of age. She has a normal skin otherwise-n
Periyar 2005-04-12
6   last decade

4th Month of pragnency
haeye you all...plz guide me... At the end of fourth month of pragnency what will be the
shahi 2005-04-13
1   last decade

anxiety & lack of cocentration
i an suffering from blood pressure, anxiety & lack of concentration
skdeokuliar 2005-04-13
no replies yet

Breech Baby
I am 35 weeks pregnant with a baby in breech position. I have been talking with the baby a
3carolyn 2005-04-09
3   last decade

Can I make a 30C potency from 15C?
Hello, I've got this problem - I need a remedy in 30C potency. I only have the same r
Selina 2005-04-11
5   last decade

i am a 36 year old male who had my first derealization episode only mintutes after my firs
guest user 2005-04-12
8   last decade

salt all over my face when i sweat
i'm so affraid dose that mean that i have too much sailin my body should i stop eatti
mabel 2005-04-12
2   last decade

I'm new and need some help!
Hello, I'm a 24 year vegetarian female. I work full time in an ad agency and go to s
bubba 2005-03-17
6   last decade

Sabra, please help me!
Dear Sabra,Please help me. I had written about my condition in the thread http://www.abcho
fwa1981 2005-04-11
1   last decade

Possible Agoraphobia in a horse
I have a young horse(4 yo) that I have bought recently and is wonderful in all but one sen
spiffchen 2005-04-10
2   last decade

Any good doctor in Delhi
Want to know about any good doctor in/around Delhi (India).The doctor should disclose the
puneet 2005-04-11
no replies yet

Afraid at this point--sinus infection, allergies, depression?
This started about three weeks ago, when I felt "out of it", vertigo like symptoms...very
magglee 2005-04-07
5   last decade

I am a smoker, and was wondering if my smoking will antidote my remedies? I do not smoke 1
katiesab 2005-04-11
2   last decade

Burning throat problem - please help
Dear all,Please help me with my throat burning with homeopathic medicine. Here is my probl
Sivaram 2005-04-05
8   last decade

childhood wetting
Hi thereI posted today for first time regarding my youngest child and an eye problem. Howe
gerth 2005-04-09
5   last decade

can u help ?
An engineering student of 23 is having exceesive offensive perspiration on palms and foot

swati 2005-03-27
19   last decade

Bladder problems
Hi,I am seeing a classical homeopath right now, and she has given me a series of remedies
saraa 2005-04-09
6   last decade

Depressions and headache. Help me Kuldeep, please!!!!!
I am a 35 year old Indian woman. I have a 6 year old son. I have medium built and light br
golden2 2005-04-01
10   last decade

question about increase in depressive symptoms
I have been reading alot about the physical withdrawal symptoms of going off effexor-dizin
greenmonkygal 2005-04-08
4   last decade

Pilonidal Cyst confusion
I am confused about the information on here about the Pilonidal cyst. I just got off the
tommac 2005-04-08
3   last decade

Pilonidal Cyst - Summary
I have been reading the other threads on piloidal cysts and it was quite confusing as to w
tommac 2005-04-08
1   last decade

post nasal drip sore throat
i am getting married in two weeks, so im getting a litle worried....last friday i started
kathys 2005-04-07
3   last decade

Tinnitus, please shed some light
Hello,I don't know if anyone is familiar with tinnitus but I am hoping someone can sh
LisaC 2005-04-05
6   last decade

nux vomica---advise please
The homeopathic remedy which best matches your symptoms is Nux Vomica Of your symptoms, i
desikudi 2005-04-08
2   last decade

Psorinum 30 : when to take it ?
Hi,Is the administration of Psorinum 30 sensitive towhen it is taken during the day ? Like
ranaknight 2005-04-08
1   last decade

For Kuldeep
I was advised to ask you about my son. I listed his symptom under Need help with son and S

Jonatalle 2005-04-01
13   last decade

Eye sight....
This is concerning my son. I have made a thread concerning his eczema once before but this
homeofive 2005-04-06
4   last decade

strep throat
hello...my 17 year old son was in italy last week for a school trip. on the 5th day his t
flowertea 2005-04-07
6   last decade

Hi, I would like to find more information on this remedy, I found a few rubrics with it wh
silvie 2005-04-07
1   last decade

Attn. Dr. Kuldeep and others, Help AIDS patients
Dr. Kuldeep, we are reading your posts for a while. You can help us here in this matter. W
zambesi 2005-03-05
9   last decade

Boiron vs. Helios?
What's the difference between these two remedies? Boiron recommends 3-5 pellets, Hel
rekajo 2005-04-06
3   last decade

Aspartame is poison
Sweet Poison called AspartameMarketed under the name of Equal, NutraSweet, Equal Measure,
sabra 2005-04-07
1   last decade

antidote lycopodium?
I am 58 years my constitutional symptoms lead my to lycopodium and I was feeling good aft
vankelst 2005-03-28
2   last decade

Desires recognition
What would be the top remedies for "Desires recognition?" Like someone who is disappointe
ruth45 2005-04-06
6   last decade

wisteria provings
have bought the remedy wisteria and am looking for provings - anywhere- on this remedy. d
erika 2005-04-02
2   last decade

Parasites and hydration
I with suffer with food intolerances, headaches, increased weight, bad memory, low concent
emmapenman 2005-03-16
12   last decade

Gastro Intestinal Problem
I am suffering from Abdomenal problems for a long time. I would greatly appreciate if a re

pimathew 2004-11-02
131   last decade

children's first remedies
Rather than rewriting over and over, here is a small list of most used remedies for homes

sabra 2004-11-17
22   last decade

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