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inguinal harnia
i have inguinal harnia, i'm taking homeopathic medicine for 25 days, my nature of wor
rimmi786 2015-11-06
3   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Hello, I am dealing with hypersensitivity problem which occurred as a result of taking se
Superfly 2015-11-05
4   sameervermani 2 years ago

Nasal Spray non Addiction
oxybump says in details why Nasal Spray is non addictive product. It may not be the addict
Anderson Smith 2015-11-06
no replies yet

Nasal Spray non Addiction
oxybump.c o m says in details why Nasal Spray is non addictive product. It may not be the
Anderson Smith 2015-11-06
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lipoma medicine
i have 50 up lipoma in my body under skin which move when tuch.plz name of homeo medicine
jashim261065 2015-11-06
no replies yet

Dr. Fitness s Dr. Telescope plz help me Sir.
There is a problem in my foreskin, before few times ago inside my foreskin the smega are t
Pran7 2015-11-03
5   fitness 2 years ago

Acne and Melasma
Hi, I am a 32 years old woman, married for a year now. I have been having bad pimples on
tensanz2000 2015-11-06
1   rishimba 2 years ago

Painful, swollen thumb
My left thumb is swollen, painful when moving and to touch, can't bend, joint seems s
Joyner 2015-11-04
3   Joyner 2 years ago

Cough 6 year old
hi can someone please help me choose which remedy to give my 6 year old son, he has a coug
milentie 2015-11-04
12   milentie 2 years ago

Best medication for severe chest congestion
What remedy will suit best a 4 year old boy, skinny, weight 18KG, moderate height, slight
reachoutarijit 2015-11-04
3   reachoutarijit 2 years ago

Hair loss
Hello doc, my hair is falling too much . My hair has been falling since 2003 but now my ha

Bgneha 2015-09-08
30   mia johnson 2 years ago

sexsual disorder
Hallow Sir. My age is 37, weight - 67 KG, height - 5'9,Unmarried. From 18 age I Mas

Bancha 2015-09-16
21   mani_jee 2 years ago

Gum infection - second opinion
I have long lasting and recurring gum infection, no bleeding but painful, retracting gum
paul1980be 2015-11-03
2   paul1980be 2 years ago

Kinldy help Started losing my hair
I am facing hair loss for past 2 months, at the top, the dense of hair is getting low. i c
eddiesteve 2015-11-04
2   eddiesteve 2 years ago

swelling in ankle and foot
i am having the swelling in my ankle and foot below calf muscle. please advise any homeo m
arumugham 2015-11-02
4   arumugham 2 years ago

Plz someone help me..
Sorry this my another post bcoz of n response from 1st post. Hello I have done my lasik

ansarishoaib 2015-02-25
167   gaintrox 2 years ago

Chamomilla or Pulsatilla help baby sleep?
I have a 9 month old baby girl. She is very fickle with emotion; laughs one minute then th

mc_palooza 2015-05-13
60   gaintrox 2 years ago

12Months baby eczema
Hello, My 12months old son is suffering from mild eczema and nut & food allergy. I s
pearl1977 2015-11-05
2   pearl1977 2 years ago

telescope sir suggest me remedy
I am 25 year old female suffering from acne problem from teenage time,taken many alopathic
nasid 2015-11-05
4   telescope 2 years ago

Kidney Stones
Hello, Age 29 years, Male I am having kidney stones, First stone was detected 2 months b
amhjn 2015-10-29
5   amhjn 2 years ago

Tinnitus help !!
I am a male, aged 48. I had mumps when I was 10 years old, due to which I lost my hearing
ss_shenoy 2015-11-04
6   ss_shenoy 2 years ago

Right renal cortical cyst
I am 62 year old female.A recent Lower abdomen Ultrasound test revealed a Right renal cort
Sadhana Singh 2015-10-31
4   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Suggest Homeopath for Depression
Plz suggest experienced Homeopath for treatment of depression/ bipolar in India,preferably
ITEFAQUE 2015-11-04
2   ITEFAQUE 2 years ago

sensorimotor ocd
Hello All I am male , 41, 65 kgs, living in india. I am having anxiety, ocd troubles since
gul0511 2015-11-05
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Snoring Problem
I m 31 yrs of man and having snoring problem from last 4-5 yrs. Please suggest me single
drai05 2015-10-01
7   kadwa 2 years ago

Dr.i use to mastrubate daily from the age of 7 due to bad friends without knowing about it
Porus 2015-11-01
3   kadwa 2 years ago

Info About Male Erection Problems
Generic Viagra drug for cure ED issues is available at our internet drugstore. This is one
JosephJones 2015-11-05
2   Sivaji1 2 years ago

Dr.Kadwa pls take up my case help me pls........
*I have anxiety, tension, excess fear ( eg: When i went out on bike i feel like i will hit
sun1991 2015-11-04
1   Mahfoozurrehman 2 years ago

Aerophagia with imbalance and sinking
I am 50 year old male and suffering from aerophagia since last two-three years. I get freq
rajeshbpl 2015-11-04
1   rishimba 2 years ago

Retinitis Pigmentosa
My wife SHIKHA SAXENA has been suffering from the above said disease for the last 8 years.

Shikaatul 2015-09-26
35   rishimba 2 years ago

Premature ejaculation with high desire of sex
im 21 year old 52kg male.doing masturbation since i was 14year old, now it takes only 20-4
sidharth1994 2015-10-19
5   sidharth1994 2 years ago

Silica 30c dosage for a baby
Hi my daughter is 14 m old,with constipation issue.what should be the dosage for silica 30
caltest07 2015-11-04
8   caltest07 2 years ago

14 month old with difficulty swallowing and constipation
hi my daughter is 14 month old..right from when she was 2/3 months old she had almost no a

caltest07 2015-10-30
14   caltest07 2 years ago

Nat phos 6x is not working
Hello I have a 5 months old baby girl who is having silent reflux since birth. Now she has
MehreenHasan 2015-11-04
1   Zady101 2 years ago

Penis problem
Hi I am nir 28 years old, my penis was earlier 5.5" but now it just 4". And very thin,
Neerjackson 2015-11-03
1   mani_jee 2 years ago

Psorinum After Lycopodium
Can Psorinum be taken after Lycopodium ? Thanks !
ITEFAQUE 2015-11-04
1   nawazkhan 2 years ago

how common is it for a homeopath to not tell the client the name of the remedy?
How common is it for the homeopath to not tell the name of the client? The homeopath I we
SuzanneL 2015-11-04
3   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

doctors help.baby gags while drinking and earinf
My baby 14 m old gags a lot while swallowing food or water.she only drinks her milk in sle
caltest07 2015-11-01
10   telescope 2 years ago

hi muruganrsa thank u again. is emetine 30 c safe?i am taking max of 12 drops a day. how
ajith1981 2008-03-31
2   pedioncall 2 years ago

Glandular swelling
I have glandular swelling around the face - sublingual, submaxillary, parotid, cheeks abov

angelicam 2015-08-12
55   angelicam 2 years ago

Weight Loss Remedy Advice
female; 57yr old; 5'2" ; 175lbs ... would like to think it is 'baby fat' L

j9l14e 2015-08-06
17   j9l14e 2 years ago

Herpes simplex
Has anyone found something other than the amino acid Lysine as a preventative?
Fovea disc 2015-11-03
no replies yet

I'm just get rid of endometriosis 😢
Im 29 yrs old n I'm patient of endometriosis since jan 2014 n got treated by allopath
Hira Adnan 2015-11-03
1   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Dr Nawaz. .plz. .help..azoospermia
Dear Doctor I have been suffering from this problem from last nine years as my marriage be
zubair100 2015-11-01
5   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Frizzy Hair problem with attached picture of strand. pls help
i am 23 years old male, from last 2 years i am facing hair problems. my hair texture has c
abhay111992 2015-11-03
no replies yet

Severe itching red wilts on entire body
Hello all experts Im reaching out to you for urgent help. I probably ate something bad at
kingkoopa 2015-11-03
6   telescope 2 years ago

i cant open my mouth..
i used nuxvoica & causticum but it doesnt help....it happens due to chewing of tobacco
vishal00501 2015-10-17
5   vishal00501 2 years ago

Weight loss
Bariatric surgery is generally explained as weight loss surgery. When other fat reduction
johndean 2015-11-03
no replies yet

aggravation problem.....need help
my problem was excessive head sweating........my problem improved by taking pulsatilla 30.
power40 2015-11-02
1   power40 2 years ago

Chochlate cyst hypothyriodism g.b stone
Age 25 years suffering from hypothyriodism ,hirustism,b/l pcod for last 8 years.elevated l
Amen123 2015-11-01
8   rishimba 2 years ago

Dear Sir, As informed you via email, I am suffering from PCOs since last 11 years. The ans

110Khi 2015-10-13
27   110Khi 2 years ago

Dr.i use to mastrubate daily from the age of 7 due to bad friends without knowing about it
Porus 2015-11-02
1   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

debilitated moon in my birth chart
Dear All, Request your help on my debilitated moon. is there any medicine in homeopathy.
lordmihira 2015-10-29
6   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

aggravation problem need help
dear, doctor, my problem was excessive head sweating...........according to advice, i took
power40 2015-11-02
no replies yet

Varicocele (old Stage)
Hello, i´m 42 yrs. old. I have an old stage varicocele (left side). I want to try an
rui miguel 2015-11-01
1   fitness 2 years ago

I have sensory hearing loss dew to which I developed tinnitus,fullness,sensitive ears in e
adityajj 2015-10-27
11   rishimba 2 years ago

sex problem
please suggest how to consume above medicine.
jitendra27 2015-11-02
1   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

for weight loss ?
Calcarea Carb --for the person with a sluggish metabolism, feels lazy, excess hunger, flab
waqaspuri 2015-11-02
1   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

suffering from sexual problems for long time
Hello Sir, I am 30 years old. due to masterbation from childhood for long time, suf
manoz0001 2015-11-02
1   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction
Dear Members, I am 39 yrs married male suffering from erectile dysfunction. My height is
prashant.pcse 2015-11-02
1   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

any docter in ghaziabad and delhi who can help me to increase my height.
hello i need a doctor who is willing to help me to increase my height. please help me .
vinay rajput 2015-11-02
no replies yet

Dr joe please help
Age 25 years suffering from hypothyriodism,hirustism,b/l pcod for last 8 years.elevated lh
Amen123 2015-11-02
no replies yet

Constant phlegm
Hi. I sing every week at church, and I have constant phlegm that feels like it is stuck de
aprilm 2015-11-01
2   aprilm 2 years ago

hearing loss
My 34 yr old son is suffering from sudden hearing loss for about 3 months. The doctor says
snowrab 2015-11-02
2   snowrab 2 years ago

mastrubation side effects
Hello sir, According to homepathy what all side effects can over-mastrubation cause in bo
djrjsskak 2015-10-25
3   daktersaab 2 years ago

Male 50yrs diesel mechanic , Left side constriction from brain to hip Right side fullness
akramsana12 2015-11-01
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Kidney infection
Hi! I want to discuss my mom's problem.She is suffering from variety of problems.3,4
sana zia 2015-10-29
1   kadwa 2 years ago

itchy skin , bumps and hives after scratching ( Dr. Kadwa )
I am 34 years old male , from last month onwards , I feel itching specifically arms , thig
shobhitkap 2015-10-27
3   kadwa 2 years ago

hello doctor, am 39 years old male from pune. intially i had 2-3 lipoma on my right &
redoxide 2015-10-29
3   kadwa 2 years ago

endocrine problems
can someone please respond to my post called hormonal imbalace: obesity thank you.
swarnabha 2011-11-23
2   rorylay 2 years ago

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