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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
urgent help please - urethral stricture
I need your help. Since 2000 I had Urethral Strict... [LAST PAGE]
15arvnth17:25 04 Jan 14 by amitp25
Hi, I have keloids on my shoulder n chest since ...
11anshu.lakhmani16:25 04 Jan 14 by anshu.lakhmani
Corneal edema/ chronic conjuntiviitis
She has has a recurrent right eye lid inflammation...
5Dashu16:22 04 Jan 14 by Dashu
Looking for remedy for Frozen Shoulder - Right Arm
Hi, I am new to this forum and found many remed...
1ankit251115:59 04 Jan 14 by simone717
sweat while having spivy food
I sweat a lot when having spicy food. Even if I sm...
1dinesh67us15:56 04 Jan 14 by simone717
i want to remove eye glasses
Hello sir/madam i m Sandeep age 29 weight 92 unm...
1sandeep8415:02 04 Jan 14 by fitness
very thin hair and unwanted hair on chin and neck
i m 46 year old female.having irregular periods si...
1Shivnari15:00 04 Jan 14 by fitness
frequent heavy urination
Dear respected docs, I am a male of 26.recently I...
5Nahian14:30 04 Jan 14 by akshaymohl
cure of thalassemia
hi everyone. my name is farhan and i m from pakis...
11farhanksa7613:49 04 Jan 14 by fitness
Low FSH, LH, Testosterone
I am a computer engineer by profession and have be...
3ahmed80 13:46 04 Jan 14 by fitness
pilonodial cyst nawaz advice
Hi My order of Natrum Sulph 6X and Merc . Sol... [LAST PAGE]
52Adam.T12:43 04 Jan 14 by nawazkhan
3.5 yrs old kid suffering with cold, cough and fever
My daughter is suffering from heavy cold, cough an...
3geethap12301:50 04 Jan 14 by geethap123
help regarding piles
i have piles i don't know how may time but ...
1pdeepak20 20:36 03 Jan 14 by nawazkhan
Dr. Tahira, Returning patient, Thank you
Dear Dr Tahira, Scalp had felt better about 2 wee... [LAST PAGE]
719Hair Loss19:33 03 Jan 14 by Hair Loss
no use of this forum as no one replies my query
· Indecisive · Very impatient. ...
2gossip_khan17:32 03 Jan 14 by fitness
Improve weight of my 3.5 yrs old daughter
Hi, My daughter is 3 and half years old and her...
1geethap12317:08 03 Jan 14 by fitness
My Stomach bloating after eating and Drinking
Its been 6-7 months now. My stomach bloats after e...
1Martworld17:07 03 Jan 14 by fitness
Immunity development
I am 33 yrs old i got dry cough / pain in throat i...
1san_jain217:06 03 Jan 14 by fitness
Morning cough
Plz can you suggest what I should early morning wh... [LAST PAGE]
49Darjeeling 12315:58 03 Jan 14 by simone717
internal piles
Hi, My age is 30, i am suffering internal piles ...
1krishna1514:08 03 Jan 14 by akshaymohl
Gone through Hell bcoz of this Bartholin Cyst
Thanks to Homeopathic Medicine.. Thank God.. ...
0shilpsram07:56 03 Jan 14 by
acute hair fall
I am 24 years girl. I had very long and thick hair...
1bindubasini06:41 03 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
Premature Greying of Hair
I am 32 Yrs old and I am facing problem of hair l... [LAST PAGE]
44fakhruddin.mota06:40 03 Jan 14 by fakhruddin.mota
Hello, my son is now 8 years old he has allergie...
1fafagriswold04:17 03 Jan 14 by fafagriswold
raynauds syndrome
what homeopathic fingertips no circulation finge...
2carols02:48 03 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
Fibroid help
I need help for submucosal fibroids that cause hea... [LAST PAGE]
72Dansdoll51122:04 02 Jan 14 by fitness
Please help Dr Reva
Dear Dr Reva! I am a 60 years old male suffering ...
1saleem5318:54 02 Jan 14 by simone717
Detailed Chronic Case Taking Questionnaire
Dear Friends, I am posting a detailed case taki... [LAST PAGE]
27rajivprasad18:33 02 Jan 14 by gossip_khan
Mild Cerebral Atrophy treatment
hi Doctors I want to know if there is any trat...
2hania ali17:27 02 Jan 14 by fitness
Throat and neck tightness
I have been suffering from various health problems...
1lassie 2314:39 02 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
chronic bronchitis and sinusitis
Hi, I am 76 years old male. My biggest problem is... [LAST PAGE]
29amandy12:28 02 Jan 14 by Zady101
Puncture Wound in heel... Please help
I have had a small puncture wound three months ago...
1nishitho11:47 02 Jan 14 by kadwa
Burning & Itching

[message deleted by seattleskye on Fri, 06 Mar...
47seattleskye07:18 02 Jan 14 by mani_jee
Tinnitus (constant noises in both ears)
Hello, I have been suffering from constant Tinnit... [LAST PAGE]
86schandra 04:23 02 Jan 14 by ronaldo81
fear of people
I am a lecturer in engineering college.I have fear... [LAST PAGE]
39er.harpreet03:50 02 Jan 14 by er.harpreet
Sepia Questions - my consitutional?
Hi, I'm new to the forum and have noticed ... [LAST PAGE]
142stealme01:29 02 Jan 14 by stealme
Stomach pains, diarrhoea won't go away
I caught a tummy bug from my grandchildren and 3 d...
2Lissalyon22:52 01 Jan 14 by Lissalyon
Is there a remedy for periodonditis, I was diagnos... [LAST PAGE]
17cathydal19:31 01 Jan 14 by Farmaryam
hypothyroidism cure
i treated my wife's hypothyroidism by giving ... [LAST PAGE]
71pcthahir18:18 01 Jan 14 by simone717
sir I m a 18 year old I had been started the must...
1shubh007718:07 01 Jan 14 by simone717
candid balantis in penish glan
i am having fungal infection in penish glan,which ...
1rgppl18:04 01 Jan 14 by simone717
can Eyesight be restored using Homeopathic medicines
Hello, I am arsh live in new delhi, unmarried ...
4arshiee 16:32 01 Jan 14 by arshiee
suggestion needed
Hi Doctor, My father has been suffering with fi...
3binnu14:05 01 Jan 14 by fitness
chalazion eczema sudden drops in blood pressure3yo girl
I have a 3yo daughter who developed a chalazion ...
7mygarden13:53 01 Jan 14 by mygarden
little heavy dieting= no results
Hello, I'm new to this post. About me: 36 y...
0little heavy13:43 01 Jan 14 by
small fibre neuropathy
1. ID- Krishna 2. Age- 70 3. Sex- male 4. Ma...
3yeskay10811:46 01 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
Hair loss
Hi, I am 24yrs old female. I have hair fall probl...
1snehrunu10:26 01 Jan 14 by mani_jee
Fat Belly
I am of 33 years old male. Teaching job - 8am - 3p...
1vishalyuvraj07:42 01 Jan 14 by rishimba
un wanted hair on face
Respected Dr. Too much hair on my wife's fa...
1waheedmughal02:10 01 Jan 14 by waheedmughal
Help my mother
hi to all doctors. my mother age 70 years is on b... [LAST PAGE]
35ahmer.kazi19:15 31 Dec 13 by ahmer.kazi
Advice on the use of remedy
Dear & respectable Dr, whenever i take homeop...
4ahmed_198418:18 31 Dec 13 by ahmed_1984
Hemorroids Pain and chilling sensation
Hi, I am Suffering from hemorrhoids from last... [LAST PAGE]
19mobithegrt517:58 31 Dec 13 by mobithegrt5
Pls help.
Which is the best time to have phosphorus 30? L...
1karan199016:52 31 Dec 13 by simone717
Need help restoring normal heartbeat ( A -FIB )
A very good Questionnaire (Set of Questions) ...
3Marta52016:02 31 Dec 13 by fitness
wishing you all very healthy wealthy and pea ceful year 2014
Happy new year J K Mohla...
2akshaymohl15:52 31 Dec 13 by akshaymohl
dyspepsia and burping
I am 69 yrs lady with DM2 taking insulin morning a...
1vishala4415:19 31 Dec 13 by anuj srivastava
Enlarged adenoids, Agraphis nutans?
Hello, I am looking for advice on homeopathics and...
11Karrie_L15:17 31 Dec 13 by fitness
Whole Body Itching when Body gets hot
A/S/I- 32/m/Indian My whole body starts itching ...
1SOUMYA91114:52 31 Dec 13 by akshaymohl
External Hemorrhoids
I am a 33 year male suffering from hemorrhoids f... [LAST PAGE]
14atinhomeo13:56 31 Dec 13 by fitness
Is quitting masturbation a sure way to cure premature ejaculation?
I have being masturbating for 8 years now and have...
1Maxcollins04209:18 31 Dec 13 by mani_jee
psychological problem
My niece is lone child (at present she is 22years)...
1219jeet08:12 31 Dec 13 by rishimba
hi dr
3 months back i have taken lycopodium 1m for 15 ...
1mandiki07:39 31 Dec 13 by mandiki
How can I delete my profile/post from the fourm
How can I delete my profile/post from the fourm?...
3arvindharitus06:56 31 Dec 13 by Chris.anton
1.5 month baby, loose stools
Dear doctor, My baby boy is about 1.5 month age...
3mati06:51 31 Dec 13 by mati
Pilendal sinus
I am having pilendal sinus from last 6 months. ...
11FayKelly05:46 31 Dec 13 by anuj srivastava
MY 4 years Daughter
SIR, MY FOUR YEARS OLD DAUGHTER is angry,moody typ...
4aarteeit05:05 31 Dec 13 by aarteeit
I am having mood swings (mostly toward anger), dif...
5gsjoy17:22 30 Dec 13 by fitness
Daughter with bladder issues.
We have a 6yr old girl. Our biggest concern is bla...
8dilly12316:24 30 Dec 13 by fitness
hair breakage at left thigh
Dear sir my sister is 28year old she has the ...
7Nitesh Kamal16:07 30 Dec 13 by fitness
16 month old baby boy testicle issue
Hi Doctor; I have twin boys, 16 month old, but no... [LAST PAGE]
64hhraja15:57 30 Dec 13 by maheeru
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