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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Silent reflux in 6 week old baby girl. Please help!
My baby girl is 6 weeks, almost 10 pounds, 23inche...
6Yussi17:01 20 Jan 14 by Yussi
Hello Doctors, I am a man with age 35 and suffe... [LAST PAGE]
54homeocurehope16:39 20 Jan 14 by homeocurehope
pe & ed
Hello Dr. I am having below problems. 1. PE 2. ...
11nizambakhshi16:28 20 Jan 14 by fitness
Whenever I have diarrhea, i go to a doc, he gives ...
0karan199016:04 20 Jan 14 by
Heart palpitations / phobia
Hi, I am a 23 year old male. I recently was ...
1zigzag2215:49 20 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
Suffering From Increased Heart Beat
my age is 26 years.few years back i was suffering ...
1anandshukla15:44 20 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
Hi Doctor, I am Ravi,got married 3 years ago bu...
3ravikanth 15:26 20 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
Friend with ileostomy and many other health problems
Hi. I have a good friend who has many health probl...
8aprilm 14:19 20 Jan 14 by aprilm
Any one pls help my wife cold
dear all, my wife caught cold.sneezing,head ach...
4homeopatient00113:07 20 Jan 14 by homeopatient001
medicine to reduce brest milk
Hi I would like ti know a medicine to reduce bre...
10vidyap09:45 20 Jan 14 by vidyap
gas formation in stomach
My uncle is a heart patient with defibrilator. Hei...
2Landi09:24 20 Jan 14 by Landi
Depression/Anxiety- Please help
Hello there. I would greatly appreciate some help ...
2myrna_s08:42 20 Jan 14 by rishimba
Tinea Cruris and Skin problems
I am 40 years old male and having tinea cruris.it ... [LAST PAGE]
38searchforcure08:33 20 Jan 14 by kadwa
high pressure in eyes- thyroidinum
took thyroidinum 5 days 200c felt great - don�...
1mminniti08:27 20 Jan 14 by kadwa
Urinary Infection - 3 yr baby boy
Dear Doctor, 1. My son 3 year and 2 months old ...
1anish_anirudh08:15 20 Jan 14 by kadwa
Blood pressure as low as 70/40
Dear friends, my mother is on invasive ventilator....
1thezahoor07:57 20 Jan 14 by kadwa
prostatorrhea problem
I have prostatorrhea problem from last 8 years i a...
1kafil109307:34 20 Jan 14 by kadwa
Tense, nervous and excited
Hi, I'm 60 years old female. My bigest probl... [LAST PAGE]
13amandy07:31 20 Jan 14 by kadwa
Baryta Carbonica
Hello, I have been taking Baryta Carbonica for...
3Adam-nyc07:24 20 Jan 14 by kadwa
poor erection
salam, dear dr. sb.
8waheedmughal06:10 20 Jan 14 by akshaymohl
Problem of Wrist Drop after accident
Hi, i had an accident in september, 2008. after...
3u2anil01:25 20 Jan 14 by simone717
pcos help
Hi, I've had PCOS since I was in my teens ... [LAST PAGE]
35pcos050822:24 19 Jan 14 by Zady101
Trying to understand homeopathy
This is a question I am trying to find an answer f...
8bluesky7721:07 19 Jan 14 by fitness
Hearing loss on6 yr old child
Hello.. My son, 6 yr old, was fully ok hearing.. o...
9laralar20:52 19 Jan 14 by simone717
Hi Doctor I am Ravi,got married 3 years ago bu...
0ravikanth 17:06 19 Jan 14 by
plz suggest me
I am Towhid from Dhaka , I am 32 years old .my wei...
1towhid98 16:38 19 Jan 14 by fitness
piles & fissure
sir i m having 2nd grade internal piles & fi...
3jp90732513:39 19 Jan 14 by nawazkhan
inflammanation digestive tract
Hi, This is a problem from my mum.I'm 60 yea... [LAST PAGE]
28amandy13:16 19 Jan 14 by amandy
i am in deep depression
hello..please help me, i am in deep depression ...
3mini.21413:14 19 Jan 14 by nawazkhan
dog arthitis
I am new to homeopathic remedies. On one of my do...
1dsrogers13:01 19 Jan 14 by fitness
Girl with very poor IQ
Dear doctors, my niece , 14years old is diagnosed...
5pradeepx2811:47 19 Jan 14 by pradeepx28
nervocalm by baba e homeopathy
aslam o alaikum... i am suffering from depression...
0kamraan ali07:25 19 Jan 14 by
Questionnaire for Genital warts & Abscess
Patient ID: Sex: M Age: 22 Please answer the f...
6Jonzeyy05:41 19 Jan 14 by simone717
i m 29 years old married woman 5 years earlier i s...
6uzma ali 02:16 19 Jan 14 by Dr.Hasnaat
weight gain for baby
Hi, I would like to seek some advice in regards t...
6shuey999922:33 18 Jan 14 by shuey9999
impotence,premature ejaculation and dribbling
im suffering from impotencey,premature ejaculation... [LAST PAGE]
77don18:42 18 Jan 14 by Mjboot
inguinal hernia
I he recently been diagnosed inguinal hernia. Want...
3khan155518:39 18 Jan 14 by fitness
penis size soft time only 1'' and erection time 3''
hi i am 38 years old male .all homeopath my penis ...
4SALIM KHAN18:37 18 Jan 14 by fitness
Para aortic lymph nodes enlarged
During an MRI for back pain my husband showed enla...
1Foteini12:41 18 Jan 14 by fitness
Hair loss treatment query
Dear Joe, I just discovered this site and after ...
0fatimab12:16 18 Jan 14 by
tiredness and breathing problem
hello dr. i am 44 years male and a sportsman. in ... [LAST PAGE]
26waheedmughal09:08 18 Jan 14 by waheedmughal
Rhus tox and Rauwolfia
Hi, My cousin has arthritis and was prescribe...
9ppharm123423:43 17 Jan 14 by ppharm1234
Joint inflammation and fatigue
About one year ago, I began having debilitating fa...
3Mozard23:18 17 Jan 14 by simone717
Cat passing bloody mucus from rectum
Dear Simone, My cat who is 16 years old passed... [LAST PAGE]
15declan21:29 17 Jan 14 by simone717
Hair Fall
Dear Drs, I am 42 years old. Am having a probl...
1shahs20:06 17 Jan 14 by fitness
pain in thr throat and fever
my daughter is 7 years old. from 3 days she is com...
1prachiagarwal19:40 17 Jan 14 by Zady101
Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems
Hi, i am 24 year old unmaride boy.i have erectile...
2abhay2519:09 17 Jan 14 by abhay25
Hello doctor , i am a 24 years old woman.i was ... [LAST PAGE]
35lucky2418:39 17 Jan 14 by Zady101
How to understand this nature of vital force?
Dear Gurus, I would like to know the nature of ...
2ramheight617:06 17 Jan 14 by ramheight6
please reply
respected forum members Please reply to my thread ...
1dranandpt 16:42 17 Jan 14 by simone717
Please Help!!Urgent!!
Dear Dcotors, I belong to delhi .33 years old ,...
2rohan198015:42 17 Jan 14 by chandrabhusan_tiwa
remedy for whiteheads and old acne scars
hello...i have lots of problem with whiteheads.i t...
1kaniz_fs15:01 17 Jan 14 by fitness
kidney stone
my nephew problem as under age; 24years 1.mil...
1sbksinha15:00 17 Jan 14 by fitness
help needed on dibetes
I would like some help on diabetes. I have been...
1akshaykumaryadav14:59 17 Jan 14 by fitness
No ovulation, No periods and trying to get pregnant
Hello, I have been trying to get pregnant for 7 mo... [LAST PAGE]
17Molly199012:47 17 Jan 14 by Zady101
9yr old w learning problems - Aspergers?
Hello, my 9 ½ year old son has severe learn... [LAST PAGE]
20Wombat11:47 17 Jan 14 by Antje
Tiredness /fatigue--------Kadwa
I am doing much better with all of my previous pro... [LAST PAGE]
13Mozard06:04 17 Jan 14 by kadwa
How to get rid of scabies without suppressing them?
What is or isn't considered suppression? Y...
4LisaX04:09 17 Jan 14 by simone717
3 year oldwith ASD problems detoxing vaccines
Hi We have been trying to detox vaccines from o...
1cajunjay2721:44 16 Jan 14 by fitness
Can't sleep if bed is changed
HI I am looking this peculiar characteristic if a...
3bkushwaha18:39 16 Jan 14 by simone717
old standing rheumatoid arthritis
Hi, I am a 70 year old man, suffering rheumatoi...
10rheumatoidarthriti15:11 16 Jan 14 by fitness
Penis Enlargement and Longer Sex
Hello.. am 39 yrs old .. average built.. 5-6 / 74 ...
0bengaliguy 12:51 16 Jan 14 by
Thomas mathieson
I have burning in the sole of my feet which keeps ...
1Thomas mathieson12:34 16 Jan 14 by Zady101
Dr Nawaz khan pl help
there is a dog with high urea 280. 3 and creatini...
0nsabharwal08:31 16 Jan 14 by
Simone717 Please help me
Simone717 Though i have contacted several person b...
4nishitho07:53 16 Jan 14 by nishitho
Sepia creating new symptoms
Hi, I have recently utilized sepia 30x for anxie...
8brook2901:36 16 Jan 14 by brook29
Attn: Joe De Livera Infant Reflux and Constipation
My 14 week old daughter has recently been diagnose...
1mimibree22:18 15 Jan 14 by simone717
Arnica + heart murmur
I gave my dog arnica and he developed a grade 3 ...
7maiataz22:14 15 Jan 14 by simone717
Enlarged Adenoids
Hi My 5.5 years old son has enlarged adenoids. ... [LAST PAGE]
23zulqarnainhabib19:26 15 Jan 14 by fitness
hepar sulphur for prostata
I got advice to use hepar sulphur to improve m... [LAST PAGE]
25osik5218:17 15 Jan 14 by osik52
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