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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Want a healthy marriage life
Hey I am masterbuatating for 9 years and now my pe...
6AbidHussain406:17 20 Oct 13 by mani_jee
I am in great trouble
Hey Any good doctor should reply me here quickly p...
4AbidHussain402:39 20 Oct 13 by AbidHussain4
Diabetic Retinopathy
Hello Doctors, I need your help for my father w...
3imtiyaz.ansari23:25 19 Oct 13 by fitness
Effect of homeopathic medicines
hi, I just want to share my experience with ho...
2khalid malik78619:42 19 Oct 13 by simone717
quick fall problem
hi I m salilmy age is 28 & my body is medium. ...
0salilvilma17:58 19 Oct 13 by
bloating abdomen
hi.. i am 28 yrs old male & suffering from bl... [LAST PAGE]
15vivsdcosta09:05 19 Oct 13 by Zady101
i am 29yrs old , facing erection problems & ri...
1jeddah208:37 19 Oct 13 by mani_jee
2 days left!!
Will pick up more candles this evening Joe!...
10Gettin-beta 06:48 19 Oct 13 by Joe De Livera
Baldness on head
Hi I have the baldness on head early at the age o...
8AbidHussain403:44 19 Oct 13 by AbidHussain4
Increase height
My age is 23 and i am 5'6 inches tall. I want...
0karan00502:25 19 Oct 13 by
Restlessness/sleeplessness/fussiness in baby
My son will be 5 months old on the 24th. For the p... [LAST PAGE]
16Lauren3520:07 18 Oct 13 by Lauren35
Chronic Cough cured by Nat Sulph 6c
I would like to share with members the record of a... [LAST PAGE]
47Joe De Livera16:51 18 Oct 13 by simone717
my wife a Musician.frequently feels rejected-neglected & gets suspicious, possessiveness and aggressive short temper mood on very small issues or persons without reasons,feels life is bored, old bad memory hurts & cries very often
can anybody suggest good homeopathic medicine &...
10npindia16:45 18 Oct 13 by memocast
Dry mucous lining
Hello, What homeopathic medicine would you reco...
1emmaringo15:01 18 Oct 13 by fitness
medicine finder help
When i look into medicine detail on abc homeopathy...
3memocast11:02 18 Oct 13 by simone717
Increase height
My age is 23 and i am 5'6 inches tall. I want...
0karan00504:12 18 Oct 13 by
Help to stop a cat from fur mowing
It is the same cat formerly with bad diarrhea and ...
0Curious202:47 18 Oct 13 by
Sabal Serulata Q side effects
Can Sabal Serrulata Q cause Urticaria??...
3osik5202:21 18 Oct 13 by simone717
Looking for treatment to cure left ovarian cyst
I am 39 year old female.Couple of weeks back had u... [LAST PAGE]
63Lilavati01:58 18 Oct 13 by Joe De Livera
Calcarea Carbonica for infants?
Hi, My homeopath has prescribed Calc Carbonic...
3Skhan01:12 18 Oct 13 by simone717
Underweight- 3 year old child
My son is 3 years old & weighs only 26 pounds....
1ritu3022:48 17 Oct 13 by fitness
Happy Eid Al-Adha
AoA, I would like to pray for the good health o...
4nawazkhan15:25 17 Oct 13 by nawazkhan
polio and homeopathy
I know that homeopathy has polio vaccinations. I ... [LAST PAGE]
21periopatient15:23 17 Oct 13 by fitness
Harmonal imbalance and hair loss
I am 19yr old college going girl ..I have irregula...
1Diya Saklani15:10 17 Oct 13 by fitness
Feeling bad from my new remedy
Hi all, I have a 'homeopathic' dillema , ...
2anya97214:46 17 Oct 13 by simone717
mouth ulcers and thyroid
my wife suffers from repeated eruption of mouth ul...
3andy_65_in14:16 17 Oct 13 by fitness
Ear Congestion/Eustachian tube dysfunction
Hi All, I am 33 year old male. For approx a wee...
7katchmeat13:46 17 Oct 13 by fitness
Reactive to energy work, silicea gone bad. Please help!!!!
Could a homeopath please help me?!? Before I star...
1Hauster 13:09 17 Oct 13 by Hauster
I am 60 years old, having prostate for about 8 yea...
2Kohat09:02 17 Oct 13 by Joe De Livera
Need treatment for IgA nephropathy in homeopathy
Dear Doctor, I was diagonized with IgA nephropa...
1prasanay08:35 17 Oct 13 by Parakletos
sebaceous Cyst on top of the head
Doctor, It's been about 8 months I see a ... [LAST PAGE]
14trymoon1805:03 17 Oct 13 by simone717
adrenal fatigue and pregnant
Hi I am 35 year old female suffering from adrenal ...
2IlonaK03:44 17 Oct 13 by Sjn27
travel medicines
Hi All, I would be traveling to some di...
1memocast21:19 16 Oct 13 by memocast
Remedy suggestion(s)
Hello. I recently posted the following in the foru... [LAST PAGE]
15mahavishnuuuu20:11 16 Oct 13 by mahavishnuuuu
Hair loss treatment
how long tuja occidentials uses for hair loss an...
1nn928219:45 16 Oct 13 by simone717
Hair loss treatment
how long tuja occidentials uses for hair loss an...
1nn928219:44 16 Oct 13 by simone717
recurrent UTI Baby girl (15 months old)
Hi, my daughter who is 15 months old is suffering ...
3ether17:47 16 Oct 13 by Zady101
Chronic Fatigue and Depression
I have been suffering from reoccuring Chronic Fati...
5Lovelee14:59 16 Oct 13 by fitness
Finger Nail Fungus
I am 46 years old male. An engineer by profession.... [LAST PAGE]
23bhattacharyya10:44 16 Oct 13 by D.N.Barola
Hypothyroid symptoms
Hi, I have hypothyroid symptoms which are somewhat... [LAST PAGE]
26rush2ady07:53 16 Oct 13 by Parakletos
Prostate enlargement
I am a 62 year old male. Prostate gland enlarged.A...
1sankaram05:11 16 Oct 13 by akshaymohl
Book for start clinic
Dear All forum Doctors AOA I have done my DH...
10hussain fayyaz04:38 16 Oct 13 by libra981
understanding dosage
can someone tell me what does one dose ,dose on al...
2jewan04:38 16 Oct 13 by jewan
Dr Sharma, here are my details. 1. Name Seema ...
1seemamishra2623:27 15 Oct 13 by simone717
Toddler with GastroIntestinal Reflux
My 17 month old son has had a history of gastro in...
3Jbatey23:12 15 Oct 13 by simone717
chronic renal failure,hypertension and oedema
Hi, I am a 36 y old male in CRF for 4 years. I hav... [LAST PAGE]
18RM12316:48 15 Oct 13 by mani_jee
suffering from gastritis and Fatigue feeling throughout the day
I am 34 yrs male. I was diagnosed with Gastritis (...
3rpunnarao15:49 15 Oct 13 by anuj srivastava
Inverted Psoriasis
I am a 43 year old female with inverted psoriasis...
9blueskywoman 13:09 15 Oct 13 by blueskywoman
How to mix Mother Q tinctures?
Our companion pet, an adopted male mixed German Sp...
5Bozo112:23 15 Oct 13 by Bozo1
Acne and masturbation
I am 19 years old . I have been masturbating since...
1desperateanon12:15 15 Oct 13 by fitness
Seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis of scalp
Dear Doctor, I am 46, male. Suffering from Seb... [LAST PAGE]
26nikarthee 11:26 15 Oct 13 by kadwa
my wife a Musician. frequently feels rejected-neglected & gets ANGRY , suspicious, possessiveness and aggressive, short temper, changes mood on frequently. Gets upset on very small issues or on persons without reasons, feels bored,,,sad...
Gets upset on very small issues or on persons with...
2npindia10:36 15 Oct 13 by Parakletos
severe pmdd
I'm hoping someone can help. I have severe P...
10blackvalentine09:12 15 Oct 13 by kadwa
Dr Sharma, here are my details. 1. Name Seema ...
0seemamishra2608:19 15 Oct 13 by
Lost Vision Recovered By Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Patient Suffering from VHL Dieases got treated by ...
5deoshlok06:38 15 Oct 13 by libra981
Glaucoma & its treatment can it be curable??
Dear sir, My grandfather(age 85) had a stroke 8 m...
2sarnath198003:02 15 Oct 13 by deoshlok
pus in wisdom tooth
Hello Doctor My mother is 51 yrs old and s...
3SHILPY000902:59 15 Oct 13 by deoshlok
On checkup after sever pain on eye-brow Glaucoma i...
12mrbaig02:56 15 Oct 13 by deoshlok
Eye disease (Retinitis Pigmentosa)
Dear Sir, I am new to this forum and am really ... [LAST PAGE]
13arifm02:47 15 Oct 13 by deoshlok
Chronic enlarged tonsils and nasal discahrge, child 13
i My daughter, since baby, gets sick with a cold ... [LAST PAGE]
31nanou02:32 15 Oct 13 by fitness
silent gerd
Hey Doctors, It's been almost 2 months sin...
8abasmar23:02 14 Oct 13 by fitness
Blocked Eustachian tube?
I have had a long (12+ years) problem with my ears...
3SWBNS17:50 14 Oct 13 by SWBNS
Psoriasis --> Suffering since last 12 years need help
Dear Doctor, I am 36 years old (Jul-1976) male...
5neerajk16:33 14 Oct 13 by neerajk
Baby refuses to breastfeed
I am a 30 year old mom of two. My 17 months old da...
11jacobsmom15:22 14 Oct 13 by jacobsmom
To. Anuj sarivastva. . Hair loss prob
pls help me sir. . i am a male 28year. . Sufering...
6Kamarjit singh14:52 14 Oct 13 by Kamarjit singh
Skin diseases after treating asthma
Hello colegues, One of Hering laws of healing is ...
1dramar14:45 14 Oct 13 by simone717
Circulation Problem --Absence of pulse in left hand
Dear Doctors, I feel an amplified pulse that co... [LAST PAGE]
28ramheight614:20 14 Oct 13 by ramheight6
Infertility..pus cells
Hi, iam 35 M, married for last 6 years. no kids. ... [LAST PAGE]
19sheikh11111:12 14 Oct 13 by anuj srivastava
Reaction to Natrum Mur or...?
Hi. I am 42 and I went to a homeopath 3 months ...
5littledidy09:58 14 Oct 13 by littledidy
Anal fissure (twice )
Sir my name is mahaveer .... last year december i ...
7mahaveer123 09:35 14 Oct 13 by mahaveer123
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