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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
sinus and dust allergy
I am suffering from sinus and dust allergy for t...
8Sriny00:42 16 Dec 13 by fitness
Please Help Anal Warts
Hello guys, I have been dealing with a bad case of...
1theone120:21 15 Dec 13 by Zady101
GERD with shortness of breath
I am 34 yr old female. 6-8 months back due to cou...
3palshere19:43 15 Dec 13 by simone717
Echinacea and other creams
dear Doctors I have jock itch and fungal infect...
0Chayan15:28 15 Dec 13 by
anal fissure+/- haemorrhoid
Dear all, As we all have health issues, I am here...
1luwai_o15:02 15 Dec 13 by libra981
Burning sensation of feet
I am 70yrs, had MI in Y 2007, now under medication...
3yeskay10815:01 15 Dec 13 by Zady101
breast feeding
baby girl child, not leaving breast feeding, not t...
2rockbal112:52 15 Dec 13 by rockbal1
Pilonidal sinus
I have for last 2 years discharge and blooding s...
1mtsaeed11:39 15 Dec 13 by kadwa
PE and ED problem
I am taking caladium and agnus castus 5 granul...
1SanjeevSai11:32 15 Dec 13 by kadwa
high creatnine kidney failure
my mother suffers from kidney failure .her creatni...
1karan sandhu11:22 15 Dec 13 by kadwa
old dog going in back legs and deaf
Hi, I have a 12 year old German Shepherd. She we...
4Lovelee10:54 15 Dec 13 by kadwa
Sudden outburst of nodular acne
Hello experts, I am 24 years of age and have oi...
1angela1210:07 15 Dec 13 by shouse_nsk
arsenic antidote correct dose
Dr I have anxiety nervousness and sensation that...
4susy192905:30 15 Dec 13 by susy1929
This is brother's account and I have the Foll...
1zainuu16305:22 15 Dec 13 by rishimba
Del [message edited by girl2010 on Fri, 06 Nov 201...
3girl201005:15 15 Dec 13 by rishimba
Infant - Farting, Burping and vomiting frequently
Hello Sir, My Baby is One year Old. My opinion ... [LAST PAGE]
14sahityalahari00:11 15 Dec 13 by fitness
Macular Degeneration + Herpes
To MQ for advise. Please keep confidential and on...
2Hair Loss22:32 14 Dec 13 by maheeru
Arsenicum antidote
I think I may have taken too much Arsenicum 200 ...
3cicka21:54 14 Dec 13 by susy1929
Tonsil Stones
Hello all sufferers of this discusting problem.......
5Cindyurb20:05 14 Dec 13 by john2223
Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs
Has anyone treated their dog medically for this? I...
12chat_noir_1319:37 14 Dec 13 by joeynolegs
please suggest me some thing for obesity ....
0faisee13:59 14 Dec 13 by
Hi I have been suffering from asthama for last two...
3deep261213:43 14 Dec 13 by fitness
Yet another ED treatment question
Hi there, Firstly i'm a 24y.o male with a ra... [LAST PAGE]
50pumpkinpie13:38 14 Dec 13 by fitness
breast enlargment
aoa dr im pregnant of 2 month iwas already have so...
5uzma ali10:32 14 Dec 13 by sandyabc
know the condition and remedies for rapid linear
rapid linear -----2% slow linear -------14% non...
1pavithu08:10 14 Dec 13 by rishimba
My prostate size is 25cc. Plz suggest treatment. P...
2BANJO9X07:30 14 Dec 13 by BANJO9X
hypertension at age 27
i am 27 year old male height 169 cms weight 58 kgs...
3vikramsinghsaini04:44 14 Dec 13 by akshaymohl
1 Year Old Baby wakes every hour HELP!!
Hi my son has woke every hour since birth. Sleep ... [LAST PAGE]
22jbinder04:07 14 Dec 13 by Hair Loss
Big problem pay attention
Doctors please attention here seriously. Tell me s...
10AbidHussain401:59 14 Dec 13 by libra981
Shanawaz uncle acidity problem
Acidity,sleeping right side more acidity and left ...
8yaallah78601:55 14 Dec 13 by libra981
Suffering from Anxiety
Hello Doctors, I am 29yrs old and a software pr...
4anxiety1800:57 14 Dec 13 by fitness
2 year old suffering from constipation
HI , My 2 year old is suffering from constipation...
2vidyap00:40 14 Dec 13 by fitness
Lattice degeneration in retina of both eyes + high myopic. What are the chances of developing a retinal detachment in future, and can homeopathy reverse this condition ?
I am a male, 29 years, fairly high myopic (-6.25 D... [LAST PAGE]
21shayonbh 21:55 13 Dec 13 by fitness
Help for toxic mold hypersensitivity
I had a large exposure to water damage in a buildi...
1babyrain21:17 13 Dec 13 by simone717
Chalazion in 2 year old
I have a 23 months old boy with what we think is ...
8deo201219:55 13 Dec 13 by fitness
Chest cramps / Compulsive thinking
Hi, I have had non stop (what feels like chest ...
3julianp 18:19 13 Dec 13 by simone717
Multiple Problem
It is case of a 59 yrs old female, non- diabetic... [LAST PAGE]
44lovely18:01 13 Dec 13 by anuj srivastava
excessive gas problem
I am having gas after eating anything The gas is ...
2mithunda5016:14 13 Dec 13 by mithunda50
I have a 15 yrs son, suffering from dyslexia , hu...
1Mother6914:00 13 Dec 13 by akshaymohl
Clean your baby with kara brand
Cleanse your baby's delicate skin without har...
0netscribes11:24 13 Dec 13 by
hair fall
I loss my hair very fast.please give me any soluti...
0priyansh dubey07:37 13 Dec 13 by
low libido
I am having this low libido feelings from past 6...
12moksh07:34 13 Dec 13 by XXX74
Frozen shoulder
My mother is 60 Left hand frozen shoulder Pain s... [LAST PAGE]
22ZAINAB AKIF 07:32 13 Dec 13 by ZAINAB AKIF
less ejaculation
i am male, 39yrs, married for 7 yrs. I have very l...
2XXX7406:07 13 Dec 13 by XXX74
Premature Ejaculation inspite of good health
I have been suffering from PE since early teenage,...
4myexpressmail23:09 12 Dec 13 by hardan10
male impotence
iam 38 male. married since 5 years no child. iam s...
12desikarachi77721:44 12 Dec 13 by fitness
Very Early Ejaculation with watery semen
hey Doctors.. please help..i ejaculate very early ...
1ZZ00717:28 12 Dec 13 by Dr. Rahat
early discharge sexual problem
sir , i am 35 yr old and i am suffering early dis...
1vinuomsai0717:12 12 Dec 13 by Dr. Rahat
loose weight
Dear doctor i'm 42 years old my weight is 86k...
3munazza16:00 12 Dec 13 by Dr. Rahat
Enlarged Tonsils and Continuous Cold+Sneezing due to Allergies in 5year old boy...
My five year old boy is having extremely enlarged ... [LAST PAGE]
27Asad4life15:21 12 Dec 13 by fitness
Sexual weakness, nervous exhaustion, weak stomach and heaviness in kidneys
Sex: Male & Single Age: 29 Current Medicine:...
9Ammar13:00 12 Dec 13 by anuj srivastava
Premature Ejaculation
Hello to all, I am 40 y/o male, 6'5' ...
9Adam-nyc 12:08 12 Dec 13 by Adam-nyc
help required
I am 34 year old male, suffering from sinus and du...
1Sriny09:30 12 Dec 13 by rishimba
Chest congestion + high fever
My daughter 3 years old has been suffering from co...
1kkhalid08:44 12 Dec 13 by kadwa
Kidney stone
Male,34yrs.I'm suffering from sharp,pulsating...
1reshmisreelal07:56 12 Dec 13 by anuj srivastava
sorry [message edited by prashanthi.m on Thu, 12 D...
0prashanthi.m07:19 12 Dec 13 by
error [message edited by prashanthi.m on Thu, 12 D...
0prashanthi.m07:15 12 Dec 13 by
Oily and Dry Dandruff
Dear All, I have oliy and dry dandruff since la...
1manupillai07:03 12 Dec 13 by kadwa
Hi..I am 27 yr old female, suffering from cough an...
4prashanthi.m07:00 12 Dec 13 by prashanthi.m
fordyce spots down below
Is there anything you could recommend for fordyce ...
1Guk87906:59 12 Dec 13 by kadwa
pls help.......
Hi Doctor, I am Avinash. I am 22 years old male....
7avi1991jaiswal06:48 12 Dec 13 by kadwa
Thinning Hair / Hair Loss
Hi, I was looking for some advice as to my cond...
0Greaterstone04:52 12 Dec 13 by
German Shepherd weak in back legs
I am submitting this again as I can't see my ...
1Lovelee03:26 12 Dec 13 by shouse_nsk
child pinworms
My 7 years old daughter has pinworms in her stool....
5Lemifi00:54 12 Dec 13 by akshaymohl
pain in upper left side abdomen occassional or while travelling
Dear doctor i m 31 year old from pakistan and my ...
1faisee21:51 11 Dec 13 by Zady101
i m 24 years old female and i m having lot of unwa...
1nanditasharma0720:37 11 Dec 13 by Dr. Rahat
Looking for Willmar Schwabe Products in USA
Do you know of any source to buy Willmar Schwabe G...
1arrs12320:20 11 Dec 13 by fitness
Severe premature ejaculation
Hi All, i m 26, underweight guy, Suffering from ...
1bkc716416:35 11 Dec 13 by Dr. Rahat
Gray hair and bledness
I am 33 y old (female). I am working. But gray hai...
1swati15:28 11 Dec 13 by rishimba
Height Increase
Dear Sir/Mam, I am 25 years old.I am l...
1vijetadas15:13 11 Dec 13 by Dr. Rahat
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