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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
reducing weight
i am 17 yrs old.i want to reduce my weight.can i u...
3bhanumati05:23 16 May 12 by bhanumati
Hi everyone, I am Declan from California. I am ...
1Declan12504:16 16 May 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
mama's boy---please help
Hi! My husband of five years, happens to be a mama...
8crystal3302:15 16 May 12 by simone717
Bleeding Piles
Dear Sir, I have got bleeding piles from 1 mo...
1kuldeep_katiyar01:58 16 May 12 by shouse_nsk
Sore Scalp & Hair Loss (to Joe)
Hi I have had hairloss for years - recession... [LAST PAGE]
188Sore Head23:26 15 May 12 by lucky83
BV Misery!
Im a 27 yr old female and i have been fiighting a ... [LAST PAGE]
16kyletaylor2323:12 15 May 12 by simone717
General instruction about dose
how many dose can i use for acute case and many fo...
1Jakir Hossain20:27 15 May 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Regular beconase user and blood in bogeys
Hi I'm 44 and over the years on and off I...
0Hursty 20:19 15 May 12 by
to Nikkie-depression, anger
Hi, again. Now I want to address my problems.! 2 y...
0barb.chadha16:58 15 May 12 by
Anal Fissure and severe constipation Dr nawaz plz help
Iam a 34 year old lady suffering from the problem ... [LAST PAGE]
59sonalika15:41 15 May 12 by nawazkhan
acid reflux disease
i am suffering from acid reflux disease for the ...
1GUNGUN0614:49 15 May 12 by Nikkie
sir, This is for my father He is a diabetic patie... [LAST PAGE]
28syamsankar14:34 15 May 12 by nages
need weight loss remedy
i need a remedy for weight loss and i need in home...
0nehagarg13:29 15 May 12 by
Increase in height
My daughter is 10 years old and she is smaller the...
3mrs nnms12:55 15 May 12 by Declan125
Weight gain and height increase
I am 29 yrs old male. My height is 5 ft 3 inches a...
2dipak06nitp12:49 15 May 12 by Declan125
5 Kidney Stones - Please help !!
Hello Everyone, I am having 5 stones in my kid... [LAST PAGE]
13AllisWell 10:19 15 May 12 by AllisWell
problems after giving birth
Dear doctors, I gave birth to my second child 8...
5SofiaF09:34 15 May 12 by SofiaF
improving eyesight
My son is 18 and studying architecture. He has 4.5...
3sonalmtrivedi09:11 15 May 12 by kadwa
alternate nostril blocked PND SOB, no alleygy, POTS syndrom
Hi dr. I have alternate nostril blocked and post n...
7ppp1708:56 15 May 12 by kadwa
Remedy for height grow , 11 years
Hello, 1. My daughter is 11 years and has 134 c...
0Juanitabanana06:41 15 May 12 by
I am suffering from Constipation for the last 6 ye...
7ruchica01:53 15 May 12 by shouse_nsk
hi sir, i am mrs saeed.i am 29 years old and i a...
7nirdbaan01:50 15 May 12 by shouse_nsk
Acidity and Piles Problem.
Hi, I am male 25 Years.5ft 9 inch. 96 kgs. Single....
1kadir78601:08 15 May 12 by simone717
help with infertility
looking for any suggestions that might help me be ...
1leslie82 00:23 15 May 12 by simone717
Nail biting 7 yo
My son has been/still is a thumb sucker and has be...
2koiato20:21 14 May 12 by koiato
hai docter.....i am reena i am 17...when ever i ca...
0reenamelkyoor17:55 14 May 12 by
Infection in muscle
We need help for infection in the right quadriceps...
2Sidney17:24 14 May 12 by Sidney
Pulmonary Valve Stenosis
My Age is 29. I have congenital PS. I have been do...
9imjohny15:46 14 May 12 by simone717
Numbness of face
Hello, I have a friend who woke up one morning ...
4gvankra14:28 14 May 12 by gvankra
Can Acid Phos 30 and Bio combination 16 be continued simultaneously?
Dear friends and doctors, Can Acid Phos 30 an...
0arijit_forever12:48 14 May 12 by
Menstrual problem, age 40
Severe pain & cramps in lower abdomen during 5... [LAST PAGE]
54tripti_j12:07 14 May 12 by tripti_j
12 year old with Asperger's syndrome
Hello Forum Members, My son was diagnosed with ... [LAST PAGE]
82anjali7710:10 14 May 12 by pushi1
Homeo' treatment req'd
Dear Dr. My elder Sis' vitals: Ht. 144c...
3fedka09:40 14 May 12 by kadwa
Doctors plz help me
Doctors here plz help me as soon as possible! P...
2DSP Ijaz 08:46 14 May 12 by DSP Ijaz
pcod + ovarian failure
Hello doctor, I'm 34 yrs old,hAvind PCOD an...
11nehakapoor06:55 14 May 12 by nehakapoor
oral lichen planus

[message deleted by krishan.kaush on Mon, 14 M...
0krishan.kaush04:25 14 May 12 by
To Dr Joe De Livera
Hello Joe, I have high uric acid level in blood... [LAST PAGE]
14AllisWell01:23 14 May 12 by Joe De Livera
Natrum Muriaticum and Natrum Phosphoricum together?
Can I take Natrum Muriaticum and Natrum Phospho...
3Sakura823:47 13 May 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
ED, Low testosrerone, and High Lipids
Hi, I am Usman 28y old Male single From Pakistan....
0ashdown5520:55 13 May 12 by
Very low milk supply with my first baby, now I am pregnant again
I am 34 years old and I am 7 months (30 week) preg... [LAST PAGE]
20minnabi20:16 13 May 12 by Guddus
17momth old with a temp
hi, Please can someone help me, my daughter has a ...
5alexa1219:43 13 May 12 by gvankra
mental retardation
I have a brother in-law who is 32 years old. He w...
1lajaw19:33 13 May 12 by simone717
suggest me a good homeopathic dr.
hi, i m kashish khan from aligarh. i m facing a s...
10taiba khan12:48 13 May 12 by dr.alex
lupus medication
homeo medication for lupus to the mouth can be ple...
1sri_ramsri12:34 13 May 12 by dr.alex
Anger, skin problems, diplopia...pls help
Can anyone please help advise me. I have a few hea...
0SiennaC10:44 13 May 12 by
dear sir, my grand son 8 years old is suff...
1arumugham09:52 13 May 12 by kadwa
acne & irregular periods
-i am 23 years old female -suffering from acne ... [LAST PAGE]
31lemee09:31 13 May 12 by kadwa
Hand Paining
I started masterbating at the age of 15 now i am 1...
1vpppravi9308:56 13 May 12 by kadwa
urgent help for fever cough loose motion
my wife is suffering from fever,cough,loose motion... [LAST PAGE]
19skmangal06:30 13 May 12 by skmangal
Cardiospermum for eczema?
I'm a newbie to homeopathy so please hang wit...
0strmis05:08 13 May 12 by
Spring Allergies
Indian, Male, Married, 35, living in NYC / NJ area... [LAST PAGE]
18alfabeta02:51 13 May 12 by simone717
Nawaz Khan - Traveling
Hi, This is to inform members on this forum who...
3nawazkhan18:32 12 May 12 by nawazkhan
inguinal hernia....plz help
hello doctors!! i am faizan from india. i am 58 yr...
2faizan7116:57 12 May 12 by faizan71
very poor erection...
0kumarbinod15:17 12 May 12 by
phlegm in infant chest
my 8 month old baby boy is having.... 1. congest...
1Bazigha Nawaz13:45 12 May 12 by shouse_nsk
my son 12 years old is only 3 feet 8 inch as we pa...
0meeta saxena12:55 12 May 12 by
remedy for vulvar dryness, burning and pain
i am 76. For the last two months I have been on es...
11rose2809:54 12 May 12 by kadwa
injured bruised finger
hi my daughter 16 ys old has a troma on her fing...
1tinnitus9009:46 12 May 12 by kadwa
HPV infection! Help pls!
Just recently diagnosed with HPV ,no warts or sy...
1wentswife2009:39 12 May 12 by kadwa
liver pain and mild enlargement, higher serum alkaline phosphate
dear sir, i am suffering from liver pain and mild ...
0mguptapdil08:25 12 May 12 by
blood stain in urine
I go to the bathroom very often about 10-11 times ...
1aysegul01:21 12 May 12 by Joe De Livera
Remedy confusion
Dear doctor, Homeopathy remedy Phosph...
1sajai36501:19 12 May 12 by simone717
injured bruised finger
hi my daughter 16 ys old has a troma on her fing...
1tinnitus9001:14 12 May 12 by Joe De Livera
BV Misery!
Im a 27 yr old female and i have been fiighting a ...
0kyletaylor2322:30 11 May 12 by
Tinea versicolor (Pityriasis versicolor)
Hi, My name is Bella (sanam's niece) and I...
6Sanam1626121:33 11 May 12 by Sanam16261
mixed remedies
Hello everyone. I am at a little stand-still, s...
6themis0018:59 11 May 12 by simone717
Dear Sir/ Madam, I came to know there is better t...
11prashant12:22 11 May 12 by disha bajaj
Cold, Snoring and Adenoid
Age: 2years 3 months She is suffering from freque...
1Rani911:03 11 May 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
i am suffering from schizo effective formal though... [LAST PAGE]
29kersasp10:00 11 May 12 by kadwa
Ticks on dog
Hi, I have tried various methods to eliminate ...
1sun_pathak09:37 11 May 12 by kadwa
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