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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
increasing eye number
hello i am 24 years male wearing glasses. i st...
8ssush09:49 30 Mar 12 by kadwa
Erectile Dysfunction
Hello to all Homoeopathic Doctors, I hope, and ...
4sohailkhan09:43 30 Mar 12 by sohailkhan
suffering from digestion
I am 55 years old. 1. my digestion is not going p...
1nowshad 09:34 30 Mar 12 by kadwa
i have desectry problem for a month.I have consult...
1sujit4uwbslg09:32 30 Mar 12 by kadwa
a l s or m n d
H'ble Homeopaths On the forum I wud like to k...
9bapu408:38 30 Mar 12 by bapu4
As many are aware, Asthma is not by any means an...
0Joe De Livera01:43 30 Mar 12 by
Sciatica relief ?
Hi all, Please let me know, if anyone in the f...
4karthik_1218:47 29 Mar 12 by simone717
adult acne..plz help
hi m anu 25 yr old female, i never use to hv acne...
1anumishra 16:54 29 Mar 12 by nawazkhan
Seborrheic Dermatitis.. pleas Help..
Hi.. i am male 21 i am suffering from Seborriheic ... [LAST PAGE]
22Solitary 14:37 29 Mar 12 by 100%height
Been to appointment
Ok it wasnt to bad. A bit of nerves before I got i... [LAST PAGE]
39starface11:48 29 Mar 12 by lycopodium
heavy hair loss
any remedy for prevent hair fall....
1sarithabijeesh11:09 29 Mar 12 by shouse_nsk
chronic acne
I am suffering by acne and dandruff from last 10... [LAST PAGE]
34rajesh.goswami10:10 29 Mar 12 by kadwa
thanks for intrest shown for my problem plz help
Please answer the following questions in a descrip...
3HEMANT BAJAJ09:14 29 Mar 12 by kadwa
Grade 1 Left Ventricular diastolic dysfunction
Hi, My mother is 57 years old. Recently her ECG... [LAST PAGE]
16urspaddu4u07:45 29 Mar 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Help with Anxiety, weird feeling at night..
Hi there.. I was hoping for some suggestions on...
7mom2sincere07:38 29 Mar 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Care After Tattoo Removal
I just had some tattoo's removed. I was give ...
7GinaMarie07:17 29 Mar 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
I think enough of mercury
... mercury is not it. No deep change with the e...
3starface06:53 29 Mar 12 by starface
Adult and Child Allergies
My husband and son seem to be really effected by t...
2GinaMarie06:23 29 Mar 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
to reduce the breast size
i am slim only breast is heavy want to reduce the ...
4shikha agrawal05:32 29 Mar 12 by simone717
Nerve Pain, right side of nose
I have been having these weird nose pains/headache...
2yellowjonquils21:27 28 Mar 12 by simone717
Help with remedy for Thrush (mom & child)
My daughter (9wks) and I have been battling thrush... [LAST PAGE]
17tkeeman20:26 28 Mar 12 by maheeru
Hi Dr. Kempson
Hi, I was on another persons thread (ravzzy) a...
2loveandpeace17:24 28 Mar 12 by loveandpeace
diabetic nephropathy
I can see many of the homeopaths promising that th...
9sukshma23914:55 28 Mar 12 by 100%height
wrong remedy, right dose - side effects
i understood that its very important to right rem...
2hporwal14:41 28 Mar 12 by nawazkhan
dear Dr. Joe. i have diabetic problem for last 10...
3wasaf12:06 28 Mar 12 by wasaf
diabetice with constipation
any can tell the remedy for diabetice, i have seve...
5wasaf08:03 28 Mar 12 by wasaf
Azoospermia Treatment
Hi Dr Abhishek, I am 37 yrs of age. I have been...
3Kowma05:50 28 Mar 12 by 100%height
how to make medicine in sugar pills?
Can anyone tell me how do the homeopaths make the ...
4simkhan0604:30 28 Mar 12 by samur420
Over masterbation disoders
I am 26, l have been masterbating since l was 18. ...
2ggabula03:39 28 Mar 12 by ggabula
day at work was a disaster
deleted, was to long [message edited by starface o...
4starface02:55 28 Mar 12 by starface
Too much of Gas - Remedies required
Hi, recently having a lot of Gas build up with ... [LAST PAGE]
13samur42022:41 27 Mar 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Need info
I am living in Qatar (Gulf) I want to check wheth...
0Murthyhosabale 20:22 27 Mar 12 by
care after turp and bladder neck recection
i am a male of 60.have chronic bronchitis . calcu...
3rajeshmaini17:22 27 Mar 12 by Joe De Livera
Chronic Constipation
I have been suffering from Chronic constipation fo...
3abhishek14:53 27 Mar 12 by 100%height
Hi, my age is 24, i am suffering with ocd from 2 ... [LAST PAGE]
16srirama11:35 27 Mar 12 by Dr. Showrav
Gas Problem
I am suffering from gas in my body. I feel my stom...
1suprateja10:14 27 Mar 12 by kadwa
reducing breast size
i am 25 yrs old,single and height 5 feet. i am su...
1anishakhan 05:35 27 Mar 12 by Joe De Livera
need help with correct dose of Baryta Carbonica
Can someone with experience please help me with th...
1mh200604:59 27 Mar 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
repetition of sulphur
my seven year old son has excoriation of skin of h...
5pcthahir00:44 27 Mar 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
after meal urgency for toilet
After eating meals, i have to go to the toilet mos...
5mahi2623:36 26 Mar 12 by nawazkhan
short question about mercury...
is it true they are the mental type... not emotion...
0starface19:54 26 Mar 12 by
Bell's palsy
I got bell' ;s palsy 6 months ago, 2 days bef...
9imolinar16:58 26 Mar 12 by imolinar
dr fever pls help me
dr i frm past 15 days i hve gt fever i hve done bl...
12vinodag15:52 26 Mar 12 by vinodag
Dark Patches on face
Hi, I am 38 years old. I have dark patches on both...
9baberusman_malik 15:46 26 Mar 12 by simone717
Lactose int. with a twin baby
I have an almost two year old who cannot take milk...
3mamatomany14:45 26 Mar 12 by shouse_nsk
mouth ulcers
I have been taking ibruprofen for jaw pain and won...
6SJF150314:15 26 Mar 12 by sureheight
chronic urticaria plzzzzzzzz help
i m suffering from a very chronic urticaria since ...
4amarsmusic13:51 26 Mar 12 by sureheight
Pus bump rashes on face after stopping Antibiotics
I have these very stubborn rashes on my face. They...
6tr3ceo12:43 26 Mar 12 by sureheight
Need help with my 2.5 yr old daughter
Ever since my daughter was born she never like to ... [LAST PAGE]
23mommyof212:29 26 Mar 12 by mommyof2
Can i use this medicine ?
Dear Doctor, I have been using Nux Vomica 200 f...
2Ghulam Ali09:18 26 Mar 12 by Ghulam Ali
loss of immunity after sexual intercourse
my wife who is thirty seven years old loses her im...
2pcthahir07:51 26 Mar 12 by pcthahir
Sulphur 200 Question- Advice needed
Hi, I am a typical Sulphur person, however I hav...
1samur42006:57 26 Mar 12 by samur420
neck pain and headache
i have been having pain in my neck for last six mo...
6meenu ohlan06:45 26 Mar 12 by Nikkie
Uterine fibroids
I have a patient with uterine fibroid but I am not...
4shekhartv04:51 26 Mar 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Do homeopaths make the remedies they send to clients?
I got a bottle with a dropper. So not the usual on...
8starface04:10 26 Mar 12 by starface
PCO and severe hirsutism
ID Lahsie, 22 yrs, female, unmarried, weight 52 Kg...
1Lahsie 03:26 26 Mar 12 by nawazkhan
Flat Abs
Hi, I've read many topics in the forum reg... [LAST PAGE]
23ravzzy 02:54 26 Mar 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Contradictory things happening
This is strange. I feel like I am regressing for p...
2starface02:53 26 Mar 12 by starface
joing pain
Dear Dr. Sameer, I am writing this time because ... [LAST PAGE]
254Marika00:41 26 Mar 12 by sameervermani
Degenerative Disc Disease
I am suffering 1. Degenerative disc disease at ...
3buridatta 21:30 25 Mar 12 by ddrallette
Shin Pain
The shin pain started to appear about a month back...
5ravzzy17:50 25 Mar 12 by ravzzy
Fear about to take Medicine - Please Help
Dear Dr. I am 27 year old man and I need some cla...
4krishnaguin 16:10 25 Mar 12 by Dr. Adeel
Continous cough n cold
My son 3.2 years of age has a problem of frequent ...
2Shaurya rajat15:24 25 Mar 12 by Shaurya rajat
Erectile disfunctioning and Premature ejeculation
I am 48 years old. Married from last 25 years. Fa...
0tanveernaz14:29 25 Mar 12 by
Renal failure
Hi there . Was diagnosed with renal failure in 201...
1Azrahahmed12:34 25 Mar 12 by Nikkie
Bufo Rana impotency
Bufo rana
1shoaibeie 11:46 25 Mar 12 by shoaibeie
can't study well....
Dear Doctor, It's for my cousin.H...
1sv373109:41 25 Mar 12 by kadwa
Herbal Medicines+Homeo Medicine
Presently i use homeopathic medicine to overcome m...
0male4308:13 25 Mar 12 by
high/low swings again. David Please read
I am having my high/low swings again. Yesterday...
1starface04:25 25 Mar 12 by starface
Sex problem
I m male, unmaried and 23 years of age. I m facing...
0prad4dec 03:20 25 Mar 12 by
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