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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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homeopathic suppression
Hi, I have hay fever . At first the symptoms s...
1shahramsh 21:49 24 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
Urticaria & Angioedema
I have Chronic Urticaria & Angioedema, and now...
1branchofthevine 21:46 24 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
Hair loss......... plz help
hi. i m rajeev, 31 year, from delhi, i've bee... [LAST PAGE]
42babu6542 20:45 24 Apr 12 by babu6542
Anal issures
I have some kind of Anal fissures, Occasionally it...
888qa035 20:05 24 Apr 12 by simone717
Acne and hair loss ..:( wedding in 2 months plz help
hi im 23 yr old fenale. have been gaving acne f... [LAST PAGE]
27cute_mink 19:45 24 Apr 12 by babu6542
sugesst Increasing Health and weight
Dear Dr.Showrav Please suggest me , how i can in...
0zamiul.hoque18:20 24 Apr 12 by
Health is an important of any person in the world....
0zamiul.hoque18:03 24 Apr 12 by
Corns on ball of the foot
Hi, My son has corns on the ball of the right foo...
5rohitg17:33 24 Apr 12 by rohitg
My doc suggested I try 200c Ignatia . Each time ... [LAST PAGE]
27Choulie17:22 24 Apr 12 by simone717
Injury to eyes
2 nights ago my husband was driving and something ...
4Hawaiianmommy16:01 24 Apr 12 by Joe De Livera
Lachesis mutus 30ch
Dear Dr Nawaz, My homeopathy doctor is on holiday...
2Eva151814:08 24 Apr 12 by dr.alex
urinary incontinence
Hi,my father is 75 yrs old.he undergone prostate o...
1topnowa11:15 24 Apr 12 by shouse_nsk
To joe sir
On behalf of a friend,she wants to know ,she has b...
3junawani10:39 24 Apr 12 by junawani
Stomach pain and reflux in my 13 mth old baby!
Hello, I am writing out of complete desperation fo...
4Lachbel09:24 24 Apr 12 by Joe De Livera
Weaning off of Cymbalta
Can you recommend a remedy to help me through the ...
1Auburn09:23 24 Apr 12 by kadwa
to remove effect of medicine given wrongly
To reduce my sexual desire one person who is pract...
4jolly.201209:09 24 Apr 12 by kadwa
skin problems and general health
hello, I'm a 43 years old woman, I've b...
6ely50009:09 24 Apr 12 by ely500
Dog with ear infection
Hi I am trying to figure out a remedy for a dog wi...
1Marieke09:03 24 Apr 12 by kadwa
Preventive Treatment for Spring-early summer allergy
I get spring allergy every year in the month of ... [LAST PAGE]
23mile108:52 24 Apr 12 by kadwa
overweight/low libido/erectyle defunctioning
dr hi this is anuj here, age 43 ,6feet. weight 9...
0indias_smartchap3308:05 24 Apr 12 by
how can i increase my appetite
sir i have been feeling lyk vomiting all the day ...
1rahuldashi 06:11 24 Apr 12 by dr.alex
So no danger of taking numerous similimum doses?
I took a couple of 30cs and 200cs over the last 2 ... [LAST PAGE]
185starface04:24 24 Apr 12 by starface
my wife has lower muscles pain in leg (both leg)
my wife has lower mascular pain in legs from last ...
3raviranjan04:21 24 Apr 12 by raviranjan
anxiety, depression case
can you please help me with a friend of mine... h...
10Michelle_chick02:11 24 Apr 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
SprayFree4Me-nose spray addiction withdrawel with ease
I provide a service discussing detailed instructio...
3april3kids02:08 24 Apr 12 by simone717
mera 18 mahine ka beta mitti khata hai
mera 18 mahine ka beta mitti khata hai. use bhookh...
1ruchi83me 19:22 23 Apr 12 by Dr. Showrav
Allergical Bronchial Asthdma
1. Name: Vijay Laxman Mahajan, Birth date: 5 Marc...
1vijaymahajan196218:59 23 Apr 12 by Dr. Showrav
high colestrol and Trigle
dear All Doctors, i am diabetic patient and its...
1wasaf18:23 23 Apr 12 by Dr. Showrav
Mercury Poisoning???!!!! Confused and worried. Please help doctors.
Dear Doctors, One of my nephew, when he was aro...
2wisdomhomeo18:23 23 Apr 12 by Joanie1
case of azoospermia
after the 1 year of my marriage i checked my sema...
1punjab_9215:11 23 Apr 12 by dr.alex
17 years give suffering from painfull menses
Name : Jonita R. D;Souza Age : 17 yrs...
1maxim_nunes14:24 23 Apr 12 by dr.alex
Joint pains due to Chicken Gunya
Hi, My Mother is having problem of joint pains ...
2rahush13:40 23 Apr 12 by Joe De Livera
prurigo nodularasis PN
can any one help me know complete treatment of pru...
1gaurrk200113:05 23 Apr 12 by kadwa
Allergical Bronchial Asthdma
1. Name: Vijay Laxman Mahajan, Birth date: 5 Marc...
1vijaymahajan196213:01 23 Apr 12 by kadwa
Our 17 year autistic son is going through a tough ... [LAST PAGE]
67ajavm12:57 23 Apr 12 by ajavm
child insomnia
Hello, I would like some help with this issue: My... [LAST PAGE]
29angelicam12:45 23 Apr 12 by kadwa
Feeling weight on left side upper to abdomen
Hi I am 42 years old male. From last one week I...
4Aammir12:37 23 Apr 12 by kadwa
My son is 12 years old. He is unable to listen in ...
9ramshanker11:23 23 Apr 12 by suzancloud
dr showrav, advice needed.
hello dr showrav. I need ur advice for myself ths ... [LAST PAGE]
16ariessanaa10:55 23 Apr 12 by ariessanaa
Tuberous sclerosis ( Epilepsy)
I am looking for Homepathy medicine for my son, He...
4somasekhar07:41 23 Apr 12 by spark2306
Leg Pain
Dear Sir, I am 36 years old suffering from some...
10rs201207:24 23 Apr 12 by GNhomeo
Heavy symptom complex
Please doctors and homeopaths watch out this sympt...
3north406:52 23 Apr 12 by north4
for getting taller
I expect my baby 9 years old may have short height...
0ashu_99_200106:06 23 Apr 12 by
Anxiety/Panic attacks in sleep
Need help please, this condition of anxiety attack...
3stapler02:20 23 Apr 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Erectile Dysfunction
Sir I am sending my details to you with every deta...
1ervs8301:48 23 Apr 12 by akshaymohl
PE (Early Ejaculation)
Hello, I am a married person, having problem of...
7metransparent2012 01:09 23 Apr 12 by simone717
Muscular atrophy
Hi, am new to this forum seeking remedy for my el...
1amitha00:47 23 Apr 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Please take up my case of Extreme shyness
Can Homeopathy help me with extreme shyness?I have...
4ishanmitra 15:53 22 Apr 12 by simone717
???quick question???
why does it burn when I pee?...
2elly14 13:56 22 Apr 12 by akshaymohl
height increase after puberty
sir plzz help me i am going to be 18in june and my...
1chinnu 00313:15 22 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
Yellow sweat
My husband sweats yellow. He stains the pillows an...
3Chucka7513:14 22 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
add teen
My son is treated with apis mellifica200 three p...
2sharongeorge199613:08 22 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
i am 23 yrs old male & i am suffering frm Leu...
1Jigar Modi13:02 22 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
tinnitus blood pressure lycopodium
Hi friends my mother is suffering from blood pr...
2santinosharma10:12 22 Apr 12 by santinosharma
gelsemium 200
sir, my age is 29. i am suffering with stage fear,...
3satishkoorathota09:48 22 Apr 12 by kadwa
homeo for dog - hind leg swollen
I have a dachshund. His right hind leg is swollen ...
1homeo for us09:42 22 Apr 12 by kadwa
Son chews on everything .
My 4yrs son has habits of chewing of everything. H...
8nikkikumar09:21 22 Apr 12 by nikkikumar
If somebody has the proving and can post it here, ...
8Albert08:13 22 Apr 12 by tiger.spirit
stomach adhesions
Hi, I am posting on behalf of my wife who has had ...
2lennyv200407:42 22 Apr 12 by lennyv2004
Exema on my hands?
I am having exema problems on my hands. This probl...
1Ikark 05:30 22 Apr 12 by dr.alex
Homeopathic doctor in Dammam?
Looking for Homeopathic in Khobar or Dammam Saudi ...
1Ikark 22:27 21 Apr 12 by simone717
3 yr old with pdd-nos
My 3 year old son is diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He is...
1Jaanvi18:52 21 Apr 12 by dearmommy
post surgery pains after defaction
I have been operted(Harmonic Scalpal method) for i...
1KOTRA14:40 21 Apr 12 by shouse_nsk
nat mur constipation flatulence
Hi guys i have a son who's suffering from ...
1santinosharma13:30 21 Apr 12 by dr.alex
IBS & Sinus problem...Dr. Nawaz, please help
Dr. Nawaz, Hope this message finds you in best ... [LAST PAGE]
14AsadGhumman 12:50 21 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
breast enlargement
Hello doc m 25 years old my height is 5 ft.my brea...
8latika11:41 21 Apr 12 by abd111
Problems are stated below... 1) I have masterb...
1emmateepri 10:26 21 Apr 12 by akshaymohl
What's that means?
In a previous post: http://abchomeopathy.com/f...
1brain09:13 21 Apr 12 by kadwa
How to recover meningitis after effects
Dear Doctor, I'm a male 26,height...
3vmtvs 07:44 21 Apr 12 by Dr. Showrav
Please help, pus, tooth extraction and Silicae
Hello, Please will you give me some help? My d...
6Sarah and Millie07:40 21 Apr 12 by dr.alex
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