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Dr. samee rvermani i need your kind help plz
I really really really appreciate your efforts on abc homeopathy forum as you reply on tim

saml 2016-12-28
54   sameervermani 7 months ago

barium dihydrogen phosphate
Whenever a chemical name is followed by "" -hydrate"", first ignore th
alfachemistry 2017-03-10
no replies yet

Soon to Marry - General Remedy?
Hello, Respected Members, I am going to marry soon, I am 32 years old Man, I am virgin a
LEARN_HOMEO 2017-03-03
4   akshaymohl 7 months ago

Help vaccine damage and many issues
My 16 year old son was diagnosed at 3.5 years with autism but mild symptoms. He was also s
robby24 2017-03-09
5   robby24 7 months ago

sick too often, food intolerance
My 16 y/o son has had 3 colds and now with the flu since Jan 1. He gets a red rash over hi
robby24 2017-02-19
7   robby24 7 months ago

I am feeling tasteless tongue after using a herbal meducine.... regard
proftoor 2017-03-09
1   deoshlok 7 months ago

PCL tear-Symptoms and Treatment
PCL injuries can occur with low-energy as well as high-energy trauma. Isolated PCL tears o
sunilmedapati3 2017-03-09
1   deoshlok 7 months ago

Early satiety+Nausea+ anxiety.
Hi, I am Male 27 and underweight (only 41 kgs). My liver function, kidney function and thy
vvinay 2017-03-05
5   vvinay 7 months ago

Natrum Muriaticum Hahnemannian preparation help
Hi guys, I want to make homeopathic natrum muriaticum 6x at home but I am not sure which
Esoors 2017-03-09
1   Esoors 7 months ago

Inactivity of rectum symptom
Hi guys I was wondering what is the meaning of inactivity of rectum symptom in repertory?
Esoors 2017-03-07
2   Esoors 7 months ago

My mom has high counts of Platelets and white blood cell as well. She is 59.
Shafqat2 2017-03-06
3   Shafqat2 7 months ago

grief, depression, disappointment
Dear Doctor! I suffer since December. The I marriage deteriorated. Within two weeks we, o
jozephina 2017-03-05
3   jozephina 7 months ago

how to cure tonsils permanantly.due to which my children health is suffering. one is 1.5 y
ridhimaawasthi 2017-03-07
4   ridhimaawasthi 7 months ago

help dr i have impotency problem
i am 29 year oold from few month ago i saw that my penis not harder and not erection when
vishal6 2017-01-11
9   vishal6 7 months ago

Dr plz help i have Ed problem
My penis not erected when i sex with my wife I think this is E.D problem
vishal6 2017-03-09
no replies yet

Dr .... ed problem
I have eraction problem / Ed problem
vishal6 2017-03-09
no replies yet

Severe HairFall
Hi Sir/Mam, Iam 25 years old. I had PCOS and Fibroid . I was taking homeo medicine for pa
Naazneen1 2017-03-09
1   Naazneen1 7 months ago

Anal Fistula. i want to kill this.
1. ID:Your ABC Forum Name Ahmad375 2. Age 25 3. Sex Male 4. Marital Status Single 5
Ahmad375 2017-03-07
5   nawazkhan 7 months ago

Masterbation effects
Hello, I am encounter premature ejections and frequent urination effects past two years a
Mayankraj 2017-01-20
3   Mayankraj 7 months ago

please help Dr. joe de livera
full Name: jANi Sex:male Age: 42 Weight:86 kg Height:5'9'' Temperature: 99

jani 2017-03-04
17   jani 7 months ago

Chronic hepatitis B, treatment for permanent cure
Details, This is 37 years male, married, had blood transfusion during accident in year 2
mumbai 2012-08-15
8   simone717 7 months ago

Hepatitis B treatment and permanent cure
OMG!!!!!!!!!! I never taught i can be this happy and healthy again in my life, after 10 ye
Frankloveth123 2017-03-08
1   simone717 7 months ago

Sweating problem
Hi, I am 22 years old (male) and I have sweating problems. Bad armpits odor bothers me the
Moantza 2017-03-07
2   Moantza 7 months ago

I m 39. 5'6". 83 kg, wheatish complexioned, bp is 140/110. Outdoor duty. Tensed
Ramabrata_patra 2017-03-08
1   Mahfoozurrehman 7 months ago

Hi cannot sleep at night . Most of the night its rem sleep . Experiencing this since 1 yr
Lakshmi5 2017-02-27
4   Lakshmi5 7 months ago

Dr Kadwa Please help My Chronic Eczema
Dear Sir I am suffering from eczema(Atopic Dermatitis) from my childhood, i have family
nadeemawan 2017-02-09
8   nadeemawan 7 months ago

dark circuls and dull face
hello sir, male 24 dark circuls and my face is also dull plz suggest me to improve my face
Iorkiot 2017-03-07
2   kadwa 7 months ago

no dvt, but ankle swelling
Hi all I recently checked my feet for DVT, but no symptoms seen. I see ankle pain and swe
dpnctl 2017-03-07
1   kadwa 7 months ago

4 year old - Liquid in ears
Hello, I would please like help for 4 year old girl who has Liquid in her ears. She is con
Nataliesammi 2017-03-07
2   kadwa 7 months ago

Any dr plz help me im in trouble I have this skin disease snice last year I have used many
Readg 2017-03-07
1   kadwa 7 months ago

Facial hair
Hello sir i am suffering from facial hair on chin and upperlips . I have pcos . please sug
Saran1 2017-03-07
1   kadwa 7 months ago

Excessive hair
I am 24 year old female that is suffering from thick, fast growing hair on my neck, chin,
Ailluengu 2017-03-06
1   kadwa 7 months ago

my 3 year old has skin problem
Hello dr my 3 year old son,s front side of elbow joint back of neck on the back and some o
imran655 2017-03-06
1   kadwa 7 months ago

Dr Kadwa.. Partially Retroverted and bulky uterus
Dear Dr. Kadwa, My Sister aged about 30 years, married with 1 daughter. Thin body and her

kolkata123 2016-07-20
28   kadwa 7 months ago

Autistic boy please help dr Kadwa
Dear Kadwa, My son is 5 years of age and autistic. He had a traumatic event and from that
attibaba 2017-03-01
7   kadwa 7 months ago

expert dr needed in this case
I m 30years male due to long time sitting on the chair there is pain in lower right side
Nitesh Kamal 2017-02-26
6   kadwa 7 months ago

Acne become worse
Hi i am 20 years old. i masturbates 5 times a week.When i masturbates my acne level increa
Teja 2017-02-27
3   kadwa 7 months ago

homeopathic thyroidinum vs. allopathic thyroxin
friends, if we give homeopathic thyroidinum 3X twice or thrice daily for weeks together, w
pcthahir 2017-03-01
3   kadwa 7 months ago

Need Urgent Help
I Am 25, Yrs male. i have chronic dysentery. my father also having this problem. always m
Shemul 2017-02-26
6   kadwa 7 months ago

Allergic rhinitis
What is the treatment for frequent cough colds in adults
ridhimaawasthi 2017-03-02
3   kadwa 7 months ago

eye sight problem started at the age of 12 and increased day by day and now it is -7.5
eye sight problem started at the age of 12 and increased day by day and now it is -7.5. Th
proftoor 2017-03-07
1   0antivirus0 7 months ago

Urine dribble and PE
I am 35 male, married and having 2 kids. In past, I masturbated a lot after which my visio
fizspace 2017-03-06
2   fizspace 7 months ago

Teething Problem with Kid
Hi, my 1 year boy having teething problem, upper gums seems like swelling and new Teeth a
vipinkumarseo 2017-03-07
3   simone717 7 months ago

Healing a Burn
My 3 year old son touched a hot pan yesterday and burned his hand. I immediately put it in
lisbeth 2017-03-07
5   simone717 7 months ago

Sepia dosage
I have a large vaginal cyst and after researching came across sepia 30 as a recommended re
lisbeth 2017-02-13
11   simone717 7 months ago

for body growth
Is argentum metallicum a good medicine and how can i take this medicine. and what is antid

starboy 2017-02-21
16   starboy 7 months ago

GALLSTONE Treatment- Predictive Homeopathy- Dr.Prafull Vijakar
Last Saturday (30 JAN 2017) I started treatment for gallstones, at least I m under impress

16068 2017-02-02
22   simone717 7 months ago

Warts on my finger nail.
I am C Roshan 31 yrs old suffering from warts for about 5 yrs in my ring finger nail and a
roshan253 2017-02-07
4   vipinkumarseo 7 months ago

Spot in throat exciting cough
Main Problem - a spot in back of throat somewhere is exciting dry cough for a week now. I
varunb 2017-03-05
5   simone717 7 months ago

Pregnancy remedy help
I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and am wondering if anyone can offer me advice on the saf
April Renee 2017-03-06
2   April Renee 7 months ago

Please Help with Lipoma It will be helpful If I can get responce of Dr. Reva/ DR. Nawaz Khan or other Experianced doctor
I am Tahir suffering from lipoma since last 11 yrs. There are approximately 20 to 30 lipom
tahir11 2017-03-07
no replies yet

Can & How To Homeopathy Cure Dental (Jaw) Cysts.
Hi, I have 2 Cysts on the right-upper jaw teeth and the Dentist told me to go through Sur
SJD001 2017-03-06
2   SJD001 7 months ago

Severe sneezing,pls help
I am suffering from sneezing/running nose since my childhood.Very earlier symtomps when I
panwar_5 2016-10-24
4   panwar_5 7 months ago

Male breasts
i am 25y old male, suffering from enlarged male breasts. Want to reduce these enlarged b

orris 2007-09-19
14   shemale-saundarya 7 months ago

POIS - post orgasmic illness syndrome
Hi, Iam 22 male and i have been experiencing following symptoms from last 6 years .. (alm
lancex67 2012-09-25
5   simone717 7 months ago

Call for Dr.Deshlok - for Hypertension
Hello Dr. Deshlok. I have filling this on behalf of my mother. After my father's dea
shahidr100 2016-11-29
8   deoshlok 7 months ago

Mucous('ama'(Hindi word)) in stool, colitis, bad liver ....
Constipation which stays for 3-5 days with no stool at all. there is feeling of stool but

manav_skg 2012-03-18
33   ibs-mizan 7 months ago

there are no final results in any prescription. its really sad
really i couldn't find final cure or advise or result maximum prescription.
ibs-mizan 2017-03-06
no replies yet

IBS-Bloating,Gas,Gurgling and Rumbling bowel
Hello, I've had problems with my bowels since my 8th standard in school.Now I am 33

irdgr8 2013-08-06
16   ibs-mizan 7 months ago

Unwanted hair on face,urgent help pleas
I am 18 year old female , i have excessive hair on my chin from since last year,what shoul
Sd1998 2017-03-06
no replies yet

sex problem help me ..
hello doctor,i am suffring from ED plz suggest me some medicine.i am 28 years male.i have

Iorkiot 2017-03-02
13   Shemul 7 months ago

akshaymohl please tell me
Sir, Can anyone take China Q for long time due to vital energy loss??? Is there any side e
Shemul 2017-03-05
4   Shemul 7 months ago

Cured cases on this forum
I wish to post the cured cases from this forum. You can all contribute. It is important th
Drquest 2017-03-04
1   Drquest 7 months ago

Irregular Periods - Need Help
I am getting irregular period for the last 4-5 months delayed by almost 10 days/month. Thi

biswasmousumi 2016-12-20
45   nawazkhan 7 months ago

Clots and heavy bleeding after fibroid operation
Hi Dear dr Im 39 years i had fibroid intramural 10 cm in my uterus which cause heavy bleed
Azeena1 2017-02-25
3   nawazkhan 7 months ago

loosing erection
27 yers male.week erection and premature ejaculation during intercourse loosing erection.s
Iorkiot 2017-03-03
6   Iorkiot 7 months ago

Dog losing his hearing
My 13-year old male dog is losing his hearing. He seems to still hear high-pitched sound,

Guest444 2010-01-05
16   sumanngon 7 months ago

prescribe me best treatment
Sir I have suffering from pe.... My weight is 55kg & I have wheat allergy ... My sexua
amit029 2017-03-05
no replies yet

Suffocation treatment need / ashtma
I am suffering suffocation problem from my childhood. I have faced it mainly in the time o
Nirmalya 2017-03-04
1   0antivirus0 7 months ago

Dr. Nawaz please help
The following additional information is required to help you. Therefore, please do the bes
Ra_dhanraj 2017-03-05
no replies yet

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