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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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piles protruding bleeding sometimes
piles protruding ble... [LAST PAGE]
13pentaganinfotek18:13 20 Jul 16 by nawazkhan
Irregular periods causing acne and weight gain- HELP PLEASE
hey, I seriously need help in weight loss and ir...
11Kiranaltaf0417:57 20 Jul 16 by nawazkhan
Good Quality Medicine
Hallo,What are the good quality Homeopathic Medici...
2Toal17:17 20 Jul 16 by gavinimurthy
Toddler help
My daughter is 2.5. She has always been a poor sle...
1Drewa13:32 20 Jul 16 by anuj srivastava
For AkshayMohal
I was under treatment from Telescope, but unfortun...
0MKN06:07 20 Jul 16 by
sheep with mastitis
My brother has a sheep with newborn lambs and she ...
1bwill1303:57 20 Jul 16 by anuj srivastava
am 26. I am suffering from excessive night fall it...
5Mukesh kumar200:40 20 Jul 16 by RajdeepOjha98
gluten free/dairy/corn/lactose free
I need a homeoapathy medicine which above all free...
2surya208920:30 19 Jul 16 by gavinimurthy
Urinary Tract Infection -klebsiella
Have been diagnosed with UTI with klebsiella bacte...
5baddiver16:53 19 Jul 16 by vk804
hairfall dandruff
Meri umra 26 saal hai mere Baal jhadte hai Maine s...
2Lugopie16:27 19 Jul 16 by riyazahmad5
kid - head injury
hi all Our 4 year young kid fell off shelf (1.5...
3dpnctl16:10 19 Jul 16 by dpnctl
Calf is paining like a boil
Dear Sir, My left leg calf muscle is paining ve...
2ishtechmech13:17 19 Jul 16 by ishtechmech
Anal Itching
Hi i went for dental ( root canal ), that time ...
7Srieph12:46 19 Jul 16 by anuj srivastava
Penis injury - Having mild pain
Dear Doctor, Thanks for reading this post. I...
2anil_kumar106:00 19 Jul 16 by anil_kumar1
Speech delay mild autism
Hithere, My son is 4.8 years old he has mild aut...
3Saaania1604:02 19 Jul 16 by Saaania16
i have Irregular periods problem from the very start. now i hardly bleed in 6-7 months and this is seriously causing me weight gain and i am highly overweight now.
hey, I seriously need help in weight loss and ir... [LAST PAGE]
27Kiranaltaf0403:57 19 Jul 16 by anuj srivastava
My Cat Has Thirst and Copious Urination
I live in Costa Rica and unfortunately the only ve...
5Homeopathy Fan02:15 19 Jul 16 by Homeopathy Fan
stammering in young child
My son,aged 5y4m weight 18 kg is suffering from st...
11Toal20:33 18 Jul 16 by John Stanton
Need treatment for scalp psoriasis...!Plsss help me...!
Hi My husband 43 yrs old from hyderabad sufferi...
1ponangi.anu18:06 18 Jul 16 by anuj srivastava
Very less appetite, reduction of breast size and heavy hairfall
My fiance is 21 years old and she's 5'4&...
4Hkjbs17:31 18 Jul 16 by Hkjbs
Diff. B/w China 6c and China 30
For which ailment is China 6c is prescribed and ...
1hp199016:19 18 Jul 16 by John Stanton
sir one of my girl friend have thyroid problem.. h...
0harry25051316:08 18 Jul 16 by
Sexual weakness and weak penis erection
Sir my age is 27 I masturbatrd more than 8 year bu...
4Arif234916:07 18 Jul 16 by harry250513
small stye on lower right eyelid
Dear Drs. I have a stye only lower right eyelid t... [LAST PAGE]
29cath112:55 18 Jul 16 by cath1
tdsgadjahhda ahda adsda skandadgsgda...
0gopal1810:06 18 Jul 16 by
pain in testicles after weight lifting
Sir, I used to go to gym some 8 yrs back and lift...
8sumit.birla09:30 18 Jul 16 by anuj srivastava
mother tincture
I want to buy mother tincture but just want to kno...
0surya208908:06 18 Jul 16 by
worms/parasites related to eczema/psoriasis?
last summer i went to india. got really sick w/ a...
6caryn07:58 18 Jul 16 by eman805
Chronic Nocturnal Emission/Very Serious
Dear Dr. Kadwa Sir, Sir, i was just 14 when i sta...
1sukdev 07:13 18 Jul 16 by kadwa
treatement for nightfall
hi Dr. i am suffering from heavy nightfall problem...
2xyz06:49 18 Jul 16 by xyz
Black head on top head of penis
I got a black head on top of my penis please sugge...
1Oujol04:27 18 Jul 16 by deoshlok
I am posting and I cannot see post its urgent
My son have stomach pain since November 2015 recur...
1surya208904:25 18 Jul 16 by deoshlok
Swelling in cheek after cataract surgery
My wife 59 years had cataract surgery first in rig...
1aks_thakur04:23 18 Jul 16 by deoshlok
Erectile dysfunction
Dear homeopath. As per meteria medica I am using ...
1reinven804:20 18 Jul 16 by deoshlok
anti dote
first of all I am grateful for the informations an...
4Iqbalahmet03:19 18 Jul 16 by Iqbalahmet
Possible impetigo-
My daughter, 4years old with a history of severe c...
2Drouqu22:43 17 Jul 16 by Drouqu
Dear doctor As per meteria medica I am using the...
1reinven820:36 17 Jul 16 by John Stanton
food allergy - toddler
My kid aged 5 is allergic to cakes, few chocolates...
1dpnctl18:07 17 Jul 16 by John Stanton
Arthritis, joint pain
Hello All, My mother has arthritis , joint p...
1mkkhatri10915:48 17 Jul 16 by John Stanton
my homeopath advice
me to buy mother tincture and other doctor is tell...
1surya208915:42 17 Jul 16 by John Stanton
I have itching on my thigh and groin area. I am ta...
6riyazahmad509:51 17 Jul 16 by anuj srivastava
Dr Udaya please take my case
I am 36 years old. First time i felt sciatica pai...
1snavtej09:27 17 Jul 16 by bapu4
Eczema 1 year old boy
Dear doctors, My 1 year old son has eczema on...
1nathaliem05:21 17 Jul 16 by nathaliem
Sagging skin
Dear doctors I'm 37 yr woman 1 child, 16...
5azade04:22 17 Jul 16 by nawazkhan
My fsuffers from stiffness in neck, upper arms, th...
1Lalji00:13 17 Jul 16 by homeo_helper
Help -Ignatia 30c is stopping my grief.
Help - I lost a beloved cat 4 days ago, and I was... [LAST PAGE]
13polastraus15:37 16 Jul 16 by John Stanton
Is this a good aggravation?
Hi, The remedy made the vibration on left side ... [LAST PAGE]
40ramheight614:45 16 Jul 16 by mnaari
Dear Doc Nawaaz Plz help
Dear Doctor, I had Baryta for confidence and i...
2Aks00014:39 16 Jul 16 by Aks000
Remedy abbreviation
I have a question about remedy abbreviation. what ...
0fmkoshki07:48 16 Jul 16 by
burn marks cream
Dear sir my sister when she cooking in the pan,...
4Nitesh Kamal07:10 16 Jul 16 by Nitesh Kamal
why my thread getting deleted
why I post 3/4 thread but all delted...
0surya208906:22 16 Jul 16 by
Degenerative disc disease and more
I am 27 YO male, from India(eastern part near trop... [LAST PAGE]
71Ashhar03:15 16 Jul 16 by telescope

[message deleted by riyazahmad5 on Sat, 16 Jul...
1riyazahmad502:04 16 Jul 16 by riyazahmad5
15 yr old dog swollen left side of face
I have a 15 yr old rat terrier dog. Weighs 9 lbs.... [LAST PAGE]
32nmbarden19:45 15 Jul 16 by John Stanton
Homeopathy for autism
Hello friends.. i am an acupuncture doctor who has...
5manoharan117:57 15 Jul 16 by anuj srivastava
Adult chronic left ear infection
please advice me homeopathy for recurring chronic ...
7harmin2416:33 15 Jul 16 by John Stanton
Mother tincture
Hello! I have been using mother tinctures agnus ... [LAST PAGE]
19Ridgo15:10 15 Jul 16 by John Stanton
internal urethral scar tissue
Have been through numerous surgeries to clear uret...
3Jadolphin77713:16 15 Jul 16 by Jadolphin777
Scalp psoriasis ...need medicine
Dr sharma garu my husband 42 yrs who is diabetic ...
0ponangi.anu12:55 15 Jul 16 by
Regarding male pattern baldness
I am 30 years old male.suffering from mpb. Tried l...
4Abhi.genie12:02 15 Jul 16 by Abhi.genie
For snoring and nose block
My son 6years old and he snore and nose block what...
1surya208908:08 15 Jul 16 by kadwa
Sever Remutiod Arthertis with deformities
Can ra be completed cured...
1nirmalaygmail.com07:26 15 Jul 16 by kadwa
for dr. kadwa please sir attend my case
sir i m suffering from very quick ejaculation befo... [LAST PAGE]
24Hasankhanazhari07:02 15 Jul 16 by kadwa
Need help too much pain
I am 36 years old. First time i felt sciatica pa...
1snavtej05:57 15 Jul 16 by kadwa
Vitiligo Diseases

[message deleted by janyjohnson on Fri, 15 Jul...
0janyjohnson05:41 15 Jul 16 by
memory loss, masturbation, premature ejaculation
Hello Doctors, please do help me aswell. I am des...
5Drurf03:26 15 Jul 16 by hp1990
Piles Disease_Dr. Nawaz only
Sir, please prescribed me the homeopathy medicine ... [LAST PAGE]
13riyazahmad500:06 15 Jul 16 by nawazkhan
For snoring and nose block
My son is 6years old and weight 20kg and height is...
0surya208923:33 14 Jul 16 by
Need help for Male Infertility and Hormonal problems
Dear Drs., I am 35 years old man and have been suf...
1Kamal120:15 14 Jul 16 by Kamal1
Excessive watery vaginal discharge, pale brown
Reposting as i couldnt get help on my earlier thre...
8hope123419:49 14 Jul 16 by John Stanton
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