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OverWeight and Obesity
I am Sher Age 24 height 6.1' Activity Study and Internet Weight 101kg i was 92kg

sher564 2011-11-18
26   sher564 5 years ago

c.o.p.d and enlarged prostate problem
My father is 65 years old and he is having problem of copd asthma and enlarged prosta
bapan 2011-11-24
12   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

seeking remedy
in what order should sepia and faxinus americana be used in cases of uterus prolapsus
babloo37 2011-12-17
1   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

Several remedies
Hi, I would like to know if anyone has experience with the precription of more than 1 reme
Albert 2011-12-18
1   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

liver cleanse?
I suspect I need to cleanse my liver. My long standing problem was craving sweets, parti
miaki 2011-12-17
1   nawazkhan 5 years ago

bulky uterus with fibroid and heterogenous myometrium
Problem : 1) the uterus is bulky in size. uterus size 63.5 mm,AP : 44.8 mm 2) there i
rezvi34 2011-12-17
1   nawazkhan 5 years ago

bulky uterus with fibroid and heterogenous myometrium
Problem : 1) the uterus is bulky in size. uterus size 63.5 mm,AP : 44.8 mm 2) there is
rezvi34 2011-12-17
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Red Color Diet
To whom that can help, I am facing a problem to get Linda Goodman's book (Star Signs
cocodaouk 2011-12-17
no replies yet

height problem
Dear Sir I want to ask you i m now 18 years old and i want to increase my height can y
sonu4all 2011-12-17
no replies yet

Total Kidney / Renal Failure
My mother is in very frail conditon, and is 70+. She never drank alcohol, or smoked, and

Anneysha 2011-11-11
14   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

heart problem
hello my name is ashish bansal , my mother has some kind of heart problem. last to last
ashish8419 2011-12-14
9   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

please suggest some medicene for my high bp which reaches 150/90 in winters 1. male 46 ye
andy_65_in 2011-12-17
no replies yet

Need Help
Hi this is Dalbir Singh I met with an accident on 1st January 2011 and I lost my right eye
dalbir singh 2011-12-16
5   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

demise of dr. diwan harish chand (07th march 1924 - 13th dec 2011): a big loss to homoeopath&#8203;y.
It is with great sadness that I write about the sad demise of our respected teacher and a
deoshlok 2011-12-17
no replies yet

Diabetic cure??
The following i saw on the net and in another forum.. wanted the opinion of fellow members
shenbeth 2011-12-17
no replies yet

misaligned teeth?
Can homeopathy fix this naturally or not. Not to badly misaligned teeth.. just wondering
starface 2011-12-17
no replies yet

Proper dosage of Sulphur 30c? For skin condition?
Hello, My name is Kevin. New to the forum here. But I have been reading for a few we
Kevdood83 2011-12-16
3   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

son has cough and fever
My son has some cold and cough from yesterday evening. His age is 2 yrs. Yesterday he star
raviranjan 2011-12-14
3   kadwa 5 years ago

Digestive Problem
Hello All! I want some good advice about stomach pain. I've been facing it since 4-
peelachooza 2011-12-16
no replies yet

Hair fall
Hi, im 25 years old,two month before i did chemically straightening for my hair now im get
vijikarthik 2011-12-16
no replies yet

scar tissue
Please, my friend needs help she has had her pancreas removed, and now she has scar tissue
sebayla 2011-12-16
no replies yet

homeopath doctor
I live in NY tristate area, I am looking for a doctor who practices homeopath and is an in
smlope 2011-12-16
no replies yet

doctor for treating Hair loss in bangalore
i am looking for good doctor in bangalore for hair loss treatment .i am 27 years thanks
sharan247 2011-12-16
no replies yet

multilex sclerosis accute condition
Dear Sir, Can you suggest some homeopathic medication against multiplex sclerosis.
pepe2709 2011-12-16
no replies yet

Please help me and save my marriage
i never feel any sex pleasure during sex plz doctors help me please
Friend1000 2011-12-16
no replies yet

Help regarding remedies
hi all my question is this that all things that my friend told me are good enough or co
sher564 2011-12-15
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Tonsil Stone Remedy
I've had these nasty little things my whole life. I'm not the kind of person to
lifelearner 2011-12-16
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Prostate fluid secretion and pre-mature
I am 38 years old male, un-married, 68kg weight , I donít have any kind of disease like co

luckyhp 2007-09-01
14   cititekpak 5 years ago

Non erosive gastritis and Gr B esophagitis
I have was having indigestion problem and I was diagnosed with H-Pylori infection by end
karthik_12 2011-12-16
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

mother have blocked artery
Hi there Can some one please help us my mom is 67 years old she has high blood p

roshee 2011-11-16
45   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Gerd & Anxiety -Joe De livera
Hi Joe I have seen your post in the ABC homeopathy forum , i have been having hyperac

raavi_zc 2011-06-02
75   raavi_zc 5 years ago

paralysis post head injury
Dear Sir 8 years back in an severe road accident my father injured his brain (Left si
neerj_fri13 2011-12-15
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Sore Scalp, Hair thinning any Remedy?
Hi I am a 19 year old mate, i have noticed for the last year my hair is thinning when i ru
Ryan87 2006-09-21
2   D.R.N.Y 5 years ago

curvature penis
am 22year old i have being masturbating since 6years. my penis is curve toward left .. ear
be_healthy 2011-12-15
no replies yet

Remedy for my Eyesight
Please suggest remedies for my myopia, and tired strained very dry eyes . My glasses numb
swarnabha 2011-11-24
5   faheem_bhat41 5 years ago

doctors,have i any chance of recovery?
In these years I have cursed myself and have asked the Almighty why he inflicted such a mu
Malhotra 2007-12-02
3   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

sex problums
respectfully.sir i am 24 years old and from last 10 years i am doing masturbation regularl
goldenleaf 2011-12-15
no replies yet

Doctors have a look on this
Do you have any info on the usage of the nosode STAPHYLOOCCINUM as an intercurrent in the
sorahamsha 2009-01-17
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

is there a doctor on this forum? i have a question
i have alopecia areata and have been using wiesbaden and phosphorous .its been about
qutiee22 2003-08-24
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Salim5566 2009-08-08
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

dry skin
hello sir i am 23 year old and i have dry skin genetically from my mother.but my skin be
dkbharti22 2011-12-02
5   dkbharti22 5 years ago

I have lipoma developed over 20 years now, and grown bigger and cosmetically awkward. Plea
chandrakanth.mekal 2011-06-11
2   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Painful Lipomas
Hi, I am a 40 yr old male, 235 lb, 5'9' and is suffering from multiple painful
aarora00 2011-04-08
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

intradural lipoma in spinal cord
sir, i am 25 years old.i am suffering from intradural lipoma in my spinal cord due to whi
pranavs24 2010-08-10
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Large lipoma on my shoulder
Hello, I need help. I'm a girl. 32 years old. Since last year, I have a large lipo
lola1971 2010-11-13
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Remedy for TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder)
Dear Dr. I'm suffering from TMJ because of teeth grinding, Im am taking an allopa
nadeem4u 2011-12-14
2   nadeem4u 5 years ago

girl2010 2011-12-15
2   girl2010 5 years ago

Low sperm count and motility
Respected doctor i have low sperm count and moyility sperm count is 4 million and motolit
andy7610 2011-12-15
no replies yet

kidney stones and treatment
Hi , I am 28 years old, I.T consultant who is having a history of Kidney stones of ar
Abhishek_BOA 2011-12-15
2   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

multiple fatty tumours (lilpoma}
Dear Drs I have a patient aged 59, male with history of multiple lipomas on body, with i
DrGnandan 2011-12-15
no replies yet

Natural vitiligo oil
If you are a victim to a skin disorder known as vitiligo then you donít need to worry ab
herbtreatment 2011-12-15
1   patchesskin 5 years ago

epididymitis & prostrate
Hi Doctor Namaskar i am 40 yrs old male patient of epididymitis with reactve hydrocele t
prabin_mcl 2011-12-14
1   kadwa 5 years ago

sensation in head
For the past few years I have been suffering from a sensation in the head (left side) that
gtripathy 2011-12-14
1   kadwa 5 years ago

lower left quadrant pain
I have had 3 c-sections and a total hysterectomy. I have been told by my physcians that my
jenGalbraith 2011-12-14
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Brain Hambrage
Brain Hambrage post paralisis
neerj_fri13 2011-12-14
1   kadwa 5 years ago

ladies bladder proplse
Hi: I am 61 years old lady and have utrus and bladder prolepse together as my dr. told me.
beldevi 2011-12-01
5   kadwa 5 years ago

adult adhd
.female - 66 yrs. old .flit from one thing to another .always multi-tasking .can't
nfowler2 2011-12-15
1   kadwa 5 years ago

scalp psriosis and bladder
Last month was my first period 10 months post partum. I am due again and I notice my scalp
jazmine7 2011-11-25
4   kadwa 5 years ago

help needed > 4 month old had ear infection down with fever again after 10 days
My daughter seems to have a chronic ear infection tendency. She had her first ear infect
tanushree 2011-12-15
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Chronic gastritis and more. Pls, help.
Dear, Dr Nawaz. I'm 29 year old woman. I had bronchitis with asthma 3 months ag
TLisa 2011-12-14
1   TLisa 5 years ago

What is a "split dose"?
I do not recall ever seeing this explained or why one should take the dose that way. Than
Daisy43 2006-01-20
9   sonjaxfactor 5 years ago

Scrotal sebaceous cyst: Pls Advice
Hi Dr's, I have rash on scrotum since many years and I had posted a few topics in
sourabh 2010-10-02
4   Twinkies91 5 years ago

I have hypothyroid and been on the medication since 2002. I am 33 years old. I can's
monikasingh 2011-12-13
2   ajay pundir 5 years ago

Painful and recurrent boils
My sister has been getting these pus filled boils on her body for a few years now. She ha

pauliegirl 2005-01-07
19   Garrgirl11 5 years ago

Advice please
Greetings! I have deep intention to study homeopathy in Canada , also I am IMG, from Ukr
Rakan 2011-12-14
no replies yet

Want to know why and how homeopathy works?
Click the link. http://www.homeopathic.com/Articles/Using_homeopathy_for_ail... Mur
gavinimurthy 2011-12-14
1   kadwa 5 years ago

PLz help me Dr Mahfooz
Sir i never feel any sexual pleasure during sex plz help me to save my marriage
Friend1000 2011-12-14
1   Friend1000 5 years ago

child cough and fever
My Child has some cold and cough from yesterday evening. His age is 2 yrs. Yesterday he st
raviranjan 2011-12-14
no replies yet

dr showrabh pl help me.
i am taking china200 at evening before meal and avena sativa Q 3 times after meal from
chandrama 2011-12-14
no replies yet

Hair loss due to parasites under the scalp
I began gradually experiencing hair issues since 2006. I had felt I contracted a parasite
shoronda 2011-11-24
12   shoronda 5 years ago

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