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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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LM remedy
hi. I have used homeopathic agents acidum phospho...
7lalat15:29 28 Oct 11 by lalat
Dog disc injury
Hi all, I'm new to the site and looking for s...
2Jofro14:50 28 Oct 11 by Jofro
Carcinosin Cure for Autism
My son is 2.5 years old and he was diagnosed with ...
10naz8414:27 28 Oct 11 by naz84
please help
my brother 16yrs old,is havin cold with much sneez...
2nivibeg14:18 28 Oct 11 by drMAnand
Bleeding Piles Dr Joe
What is your first remedy for bleeding piles ? ...
075daud12:23 28 Oct 11 by
penis erection dsyfunction
hi i hav a prob bcos of my daily mastrabuation sin...
0vickysingh10:24 28 Oct 11 by
i used to suffer from problems related to lower ab...
1deepalikgoel09:06 28 Oct 11 by kadwa
need advice for height of children
i am 30/married man and have two kids (1.8 years a...
2sapheroth07:46 28 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
'Single remedy' principle of homeopathy
Respected members, I would like to know what is m...
6bhondor07:02 28 Oct 11 by bhondor
back acne
I get acne on my back only during the winters.Th...
1priah 06:37 28 Oct 11 by Nikkie
Typhoid Fever treated with digestive enzyme
I recently treated 2 cases of Typhoid fever and sh...
1Reva V04:28 28 Oct 11 by Ayeshhaa
add 15 year old
My son has ADD , lacks confidence, very shy and c...
1manjusu20:43 27 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
cough and cold in infant
My son (1.5 Years old)is suffering from cold. ther...
1gopal1813:03 27 Oct 11 by deoshlok
plz plz help me
My name is Usman. I am 27 yeas old and unmarried. ...
3usmanskp32113:02 27 Oct 11 by deoshlok
How to use Oleum Jac ointment?
A doctor has prescribed to me 10 days course of Ol...
0naz8412:08 27 Oct 11 by
happy dewali
May this festival of light bring happiness and j...
1deoshlok12:03 27 Oct 11 by kadwa
Pneumonia - Baby 8 months
My baby has pneumonia. He has a fever at 101 now. ...
1Lidiase11:36 27 Oct 11 by kadwa
kidney creatine level & size increase
Hi everyone, I am new in this forum. My mother is ...
5Raj00198407:44 27 Oct 11 by Raj001984
Sad/Angry on happy occasions
Person with a saddest type of personality with sar...
3hisam07:42 27 Oct 11 by hisam
Immediate help needed
My younger sister diagnosed with gallbladder tumer... [LAST PAGE]
39sitara07:18 27 Oct 11 by sitara
Unable to breath normally (see original file)

[message deleted by Alergico on Thu, 27 Oct 20...
0Alergico03:12 27 Oct 11 by
front of scalp hurts/hair loss/endometriosis
Hi I'm 34 and female. My main concern is my ...
2funkybee01:46 27 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
Uterine Fibroids
I am seeking medicine for Uterine fibroid and inf...
5helpneed900901:29 27 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
Brisbanehomeopath I need ur consideration
I have been excessively doing over masturbation an...
4kam8800:38 27 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Phos 30 and Acid Flourica 6?
Hi, I went to India a few months ago and saw a H...
10joshim22:27 26 Oct 11 by joshim
azoospermia possible obstruction Dr mahfooz help needed
salaam, I am happily married for last 3 years a...
9bilal197721:57 26 Oct 11 by bilal1977
Toddler warts/ sleep problems
I wondered if anyone would like to take my sons ca...
9kay79820:23 26 Oct 11 by kay798
skinny cat
My friend has a 9 year old cat who has recently lo...
5cindye19:50 26 Oct 11 by cindye
Laxity of stomach and intestine
Hi .. I founded that my stomach was so elongated ...
4kahunaneo18:16 26 Oct 11 by kahunaneo
I used to take inter venous drugs. and all of my v...
8adnan74117:48 26 Oct 11 by adnan741
Psoriasis - Rashes, scaling - all over the body and scalp
Dear Doctors, Am 31 male, 174 cms tall and slig...
2moanto197912:13 26 Oct 11 by moanto1979
What kind of things antidote homeopathy then? I h... [LAST PAGE]
21allicando12:10 26 Oct 11 by allicando
can homoeopathy manage diabetes
Diabetes is not a disease, but it is a response ma...
3drpnidheesh12:00 26 Oct 11 by drpnidheesh
2 months ago I broke a glass thermometer that cont...
3lvl8010:39 26 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Does hoemopathy really work?
Does homeopathy really work or is it just stories?...
3joemorales10:16 26 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Pain in my testis
Hallo Dr I have pain in my one side of the testis(...
3Sukanyan08:50 26 Oct 11 by Zahid)2
I am a diabetic since 4 years. I am under gemerI (...
4saraswathik07:47 26 Oct 11 by wasaf
Wonderfull Homoeo drugs for Diabetes
Wonderfull Homoeo drugs for Diabetes If your diab...
2deoshlok05:21 26 Oct 11 by daktersaab
I think I look and feel better
I dont know what to do? Platina or anacardiu...
7Platina04:57 26 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Hot body but normal temp.
My 3and half yrs olds son has hot on chest ,tummy ...
1nikkikumar04:28 26 Oct 11 by Reva V
semen emission
My age is 28 years and i am suffering from the sem...
0usmanskp32103:11 26 Oct 11 by
Nose runs like faucet when acutely anxious...
Please help me help my sweet rescue dog! ...Hop...
7suryadrop 02:48 26 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
low platelet count
I am 20 years old(female),medium built,wheatish co...
2priyaas01:46 26 Oct 11 by garg760
Urge Incontinence
I have suffered urge incontinence for fifteen year...
1kumasundance01:08 26 Oct 11 by deoshlok
Nasal Bones Injury - For Homeopathic Doctors , dr.deoshlok sharma and others
Please someone advice me if a bony bump on the bri...
1joemorales01:04 26 Oct 11 by deoshlok
Proof that my nose changed ?
I think it is visible here that my nose got straig...
1Platina01:03 26 Oct 11 by Platina
could not consumate my marriage
any one plz save my marriage.i m married for 2 yea...
11qwertty 19:10 25 Oct 11 by usmanskp321
excessive skin
is there any remedy good enough in realigning exce...
1joemorales17:03 25 Oct 11 by deoshlok
injury to nasal bridge
Please someone advice me if a bony bump on the bri...
1joemorales16:59 25 Oct 11 by deoshlok
boils on private parts
hello, can you please give me medicine for boil...
1SHARON2208316:41 25 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
md raziuddin
last one and half year sinus track seen in site of...
0Razikadyal16:30 25 Oct 11 by
Palm psoriasis
Hi My name raghu. i have pal psoriasis . Three ...
7raghuraman_2614:53 25 Oct 11 by viroj
please help for my headace problem
dear docotor i m also doctor but seeking treatment...
1rakesh pandiya14:04 25 Oct 11 by deoshlok
Headache+Pain in Legs+Asthma
Hello Doctors, I am a 26 year old married women...
1Smiles2Much13:55 25 Oct 11 by deoshlok
erectile dyfunction
I am 52 years old. During 2008 hernia operation in...
1rajalu13:47 25 Oct 11 by deoshlok
Dear Sir, I am 30yrs old female, suffering from P...
3vamsisravani 13:00 25 Oct 11 by deoshlok
Can AnyBody Help about Sexual Passion
Asslamu-alikum MY name is Waqas and I am 49 yrs...
2waqasadeel11:26 25 Oct 11 by waqasadeel
AzoospermiaTtreatment for Dr Mahfooz
Hi Dr Mahfooz I am married and no childrens and...
1anaveed78610:35 25 Oct 11 by Mahfoozurrehman
my daughter 11 years pass urine in her cloths
my daughter 11 years of age pass urine in her cl... [LAST PAGE]
37skmangal10:26 25 Oct 11 by kadwa
Hi doctor i was diagnosed with PCOS.. i am marrie...
1dishearted10:15 25 Oct 11 by kadwa
itchy skin
i get itchy skin when the temperature rises ,i get...
1smahindra200910:05 25 Oct 11 by kadwa
crack foot.hand problem by hederitary
hi i am nunabi.bangladeshi.my problem is my foot.h... [LAST PAGE]
44nurnabi08:51 25 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
Cervicitis for my sister
Dear Doctors, My sister aged 33 year has white vag... [LAST PAGE]
78pradeepx2808:37 25 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
high bleeding
Hi I am aged 25 having 2 children&got the fam...
3mahanitha02:07 25 Oct 11 by shouse_nsk
A homeopath for help with dosing?
Is there anyone willing to guide me with dosing or...
1vitamin.X00:13 25 Oct 11 by vitamin.X
Why am I so dramatic?
A remedy for this would be appreciated David. Y...
12vitamin.X23:12 24 Oct 11 by vitamin.X
sprained ankle/ankle pain
My daughter is a competitive swimmer. About 2 yea...
12nmpgordon22:18 24 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Deleted post
(deleted) [message edited by brisbanehomoeopath on...
0brisbanehomoeopath20:35 24 Oct 11 by
Want to increase Height.
Hello doctor,I am 20 years old girl. My height is...
0jaweria20:19 24 Oct 11 by
Mucle aches and weakness a result of Nat Phos?
I am a 56 year old woman who began taking Nat Pho...
3MaryLynn720:08 24 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
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