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Post operative Problem
Hello all respected doctors. i have done Non Surgical Uretroscopy for Stone in uretro-ves

123abc 2010-10-02
17   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Chalazion in my 2 year old daughter
My daughter has had a chalazion for 2 months now. Visits to the doctor has only yielded
Randon 2010-10-06
no replies yet

Any cure for Keratosis Pilaris (KP)
Ok when i started going through puberty i started to get red rough bumps on my skin. im as
Arkee 2010-10-05
2   Arkee 6 years ago

seeking remedy for hyperthyroid
Hi, im 33 years old and has been diagnose with hyperthyroid after giving birth to my secon
terabuzzo 2010-10-06
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Enlarged Tonsils in a 2 year old female.
My daughter is 2 years old. Her tonsils are so large that she has been diagnosed with obs
KimArmstead 2010-10-06
2   KimArmstead 6 years ago

New Data Support Long-Term Health Benefits of the Intact Foreskin
New Data Support Long-Term Health Benefits of the Intact Foreskin The Foreskin Is Neces
Homeopathy International 1 2010-10-06
1   Homeopathy International 1 6 years ago

Please HELP ! Acne, Pilonidal Cyst, High Cholestrol
Hi All I need help ! I have the above mentioned problems and am unable to get rid of t
healvinni 2010-10-06
1   Dr.Saravanan 6 years ago

please help... very depressed abt my condition
I am 25 years old and recently got married in June 2010. Initially, during the early days
misbahm1 2010-10-06
no replies yet

Sonali Agrawal
Dear Sir, I am having psorisis and had taken aleopathy medicines because of which i had
agrawalsonali2006 2010-10-05
2   agrawalsonali2006 6 years ago

ligament tear
Hi, I am a 27 year old with 6'1 height and 220 pounds and broad frame. I have multip

don_1 2007-10-22
35   Ignatius Gallagher 6 years ago

ACL and meniscus injury
Hi there, I have just been treated through complex ancient methods for regrowth of ACL (li
Ignatius Gallagher 2010-10-06
no replies yet

Think Cheeks
help.... since a long time now... ive been having thin cheeks.. its like ... my cheeks ar
imranm 2010-10-06
2   Homeopathy International 1 6 years ago

Homeopathy International 1 2010-10-06
4   Homeopathy International 1 6 years ago

skin, nail infection
I am 40 years old female and weight is 44 kg. I am suffering from nail infection (bacteri
vidyawati1970 2010-08-27
2   mguptapdil 6 years ago

Immunological Health Benefits of the Intact Foreskin
Immunological Health Benefits of the Intact Foreskin The Foreskin Is Necessary By Pau
Homeopathy International 1 2010-10-06
1   Homeopathy International 1 6 years ago

pcos, hypo thyroid,vitilgo & infertility
i am 37 yrs. having pcos ,hairy skin ,over weight ,hypo thyroid & menses only by the m
abhilasha trivedi 2010-10-06
3   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 6 years ago

Warts on face
Hello All, I have had warts on my face for almost 2 years now. And i am really depres
rakhi 2010-10-06
3   rakhi 6 years ago

Underarm lump and deodorant
I have a lump under my right arm, and I am wondering if this can be from my deodorant (whi
Laleise 2005-08-29
12   mom2three 6 years ago

Intolerant to dairy products..solution?
Hi doctors, I am 26. I am suffering from intolerant to diary products like butter, chee
ramheight6 2010-09-26
4   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

get me off nexium!
Hello, I've been on Nexium for almost 3 years now, and it worked well for the first s
Emma12 2007-06-15
5   muthukrishy 6 years ago

This is the term usually employed in connection with what used to be called apoplexy. As t
siloutec 2010-10-05
no replies yet

no reply
nobody seemed interested replying my topic ' medication for ulcer' i hope sumbody
giash 2010-10-05
no replies yet

cervical spondylosis and lichen planus
Hi, My wife is facing from cervical spondylosis and lichen planus since 3 years.
rashid55 2010-10-04
3   rashid55 6 years ago

Left hip pain and cervical neck pain
I have left hip pain. Doc did xray and said there is spurring along the acetabulum and f
123dana 2010-10-05
4   123dana 6 years ago

dr Kadwa- pls reply- arthritis in left hip and disk pain in neck
ALL Pls help! I am in pain in the left hip and neck. Neck swelling feels going thru the
123dana 2010-10-05
2   123dana 6 years ago

Dr Kadwa - Mother in Law Weakness
Hello Doc, My mother in law is suffering from weakness quite often due to house hold wo
cotton1234 2010-10-03
2   kadwa 6 years ago

right testicle got shrunken
Respected doctors of this forum to please help with a rare disease.A boy aged nearly 21 ye
elfin24 2010-10-04
2   kamrul 6 years ago

perforated ear drum
my son is now 12years old, he suffered repeated ear infections, and ear tubes were done fo
dr.dalia 2010-10-05
no replies yet

over active oil glnads on arms only!!
Hi, I'm 26 years old female.I have alwaays had problems with acne since the ae of
miss62 2010-09-12
1   deoshlok 6 years ago

Homeopathic Flat Breast Treatment
Hi, My daughter is having quiet flat chest and as no other girl in our family is havi
ibrar706 2010-09-12
1   deoshlok 6 years ago

Scrotal sebaceous cyst: Pls Advice Homeopaths
Hi Docs I have not been getting any advice on my problem on scrotal rash and cysts. Pl
sourabh 2010-10-04
1   deoshlok 6 years ago

girl2010 2010-08-06
20   girl2010 6 years ago

hair loss,pls help me out.pls
i am suffering from severe hair loss due to which i have started looking bald. my hair f
shaila17 2010-10-01
3   shaila17 6 years ago

Nose Bleed by Dr ricardo kidron
Spontaneous bleeding from the nose (epistaxis) is sometimes pro- fuse and alarming. The bl
siloutec 2010-10-04
no replies yet

loose motion
my mother in law is 61 year old she is a kidney patient she is on dialysis once in aweek .
dmtechddn 2010-10-02
3   kadwa 6 years ago

Multiple Health Problems
I am experiencing multiple health problems and I request someone to please help me in this
unhealthy 2006-02-06
9   rajdesh32 6 years ago

Pilonidal sinus plus Staphylococcus aureus
Dear Pankaj verma sir, I am infected with Staphylococcus aureus with past 6 month due to
anujjain 2010-10-02
4   PANKAJ VARMA 6 years ago

carpal tunnel syndrome - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
sign and symptom -The patient with carpal tunnel syndrome usually awakens in the night w
deoshlok 2010-10-03
4   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Creating Personalized Remedy From Diseased Tissue
Hi, I was wondering what the procedure might be for obtaining a live virus in the huma
Affricate 2010-10-01
2   Affricate 6 years ago

Delayed Menses
Hi, This Holi, I gave Unwanted - 72, to my wife, since then nothing is fine, she never
Anuj_Indian 2010-10-01
1   kadwa 6 years ago

nanou 2009-11-25
8   kadwa 6 years ago

urgent help for sanity
sir i have to write an exam i have failed 5 times already i have prepared well but as ex

citizen 2010-03-12
91   kadwa 6 years ago

Various Problems- please help
Ia m 34 years old . Software professional. Leading lethargic life. I have problem with

freindlyurs 2010-02-20
21   kadwa 6 years ago

Dear all My wife age 44 when ever she cough most of the time her little urine passes. Wha
RKGupta 2010-10-03
1   kadwa 6 years ago

developing/increasing immunity in my child
Hi all, My daughter, soon to complete 2 years in June 06, falls unwell with cold 7 cough o
ash72 2006-03-20
7   kanika mann 6 years ago

medication for ulcer
i am giash , male , age-25, height 5'8, weight-58kg. i have suffering from gastric p
giash 2010-10-02
3   giash 6 years ago

How are round sugar pills made?
I have always wondered how the small round Homeopathic sugar pills are made. Which tech
Swapnil.G 2010-09-30
5   RKGupta 6 years ago

Question about Biochemic Remedies.
Hi, I heard a lot about Biochemic remedies and am taking a combination of those and feel
samur420 2010-09-28
8   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

22 year old female acne
Hello I am new to homepathy and would greatly appreciate help. I am 22 year old white f
alicialee 2010-09-27
7   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Help: hair loss and itchy scalp
J.D. LeVera I have read your articles and some forums on arnica for hair loss and
amd777 2010-10-02
2   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

9 month old with recurrent ear infections
I'm new to this forum and would appreciate any advice! My nine month old baby daughte
Janek 2005-02-16
9   Primi 6 years ago

wieght loss
Please tell me about the side effect of phytolacca -berry for weight loss. My son has mor
3   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Post nasal drip & nasal polyp
I have nasal polyp in left nostril. Through out night this nostril remains blocked. During
manpur 2010-10-03
no replies yet

Allergy Rhinitis on eating Onion, cardamum,Rose flavour in the sweets
I get allerygy Rhinitis (i.e. itching of nose,sneezing, runing of eyes an nose,pan in th
mkmittal 2010-10-02
1   Homeopathy International 1 6 years ago

Homeopathy International 1 2010-06-08
17   Homeopathy International 1 6 years ago

Scitica pain
I suffered from left side Scitica pain two months back and could not find much relif and h
San555 2007-10-30
6   PANKAJ VARMA 6 years ago

Sleepless boy
Archer is 18 months old and is battling sleep. During the day he is a good napper - 1 nap
Hy001 2010-09-30
3   Hy001 6 years ago

Introducing Homeopathic Medicine
Introducing Homeopathic Medicine Here are a few websites that are an introduction to ho
Homeopathy International 1 2010-10-02
no replies yet

Facial Blushing
I'm searching for natural methods to help my teenage son with facial blushing . This
bluemoon0630 2010-09-30
4   Homeopathy International 1 6 years ago

How to improve resistance
My daughter is 1 yr old. At the age of 6 months she had attack of bronchitis . At the age
cpratap68 2010-09-30
2   Homeopathy International 1 6 years ago

Dengue fever.
My 9yrs old niece has dengue fever ,it was started on Tuesday with 103f fever a/w chill. f
nikkikumar 2010-10-02
2   Homeopathy International 1 6 years ago

I need your help once again Dr. Joe
Just posted on an old thread of mine for the same problems/symptoms. Please help! http
lownskater52 2010-10-02
1   Homeopathy International 1 6 years ago

7year old with severe ezcema
I have a 7 year old who has severe ezcema itches un controllably at night , she is a stro
rakheemc 2010-09-28
2   rakheemc 6 years ago

Premeture Ejaculation.. Medicines not helping ...
Hello, I am a 27 years old , unmarried man. I was suffering from night fall and prematu
rakeshbaasu 2010-10-01
1   rakeshbaasu 6 years ago

Sex problem
I am 25 years unmarried boy. I am suffering from sexual weakness. My problem is Everyday
Fajji 2010-10-02
no replies yet

semen analysis
Dear Doctor, I am married for 3.5 years my age is 34 years,we are planning for a baby f
sencorg 2010-09-05
4   sencorg 6 years ago

Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome.....Remedy please
Dear All, I am 48 year old male from dehradun. Since, November 2009, I have been sufferin

thakur.praveen 2010-08-09
25   thakur.praveen 6 years ago

ITP - Advice Needed
I got diagnosed with ITP in May 2009 when my platelet count went as low as 2. I was adm
abuza 2010-10-02
no replies yet

recovering from nerve sheath tumor
Dear sir/madam, i am azhar from Chennai. i was operated for nerve sheath tumor on 2004
interactazhar 2010-07-06
9   interactazhar 6 years ago

How are Biochemic combinations made?
I have heard of homeopathy dilutions mixed together and sold in bio combinations otc, but
samur420 2010-10-02
no replies yet

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