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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Natrum phos 6X: Please see dr Kadwa
Dear doctor, My bother is suffering from acidity,... [LAST PAGE]
16ahila16:35 16 Sep 10 by ahila
acute utricaria
Im facing acute utricaria since last month...im a ...
1gowri15:04 16 Sep 10 by kadwa
5 yr old perfectionist/anxiety
We always thought he was just a needy child but si...
1Namieg15:00 16 Sep 10 by kadwa
Hi I am suffering from gout for almost a year. I ...
2vinny96114:54 16 Sep 10 by Joe De Livera
men problems
Dr. i am 28 years old, i have a problem with me, ...
0alex22211:00 16 Sep 10 by
child behaviour
can any body suggest some remedy to change nature ...
0njain45610:55 16 Sep 10 by
vocal cord dysfunction, female athlete
i am desperately seeking help for paradoxical voca...
1vaulter_110:14 16 Sep 10 by maheeru
low platelet count
I was suffering from fever before few days, presen...
11mguptapdil09:12 16 Sep 10 by samur420
Thyroid and Breastfeeding
I am nursing my baby and my thyroid really went. ...
1redlisa12307:33 16 Sep 10 by Joe De Livera
Molluscum Problem
Molluscum Problem I have a molluscum problem wh...
1druks04:50 16 Sep 10 by druks
Sameer, Please help digestion, anxiety,sexual issues
I am desperately missing my homeopathic doctor who... [LAST PAGE]
298plken04:05 16 Sep 10 by sameervermani
homeopathic overdose??
I love the Umcka cold and flu products! Since y...
0Aimee.k5503:46 16 Sep 10 by
hello guys there is lot of positive comments about...
1DRIVER02:11 16 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
After 1st wet dose of arnica 6c severe itching
After first dsoe of arnica 6c and sprayed the di...
12rakheemc01:53 16 Sep 10 by rakheemc
LM Potency Article
Article on learning the LM potency. http://sim...
2Homeopathy International 101:04 16 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
How is Similimum decided?
Hello to all Homeopathy Expert doctors, Can you te...
1samur42000:57 16 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
need help: sepia potency?
I have recently, in a short period of time, remarr...
1azhan00:57 16 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
swollen foreskin
foreskin is swollen and red on the tip of the peni...
7LUXHILD00:54 16 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
phimosis - tight foreskin... any help?
Hi, I've suffered with a relatively tight fo...
6maverick_uk00:54 16 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
Jewish With A Foreskin - Intactivism Among Jews in Israel and America. Intactivist Covenant Ceremonies - brit bli milah (covenant without circumcision), brit shalom (covenant of peace), brit shem (covenant of the name) or brit hayim (covenant of life).
Comments to a Jewish mother in the USA who is keep...
1Homeopathy International 100:52 16 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
What is the Foreskin?
What is the Foreskin? A Homeopathic Perspe...
0Homeopathy International 100:48 16 Sep 10 by
stomach dull pain, acidity, bloating, burping,
Hi, I am a 50 years old female, it's about a ...
10saghi19:25 15 Sep 10 by saghi
Similimum Query (book) for different remedies.
I have read that the remedies of Homeopathy acts w...
1samur42019:18 15 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
I am 54 yr.s old been with 1 man since high school...
6mhartman16:56 15 Sep 10 by mhartman
Hello Im sitting in my office morethen 8 hrs ...
8sharaz19116:43 15 Sep 10 by sharaz191
Immunity of my child
I am here with a problem which is releated to the ...
1sandeepmahajan13:46 15 Sep 10 by Dr. Rakesh Km Lko
My daughter is 10 years old, she gets wheezing on ... [LAST PAGE]
61sun_pathak13:40 15 Sep 10 by sun_pathak
25 years old .. past history of chronic masturbati...
1mr.sr13:16 15 Sep 10 by vambo
Nose block - Pankaj can you please help me
Dr.Deoshlok doesn't seems to be responding. ...
2davispallipat13:14 15 Sep 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
Pain in the thigh, leg, arms and body with low sex drive
Sir, I am 35yrs of age,65 kgs in weight, marrie...
2Rahul3511:29 15 Sep 10 by Rahul35
Nose block
I have been having nose block since the last few m...
7davispallipat06:04 15 Sep 10 by davispallipat
Gastroeasophageal reflux disease
1. Age-52, Sex-F,Wt-72, Ht-5'3' 2.I am s...
7kajal2203:24 15 Sep 10 by kajal22
Needed advice from Homeopath
Hi, I'm 24 year old female. I suffer f...
1ophelia15701:39 15 Sep 10 by deoshlok
I was diagnosed years ago with the markers for na... [LAST PAGE]
19Speedylittleme00:25 15 Sep 10 by small-fry
Desperately in need of help
I'm a 52 year old female who has been sufferi... [LAST PAGE]
23tess125317:20 14 Sep 10 by tess1253
Psoriasis Herbal Treatment
Individuals with psoriasis may experience signif...
0dree1117:03 14 Sep 10 by
Psoriasis Herbal Treatment
Individuals with psoriasis may experience signif...
0dree1116:59 14 Sep 10 by
Lazy eye or Amblyopia
Is there any cure for Amblyopia or lazy eye, if di...
7inder_jeet15:12 14 Sep 10 by kadwa
Request help with below condition
Age: 29 Indian Height - 5 ft 6 in Weight - 98 K...
5narik15:11 14 Sep 10 by kadwa
Please help Dr..'s Sever case of ezcema and food allergies
My 7 year old daughter is severeley allergic to Pe...
0rakheemc15:09 14 Sep 10 by
Dear Sir how are you , Iam a male 36 years old A...
1mohanchandu14:37 14 Sep 10 by deoshlok
Hand Foot and Mouth Desease
My daughter 2 years 10 months got HFMD, she has 10...
2alinav14:35 14 Sep 10 by deoshlok
viral fever
please suggest some medicene for my brother male 4...
3andy_65_in14:01 14 Sep 10 by maheeru
Plz Only doctors and Heath experts reply to this post...i am very worry
Please doctors and Health expert reply to this pos...
1lakhani12:33 14 Sep 10 by lakhani
hair loss from scalp and eyebrows
Hi , im 25 yrs old , suffering from hair loss fr...
4koustav sen 10:10 14 Sep 10 by panku888
How to adjust homeopathic remedies...
People interested in learning how to use homeopath...
2Homeopathy International 108:11 14 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
Hahnemann's Lesser Writings
Are Hahnemann's lesser writings available on ...
11Homeopathy International 108:10 14 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
For those looking for Homeopathic First Aid
1Homeopathy International 108:07 14 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have a se...
2laks108 07:20 14 Sep 10 by Joe De Livera
Chronic Urticaria?
1. Developed nettle rashes on the top of back on t...
3nanskris06:56 14 Sep 10 by nanskris
Need the best books on Cell Salts.
Hi to all.. Can you please name the best books on ...
7samur42006:21 14 Sep 10 by samur420
Skin Specialist - Homeopath UK
Hi, I have tried various homeopathic doctors i...
2q198406:21 14 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
Hahnemann's Advanced Methods - Article
Another article of Interest from Hpathy com. This ...
3maya_hari06:07 14 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
Article on prognosis after observing the action of remedies-Dr.D.Sharma
External symptoms are the only guide in the treatm...
3deoshlok06:05 14 Sep 10 by Joe De Livera
does this case call for Arnica?
this is for my husband. male, 42 height: 5ft 11i... [LAST PAGE]
32dragonfly197604:46 14 Sep 10 by dragonfly1976
Dear Sir, I am suffering for azoospermia, pleas...
1lostlove 03:55 14 Sep 10 by lostlove
Severe Ezcema 7 year old
My 7 year old daughter is severeley allergic to Pe...
1rakheemc 02:08 14 Sep 10 by rakheemc
Boils! Help!
Over the past 9 months, I have developed an increa...
3magisole01:36 14 Sep 10 by nawazkhan
please see to it.....

[message deleted by venusonearth on Mon, 21 Fe...
2venusonearth01:07 14 Sep 10 by venusonearth
Natural, Holistic Doctors Reject Circumcision
'...the Creator must have bungled a good deal,...
6Homeopathy International 100:53 14 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
Radical Jewish Intactivism - Moral Reasons Israelis are Rejecting Bris, Brit Milah, Orthodox, Mitzvah, Mitzvot
Betty Katz-Sperlich is a Jewish woman living in Ne...
3Homeopathy International 100:50 14 Sep 10 by Homeopathy International 1
interrupted sleep with angry crying in baby
My 7 months old daughter is unable to go to sleep ... [LAST PAGE]
19caleda19:56 13 Sep 10 by silverback
Low sperm count and sluggish motility of sperm
My brother in law is having low sperm count and sl...
6doctordang19:07 13 Sep 10 by chriso
Remedy brought out symptoms
I have come to the realization that maybe I am no...
5SPbumps18:41 13 Sep 10 by SPbumps
Thanks to Dr Deoshlok, Dr Kadwa, Dr Maheeru, Dr John ,Dr Saravanan & Dr Murthy
A big shout out of THANKKKKSSS to all the DOCTORS ...
0samur42016:45 13 Sep 10 by
Body Pain without fever from last 6 yrs.
Hi, I have severe body pain like fever but I don&...
1feelgood615:01 13 Sep 10 by kadwa
plzzz help me..i am in great trouble
hi,i am sandip.i have taken hepatities b antidot b...
1sandip201014:44 13 Sep 10 by kadwa
Loose teeth, receded gums, falling out, age 60
My mother is 61. She has teeth very prominent and ...
8PZ18714:26 13 Sep 10 by kadwa
Psoriasis Herbal Treatment
Individuals with psoriasis may experience signif...
0dree1113:15 13 Sep 10 by
smelly/dark pubic area
I have smelly and dark pubic area. I have tried e...
0mwangangi10:36 13 Sep 10 by
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