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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Yeast Infection
Not having any luck finding a remedy for a female ...
1maltesemd08:50 07 Aug 09 by gracierobert23
behandlungfeigwarzen.de Genitalwarzen - Behandlun...
0Behandlungq08:47 07 Aug 09 by
My 3 yr old has a bad appetite
My son is 3.5 years old. He has a very poor appeti...
2HopenMinded06:43 07 Aug 09 by HopenMinded
enlarge stomach
My 7 years old son has slighly enlarged stomach ap...
1ravi205:23 07 Aug 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
pain during period
I am in 30s now.I have a head pain and joint of fi...
1kvelamuri05:19 07 Aug 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
senior citizen forum
Most body ailments begin at the 45-onwards, kindly...
0jinendra467904:13 07 Aug 09 by
wasp bite, infection left side of face
I think a wasp bit my left arm. I didn't see...
3elyse01:33 07 Aug 09 by kadwa
Comminuted Fracture of the Tibial Plateau
a weeks ago I suffered a Comminuted Fracture of th...
6TheFarmersWife01:32 07 Aug 09 by kadwa
please help stomach problems!!!!
Hi, I have had stomach problems for a while now, b... [LAST PAGE]
21roberta00:58 07 Aug 09 by roberta
103fever, kidney pain/discomfort, UTI,?
Sixteen days ago, I began a bit of menstrual spott...
4swhitney00:30 07 Aug 09 by susan whitney
sinus pressure around eyes and forehead, excessive mucous
I have been fighting sinusís for about 10 years no...
5new2thisgame00:20 07 Aug 09 by susan whitney
My 6yr old is angry a lot
My 6 year old daughter has serious bouts of anger....
2HopenMinded23:23 06 Aug 09 by HopenMinded
Acne Help
Hello. I am a 21 year old male who has been suf...
2fjklasjfeopw20:08 06 Aug 09 by fjklasjfeopw
weight gain and weakness
Hello Doctor! I'm 25 year old male! my hei...
8blackmounds 14:29 06 Aug 09 by blackmounds
Plz help me!!
I am a 20 year old girl. I got a pimple in my e...
4mitashi12:41 06 Aug 09 by mitashi
Homeopathic prophylaxis of candida during antibiotics cure?
It is well-known that a conventional antibiotics c...
0Denmark197512:38 06 Aug 09 by
A friend's son is experiencing post traumatic...
2seekinganswers12:33 06 Aug 09 by seekinganswers
Atten: Mr.Joe De Livera, Humble request for info on your work, Obesity & Natrum Phos.
Dear Mr.Joe De Livera I was going through sever...
0Starsolyjoy11:44 06 Aug 09 by
Hyper Acidity and Chest Pain
i am suffering from hyperacidity since last 4-5 ye...
12ravica11:16 06 Aug 09 by kapil01agrawal
Low blood pressure
Hi, I often suffer from low blood pressure afte...
2scorpio1611:07 06 Aug 09 by scorpio16
Vocal cord cyst/ polyp
I have developed a cyst/ polyp (canot differentiat...
0binu_india06:26 06 Aug 09 by
Whiney,angry,moody children
I have 3 young children. 1 is 6yrs old, 1 is 3.5yr...
4HopenMinded06:10 06 Aug 09 by HopenMinded
Help how to increase my height currently age 21 an...
227ea2705:20 06 Aug 09 by 27ea27
impotency feeling
hello, i m 30 years old married.i have genital pr...
5kashi22805:02 06 Aug 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
PC(pubococcygeus) muscle
Facing Urine dribling and premature ejaculation. ...
1tanveerawan01:01 06 Aug 09 by akshaymohl
I am curious to know if anyone in here has used L-...
0HopenMinded21:30 05 Aug 09 by
are nosodes safe?
if a person can't find a constitutional homeo...
0bocaburgler19:21 05 Aug 09 by
was the remedy right for me? now what?
HI! I took NAt Mur 6 days for my condition (anxi...
0tochka18:57 05 Aug 09 by
Type II Diabetes, Cholesterol & BP
Hi, Both my parents have Diabetes, Cholesterol ...
1mblakshmi17:12 05 Aug 09 by Dr. Rakesh Km Lko
Very Slim
Hello sir, i m 22n half yrs old.i m very slim my ...
4pretty.neil16:49 05 Aug 09 by pretty.neil
hair loss weight gain merina marina iud
I just saw all of the posts regarding merina and ...
9robin3014:11 05 Aug 09 by jlc825
Testiculer Failure
A male patient suffering from high level of FSH.a...
1mrbaig13:53 05 Aug 09 by rishimba
Does any of the homeopaths here provide private on...
1ss55513:42 05 Aug 09 by rishimba
Enlarge Prostate
Dear Joe Livera, I am 43, weight 70, height 170...
4Imtiyaz Ahmed13:25 05 Aug 09 by rishimba
Patient attention please....Dr. Mahfooz
Dear concerned, I wish to perform Umrah and pro...
11Mahfoozurrehman10:11 05 Aug 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
Hypereosinophilic syndrome
Any homeopathic treatment for hyper eosinophilia. ...
1akp4509:18 05 Aug 09 by kadwa
mouth pain from injection
Hi all, Yesterday, my daughter had some dental wo...
2kppy309:17 05 Aug 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
Chronic Duodenitis
Dear Esteemed Doctors of Homeopathy, I am a 36 ...
8jwood07:32 05 Aug 09 by rishimba
Lower Back Pain, Back Pain to 65 yr. old lady
Hello, this forum if about my grandmother, age: 65...
7snehitap06:33 05 Aug 09 by kadwa
Pilonidal Cyst
Hello My name is Ben and i have been diagnosed...
9witiben55 06:00 05 Aug 09 by kadwa
Question about wet dose
Perhaps a naive question. Let's say if I buy ...
1bom210505:56 05 Aug 09 by kadwa
ovarian cyst - pls dr joe de livera help me
ovarian cyst pls help me From awahid81 on 2009-0... [LAST PAGE]
16awahid8120:13 04 Aug 09 by rishimba
fenugreek t
Hi Guys. Can anyone tell me if they've tri...
3Sally76 18:32 04 Aug 09 by Sally76
Cure of low sperm count and Eczima by Homeopathic!
Dear Doctors, i have total 1M/ml sperm count also...
2jimourya 17:39 04 Aug 09 by malik101
Dear Dr.Niel Recently I met an old friend of mi...
2spark230616:36 04 Aug 09 by vikas_grower
Excess of gastric
Hi, Since my child hood i have excess of gastric ...
7rohit030214:42 04 Aug 09 by rishimba
low b.p - need help
I am Shweta, 25 yrs old, I am feeling pain in left...
1shweta g11:10 04 Aug 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
painful menstruation
I am 25yr suffering from painful menstruation. Dur...
2shanti32110:46 04 Aug 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
Dear Dr. Mahfooz May Allah accept your Umrah. As...
4mateen10:30 04 Aug 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
pay attention please help
i ordered medcinie silicea 6c and 200c 8 days be...
0miam8910:08 04 Aug 09 by
dr. sameer help.... low bp
I am Shweta, 25 yrs old, I am feeling pain in left...
0shweta g10:03 04 Aug 09 by
Severe weight loss after Chemotherapy
Hello, My mom had a chemotherapy following a mass...
4sarao08:34 04 Aug 09 by kadwa
severe ganglion
sir,I had ganglion on back of my right hand 3 year...
1moneyvirk06:24 04 Aug 09 by kadwa
is theany medicine in homeopathy which can give in...
0dmtechddn04:03 04 Aug 09 by
Attn. Dr. Neil Madhawan : for my son
Dr. Niel, as you had suggested, I am starting a se... [LAST PAGE]
15mom_two03:09 04 Aug 09 by mom_two
calcarea after lyco
friends, can i give calcarea after lycopodium ... [LAST PAGE]
19pcthahir23:16 03 Aug 09 by pcthahir
psorinum after calcarea
friends, can i give psorinum after calcarea ca...
0pcthahir22:49 03 Aug 09 by
36 year old-extended belley- married wants to be father help please.
hello all members firstly i appreciate all the do...
hearing loss
Almost 8 years back I hearing loss in my letf year...
0dspuri18:13 03 Aug 09 by
PCOS - fertility treatment guidance
Hi there. I am 24 years old and have been diagnos...
4fireball1984 17:14 03 Aug 09 by faisal qureshi
Acute Thigh Pain
Today, I saw a 6-year-old child with severe rig...
0Dr. Rakesh Km Lko17:13 03 Aug 09 by
Burning scalp pain and hair loss
I am a 33 year old female and have been experienci...
3briggscreek17:11 03 Aug 09 by faisal qureshi
Since 2 years. spot on my undergarments when low e...
1john_paul 13:52 03 Aug 09 by john_paul
Resp Doctors, Ozone therapy in Homeopathy- Your opinions- experience.
Resp Doctors, I invite and request your valuable ...
1Starsolyjoy13:00 03 Aug 09 by Starsolyjoy
Cure of low sperm count and Ezima by Homeopathic
Dear Doctors, i have total 1M/ml sperm count.befo...
0jimourya12:11 03 Aug 09 by
Cure of low sperm count in Homeopathic
i have total 1M/ml sperm count.before one year i h...
0jimourya12:07 03 Aug 09 by
Cure of low sperm count by Homeopathic
i have total 1M/ml sperm count.before one year i h...
0jimourya 12:04 03 Aug 09 by
remedy for fatty liver
Please help me to cure my husband's fatty liv...
5nidhisethi08:46 03 Aug 09 by kadwa
Mother having a cough allergy..pls help
Hello Doc My mother having a cough allergy fr...
1amitymahajan06:12 03 Aug 09 by kadwa
social pobia with mild tremour
sir, i ve fear that going attent the higher offici...
8krikardanu06:04 03 Aug 09 by kadwa
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