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Herpes-Zoster in Trigeminal Nerve
Hi there, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I've suffe
maddie37 2009-10-24
3   maddie37 7 years ago

Klienfelter's Syndrome
My husband has been diagnosed with this today. He has no sperm in his semen and low testo
Naturalmom 2009-10-23
3   rishimba 7 years ago

This is the only problem causing so many boys/gents going crazy. As i came to know throug
trilok kumar 2009-10-27
no replies yet

Gall bladder problems
I have 3 stones in my GB which sizes are 6mm.I dont want to lost my GB.Plz help me out of
Rudaba 2009-10-26
1   Reva V 7 years ago

4 month son has eczema
my 4 month old son has eczema and itching.he itches all over his and stamoch.also he str
girl 123 2009-10-26
1   Reva V 7 years ago

Adult recurring right ear infection
41 yr old with recurring right ear infection . First ocurred several years ago with a ser
sam_sam 2006-08-24
2   EddyEdwards 7 years ago

Hairloss and skin problems in Female
Hi, I am a 28yrs old female who had one year back given birth to a baby. After 3 months of
angola_cg 2009-10-26
2   Reva V 7 years ago

How to improve attentiveness?
Hi, My 7 yr old son is a, happy friendly and chatty boy. He is obedient and enjoys out
homeo12242 2009-09-12
9   akshaymohl 7 years ago

Doctor's help needed - sexual problems
Hello Doctor, I'm 25 yrs old male with 68 kgs weight and 5'9 inch height. I ha
sureshyy 2009-09-17
12   akshaymohl 7 years ago

sabel, onosmodium, lecithin
hi, i am 19 yrs old and was very upset because of my little breast development. I searched
sara8881 2009-10-26
1   akshaymohl 7 years ago

Blood pressure, slow urine and pain in joints/tendons.
Dear Esteemed Doctors, I am a 43 years old male, 5ft 7in tall, 72 Kilos, in need of hel
sickwife 2009-10-25
2   sickwife 7 years ago

37 Year old wife with Nephrotic Syndrome
Dear Esteemed Doctors, My wife is suffering from this serious problem. As I am posted i
sickwife 2009-10-25
3   sickwife 7 years ago

Very typical Stomach problem( Dr.Mahfoozurrehman--plz help)
Dear Dr.Mahfooz, As i work in shifts.so my time of going to motion is altered.. Due to
mukeshkeshav 2009-10-26
no replies yet

Need help digestive problems and muscle tenderness
Hello Dr. Sameer, I've read posts on the website and am intrigued by your homeopathi
Dragons4Life 2009-10-26
no replies yet

BoooBooo : Sore Throat Remedies
Causes of Sore Throat Though there are so many causes as described below, climate change
booobooo 2009-10-25
2   booobooo 7 years ago

gall bladder problem
Last year in june,i had multi-stones in gall bladder. I took natural way of treatment;

ashfaq 2006-06-19
19   Rudaba 7 years ago

J H clarke repertory
Can any doc. tell me how useful is Clinical Repertory by J H clarke.
gopal18 2009-10-22
1   drlkumar 7 years ago

help anal abcess
i had abcess and it drained and then had fistula for about a year till i started taking s
sar792 2009-10-26
no replies yet

how to keep our skin healthy & wealthy
please let me know how to keep our skin young and shiny (especially face)what are the natu
trilok kumar 2009-10-26
no replies yet

pain and burning while passing stools..
Sir.. i am 21 year old male... i am thin lean.. for the past two weeks..i am having t
mysticriver2003 2009-10-26
2   mysticriver2003 7 years ago

Sebaceous cyst
I have a cyst on my scalp and I would like to know what methods are available. I'm 30
Jorace 2009-10-23
2   Jorace 7 years ago

Glands/tumor in the Breast Area
Please advise homoepathic remedy to avoid/treat Gland/tumor formations around breasts. Las
rsingh5 2009-10-19
5   rsingh5 7 years ago

Gastric ulcer and bitter taste of tongue
My wife has a gastric ulcer. I got pain after one month or little more at her stomach, she
ponroof 2009-10-21
1   kadwa 7 years ago

What is Rosacea?
More than 14 million people in North America have rosacea , a chronic skin condition. Wom
happyallthelife 2009-10-26
no replies yet

Niel help Thyroid,Menses Irregular,Fertility
Dear Niel, Please Suggest a remedy for my friends Spouse. 1.Describe all your prob
homeopatient001 2009-10-13
9   homeopatient001 7 years ago

sm red vein in sclera
hi, i was hit in the left eye about 12 years. There is now a small red vein that is reall
bruceswife 2009-10-21
2   bruceswife 7 years ago

high bp
please help me i am 44yrs male having high bp (160/100) taking alopathic medichine 2wice a
onlyme2 2009-10-08
6   onlyme2 7 years ago

Help with baby Diarrhea + Cough
My 1 year old son is suffering from a horrible cough that is going around. Worse at night
mamagee 2009-10-25
4   mamagee 7 years ago

nasal polyps
hi! i am bhati,male/24 age.i am suffering from nasal polyps(both left &right nose) fro
bhati 2009-10-14
5   bhati 7 years ago

overflow tearing
my child is 3years old. He has problem with overflow tearing since his birth. Sometiems he
archanashankar 2009-10-25
no replies yet

booobooo 2009-10-25
no replies yet

BoooBooo : Inflamation Of Testicles (Orchitis) Problems & Remedies
Orchitis is an inflammation of one or both of the testicles, often caused by infection. Or
booobooo 2009-10-25
no replies yet

BoooBooo : Low Blood Pressure Problems & Remedies
Low blood pressure is an abnormal condition where a person's blood pressure (the pres
booobooo 2009-10-25
no replies yet

BoooBooo : Gastric Problems & Remedies : Dyspepsia, Flatulance, Indigestion, Acidity
Homeopathic Medicines & Treatment for Gastric Disorders # Nux vomica is a remedy
booobooo 2009-10-25
no replies yet

Depression+digestion problem+Tonsils
am 39 years old and having a deprssion symton for a long time.In my depression conditio
tmtmkhan 2009-10-24
4   Reva V 7 years ago

Stammering-Pls Help
I am having stammering problem since childhood,i am now 32 yrs old from punjab,i am taking
patient615 2009-10-22
5   akshaymohl 7 years ago

10m, low-50m, high
Dear Member. I want your opinion about a case that has been responding to doses of the 10M
Albert 2009-10-25
no replies yet

best regards to all doctors. i've so many and much visible vains on my both hands. c
techno 2009-10-24
2   akshaymohl 7 years ago

Eye Vision Problem
I am 40 Years old and now days I cannot read properly I can see things and letters which i
vettath 2009-08-22
1   Reva V 7 years ago

eye pain,strabismus, left eye turned toward nose,convergent
Please help me doctors, iam a 24years a college student,i used to study a lot,now i gets
Madan 2009-09-14
1   Reva V 7 years ago

nightfall problem
I am suffering from nightfall for the last 5 years .It occurs 3 to 4 times in fortnight .p
singhricky 2009-09-14
3   Reva V 7 years ago

general weakness
Sir, please suggest me something for general weakness , i am so weak that doing little wor
alimaaz 2009-10-23
2   Reva V 7 years ago

Please Help Me
I want to get advice about my fatherís illness. He is 65 Year old; His Right 9th 10th Nerv
gurninderbhalla 2009-09-15
2   Reva V 7 years ago

how to use antidote
i want to use antidote, but dont know how. how many doses of antidote should be taken.
sadwife 2009-10-24
no replies yet

Premature Grey Hair, Hair Thinning
My Husband is 42yo. His hair started greying when he was 27yo. Now his hair is thinning es
winuby 2009-10-24
1   Reva V 7 years ago

Cerebral Palcy (CP )
I am having Two Kids. Both of them are suffering from CP becasue of Galactosemia. Their IQ
jainam 2009-10-24
no replies yet

My son who is 14years of age needs to gain height. He is shortest in his class at 154cms.H
balmeet 2009-10-24
1   akshaymohl 7 years ago

Dr Mehfooz, Plz Help
I am KAZ . , 31 year old, Married male, I was given Acid - Phosph 1M or Phos acid by a
kazkaz 2009-10-24
no replies yet

My 4yo son has bad hayfever and rhinitis . Blocked nose either runny, crusty or sno
winuby 2009-10-24
2   winuby 7 years ago

Toddler in ear pain
My 19 month old son is pulling and digging at his left ear. The ear is red and he cries if
amiebeth01 2009-10-23
1   rishimba 7 years ago

adeno carcinoma , needs suggestion, any exprienced homeopath?
Patient ID: Sex:Male Age:55 Nature of work:House worker, Patients sufferings are des
kamrul 2009-10-24
no replies yet

Dr. sammer , dr. deoslok or any other?
I have a question- 1.Do homeopathic medicine act after using higher potencies of a medici
alamreza 2009-10-24
no replies yet

Chikungunya & Homeopathy
HOMEOPATHY & CHIKUNGUNYA Ė SUCCESS STORY The history of my dadís chikungunya atta
prajeev 2009-10-23
no replies yet

sulfar30 and200
sulfar30 and200 From dear sir i took alfar 30 for 3 times and followed by 1m one time, b
shaheenkhan 2009-10-23
no replies yet

Flu Prevention - when someone in your home has the flu
My sister is taking Oscillococcinum , but I feel there is no way to avoid her germs. Wha
LilyMom 2009-10-20
2   maheeru 7 years ago

Recurring ear and skin infections in dog
My German Shepherd gets very frequent ear and skin infections. She has a hearty appeti
ibelieve 2009-10-21
1   maheeru 7 years ago

burning feet ps: thank you!
PS. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!!
BURNINGFEET 2009-10-22
3   akshaymohl 7 years ago

Hi Dr I am 24 years. From past 2 or 3 months my left side chest became little hard and
bodybuilder 2009-10-23
1   bodybuilder 7 years ago

attn dr. mehfooz ur rehman
Salam sir

my name is waqas from pak.
i am 27 year
asimattar 2009-10-12
7   Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago

niel pls respond
Dear all, I am sending my wives answers to standard Questionnaire.Please Advice. 1

homeopathylover 2009-09-04
15   homeopathylover 7 years ago

thin penis
hello doctor Mahfooz, hope you doing well. i am 27 years old boy. my penis is very small
nice_ghost 2009-10-22
6   nice_ghost 7 years ago

Homeopathy - Side Effects ???
Hello I am curious to know if homeopathy has any side effects for chronic diseases ..
nsashu 2009-10-22
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Constitutional remedy brings success for genital herpes for 15 years before becoming antidoted.
I am a 57-year-old male who contracted genital herpes 30 years ago and suffered outbreak

Zorax 2005-11-15
14   ooand 7 years ago

C after LM
Friends, can i administer 1M after LM 0/3? are there patients who respond better to C pote
pcthahir 2009-10-22
no replies yet

Please help !! Herniated disc
Hello all, I am from Bombay, India. I have been having lower back pain for a while
masteroros 2009-10-21
6   sahai 7 years ago

My daughter has been suffering from a fissure since the birth of her daughter almost one y
ktolleson 2007-08-30
3   romyatul 7 years ago

Genital herpes treatments and signs
Possible treatments eastern western oral topologically or spiritual. Meds pills snake oil
Ryansy 2009-10-22
no replies yet

atopic dermatitis.
4 year old girl.Diagnosed with atopic dermatitis since one and half years. Shifted to ba
drmadhumati 2009-10-21
2   drmadhumati 7 years ago

Jaborandi -q and Jaborandi extract
can someone pls tell if Jaborandi -q (mother tincture) is same as Jaborandi exttract..i
Tommys 2009-10-22
no replies yet

Hormonal Imbalance
I want to know that, is there any medicine to cure hyperthyroidism and decreased testoster
Parimal_N 2009-10-19
1   Parimal_N 7 years ago

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