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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Serious malacious attack on homeopathy.
Dear friends a group of motivated scientiest has r...
7Dr.Haran ch malaker08:09 04 Sep 09 by Dr.Haran ch malaker
18 year old daughter, stubborn and learning delayed
Hello. I have an 18 year old daughter who is very...
1Giggle-Ma07:30 04 Sep 09 by rishimba
Saw Palmetto/ mid cycle spotting?
I am a 36 year old female who has recently started...
0rsps12300:46 04 Sep 09 by
Increasing Musle Tone after 40
Hi, I am 40 years, Female, and have always like...
1yatri22:05 03 Sep 09 by yatri
all senior homeopath
My question to all senior Homeopaths and professio...
2mrbaig18:58 03 Sep 09 by maheeru
can you pls help me??
can homeopathic help be given to someone who has a...
3oreo117:28 03 Sep 09 by M&M+3
Hepatits B
I have chronic hepatitis B which was detected a ye...
1alauddinfaizi15:40 03 Sep 09 by kadwa
Dr.mahfuz, sharma, walkin any one can prescribe this complicated case,Chr,miasmatic case.
Patient ID: Sex:Male Age:33 Nature of work: Habits... [LAST PAGE]
16alamreza14:14 03 Sep 09 by vikas_grower
polycystic kidney disease
Dear Dr, Can you study my case on polycystic kidn...
0bolu00713:21 03 Sep 09 by
left kidney pain
since 6 years before my younger brother felt left ... [LAST PAGE]
13honey63510:42 03 Sep 09 by kadwa
for 3yrss old autistic person
My daughter is autistic.she is not verbal,immtates...
7magikpearl09:57 03 Sep 09 by rishimba
Female experiencing hair loss at age 27
I have always had very thick thick hair and sudden...
8Caliny22209:25 03 Sep 09 by jos27
Dr. Sameer Vermani... Chest congestion for my daughter/ 11 years
My Daughter is currently 11 years old. She had fir...
6sanjay.goyal08:49 03 Sep 09 by sanjay.goyal
Toddler urination on bed
My son 2.5 years old, almost every night wets his ...
3kkhalid08:40 03 Sep 09 by kadwa
Homeopathic question???
M0edicines under rubric Urination amelioration=...
0alamreza08:20 03 Sep 09 by
Body Ache/Exhaustion
This is for a friend. He traveled to USA for a ...
6new2town07:30 03 Sep 09 by new2town
Pain in Rectum
Ive severe pain in rectum. There is swelling inner...
3Hasnain04:03 03 Sep 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
anticipatory grief
I have been living with my parents for the last 3 ...
1LOISD01:08 03 Sep 09 by akshaymohl
Is Nutrisystem Food As Bad as It Looks?
Can anyone tell me that??? I got encouraged by ...
0divadeluxe1122:34 02 Sep 09 by
Cat Stressed
I have a 4 year old female cat, she is fixed and i...
2sumobitz 17:58 02 Sep 09 by sumobitz
swin flu with H1N1 virus
Sir Influenza is not a new disease. What is n...
1mazharmhm17:02 02 Sep 09 by mazharmhm
Eczema,Allergy,sleep disturbance
Hi does anyone know of a good homeopath in london/...
1ZHWmom16:55 02 Sep 09 by ZHWmom
Side Effects of inhaled STERIODS
can someone please suggest a remedy to help my son...
0mullek7916:50 02 Sep 09 by
18 month old early waking
my 18 month old has been waking between 4-5am ever...
2mullek7916:43 02 Sep 09 by mullek79
Preventative medicines for flu ?
Dear All, I was sent this prescription from a f...
11mimo2816:17 02 Sep 09 by maheeru
Problem is Deep sleep
I am not sleepy all the day but when i go to bed I...
3jhon3715:47 02 Sep 09 by kadwa
septoplasty neil please respond
Dear all, I have undergone septoplasty before 4...
1homeopatient00115:28 02 Sep 09 by homeopatient001
Boil - I am very desperate, please help
I posted a cry for help because I have a boil that...
5parfait 15:25 02 Sep 09 by parfait
Can I get rid of my allergic asthma?
Can I get rid of my allergic asthma through home...
1amir12314:14 02 Sep 09 by kadwa
8-yr old has frequent urge to Urinate(not Diabetic)
Hi, My daughter who turned 8 this July is having ...
10mimo2812:43 02 Sep 09 by akshaymohl
My two children have both come down with vomiting ...
2cinnamon12:33 02 Sep 09 by cinnamon
Further, I forgot to mention that I occasionally h...
0POINT12:03 02 Sep 09 by
Brisbanehomeopath: Here is the case as we discussed
Age: 2.5 Sex: M Mentals ======== a) Extremel... [LAST PAGE]
24aske12311:52 02 Sep 09 by gavinimurthy
Dear Doctors, Can somebody help me in finding rem...
1Sumyog10:57 02 Sep 09 by rishimba
treatment for pms
I went for a homeopathy appointment last night. I ...
7kizzy09:27 02 Sep 09 by dawnydumps1
gastric problems
Dear Sir, Iam Affected with Gastrities from a ye...
1sinha.dhiraj08:54 02 Sep 09 by kadwa
Attn Dr Sameer - constitutional remedy
Appearance: My daughter has white skin, very f...
0antibero07:52 02 Sep 09 by
Hepatitis B - anyone Suggest Good Remedy???
My Mom is 45 years Old. She is suffering Hepatitis...
1clickint07:44 02 Sep 09 by kadwa
MBBS Homepath
Is there any Homepath on this forum having MBBS de... [LAST PAGE]
23mrbaig07:30 02 Sep 09 by mrbaig
intense irritation
I am a 21 years old girl. My problem is that I hav...
1pallvi puri06:53 02 Sep 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
CTS(carpel tunnel syndrome)
Hi I am deepika and my husband is suffering from... [LAST PAGE]
24deepika_7705:31 02 Sep 09 by drajay
pre mature ejculation
Dear Drs, I am having premature ejeculat...
0razashaikh200605:09 02 Sep 09 by
Hyper acidity
I am having Hyper acidity Age 34 years Sex Mal...
5venkateshwara04:21 02 Sep 09 by rishimba
psoriasis ( pls help)
Hello mazharmhm sir, Sorry for the late reply. H...
0khaja4hmpathy04:09 02 Sep 09 by
http://www.abchomeopathy.com/kits.php I am thin...
0new2town00:48 02 Sep 09 by
Using a Dream to make prescription
I get a cold every time one comes around Mucous t...
0brisbanehomoeopath23:27 01 Sep 09 by
Homoeopathic Case-taking (newer methods)
*New approaches to taking cases and analyzing them...
0brisbanehomoeopath22:17 01 Sep 09 by
The 10 Miasm System
One of the most contentious of our theories, one o... [LAST PAGE]
17brisbanehomoeopath22:00 01 Sep 09 by brisbanehomoeopath
H1N1 Virus / Swine Flu suggestions
Guidelines for treating A(H1N1) From mazharmhm on ... [LAST PAGE]
30 Years Man,having Premature ejuclation
Hello, I am suffering from Premature ejuclation ...
125000417:27 01 Sep 09 by Niel Madhavan
Hearing Loss
So for the past month, I've been suffering of...
1lovelesshearts 17:13 01 Sep 09 by Niel Madhavan
girl 2yo sleep problems
Hello, Please help with my 2yo daughter' s...
3antibero13:33 01 Sep 09 by rishimba
Help me find my constitutional remedy...Dr. deoshlok, Dr. Sameer, Rishi Mba.... please take out time to read and reply my post
1. What brings you to the forum? Describe all your...
1MSAS100713:31 01 Sep 09 by rishimba
Low Sperm Count, FSH slightly high, psoriasis
Hello, my husband is a healthy man with a VERY low...
3chilli 10:30 01 Sep 09 by drajay
Kadwa Update as Requested - Overweight Daughter
Hi, This is my original thread. http://www....
3EveningStar09:44 01 Sep 09 by kadwa
remedy(ies) for nervousness
Hi, I'm looking for remedies for stage fright...
1Duce911109:00 01 Sep 09 by Niel Madhavan
Questionnaire - Slightly revised
Hi Please find below a slightly revised questio...
2Niel Madhavan07:40 01 Sep 09 by Niel Madhavan
Renal Calculus
My mother has calculus of size around 2.25 CM in t...
1ravi207:14 01 Sep 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
Dr.Pankaj Verma,Dr.Mehfooz,Dr.Sameer,Dr Deoshlok : Help regarding Cavities
Hi All Doctors, I have some cavity and had rece...
4SameulK07:08 01 Sep 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
Remedy for Herpes Simplex Mouth Infection?
Hi, Myself and my three kids suffer from infect...
2mimo2806:11 01 Sep 09 by mimo28
Gray hair
hi, I am 32 and have a lot of gray hair. what is...
6SmeetaM05:44 01 Sep 09 by reena.mukesh
I've tried Thuja as recommended by my reper...
10jim hebert02:37 01 Sep 09 by jim hebert
Grabbed by an unseen hand (a tale of Sciatica)
Female Patient Presenting Symptoms Sciat...
3brisbanehomoeopath20:02 31 Aug 09 by sarup
Liver Cirrhosis and Ascitic Fluid accumulation
My father (age 76 yrs) is suffering from liver cir...
1vaibhav_s13:49 31 Aug 09 by kadwa
Diabeties in pets...
Hello sir, Like homeopathy used for Humans. Can... [LAST PAGE]
56anshulstar200013:46 31 Aug 09 by kadwa
Feeling disconnected
Hello,i have been suffering with feeling disconnec...
9june6313:43 31 Aug 09 by priyanka sharma
silicea 200c help!
is it correct to take 3 doses of silicea 200c at...
1miam8913:38 31 Aug 09 by kadwa
plz some one help me
Varun -> 29 yr-> male -> ,un married -&g...
3sandy2212:53 31 Aug 09 by priyanka sharma
Pregnant with cough/cold
I am 33 weeks pregnant and have caught a virus fro...
1mullek7910:53 31 Aug 09 by mullek79
hello dr. sameer Sir iam a fem...
11mini2709:10 31 Aug 09 by mini27
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