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I need help Dr.Mahfooz or any Good Dr.plaz
I m 29 year old I m married man.I have big problem .I m suffring from erection and pain wh
syedrehan 2008-04-04
12   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

anal fistula
The surgeons say that I need a surgery for a anal fistula. I have been taking silica for 5
adriana 2008-04-06
5   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Bright yellow vomit?
Hi,My 9 year old daughter got sick in the morning a couple of weeks ago. She felt very hot

israr106h 2005-02-13
17   bitblue last decade

blood vaccine
my family dr is a homeopath dr and practices the huneken therapy. he has in tha past givin
littlecards 2008-04-07
no replies yet

body colour different from face
my back nape of the neck and stomach colour is different from other part of the body
sarasara 2008-04-07
no replies yet

Introduce with 'rvita'
When going the alternative medicine route one is often left to research and experiment to
layla111 2008-04-07
no replies yet

How to reduce high Uric Acid & reduce pain in joints?
I am a 45 years old Yoga teacher. I used to eat a lot of animals product. My uric acid lev
subrata2008 2008-04-06
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Info on remedy, please
Hello ~ I'd like to know if there is any difference between the remedies Tuberculinu
Courageous 2008-04-05
2   Courageous last decade

mdmm55 - severe tn
Re: Severe trigeminal neuralgia From mdmm55 on 2008-03-23 Thank you very much for nice he
PANKAJ VARMA 2008-03-24
8   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

seeking help
I am a 37 years old male and i am a habitual smoker I smoke about 20 cigerettes a day and
bravip 2008-04-06
7   bravip last decade

lachesis and speech
A person tried lachesis 200 single dose(not for speech)and found that he could speak with
hisam 2008-04-07
1   rishimba last decade

teuricum marum verum dosage
I have recurrent nsal polyps and have been advised to take teuricum marum verum in tinctur
Bekon 2008-04-05
2   hisam last decade

seborrheic dermatitis
I have been having S.B. for about 2.5 years and I have lost more than half of my hair beca
petruska1 2008-04-06
1   rishimba last decade

If I take Acid Phos 30c with Magn Phos 30c
Dear Friends and Doctors Can I combine Acid Phos 30c with Magn Phos 30 and no problem ? I
m_khan 2008-04-07
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

panic attack, anxiety and depression
hi since i am a recluse i generally try to avoid interacting with people.And at times i f
gizmo_6k 2008-04-06
2   rishimba last decade

Since having babies not loosing weight- HELP.
I am not able to loose weight. This is my main complaint. Two years ago I got pregnant.
nikaogirl 2008-03-22
7   nikaogirl last decade

high cholesterol
I am studying homeopathy and one of my assignments involves researching 3 remedies used fo
vippi 2008-04-06
2   hisam last decade

Ars Alb Vs Natrum Mur which one?
Hi, I am 36 yrs of age. I am suffering from depression from last 3 years. I think the symp
laxmeshdh 2007-03-09
10   hisam last decade

Dark Black Circle Around eyes speading to wards face.
Dear Dr. I am looking at my face I observed that Dark Black Circle Around eyes speading t
msbaig 2008-04-02
9   msbaig last decade

For Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Cerebral Atrophy: Expansion (Dilatatation)of cerebral brain is taking place I am using Arn
zapak69 2008-04-06
no replies yet

Heart burn
I suffer from heart burn the burning is in the stomach as well as in the center of throat
singh49 2008-04-04
4   Dr Tahira last decade

Dr. Andheri West
Dear Dr. Do you know any experienced Dr Andheri (West) Mumbai. Please reply.
msbaig 2008-04-06
2   msbaig last decade

discuss the new style of clothes in 2008
From this website, you can see a lot of brand goods. This company can supply many brand of
Nancyabc 2008-04-06
no replies yet

extended use of Sulphur C30
I am using sulphur C30 , 3 tablets twice a day for 2 months for acne with good results. Co
ph1950 2008-04-06
1   Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade

Facial Keloid
Are there any effective remedies for facial keloids ?
ZZZdan 2008-02-13
4   Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade

Strep Throat
Hi, I am pretty sure I have strep throat. I had it once before almost exactly a year ago.
AmyJS 2008-04-06
3   AmyJS last decade

cold, constipation and pimples
sir, U didnt respond to any of my querries..elaborating more whwever i take curd or anythi
jnseagull 2008-04-01
4   jnseagull last decade

Block Nose
Attention Dr. RishiMBA and Dr. Mahfooz. For my wife blocking nose I gave NUX VOM 200 last
m_khan 2008-04-05
1   rishimba last decade

Brain Fog
A month ago I was smoking marijuana and had a very paranoid trip. In the morning I woke up
jds0721 2008-04-05
1   rishimba last decade

ToDr Rishimbha
please take two doses of SEPIA 200C ( 4 hours apart ) on every sunday for two months. on
renns214 2008-04-05
1   rishimba last decade

Flatulence with Smell and Bloating (long term-very embarrassing)
I have had a problem with gas almost my whole life (i am 17 now and it started about 5th g
back2square1 2008-04-06
1   rishimba last decade

aur's address
For my reference. 22 Rajarathnam St., Madras, India 600 010. Murthy
gavinimurthy 2008-04-04
8   msbaig last decade

Heart issue
Hi , my name is stephane. I have been dealing with chest pain for at least 6 months , now.
stephbigs 2008-04-04
11   stephbigs last decade

Obese, stressed, angry, pmt, no motivation
Hi, 32yr old mother of two toddlers. I am 6 stone overweight and have tried so many diets
mkbswimstar 2008-04-01
2   dragonsaur last decade

Leber or Miticondriale disease or Vaculite
Hi, I'm Barbara and my husband became blind for a year. We have consulted a lot of do
degclemman 2008-04-05
no replies yet

Foot drop
Common peronial nerve is damagged is there any nerve recovery due to traction injury to
kkalyan 2008-04-05
no replies yet

diabetic foot ulcer
77 yr old man Type 2 Diabetes In hospital has foot ulcer on right heel 4cm wide and it is
margie123 2008-04-05
1   last decade

New to homeopathy...8yo son on hyoscyamus
My son is 8 he has Apraxia and ADHD combined type. We tried meds for a while and he had to
cf7997 2008-04-05
5   sameervermani last decade

Antibiotics Against My Remedy?
hello! i have been taking homeopathic remedies for some three months now for dealing with
koops 2008-04-05
3   srisri last decade

5 years chronic urticaria
Hi.... I suffering from chronic urticaria for over 5 years. I have been using cetirizine
ArunBhardwaj 2008-04-05
2   kadwa last decade

SInus - Facial Pain & Pressure- Forehead, Behind Nose... HELP
Hi There I have so much facial pain and am finding it very hard to cope. Have had scans w
fairyloveheart 2008-04-05
2   rishimba last decade

Hand-Foot-Mouth disease
Hi. My 10 month old baby has Hand Foot Mouth disease and he is refusing to drink and to ea
kkvelazquez 2008-04-05
2   Dr Tahira last decade

black spots under lips and eyes
Black spot under eyes,lips and besides nose. My skin is very dry. so which medicine is sui
kumar574 2008-04-04
1   faisal qureshi last decade

swelling feet,ankle eczema,knee arthritis,constipation
sir, experiencing swelling of feet for last six months with some pain when touched only, s
kshantaram 2008-04-04
1   faisal qureshi last decade

help me
45 yrs usually took medicines to cure ED like lyco agnus shilajit gold etc all patented(ho
rchoudhary 2008-04-05
no replies yet

seeking remedy for my daughter
I have been seeing a homeopath for about a year and a half for my daughter, and have yet n
aespeck 2008-04-05
2   rishimba last decade

Anger and temper tantrums
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can advice me on this. I have a 20 months old who has some
Pavlina 2008-04-05
2   Pavlina last decade

calcarea carbonica 1M
Hi All, My 2 year old was given Calc 1M as his const remedy back in early Dec and althoug
JMalik 2008-04-04
6   srisri last decade

how to increase penis naturally
hello, I just wanted to find out how to increase your penis naturally. I wanna make it thi
rrs797 2008-04-01
3   lving last decade

For Breast size
Dear Sir, I also want to increase my breast size. I consulted my homeopathic doctor for th

aradhna 2008-03-25
13   lving last decade

Acne Scars
Hello, I have been suffering from the physical and emotional effects of acne scars on my
acnescars 2008-04-04
no replies yet

Body odor from scalp from Candida
I also have body odor from Candida as mentioned by a previous person on 1-11-08 I have had
jackieinohio 2008-04-04
2   tendercity73 last decade

Lower left arm fibroma
I have a fibroma on my lower left arm, 2cm by 2cm. Its been there for a couple of years an
jimbo1 2008-04-04
2   jimbo1 last decade

stifness of pennis
dear doctor due to long time masterbution now i feel so much pain in my pennis especially
yaqeen 2008-04-04
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

medicine to bolster immune system
I got hep B attack. It recovered automatically. But this attack affected my immune syste
samir50 2008-04-04
no replies yet

Copper, lead and arsenic removal
I just got my hair analysis report and found out I have excess of copper, arsenic and lead
godwilling 2006-05-23
1   Crimsoncloak last decade

which type of warts are these
Picture attached... Please suggest remedy as per local symptoms Appearance in childhood..
hisam 2008-02-27
9   hisam last decade

what is the reason for sudden increase of smegma in men? and whats the remedy?
bigthinker 2008-04-04
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Vaccination/Side effects/Antibodies/Homeopathic Vaccination/Nosodes
Hello everyone, After spending countless hours on vaccination & their side effects which h
omar08 2008-04-03
1   srisri last decade

Nux Vomica for dogs
Is Nux Vomica dangerous for dogs in a 30c dose? This is the only dose I could find on shor
artchic435 2008-04-03
1   srisri last decade

Is gelsemium CM the strongnest poetency for stage fright???
Is gelsemium CM the strongnest poetency for stage fright??? If not which one is,? Also
mossburn 2008-04-03
4   sameervermani last decade

14months with red patches
my 14months old girl has got red spots grupped together to form red patches.It looks like
kiki357 2008-04-02
1   Dr Kumar last decade

how can i increase my wife sex feeling plz help me
avinash2008 2008-03-22
4   lving last decade

Eye Floater / BP / Sugar Advice
I have floaters on my right eye for the past two years (PVD). It's giving lots of pro

scorpioncan 2008-01-16
32   scorpioncan last decade

Diabetic Retinopathy?
Any treatment cure is there for BDR in Homeopathy?
scorpioncan 2008-03-07
8   scorpioncan last decade

Carica P. side effects
Hi, My wife is 4 months pregnant and suffering from constant gas and bloating. A homeopath
new_to_hpathy 2008-04-03
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

House Fly : A vector
House Fly ( In the light of a Hadith) Sayings of Prophet (peace be upon Him) : If a fly
mazharmhm 2008-04-03
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Info about good Doctors in Bangalore regarding Hair Loss
Hi All, I am a 25 year male, working as a software engineer.I have been suffering from ahi
samarjit 2006-04-04
1   Dr Shalini last decade

Masturbation & brain and memroy effect
My symptoms are: 1.Lose of hair a lot 2.Pain in my knee, during sports 3.Memory not as goo
hitman23 2008-04-02
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

My toddler was speaking fluently until 2yrs and 9 months.However, one day he started stutt
fanah 2008-03-27
3   srisri last decade

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