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Murthy-bhai -- Do you feel homeopathy can help my toddler?
This post is about my toddler son. He is 18months old and refuses to eat. His weight is on
nineclouds 2007-09-04
8   josiewales last decade

displaced vertibre in back
Hello TO ALL,I seem to be posting all the time here, but because i have been telling famil
sonia- taylor 2005-12-02
12   abid ali last decade

hormones problem
my name is khalid and i m from karachi pakistan. my problem is that that i done the pabora
khalid afridi 2007-10-05
2   abid ali last decade

nose blocking at night and cant breath from nose
a few weaks ago my vain come blast in nose and prfuse bleeding start i went hospital and s
dr pervaz 2007-10-06
no replies yet

essential tremor
Can somebody recommend remedy for inherited essential tremor resistant to Zn? Belenki
vadimbele 2007-09-26
10   gavinimurthy last decade

Mix pellets with liquid
What is the amount of liquid one mixes in pellets ? I want to figure out $ for $ if I sho
pdbayarea 2007-10-05
1   gavinimurthy last decade

please help me........
I do Masturbation from 2 Years.I Feel very Weakness Due to masturbation.Pain in Knee Joint
Jamal 2007-10-04
5   akshaymohl last decade

Anxiety remedy? Staph? Ign? Other?
I'm not sure where to begin, I'm looking for a remedy for anxiety that I get fro

gtexas 2007-08-24
35   parachute last decade

Leg stiffness when walking or standing
Hi. I am a female in my mid 50's. I am having a problem with stiffness & paralys
spriff12 2007-10-05
4   spriff12 last decade

control your asthma
quelab22 2007-10-05
no replies yet

Passive-Aggressive Disorder
My boyfriend has passive-aggressive disorder with all of the signs that they commonly talk
cicka 2007-10-02
6   cicka last decade

SEX Problem
I am 27 M Weight-85,Height-5'6'. i am suffering from impotency. i loss sensation
anupam 2007-10-04
2   anupam last decade

hand tremors
70 year old male alcoholic(4 drinks per day) with hand tremors.
barb.chadha 2007-10-04
2   Rajendra last decade

how long to wait before taking remedy
i used an ointment with menthol a day and half ago. how long should i wait before using a
invincible 2007-10-04
1   Astra2012 last decade

hairloss due to Thyroid
Hello for the last 4 years I been suffering from hairloss. I suddenly discover that my th
lynetdia 2007-10-03
1   lynetdia last decade

Dear Doctor, I have been diagnosed recently with Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head -Stage

kenvalu 2007-09-27
13   Astra2012 last decade

Duchenne dystrophy
Day by day pelvic posture is going down. Also spinal cord is going to hyper shape. Age is
m.mazhar 2007-10-02
3   m.mazhar last decade

The daily use of iodized salt will it not lead to iodine proving ,any ideas to share
hisam 2007-10-04
1   gavinimurthy last decade

struggling to get up after nights sleep
i sleep about 8 hours each day but in the morning when my alarm goes on i struggle to wake
Wednesday 2007-10-04
1   rishimba last decade

White Spots on Nails
Hi, Just a general question. I have heard homeopaths asking patients about white spots o

RajanTX 2007-10-02
14   Rajendra last decade

Son's stuffed nose
I require help for my son's stuffed nose. He was having stuffed nose(quite less thoug

VAISHDW2 2007-09-30
14   gavinimurthy last decade

low hdl
Hi , My level of HDL is 23 which is very low. Please suggest some medicine for this. K
ksubrama 2007-10-04
no replies yet

anal mulipel fistula
hi i have mulipelanal fistula for long time and i also have ibs and rumotied arthrits i a
imran655 2007-09-30
5   imran655 last decade

What are the best remedies for a start up practice
Is there a list of the best remedies for a newly starting practice out there? I've se
Heruk 2007-10-04
no replies yet

No improvement even after rest and abstinence
I have posted several posts in this forum now I would like to mention my problems in a mor
Malhotra 2007-10-03
10   parachute last decade

Homeopathy along with allopath?
Can Argentum Nitricum be taken while taking allopathic medicines for other ailments?
sunriseandshine 2007-10-03
no replies yet

14 month old girl-mucous/fungal
At one year of age my daughter came down with an ear infection. SHe was put on a round of
lisamumto2 2007-09-27
10   kuldeep last decade

Neck and Left shoulder, arm pain
I have been having neck pain, left arm, shoulder pain, chest tightness. I had EKG, Stress
acfnks 2007-10-03
no replies yet

Asthma 3 year old
My son will 3 yeras old in another 2 months. He has Asthma and he is Inhaled steroids twic
abc_katu 2007-10-02
5   Astra2012 last decade

dosing again
I am also confused about when to dose again. My partner received Sulphur for his burning
mettagirl 2007-03-18
3   gavinimurthy last decade

How to take Gelsemium correctly
I decided to take Gelsemium for my stage freight and nervousness. It seems to be correct
flower8 2007-10-03
1   parachute last decade

Bradycardia-High BP-Bloated Abdomen & Constipation
Dear Doctors, I had my BP checked and found that it was 130/90 where earlier it was 120/8

pimathew 2007-08-06
48   pimathew last decade

Doctors,please give me the right advise(s)
In this forum I have already stated that around 10years I have done the evil act of self a
I am Dev 2007-10-03
1   I am Dev last decade

Acidity or what???
hi, I am feeling jalan since 1 month in upper abdomen.I feel weakness and tiredness whenev
abheshekk 2007-10-03
1   rishimba last decade

Dr Sajjad can you solve this problem
can anyone help me find out the solution of impotence (no sex desire) after using potassiu
johnzik 2007-09-23
3   johnzik last decade

White spots on lips,penis...PLEASE HELP
Hello doctors, I am 30 year old male having brown(wheetish) complexion.I have white s
kkstarun 2007-10-02
1   rishimba last decade

Re. breast increase....
I read the breast increase advice and it sounds exciting! I too have small breasts! But t
cicka 2007-10-02
4   gavinimurthy last decade

reaction to remedy or new symptom?
hi, i am taking a remedy and know that if a cold or sore throat comes on this is usually a
mollydalton 2007-10-02
1   rec65 last decade

please advise
male age 40yrs high cholesterol ldl 189 bp 130/80 muscular spams in legs and neck frequen
mycosmos113 2007-10-01
2   mycosmos113 last decade

Hair falling,... please help me....
I am stockholm, sweden. I arrived here last month. From my arrival my hair are falling con
muravian80 2007-10-02
2   tendercity73 last decade

graphites or silicea please??
hi, is silicea or graphites the one for a 2 year old with the back of his left ear like an
mollydalton 2007-10-02
no replies yet

Dear hon'ble doctor of this forum,i beg to request every body to please pay a kind at
Dr.Haran ch malaker 2007-10-01
2   faisal qureshi last decade

Small penis
I have masturbated for more than 10 yeras from 10 years of age and it has resulted small p
Malhotra 2007-10-02
no replies yet

Dr Sajjad Akram please help after using kali brom
here is the link, please go through and suggest any remedy plz. http://www.abchomeopathy.
johnzik 2007-10-01
4   akshaymohl last decade

Dog with Hernia & Lack of Appetite
Can I please have some remedy recommendations: German Shepherd pup Thin, boney Suppressed
Angeleen 2007-10-01
3   Angeleen last decade

Arnica V/s. Rhus Tox
PAIN AGGRAVATION in dampness or humid weather - Rhus Tox will be more suitable. When the
Rajendra 2007-09-29
1   kuldeep last decade

Dr Sajjad please help.
here is the link, please go through and suggest any remedy plz.
johnzik 2007-10-01
5   johnzik last decade

kali brom and impotence
can anyone help me find out the solution of impotence (no sex desire) after using potassiu

johnzik 2007-09-21
15   johnzik last decade

Stress is the cause
Every illness has its roots in stressStress is an invisible energetic connection with some
Alexthink 2005-11-21
4   Astra2012 last decade

doc pl help me to suggest any bach remedy for my hypertension???
leena123 2007-10-01
2   sthillaiyah last decade

Traumatic Masturbation Syndrome
I have done masturbaion for abut 15 years and sometimes I use to masturbate in face down r
vilaschakra 2007-10-01
1   akshaymohl last decade

Conjunctivitis - Remedy
hi Doctors, With the change in weather, conjunctivitis is spreading. Every odd person is
pimathew 2007-10-01
2   gavinimurthy last decade

See that you've been posting again. So what have you been up to Jacob and what about
hammy 2007-09-28
11   hammy last decade

Left breast engorgement
Hi, I have been breastfeeding for almost 4 weeks. I had engorged breasts so I took a few d
beth2006 2007-09-19
11   beth2006 last decade

smoking problem
I am 31 and am a heavy smoker, I need to know how best to quit smoking through homeopathy.
cyberman 2007-09-30
1   akshaymohl last decade

underweightet 2 year old
Hello, I'm feeling rather desperate to find some sort of help how to increase appetit
miaki 2007-08-14
7   miaki last decade

my five year old son was diagnosed of ALL two years ago and now it has relapsed while on m
homeo mum 2007-09-23
2   homeo mum last decade

Pre matue white hairs
I am from Mirpur AJK (Pakistan) I am 24 year old male. from last two year my hairs turn wh
mozan 2007-09-30
3   faisal qureshi last decade

Facing severe problems after excessive masturbation
I masturbated for 12 years and in the last few years excessively.I have given up masturbat
I am Dev 2007-09-30
1   akshaymohl last decade

dry mouth
my mother(70)done eye's surgery for glucoma. The aftereffects of this surgery were
ashfaq 2007-09-29
4   sajjadakram635 last decade

how to increase weight
age 25 yr, weight 50kg dear doc i want to increase my weight cud u help me
a4apple1 2007-09-29
1   sajjadakram635 last decade

acid reflux and allergies in toddler
My son is 3 year old,has reflux for 3 years,vommitting everyday.Checked with doctor,he sai

mshanmuga 2005-10-29
25   Rajendra last decade

i am 26 year old guy. I am working in a small private company. i am 52 kg weight slim body
rakesk 2007-09-29
1   faisal qureshi last decade

Detoxification from overuse of Tylenol/Acetaminophen pain reliever
Hi! I am interested in learning if there are some specific detoxification help in homeopa
farooqm 2007-09-29
no replies yet

swelling of the knee
My 75 year old mother-in-law has twisted her knee about 2 months ago and occassionally get
MyCenter 2007-07-28
12   MyCenter last decade

Tennis elbow ? Attn: Murthy, Rajendra and others
Dear Prescribers, I am writing this regarding my mother's problem. She is 58 years o
sriram 2007-09-29
3   gavinimurthy last decade

pain in pelvis
a woman 61 years has pain in pelvis between legs , the pain came at ones for the first ti
vankelst 2007-09-28
2   Rajendra last decade

cold sore on nose
I've always put up with cold sores until now. A particuarly busy week at work whilst
orford 2007-09-28
3   gavinimurthy last decade

most common cause to-day's health
Polluted water and Polluted air are the main causes making the humanity sick and adding to
Rajendra 2007-09-29
2   faisal qureshi last decade

Ferrum Phos
Can this remedy be taken in a preventative way to deter intermittent nosebleeds.6x or 30x
Chuck D. 2007-09-28
2   Rajendra last decade

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