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Homeopathy Training, Courses and Schools - Directory

These links are to sites outside of ABC Homeopathy. Sites listed write their own entries and we take no responsibility for the content of these sites. That said, we will remove objectionable links.


Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine The Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine offers a professional diploma programme in Homeopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, an advanced programme for physicians and healthcare professionals, a postgraduate diploma programme (with acclaimed world-renowned practitioners and teacher/researchers), a certificate programme, general interest courses, distance education and in-class study options.
Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine Canada's only Council on Homeopathic Education-accredited college. We offer a recognized three-year training in classical homeopathy and health sciences to the highest standards at our Toronto, Ontario campus; a post graduate fellowship program and distance learning study options. 2008 marks our 14th year training excellent homeopaths.
Ontario School of Osteopathy & Alternative Medicine Ontario School of Osteopathy & Alternative Medicine is an established independent institution for further and higher education, offering a range of postgraduate courses: Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine & Science, Diploma of Osteopathy Manual Practitioner, Diploma of Acupuncture Practitioner.


White Memorial Homeo Medical College, India white memorial education society provide homeopathy course . BHMS in India .


Irish College of Homoeopathic Medicine The Irish College of Homoeopathic Medicine are dedicated to training and graduating highly qualified and motivated professional homoeopaths who have the necessary skills to help secure improved health for all their patients, and financial success for themselves by the ethical use of their learned skills and knowledge.
Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM) Distinguished Professionals in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).
Irish School of Homoeopathy The Irish School of Homoeopathy is the leading provider of homoeopathic training courses in Ireland since 1988. Our courses provide all of the knowledge, skills and clinical training necessary to ensure the successful practice of graduates in this life changing and fulfilling profession.
Galway College of Homeopathy The Galway College of Homeopathy offers the highest level of education and training available in homeopathy in Ireland. A four year degree-level course with part-time attendance aimed to equip you with the necessary skils and confidence for practice. Emphasis on reflection and self-development ensures a challenging but rewarding experience
British Institute of Homeopathy - Ireland Division (BIH Ireland) The British Institute of Homeopathy is the leader in homeopathic education and training. Our self-paced courses provide you with an excellent foundation of knowledge whether you’re a professional who wants to become a homeopath or simply interested in Alternative Medicine..


S.I.M.O.H. Italian School of Hahnemannian Homeopathic Medicine S.I.M.O.H was founded (1947) through the initiative and work of Prof. Antonio Negro, a former student of Prof. Nicola Pende (endocrinology, biotipology, italian constitutional medical school) and Assistant for twenty years at the Institute of Special Medical Pathology and Clinical Methodology of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Rome "La Sapienza." Thanks to his scientific research, his teaching experience and his clinical-therapeutic work of many years, Prof. Antonio Negro is considered the founder of the School of Homeopathic Medicine in Italy and the promoter of the most significant international links for this scientific discipline.
LUIMO HOMEOPATHY SCHOOL - NAPLES - ITALY The LUIMO is the most important international center for training in homeopathic medicine in South Italy. It was founded in 1954. The LUIMO organizes courses in homeopathic medicine in Naples. All teachers are medical doctors with years of clinical experience. The courses of homeopathy LUIMO are high quality and provide participants with a comprehensive training in homeopathy
Vis Vitalis Homeopathy Edciation Intl Vis Vitalis Homeopathy International Education, founded by Claudia De Rosa-Classical Homeopath and Psychologist with pharmaceutical background, is one of the first modern homeopathy schools unique among homeopathy schools offering homeopathic training to adult learners worldwide.

New Zealand

Homeopathy New Zealand - Auckland College of Classical Homeopathy The Auckland College of Classical Homeopathy provides training to New Zealand and international students, both on campus and through their distance education program.

United Kingdom

School of Homeopathy Providers of professional training at the highest standards. Schools in Devon, England and in New York, and comprehensive worldwide correspondence course programs.
North West College of Homoeopathy Based in Manchester, the College runs a four-year part-time course in Homoeopathy. Information on treatment as well as training is also available.
University of Central Lancashire A 3 year full-time and 5 year part-time programme leading to the practice qualification of BSc (Hons) Homeopathic Medicine. If you would like further details please speak to the Admissions Tutor: Kate Chatfield on 01772 893697.
The Homeopathy College Is open to anyone to apply. Enthusiasm is more important than academic ability. Homoeopathy is safe, simple and fun. What works in practice is more important than following any particular theory. Many methods of using homoeopathy are taught. It is best to visit the college to find out who they are and experience for yourself what the training is like. Anyone interested is strongly recommended to come and sit it on a weekend. Courses are 4 years part time - mainly at weekends.
The Lakeland College of Homeopathy 3 year part time courses in homeopathy, flower essences and related holistic therapies. The Lakeland College is one of the largest and most vibrant homeopathy colleges in the country. Training courses are run in Ambleside, Cumbria and Central London.
Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine Offering education for professional homeopaths, fully recognised by Society of Homeopaths. Established in Tyne and Wear for 25 years.
The Integrative College Training in Integrative Homeopathy - an exciting and unique approach. Courses at all levels, from beginners to post-graduate. Plus articles and other resources, and complete practitioner listing.


Los Angeles School of Homeopathy LASH offers a three-year academic and mentoring program through ten lively weekend classes per year, September through June. In addition to homework assignments, students will learn from online modules, written and created by world-renowned homeopathy and teacher, Louis Klein FS Hom. Completion of the program will prepare you to sit for the national certification boards, as well as provide you with ample clinical hours in observation, analysis and supervised practice. You will also be awarded a diploma from LASH upon completion of the entire program.
Homeopathy School of Colorado Students at the Homeopathy School of Colorado study all aspects of this fascinating health care system. HSC offers a two-year homeopathic certification program approved by the State of Colorado. The school hosts nationally and internationally renowned teachers.
Alive and Healthy We offer the "Complete Homeopathy Home Study Course" which will teach you how to prescribe homeopathic remedies for your family. A "must-have" for all families!
Institute of Classical Homoeopathy ICH is a nonprofit, homoeopathic school in San Francisco, California which teaches the classical, Hahnemannian approach to homoeopathy. In 1994, the ICH became the first homoeopathic school in the USA to establish a free community homoeopathic clinic. We're accepting applications for the fall.
The British Institute of Homeopathy The British Institute of Homeopathy makes homestudy affordable and accessible. Personal, professional tutors. Clincal Training available.
Centre for Homeopathic Education New York The Centre for Homeopathic Education has been training professional homeopaths in the UK since 1998 and is thrilled to bring its teachers, curriculum and experience with alternative medicine to the Centre for Homeopathic Education New York.
NEW YORK SCHOOL OF HOMEOPATHY The New York School of Homeopathy is the oldest and largest continuously operating homeopathy college in the United States. This homeopathy training program, under the direction of Susan Sonz, C.C.H., has been providing classical homeopathic education since 1990, and is the only homeopathy school in New York City with an established 4-year diploma program.