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Chronic anal fissure

I am a 26 year old female that has been suffering from anal fissures for about 6 years. It is very very painful. I was going to get surgery but am very weary of it. It hurts after a BM and for almost the whole rest of the day. Then the pain comes back next BM. I am a vegetarian and eat a pretty good diet. I see the list of remedies have been Nitric acid, ratanhia, and aesculus. Can someone give me precise directions on what to take, what form liquid or pellets (easier) how many times a day? please please help! This is the worst pain ever.
  Jdele on 2007-02-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hey Jdele.

In order to select the correct remedy for your condition, you will need to post some more information about your case, then a prescription can be given based on the totality of your symptoms etc, as only this will completely cure the condition, rather than just alleviate the symptoms.
JCS2006 last decade
Here are more symptoms. After a BM there is not much blood. It usually doesn't hurt as much during the BM than after. I feel like I cannot function well after. I believe there is a skin tag as well. The fissure feels like a splinter and it burns. I try to eat lots of fiber and drink only water. I do enjoy sugary foods and salty foods at times. Like I said I am a vegetarian. I am not constipated but it is not as easy to have BM as I believe it should be. Please let me know what else I need to tell about my case so I can get a prescription as soon as possible. Thank you.
Jdele last decade
This is though, only one symptom. In order to select the best suited remedy, we need to know more about YOU, what kind of person you are, your temperament, what you do for a living, what other ailmets you suffer from on a regular basis, what problems you have had in the past, any traumatic events etc etc.

The more detail you give, the better the chance of finding the correct remedy.

Also, out of interest, how are you supplementing the protein in your diet. in the absence of meat or fish?
JCS2006 last decade
I have sensitive skin, I am very white, since I do not go out in the sun often. I am thin and tall. I work at the front desk of an office.Easy going job. I go to school. I don't suffer from much anything else but this one thing. I am healthy, don't get colds or sick often. My temperament is happy, sometimes stressed, and also can be overly sensitive. No traumatic events in my life. This fissure is making things stressful. I have been trying so hard to get better, so I can feel normal again. I take vitamin C, and used to be anemic about 2 yrs ago and was told to take iron pills. They made me feel nausea so I stopped. I was recently checked again and was told I am doing much better and no longer anemic. I hope this gives a better perspective.
Jdele last decade
you could try sepia or phosphorus. take in 30c potency twice a day for some days.
rishimba last decade
Dear Jdele.

Thankyou for the additional information.

You say you are a Vegetarian, how are you supplementing your dietary protein in the absence of meat or fish?
JCS2006 last decade
Also, you say you do not go out in the sun that often, is this through choice or circumstance? If through choice, please explain.
JCS2006 last decade
Hello. I eat tofu as much as I can to replace the meat. I was taking Iron pills but they made me feel kind of sick to my stomach. I don't go in the sun often by choice. I never find myself wanting to, it's too hot where I live.
Jdele last decade
Okay, but Tofu is not a complete protein. Like any pulse product it needs to be combined with other foods to provide all 8 essential amino acids. Are you also eating lots of other beans and pulses, wholegrains and nuts etc? Do you eat ANY animal (complete) protein at all?

The reason this is so important to your case in particular, is that if you are not getting adequate protein, particularly the amino acid Lysine, the body, incuding the skin, will not be able to heal itself properley, and chronic fissures etc can be the result. Such a diet by the way, could also have been the cause of your anaemia, as this is very, very common amongst vegetarians, due to the diet providing only limited amounts of certain vitamins and minerals.

Giving a remedy if the cause of the condition lies in the diet will provide only temporary relief, and may even aggravate it, which is why it is important to rule this out first.

I'll await your answers.
JCS2006 last decade
Yes. I eat tons of whole grains and beans as well as nuts. On occasion I will have tuna fish if there is no other option where I am to eat. I know why I got my fissure. Because of constipation due to stress years ago. So I know that its not my diet that is just giving me fissures. I am going to make sure I keep on top of my protein intake though.
Jdele last decade
Please can anyone help!
Jdele last decade
What kind of problems did you suffer from as a child?
JCS2006 last decade
I had no problems when I was a child. Perfectly healthy.
Jdele last decade
Okay, well there is really not much to prescribe on here, so you have one of two options:
1/. Treat the problem as a long standing acute, which it may well be, using such remedies as ratanhia, and aesculus, or even Collinsonia or Nux Vom, selecting the best match for your symptoms and temperament.
or 2/. if this fails to cure the condition, treat this at a deeper level using chronic remedies, the most frequently indicated of which for your condition being: Nitric Acid, Petroleum, Graphites and Silicea. When chosing a more chronic remedy it is important to select that which is the closest match to your particular personality as well as the physical symptoms suffered from. There are many good books giving 'portraits' of these remedies, many of which are available online.

I hope this helps.
JCS2006 last decade
How do you recommend I take any of the remedies, acute or chronic. Which form?, 6c or 30c?, how many times a day? and where can I find the books for the 'portraits'?
Jdele last decade
The general rule is only one remedy should be given at a time. Start low, a 6c, and then move on to the next potency if there is improvement but this is either limited, or lasts only for a short time. I would not go higher than a 200c without advice. Remedies are best given in liquid form, 30% alcohol, 3 drops in a small bottle of mineral water, a small sip as a dose. Refridgerate the bottle between doses, and discard the solution after use. If you prefer, you can simply take a short sniff from the actual remedy bottle for each dose instead, which is actually much easier.

For acute remedies the dosage is as follows: one dose three times daily for three days only, stopping before this if there is improvement or aggravation.

For chronic remedies: one dose 3 times on one day only.

Two books I would recommend would be Margaret tylers 'Drug pictures', and Gibsons 'Portraits of Homoeopathic Remedies'. There are a number of such books reproduced online, just type the name of the remedy into a search engine. There is also an alphabetical list of remedies available on this site. The best way though is to cross reference from many sources.

I hope this helps.
JCS2006 last decade
What do you have to say about applying any of these, such as Graphites or Ratanhia externally? oinment or cream?
Jdele last decade
Thank you for the remedies. I was just confused on something. How come for acute remedies the dosage is one dose 3 times daily for 3 days, and for worse (chronic) it is only one dose 3 times only on one day? Im sorry I just want to make sure I do everything right.
Jdele last decade
A Chinese medicine doctor gave me a wonderful, gentle cure for my chronic anal fissure:

Hodges Herbary Comfrey Hand Salve (a small tin $7.00 Canadian) and Yunnan Paiyao (a small bottle of powder - less than $5.00)

Put a little powder on the palm of your hand and mix it with the comfrey salve to form a paste. Put the paste into the rectum.

What it does is create a barrier between the bowel movements and the fissure giving it time to heal.

For me, a miracle cure as I'd tried everything up until then save for the surgery.

Be well.
CathrynJ last decade
Your fissure went away completely after using it?
Jdele last decade
Hi, I also have a chronic fissure since January. I've been using a calcium channel blocker called diltiazem prescribed by my doctor. Passing stools caused the muscle to start spasms. Rest of day is ruined. Calcium supports muscle spasming. So blocking calcium supposed to relax muscle. Doctor says generally takes 6 weeks to heal. I'm in my 5th week and maybe only feel 10% better. Dread using the bathroom will ruin rest of day. Anyway interested in this chinese cure. JDELE did you try? and to CathrynJ does it burn?
dna93 last decade
Hey dna93. I COMPLETELY understand how you feel. The day is ruined after using the bathroom! I have tried diltiazem cream and it didnt work for me. The Yunnan Paiyao did not work so far with me either. It doesnt burm when you put it on. Im sorry if im not being helpful but I am at a loss what will really help!
Jdele last decade
Hello Jdele,

I have gone through all your posts on this site. Can you please let me if your fissure problem gone? I am facing exactly same issue since 2 months, please help me if you have any remedy available with you.

anilt9 last decade
Hi - I've been suffering from an anal fissure for almost two years. It got so bad that I could no longer work and no pain killers that I took (including Tylenol 3) would help the intense pain. I thought that I was overreacting to the pain even though I felt it was extreme. I don't think anyone believed how much pain I was in, so I stopped telling people what was wrong with me. Thankfully I found similar stories on the internet and realized I wasn't going crazy. I finally found a specialist who confirmed (the most painful experience of my life) what I already knew and prescribed Diltiazem cream. I've only been applying it for a few days and even though the pain during bowel movements can still be painful, the extreme pain that I felt a couple of hours afterward that lasted for 5-6 hours does not occur anymore. I went to work for a full 12 hour shift today and I'm very hopeful that this might be the end of my misery. I just hope that nobody else has to go through the feeling that they are alone with this problem. Take it from me - it IS very painful, so ignore people that might dismiss your problem.
jimmy123 last decade
Let me start by saying how much I feel for you poor people, having suffered from this painful affliction for years I know exactly how you all feel. My story has a happy ending thanks to a great naturopath. Fifteen months ago I was at my wits end with this problem having gone through all off the shelf ointments and exploratories I was worse than ever and the pain for about six hours after a bm was intense and I dreaded going to the loo.

I visited a naturopath and she prescribed me mineral therapy to promote natural healing, I took these tablets for a couple of months in conjunction with a home made witch hazel based cream. This helped the pain a lot and was gettin much better but it had not healed totally. I then came across this herbal remedy called 'heal fissures' from amoils , I mixed the bottle with the witch hazel cream and applied it twice a day. Within days I was fissure free.

Twelve months on I still apply the cream on ocassion if I have had a difficult bm.

Hope this helps you too.
Happybottom101 last decade

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