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Chronic Fatigue Syndrom

Who is suffering with this? please write. maybe you can help.
  star.of.mitra on 2007-02-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Well I have had much experience with this condition, and can answer any questions you have if you wish.
JCS2006 last decade
Hi JCS2006,

Both me and my partner also suffer with chronic fatigue, and if you know of any remedies that can help/cure it I would be grateful if you could let me know.

My partner is worse than me and finds every day difficult at work ashe is constantly tired. However I have tried Joalis (a herbal detox for vital organs) and I feel much better than before but still have to have at least 9 hours sleep a night.
Even if we sleep for 15 hours we never feel refreshed and some weekends dont even go out of the house.

I dont kow what else you need to know to give advice but would be very grateful if you could offer some and if you need to know any more info please let me know.

Many thanks
jennyogiersmith last decade
Dear Jenny, the treatment of this disorder can be pretty complicated. There are no set remedies which help universally.

However I do have very wide experience in it's treatment, as, not least of all, I suffered from, and cured the condition myself in my early twenties. This is what prompted me to become a Homoeopath.

If you would like to pursue treatment, I would though have to insist this is done elsewhere, as this is not really the place for the ongoing treatment of chronic conditions.

Follow the links in my profile if you are interested.
JCS2006 last decade
Firstly thankyou very much for your fast reply, so would you prefer it for me to contact your email or your site?
Please let me know and again thankyou very much.

Also I would like to add that we are both in our mid twenties and that I recently gave my partner Nux vom 200c for his contstitution (he shows many signs of nux vom) and he got a great reaction and the tiredness has slightly improved but still a big problem.
Thanks again
jennyogiersmith last decade
The site, if you don't mind.

Nux, btw, is only an acute remedy and therefore cannot be considered a 'constitutional'. As such it will not actually cure anything, but yes, it does seem to help with some of the superficial symptoms, and is often a good place to start.

Hope to see you on the site.
JCS2006 last decade
You can think of Selenium or China....but not the two together coz the two are not good friends.

Read more about the two meds.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Please do not ask people to contact you through other channels. This is against the forum rules.

Thank you,
moderator last decade
Dear Simon, I was not aware this was the case, as I have seen many others doing the same...but my apologies.

I would point out though, it is only a few very complexed cases where I have urged (rather than actually asked) people to do this, as I do not think the environment here is appropriate for long term in depth treatment, and despite personal attacks stating the contrary, this has been my only reason for doing so. I am also offering this treatment totally free of charge.

As we are on the subject of moderation though, I have reported two posts trying to reinitiate personal argument to you today, which I am sure no one here wants to see again. I hope these will be dealt with in a similar manner.

Thank you.

JCS2006 last decade
Hello all,

Ok so Jacob was going to help me but have just found that he has been banned unfortunately and I didnt have time for his details so please if anyone else can help us with this terrible problem please let me know your thoughts.

Many thanks in advance
jennyogiersmith last decade
also when I spoke of my partner taking nux vomica Igave him 200c as he is and/or seems to be of nux vomica type. Since taking it he is much more relaxed, no testicle pain, eyes dont hurt in light etc but the tiredness doesnt seem to have improved.

For me I dont know what my constitution is but I suffer from chronic fatigue and terrible pain that seems to shoot through my nerves, maybe sciatica? I dont know.

But if any one can help even with just the chronic fatigue I would be very grateful.

Tahnks again
jennyogiersmith last decade
Do you have problems with Yeast (candida Albicans)
sergiorvil last decade
Hello .. I suffer from it too among many other things ..

I have found that chronic fatigue can be lessened by cleaning out your system along with many differnt kinds of help .. Homeopathy has helped me but I also had to do more.

Keping the body moving as much as you can .. have you had a look at the level of lactic acid in your body .. among all other tests for this ? Muscles are the first thing to start to go on you. If you cut out sugars, yeasts and have a fresh diet etc. along with fresh juices you will pick up .. believe me ... Must also aleviate all avenues of disease to make sure it isn't something along those lines .. Even with disease you can still do the same thing as above and find some lessening of symptoms.

I was bed ridden .. Not anymore with determination and
time put into the right things going into it.

Liver flushes are great .. You get rid of stones that we all have By the Way ..

Magnezium with calcium, zinc, b6, b1, blue-green alge you can buy at health shops, taking those quick naps for 20 minutes during the day,dark choclate (85% coco) is good too when a litle down during the day .. For night sleeps .. a hot bath with epson salts helps your muscles ...

Will tell you more if you are interested ..

Take care

MizMinky last decade
You can make a homeopathic drenage
sergiorvil last decade
Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for the support.

sergiorvil I dont think I have problems with yeast, although I did have an outbreak of small watery, grouped blisters on the palms of my hands. However with the use of Joalis detoxification has much calmed down. Mayber this is yeast? I dont know.

tendercity73 i dont get any stomach upset.

MizMinky thanks for the nutrition advice, I changed my diet for all natural and fresh foods (consists of mainly friut veg tofu soya not much meat rice pasta seaweed (make all of my own juices fom fresh)) around 11 months ago and do feel slightly better for it but still tired.
You also talk about flushing the liver out, again I have done this with the joalis detoxification. However would be interested at how and what foods etc have helped you.
I also try to excercise more than before (no matter how much I dont want to).

Also I should say that today I have just used a autopathic preparation (healing through water and ones own highly diluted saliva, through harmony) of 6 litres (200c).
So will see also if this helps.

Again many thanks to everyone for the responses its great to hear all of your advice and stories etc.

Many thanks again,
jennyogiersmith last decade
tendercity73, ok i will start to look for a yoga class to take up, and drink aloe vera juice.
I dont eat cakes, sweets chocolate or anything else thats sugary.
Is this what you mean by sweet items?
jennyogiersmith last decade
What color and size are the blister?, they itch?, the liquid is thick? worst by scratching?
sergiorvil last decade
I had my blood perssure checked and is totally fine.

And as I said the blisters have t the moment totally gone (and have been for around 3 months since the detoxification).
However before when they were there the liquid was just like water, the colour was transparant the size was really tiny(each one the size of a dot that a pen would make on the skin) but they sometmies would be in groups of 3/4 sometimes by thmselves and sometimes in bigger groups of 10 (when it was really bad). They didnt itch however I was popping them and that seemed to make them spread. One time it was so bad and my hand was so scabby (due to me poppping them) that I was too embarrassed to hold my hand out for the change in the shops.

However as I said before mow I dont have them, maybe only one tiny blister a month or something like that. My hands are really like normal now.

Thanks again for you help and advice etc,
jennyogiersmith last decade
I developped Fibromialgya, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chemical Sensitivity due to malpractice with anesthesia.
I have tinnitus, paresthesias, pins and needles, terrible, fatigue...
That was the diagnose of my neurologist and other doctors. I am struggling with terrible pain, and I was in bad without being able to move. Fortunatelly I met a doctor in Solana Beach, Dr Raymond Woo who has treated Fibromialgya and chronic Fatigue with success. I was able to walk again but unfortunatelly I don't live in California and I couldn't complete the treatment, but I hope I will be able to come back and finish it and recover my health. He treats with acupuncture and although at the beginning I didn't believe in this kind of treatment is the only one which has worked for me and for other patients with fibromialgya and Chronic Fatigue.

I wonder if any of you has developped fibromialgya, Chronic Fatigue or Chemical sensitivity after surgery. Could you please contact me?

Thank you,
mercyinhim last decade

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