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Need Help!

Following are my symptoms:
1)Headache (top of head, as is someone is pressing , also sometimes above eyes and back), bodyache.
2)Dizziness, weakness and exhaustion physical as well as mental.
2)My sleep is very disturbed containing lot of dreams, and when i
wake up in morning i dont feel fresh at all instead i feel weakness ,
dizziness and bodyache.
3)palpitation (aggravates during physical activity with a feeling of
nausea, and also i feel my heartbeat gets faster and louder while lying down)
5) Irregular bowl movement,poor digestion , Stomach always feel stuffed.
Gas problems, pain also sometimes near liver area and chest.
7) I feel muscle/nerve tension over my limbs while stretching.
Feel weakness over limbs, tringling sensation starts on bending.
8) My mood also swings too fast, sometimes i feel ok and sometimes depressed.
9) I get nervous and tensed too easily.
10)I have developed a poor concentration,
and also find difficulty in remembering things.
11)I have started losing my hair which concerns me a lot.
All symtops gets aggravated under stress/tension and when too anxious.
I am a perfectionist and

Please help me to solve my problems. I am 26 years old boy suffering since last 3 years
and have tried several medicines , allopatic as well as homepatic , but was of no help.
  saurabh on 2004-11-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please explain your health history thouroughly and clearly--dates;exact medicines use/used (reasons and when?);injuries;accidents;traumas of any sort....etc

when last to chiropractor?
John Stanton last decade
It all started in my final year of Engineering college in aug 2000.
That was the time of our job interviews, I got too many rejections.
while all my class mates were placed , I among few others were only
left outs. I got tensed and started worrying too much,
and when I got rejection from the last company , I broke down , i
could not sleep that night and felt panicked , nausea and trembling
sensations overtook me. The next day I somehow again sat for a company and got
selected. Things were smooth there after, until during one of my sem Oct 2000
exams i started feeling pain in top of my head , it was like a pinching
sensation. I was also once admitted to hospital when I started feeling
numbness with tingling sensation over my limbs and face. I felt too weak and
exhausted my whole body was trembling. I was given glucose
through my blood. I started worrying too much about my health , once i
felt pain in my chest and got ecg done , the report was ok. I was
discharged after 4 days , I went home and got complete checkup
including blood tests and CT scan for brain ( because of headache).
I felt that my heart was pounding hard and fast , i could even feel
the beats over my body and veins.I couldnt sleep well and dreamt a
lot. My sleep was so full of dreams that , when I used to wake up, it
felt that I was awake whole night. The doctor in Oct 200 started giving me
medicines(ciplar-40 , Amitryn C/Amixide H). He didnt told me or my family
about the problem. I was too confused about my state as i failed to
understand what has happened to me. I started worrying too much ,
about my headache , my heart(kept on pounding hard ). The medicines
were not doing much help, so stopped taking them after 4-5 months(in feb 2001).
I started accepting the things. My health became totally unpredictable,
sometimes I felt good and sometime too worried and confused I kept on thinking
that I have some heart problem and some brain tumor. I never had a
sound sleep ,free of dreams. But I didnt let these things affect my studies
and scored well in my exams.
After passing out in june 2001 I joined the company, i was selected for.
There in Oct 2001,one day while sleeping i woke up from a bad dream with palpitation,
my heart was beating too fast and loud , i was terrified and sweating , i was rushed to
hopital and they gave me some tranquilizers. Immediately after that i consulted
an allopathic physician, he prescribed me 'Anxit' with
some other drugs for digestion and some pain killers. I continued those medicines for
2-3 months and stopped is it was not of much help.
But the problems kept on going and coming, sometimes it felt that everything is ok and
sometimes life was too hard. The physical symptoms included : pain in my head ,
sometimes in back portion sometimes in the top: my heartbeat remained
loud and fast i could feel it beating while lying down and was too disturbing and
worrying. Small physical exertions like running or walking stairs
further increased the intensity. So I started avoiding such physical
exertions. I felt that allopathy is doing no good so i switched to
In Jan 2002 i went to a homeopath and told my problems. He gave me some medicines
( he didnt mentioned the names , he used to make them himself).
He said that i have anxiety neurosis but the problems will be over soon. I felt good and hopeful.
Initially it felt that things are improving, but the symptoms kept on
coming and going and things used to get worsen during some
stress/tension in my job or being in crowded places(like markets) or some physical exertion.
Other problem was worsening of headache while trying to concentrate on something.
Meanwhile i started feeling dizzy while walking (a mild feeling of losing balance).
Other symptoms were slightly improved continued those medicines for 5-6 months and stopped.
I kept on switching homeopaths in 3-4 months gap as none gave me much relief.
In Sep 2003 i went to a famous homeopath ,and he said that I have symptoms of depression.
I started taking his medicines (dont know the names) and continued
for almost a 8-9 months, things improved but again there was
no complete relief. Meanwhile in Jan 2004 I went to an allopathic
doctor with one of my close friend .He did my physical examinations (pulse 94/min,
BP: 125/85 , Sugar: normal, ECG -normal , TSH- normal).He told that i have
signs of panic reactions and mild depression but, can be controlled by meditation along with
medication. He prescribed me medicines ('inderal','zincovit') which i continued for 2 months.
I again started the last homepathic medicines,as i was skeptical about allopatic medicines
because of their side effects and addictive nature.
I started going out for morning walks and did meditations things
improved , but i am not able to fully recover. Also i have observed that my problems
gets aggraveted during winter season.
I am not taking any medicines since 3 months, as i am totally confused, and
have become hopeless about my recovery. I have lost my concentration i
used to have and the peace of mind. I do go to work regularly and socialize with peoples
but not able to enjoy my life fully due to my problems.
Current symptoms i have already listed in my previous post.

I have never been to a chiropractor.
saurabh last decade
Another symptom which i forgot to mention is : trembling of the whole body
(esp legs) when i get too angry, followed by bodyache/headache.

Dear Pankaj/John
Please advise me some remedy , its really a been long time of pain and suffering.
waiting for your reply.......
with regards.
saurabh last decade
Anybody please reply to my post.
saurabh last decade
I want you to try this one:


Just two doses...one in the mornign and next in the evening.

yo uwill need another med as well.

Answer this:


angry for what... thinking of work? business? poverty?

skin eruptions?

any illnesses in earlier years?

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Next time you do a long post.....do it with gaps to improve readability. Thanx.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi Pankaj,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes constipation is there, also my stomach doesnt feel emptied after passing stool.
I was talking about situational anger , eg. when i cought someone stealing my things.
No skin eruptions.
No other illness in earlier years except the mentioned one.
saurabh last decade
You talk about dizziness when you get up in the morning.....how long it continues each day i.e. when does it go away?
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Usually it slowly subsides down, after taking bath and having breakfast i feel better.
Also it depends if i get engaged in some
activities (like morning walk) it subsides quickly.
saurabh last decade

A psychiatrist may be able to help you, where a medical doctor has failed. Psychiatrists specialize in things like anxiety, etc.

I'm sure a psychiatrist will work with you about your worries of side effects or addictive medicine.

Take your time to find a good one, see a few before you make up your mind.

Take care! :-)
Orume last decade
Hi Saurabh,
First of all , let me reassure you , Homoeopathy can do wonders in yuor case... Just avoid hopping from one Dr to other and from one pathy to other !!!
About your symptoms, a few illustrations can help us to decide your constitution.
1. Content of dreams(in detail)
2. how is your appetite? Your cravings, aversions and any food that you cant tollerate
3. Thermal state: which season do you prefer? how much do you sweat? where the most ? any smell/ stain of the sweat?
4. When you were rejected at campus interview, what concerned you the most? worries about future? feeling of "being rejected" ? feeling of not being good enough? or all your friends were placed , and not you?? ( or what else ?)
5. do your wounds heal properly?
6. Apart from being a perfectionist and irritable , do you want to add anything about your nature?
7. how is your thirst?
Coming to the remedy ,
I think Gels should help your most symptoms, but a dose of constitutional remedy ( could be Nux , but needs confirmation )is needed for complete cure.
Take care,
magicure last decade
Thanks for your assurance magicure.
1. My Dreams are varying in nature. I usually tend to forget most of them.
Dreams contents are mostly related to the events happens to me during
the daytime or things i think about much. When I get angry I see blood
and killing.
Sometimes I see myself falling and waking up with palpitaion. Sometimes
i see myself trying to shout out of fear but it seems i had no voice.
Dreams related to sex are frequent.

2. My Appetite is poor. I cant eat much during daytime but at night i eat better.
I cant eat sweet things much. cant eat smelly seafood. like chicken too much,no aversions as such.

3. I like summers and winters are horrible for me. I sweat a lot, especially on forehead,
also at back and front(stomach,chest). Slightly smelly and stains too.

4. Yes I got too worried about future. Feeling of not being good enough and being rejected was also there.

5. Wounds take more time to heal. I catch cold too easily (in winters) and my
cough (dry) takes lot of time to cure.

6. I am competitive in nature. I am hard working and if i develop interest in any thing i
get too involved. Get easily affected by surroundings and others thinking.
I usually am not sure/confident of my own decisions, I get too confused while taking
any decision.I fear to speak up in public and usually get too nervous when become
center of attention.I am soft spoken and dont speak much in large groups.

7. Thirst is also poor. I usually feel the urge to drink only after meals.

saurabh last decade
Hello Saurabh,
A good prompt reply !!!
a few more questions:
1. How does your tongue look? ( coating/ colour/ dry/ moist etc)
2. How is your physical appearance? (skin,complexion,weight/ height, nails, hands: soft/hard/rough/hot/cold )
3. Can you tollerate Milk , Dairy products/ bakery products ? Constipation from any specific food ? ( sweets/ fats/ spicy ) acidity? nausea? flatulance/ erructation?
4. intellectual achievements
5. Why do you get anxious in crowd ?
6. Why exactly do you fear to speak in public ? If atall you have to , can you perform well ?
7. sweat: can you describe the smell and colour of stain??
8. Any habits? (tobacco/ alcohol)
Apart from this , if you want to add ANY info related to your mental/ physical condition , please feel free... That helps in reaching to the correct remedy...
magicure last decade
I am reading all the posts.

In the morning when you wake up...is the mouth very dry ?

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi Saurabh,
Any info regarding your personal/ social/ professional/ family life that you feel is important and throws light on your mental setup will also be of great help. (significant memories that you cant forget etc...)
From the info you have already provided , only a couple of remedies are standing out clearly, now those only need to be differentiated.
A point needs clarification: Would you call yourself Irritable , or you get angry only when it is justified and otherwise you are a softspoken/calm/ mild person ?? If atall you are irritable , what do you do when you get angry??
Please believe that these questions ARE important to "know" your constitution.
Keep us posted,
magicure last decade
Dear Saurabh,

I think you need Natrum Mur in addition to Gelsemium.

However, I need answers to my question.

Our friend here (Magicure) also has substantial experience as I have recently seen his posts on another forum....so do reply his/her queries.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
1. Tongue is pink in colour , with a bit white coating. Remains moist during daytime , but becomes dry while sleeping , while too engaged or when anxious.

2. I am 5.6 ft tall , 68 kgs wt , wheatish complexion , normal skin , nails. Hands are soft and warm.

3. I like milk and milk products. Spicy and oily foods sometimes causes acidity and usually aggravates flatulance/erructaion.

4. I raked first in 10th board in my school. Got through tough engg. entrance exams.

5. I become too self conscious: about
my appearance etc.

6. Fear of speaking something funny/irrelevant as i totally go blank when nervous. I am not a good speaker as i cant express myself clearly. I dont want to make a fool out of myself in public. I always want to have a good reputation.

7. sweat stains are white in colour not that smelly( cant describe the smell).

8. No tobacco , alcohol is very occasional and in small quantity.

I came from a middle class family, an achiever , good reputation in family/society and have great expectations. I fear a lot from failure. When idle, use to think a lot about my future , problems , decisions.

I am softspoken calm and mild person
and get angry when justified.

I am very emotional person but usually avoid sharing my emotions with anybody. Cant control my emotions while letting out my grudge/frustration before somebody.
I loose confidence very easily.

Mr Pankaj,
yes my mouth( tongue / throat ) is dry
when i wake up.

saurabh last decade
After going through all your answers would like to see how you respond to Natrum Mur and Gelsemium.

If you have not started with any med yet, you can follow this pattern:

Natrum Mur 200 one dose in the morning and another in the evening.

Third dose next evening (i.e. 24 hours after the second dose)

after 48 hours from the time of the last dose of Nat. Mur.....take GELS. 200 and the second dose of GELS 200 the following morning.

Post the response.....

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi Saurabh,

I think Pulsatilla should help you.
Pulsatilla 200 three doses at bedtime should take care of all your complaints.
Dont eat/ drink anything atleast half an hour before and after taking the medicine.
take the medicine on clean tongue.

magicure last decade

Following are usual symptoms-
Feeling tired, dry skin, mood swings, vague body aches and pains, inability to loose OR gain weight, poor concentration, cold hands, anxiety, poor digestion AND hairloss!!
Go to your doctor and ask where you could get a complete metabolic check up done
zoomzipper1 last decade

Mail me at zoomzipper at hotmail and I can help you more.
zoomzipper1 last decade
Hi Pankaj and Mgicure,
Thanks a lot for your replies and the prescription. I have a doubt here, should i start Pulsatilla too right away along with Natrum Mur and Gelsemium ? or i have to follow some pattern?
I shall keep you posted.

saurabh last decade
Choice is !
This kind of thing happens on the net....so all have to take it in their stride.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi Pankaj,

You have to follow either Pankaj's advice or mine.
You should not take more than one homoeopathic medicine at a time.
Take care,

magicure last decade
the above post was for Saurabh...
Sorry for that !!
Pankaj , could you please respond to my post? (started as a new topic )
magicure last decade

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