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Dust allergy,sinus and breathing problem


I have been suffering from sinusitis from 7 years, it has now
developed into minor asthma and I haven't yet found the cure to this
problem. I stay at Hyderabad, India where the amount of air pollution is
high. I took treatment from around 20 doctors so far starting from
Homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicines, etc... But no medicine could give me
complete relief. I am very easily affected by dust and air pollutants. The
sneezing starts suddenly, it continues for the whole day. If not treated
it continues as long as it wants. There is lot of sputum is yellowish
green colour and my nose blocks most of the time. I haven't been able to
breathe air properly and it feels like hell. I get very much irritated
during the attack. I sweat a lot, I feel more hungry and I feel like
tearing my face, the irritation is so high. The sputum enters into my throat when I sleep. Daily at 5am I wake up with severe cough after which I am not able to breathe air properly. I have minimum amount of
septal deviation, the doctors advised me for endoscopy for some amount of
relief but nobody could promise cure from the dust allergy that I have.
Please tell me how to deal with this problem. It has been 7 years since I
breathed air properly. What can be the proper and permanent cure for these
  pheonixashes11 on 2007-10-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
allium cepa 6c thrice daily for 7 days j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade

As per Kent:


Generalities, night, midnight, after (agg.) 3

Nose, discharge, yellowish-green 2

Nose, coryza, extending, frontal sinuses 2


Silicea is the most suitable remedy.

It should be given in 200 Potency . (1 drop in one spoon of water at bed time.)
Once in a week.

Report after three days of the 1st dose.
Rajendra last decade
Thanks a lot.I will report after 3 days.
pheonixashes11 last decade

I have used silicea 3 days back as recommended. I also had Allium Cepa 6c as said in the above posts.
Day 1: I had caught severe cold and cough. There was lot of sneezing and I had to come home from office after lunch. That day I suffered a lot.
Day2: On this day the amount of sneezing decreased but I had lot of cough. The sputum was coming from my mouth continuosly. The amount of cough was unstoppable. At the end of the day the cough was so high that my chest started paining a bit and the nerves in my head were aching because of the continuos cough.
Day 3: On this day I had lots of cough in the office which left me very irritating. Still there was lot of sputum in greenish yellow color coming out of my mouth.

As of now I am still having lots of cough. Nerves are really aching near my head.
Please tell me what to do now.
pheonixashes11 last decade
Wait for three days without any medicine.

It looks medicine is acting to get rid of the accumulated infection.
Rajendra last decade
Ok, I will not take any medicine for another 3 days and I will report after that. Thanks .Bye.
pheonixashes11 last decade

I took no medicine for 3 days as suggested above.

All the three days I have been suffering form sever cough and it is still continuing. Specially in the night I am getting lot of sputum from the mouth and coughing a lot.

Please tell me the necessary action that I should take now.
pheonixashes11 last decade
Sorry that you have not yet improved. You earlier indicted it is sinus - DIscharge through nose.

It looks it is now from throat or chest.

Pl. now use Natrum Sulph. 30 (4 pills three times a day) for a day and report.
Rajendra last decade
This disease is very difficult to cure, because this disease is completly allergic.

some miasmtic treatment is required for permanant cure...

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
8.10.07 (sILICEA 200)

dust and air pollutants.

sneezing starts suddenly, it continues for the whole day

sputum is yellowish
green colour

nose blocks

during the attack

sweat a lot,

Daily at 5am I wake up

NOW: 11.10.07

sputum was coming from my mouth continuosly

chest started paining a bit

Still there was lot of sputum in greenish yellow color coming out of my mouth.

LATEST 15.10.07

Specially in the night I am getting lot of sputum from the mouth and coughing a lot.

Nat. Sulph is a Miasmic remedy too.

With the above changes. I still feel that Natrum Sulph will help.

Let us see its effect for a day before we consider for another remedy.

This is what Boeriche has analysed for this remedy:

Respiratory.--Dyspnœa, during damp weather. Must hold chest when coughing. Humid asthma; rattling in chest, at 4 and 5 am. Cough, with thick ropy, greenish expectoration; chest feels all gone. Constant desire to take deep, long breath. , as a constitutional remedy.

Every fresh cold brings on attack of asthma.
Rajendra last decade

I will try Natrum sulph for a day and then report. Thanx for everything.
pheonixashes11 last decade
Very well cared by Rajendra and good suggestion by Dr. Deoshlok. I am hoping a good result but it certainly will long time to get full recovery so Phenoix stay on it as much as possible
Dr. R. Saroj last decade

I used Natrum sulph 30 as prescribed. The continuous coughing has reduced to an extent. Earlier I got sputum from mouth in white color, now it is coming in thick greenish yellow color.

Please tell me how I should proceed now?
pheonixashes11 last decade
Take silecia 200 one dose only.
Rajendra last decade

I will take silicea 200 as said above. Please tell me the time after which I should report again?

If I catch cold again, what should I do? what are the precautions and the medicines that i should take?

Awaiting your reply.

Thank you.
pheonixashes11 last decade
For your problem of :-'The sputum enters into throat when at sleep.'

(I am sorry ,it remained un- noticed earlier.)

kali bioch. 30 is the remedy.You may take 4 pills 3 times a day for 3 days.

So you can wait for Silecia for 3 days.
Rajendra last decade

I have already taken silicea 200 , 1 dose. I will take kali bioch 30 for 3 days and then report. Thanks. Bye.
pheonixashes11 last decade
I am also a sinus patient suffering with allergy and severe sinusitis problem.
I have used homeo medicines for long. they do help to some extent but the ultimate way to win the battle with such problems is to boost up ones own immunity.
If you are interested I can tell u some tips as to atleast bring the situation undercontrol.
happy1009 last decade
you need the following treatment for a long time:-

silecia 200 once a week
(no other medicine on that day)

other days:

kali bioch. 30 three times a day
Rajendra last decade
Very sorry to hear about your allergy to dust. I have been facing this problem for over 10 years now and felt deep empathy to you.

Fortunately I have found a remedy recently - slow jogging. I jog in front of a mirror slowly for 5 mins at a time, whenever I can for around 30 mins a day. The cold goes away in 5-6 days.

However, unfortunately, the problem reoccurs everytime I do any of the following and I need another 5-6 days of running to get rid of it again -
1. Exposure to slightest dust
2. Eating curd/yogurd, ice-cream, cold drink, cold desserts, sugarcane juice, milkshakes (all these items are complete taboo unless you want to waste 5 days jogging every time you eat these)
3. Other food items to avoid are - bottleguard, sitafal, watery fruits etc.
4. Milk and milk products (except hot milk with turmeric and ginger powder)

I wish you good luck. I still keep catching cold due to one of the above reasons but I know it'll go away if I jog for 5 days. Hope it'll help you and others who face similar problem like us.
SBhow last decade
Forgot to mention two things -
1. Cold may be making me feel little feverish, yet I do a little jogging without straining myself much and that makes me better off than without jogging.

2. I suspect good amount of running may solve the problem permanently, but I am moving slowly to achieve that because sinus allergies make me vulnerable to EIA or Exercise Induced Asthama. I am trying to increase my jogging time and speed very slowly but gradually over period of few years increasing my stamina without suffering from EIA.
SBhow last decade
And if the sinus is giving me dizziness and giddiness, ginger is my solution. I eat ginger candies, or boil ginger or ginger powder in a cup of water, squeeze lemon into it and put two spoons of honey. Eating ginger in any way should help with dizziness and giddiness. One can even eat ginger powder mixed with sugar.
SBhow last decade
I just took some time to gather everything together again. Hope it'll be help to many suffering with sinusitis / rhinitis:

I also suffered from severe nasal congestion for over 10 years and was detected with sinusitis, allergic rhinitis etc. I tried Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatments but nothing worked. I suffered from nasal congestion 24x7 every day of the month, every month of the year.

Fortunately I have found a remedy recently - slow jogging. I jog in front of a mirror slowly for 5 mins at a time, whenever I can for around 30 mins a day. The cold goes away in 5-10 days.

The cold keeps coming back for me as I get exposed to some of the triggers knowingly or unknowingly. I have to keep patience to spend 5-10 days jogging again before I am back in form.

I suspect good amount of rigorous running may help me solve the problem completely. But suffering with sinusitis / rhinitis makes me susceptible to EIA or Exercise Induced Asthma. To save myself from EIA, I have planned (for next 2-3 years) to slowly but gradually increase the pace and duration of my jogging (which keeps falling behind as I get cold again and again as I get exposed to triggers.) I hope making rigorous running part of my lifestyle will help me cure this problem over the next few years. I am patient and determined (because I have no other choice anyway.)

To get relief from my problem, I had to make few strict changes in my lifestyle. Little deviation and I get my cold back and have to jog again for 5-10 days:
1. Strictly no ice-cream, no cold-drink, milk shakes, sugarcane juice or curd. (it hurts but I cherish a clear nose more than eating these stuffs)
2. No milk or milk products (can have a cup of hot milk boiled with 1 tablespoon of turmeric and ½ tablespoon of ginger powder or ginger piece)
3. No juicy or watery fruits or vegetables like melons, guards, ladies finger etc. I can eat cauliflower, potatoes, beetroot, eggplant, carrot, beans, etc.
4. Strictly no exposure to household dust at any cost.
5. Drink lukewarm water until the symptoms exist. Afterwards can use normal water. But strictly no chilled water or ice at any cost.


There may be dizziness, giddiness or vertigo due to excess accumulation of fluid in the ear owing to the cold. The remedy is to eat/drink ginger in any form. E.g. ginger candy, ginger tea (boil a crushed piece of ginger or half tablespoon dry ginger powder in a cup of water. Add few drops of lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey) or eat dry ginger powder mixed with sugar.

The above three things should give most of the relief. But, the following things may help even more:

Nasal wash with saline water helps clean mucous. I do it in morning and before sleeping.

I take Himalaya Geriforte and Himalaya Septiline (one tablet each twice daily). I am not sure if it has helped me but I don’t want to keep any stone unturned.

According to Ayurveda, ‘aama’ or toxins in the body are responsible for ‘kapha’ or mucous. To keep my body clean, I drink one liter of water every morning as soon as I get up (drink whole thing in less than 5 mins). This cleans my stomach well. (Don’t try this if you have ulcers or other problems.)

Also, to clean stomach clean, don’t eat deep fried food items or difficult to digest stuffs, fast foods etc. Eat lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, dryfruits. Take light dinner.

Day sleeping is taboo for ‘kapha’ (mucous) tendency people according to Ayurveda. One should sleep early and get up early and avoid sleeping in the afternoon to fight sinusitis/rhinitis.

I drink 2-3 liters of water everyday to keep myself well hydrated. This helps body to keep nose linings hydrated. Dried linings trigger production of mucous in the nose to moist it, which results in causing cold again.
Also, when I feel my nose too dry, I apply coconut oil (virgin oil or not, doesn’t matter much) with my figure inside each nostrils many times a day.

Ayurveda suggests using nasal drops containing pippli. I use ‘Panchendriya Vardhan Tel (Oil)’ twice daily. Has helped me indeed.

Implementing all above may be overwhelming. Just start with the first two – jogging daily and avoiding triggers. Should give you 80% of the benefit at least. Plus, by now, most of you might have learnt to keep patience for sinusitis / rhinitis. Getting irritated with it gives you nothing.
SBhow last decade
Are you suire you are suffering from dust allergy? If so then take the following medicine:_

POTHOS FOETIDUS/ictodes fetidus. Q 10 drops in a spoon of water three times.

If mother tincture is not available then buy 6 potency.

These two names are of the same medicine.

Also send me your Name, date, time and place of birth to actually find out your exact remedy.

All Homeo and Biochemic remedies have relevance of one of the other planet.

It is onlhy seven planets which controls the whole body function.

I am creating seprate thread - on ASTROLOGY & HEALTH: A LAY MAN’S APPROACH
Rajendra last decade
i used to run for 12-14 kms. daily.
suddenly i started this headache problem after running and lot of clear phlegm while running. I guess open air was the problem b'cos it was mild in the gym.
later my stamina reduced and i developed food allergies also like milk and cheese allergies.
I cant run too much now and i even feel sleepy and tired by evening. my diet and apetite is good .

right now even if i dont jog , my nose is stuffed and i get relief after cleaning it. if i jog in the gym i don't get headaches but cant jog much. but i do get relief from sipping gatorade as the clear phlegm can be easily spitted out.
I have changing weather issues since childhood.
please help
i really feel its the dust or pollens which effect me,
nitin6981 9 years ago

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