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Dear John,
per your advice, here is the new thread for myself.
I would like to know if there is anything I can do/take before getting pregnant. I have healthy diet and sometimes take prenatal supplements. I do aerobics and yoga. if more information is needed please let me know.
one thing that kind of make me worried is that my mother had miscarriage experience for 4 times. I am her first child and my brother is the second and the last one. between us she had 4 miscarriages. when she was pregnant for my brother she had to stay in bed all the time for the first 3-4 months and she couldn't eat anything and specially water made her worse so she had serum with multivitamine and minerals most of the time during the first 3-4 months of her pregnancy.
could it be the same for me? although I am more like my father's side.
Thank you,
  phosphor on 2004-11-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what medicines used /use in health history?when (dates)?reason(s)?
John Stanton last decade
since when? after marriage?
phosphor last decade
ok, if you mean since I was a kid, it would be a very long posting so I'll provide a summary:
1. antibiotics-kid-throat infection
2. antibiotics-teenager-acne on my face
3. hormones-teenager-unwanted hair on my face and around breasts
phosphor last decade
when (date) next upcoming menses due?

menses--what characteristics of menses? is it regular?how many days in between menses ?how long last? what are characteristics of flow?clotting..heavy..dark..light...odor...etc what complaints just prior to menses?what complaints during menses? what complaints just after menses?
how do you feel during menses?compared to no menses?

experience any outstanding emotional experience?when? what was the occurance?

are /were you using any birth control?what name of product? when ? how long?

any yeast infections ever? when?how treated?
John Stanton last decade
Next menses is going to be around Dec 08.
It is regular. Usually 25-28 days between 2 menses. It lasts 6-7 days, but after 3rd day there is not much bleeding. Sometimes there are little clots. Very very small ones. The color is light no odor at all and it is not heavy. It is always either on time which mean every 28 days or a few days sooner than that. Headache on the day before menses and the first day of menses. Tender and painful breast about 7-10 days before menses. No emotional experience. No feeling change before or after or during menses. I have never used any birth control tablets or … we use condoms. Never had yeast infection. FYI, I am not allowed to take any hormonal stuff, because there is a fibro adenoma in my breast. It used to be one in my right breast but about 2 years ago another one appeared in my left breast as well. there is nothing to worry about as for these fibro adenomas.
Thank you
phosphor last decade
Actea Rac low 6x or 6c taken twic a week AFTER the 12 wk of pregnancy will make the pelvic muscles more flexible and the birth easier.
Dont like the sound of Fibroids in breasts - these normally reflect conditions in the womb. Suggest it is checked - but not removed surgically - make things worse .
passkey last decade
when exactly first observe/acknowledge fibro adenoma in right breast?what exact symptoms experienced pertaining to this before and after diagnosis?
John Stanton last decade
sorry for my late reply.
I guess it was 8 years ago that I realized of the lump for the first time in my right breast. I had no symptoms (or at least nothing obviously related to the fibro adenoma). I had a mamography and ultrasound. results shown that it is just a fibro adenoma as I told you before. I was told that there are several reasons for this fibro adenoma. first of all my breasts are very dense. second, I had a little bit higher than normal lactogen hormone.
again nothing happened after diagnosis and I decided not to touch that, because the doctor told me that sometimes they will re-absorb.
just one time, about 3 years ago I tried connium maculatum 30 ch and the lump got smaller but then I was told that con mac is for breast cancer so I stopped taking it. after a while again the lump got back to its original size.
I really can't think of anything related to this. please let me know if I should explain anything specific.
Thank you
phosphor last decade
please explain the circumstances thoroughly--exact medicine/hormone used and such ; concerning "...hormones-teenager-unwanted hair on my face and around breasts..."---what was result of treatment--how was menses effected?...etc
John Stanton last decade
When I was about 15 years old I realized unwanted hairs in my breast area. Doctors gave me a hormone tablets (named Diane or something like this). 2 months after taking those tablets my mother realized that those tablets were kind of birth control tablets. So she didn’t let me take anymore (don’t ask me the reason, really don’t know why she did so). Therefore no results were obtained, and I never went to any other doctor for this problem. But then later when I was 18 years old unwanted hairs starting to show up in my chin as well. I started electrolysis for my chin. Then hairs growing on my stomach. Well, I have to admit that I am a hairy person.
I had very fine hair and skin until around 18 but then after I went to the university my skin started to breakout (acne) and my hair got coarse. It was around that time that I became kind of addicted to coffee and chocolate. Soon it became a daily habit for me to drink black coffee (no milk, no sugar, I like the bitter taste of “good quality” coffee) and a bar of “dark” chocolate. I got so many break outs on my face. Antibiotics prescribed for me to get rid of acnes. I used antibiotic lotions as well. each worked for a short period of time but as soon as the course would finished it would started again. I was 21-22 years old that one doctor told me if I don’t stop eating chocolate it will become a very serious problem for me and he explained everything to me. So I decided to stop it. I didn’t take any kind of sugar (except for fruits) for one month. Interestingly after that month I didn’t carve chocolate anymore. Still I don’t carve chocolate. As for menses nothing much really happened (or at least I don’t remember). The only thing is that before marriage I had very on time periods (the doctor used to make a joke that Britain’s should adjust the big Ben with my periods) with no pain at all and no emotional stuff. But after marriage it started to get painful with emotional problem, and also not as regular as before. It was at this time that I seek homeopathy which helped me a lot. So basically after marriage I haven’t got any allopathic medicine.
After we moved to Canada pores starting to appear on my face. Also from time to time I would get break out on my back.
I may get one or two break outs on my face or my back if I don’t watch what I eat. Periods are good as I mentioned before. Still have those unwanted hairs, although much less on my chin than before. I have no complain about these. There is one thing that I don’t like at all. That is puffiness under my eyes. About 2 years ago during one of our trips to Iran a homeopath found my constitutional type as phosphorous, so he gave me phos (don’t remember what potency) and amazingly the puffiness went away. I took phos a few times after but then I was told that I shouldn’t take remedies whenever I want. So now there I am with this puffiness again.
More questions?
phosphor last decade
how coffe use now?still use it black?..etc?

what was major in college? what was gpa?

John Stanton last decade
I don't drink coffee anymore. may be 2-3 times per year. instead I drink something called bamboo. but if I want to drink coffee IF AND ONLY IF IT IS A GOOD QUALITY coffee then yes I love black one otherwise with cream and sugar. I mean coffee you usually get from franchised stores I can't drink them black and honestly I don't like the taste at all.
but again I drink bamboo without any sugar or milk.
B.Sc. in computer software engineering
15(the maximum is 20 in Iran)
118 pounds
phosphor last decade
how often experience anger and/or irritabilty?when typically occur?what time of day/night worse/what time of day/night best?how long in life has this been occuring?what other (emotional-mental-physiacl) symptomology occur with the anger/irritability?how long does it last?what aggravtates this state ?what ameliorates this state?what treatment(s) ( medicine/herb/drug/supplement/yoga....etc)(if any) used for this?
John Stanton last decade
I don't get angry too often. sometimes when I explain things for someone several times and he/she doesn't get it I will get angry, but won't do anything, just become indifference afterwards. But there are cases that people pretend that they don't understand or they try to manipulate the subject then I really get angry and won't spare any more moment for them. I really don't like to get angry. you know I don't feel that way. I am more like someone who tries to understand people so I usually ask myself what would I do if I were in his/her place. I am not saying I do this all the time, but most of the times. Sometimes it is like I try to keep everybody satisfy of course as much as I can and as long as I don’t hurt myself(cause sometimes I feel I offer more than I can actually do) and be fair at the same time. Cause keeping everybody satisfy is sometimes against justice.
as for the irritability, there is just one thing that trigger me and that is lack of attention. I need a lot of attention. Everywhere, anytime. There were times that we were in a party and my husband didn’t give me enough attention (although he disagreed with me) and you should see me after we got back home. Now I am better and I don’t mind if he spends his time with other people as well. still I have to confess that if I don’t get enough attention I will become like stone, you know no emotion at all. It is not that I need attention from my husband only but also from people at other places (work, school, …). There is a strong feeling inside me that I should have the best of everything and getting everybody’s attention is somehow related to that feeling(or at least to me it is so). And usually (90% of the times) I would be able to get people’s attention. Specially at parties and work(cause soon after they know me they would love to have me in their circle). If you are looking for original reason of this you should ask about my life when I was a kid. I was the only child of my family for 10 years and then my brother born which was the happiest event in my life. So as you probably guess I was a sissy kid for 10 years. My father gave me a lot of attention. He wrote me 365 letters, for the first year of my life(a letter per day). still we are good friends. I guess I should stop it here. If you need to know more about this let me know.
Please note that I am not a jealous person in a way like why somebody has something and I don’t. I am just jealous about somebody getting more attention than me, in a reasonable way. I mean if somebody gets Nobel prize I wouldn’t say why not me.
The thing that helps me a lot to overcome my need for attention is attention. So if God forbid I don’t get enough attention from my husband in a party the best thing is immediately after leaving party he starts to give me a LOT of attention. Saying nice words about me, and these stuff. I am sensitive and need a lot of stimuli. One thing that helps me a lot is my imagination. I know there is a word for this but I can’t remember it now so I have to explain: If I get hurt (e.g. by lack of attention) I will imagine good stuff about myself in my mind. After an hour or two I will become happy again. This is the most effective way on me. Then if available I would have some ice cream. Gardening is also my another way to overcome this unhappy feelings. And sometimes I will go and buy something nice for myself. No medication, no herb, …nothing.
phosphor last decade
please explain your ability to adapt to changes from iran to current place of residence...what are your thoughts/feelings and such concerning leaving home land?
John Stanton last decade
Generally speaking I don’t have problem with experiencing new things(including places) as long as I feel safe about those. So I was so eager to experience life here. But specifically it was very very hard for me to leave my family. So partly I overcame this problem by thinking about visiting my family as much as possible per year. You know when I imagine something it gives me power to do whatever I can to make it true. It was the same for this matter. we went back to Iran after 3 month or so to visit our family and every six months afterwards. I am not proposing that this is just because of my positive thinking power but I really believe I can do whatever I want to do.
Anyhow, I was good for a few months and busy with finding home and stuff for home, but then I started develop some problems (about one year after we moved to Canada). I became depressed. I had a fear of ghosts inside house. I mean I thought that there were ghosts inside our house especially as it got dark out side so fear of being alone. I wasn’t in a good mental and emotional state. Bad dreams, lots of crying, lost weight, no concentration,…., I had no control on myself.
I guess I mentioned this before that it was a very bad time for me and my husband helped me a lot to go through that period of time. He made me to go to aerobic classes and register at the university for my Master. In the meantime I started homeopathy. So again I eventually got better.
Right now I don’t have any problem regarding life in Canada. I have done a very good research at the university that scientists and researchers have shown a lot of interests. There is just one thing I don’t like here and that is very very cold weather in winter time and specially I hate cold winds.
If there is anything I should explain more let me know.
phosphor last decade
did you use this visualization process to become involved with husband (back in the beginning (past))? please explain
John Stanton last decade
First of all thank you for using the word visualization. I was having hard time not remembering this word. I suppose your question is about my marriage in one word. Well I have to say partly yes I used this visualization and partly no. let me put it in this way:
I had this imagination of getting married to someone with high IQ. It was the most important thing to me. Also someone whom I can talk to about interesting things in world, who has passion for exploring nature, who is honest and hard working and provide me a good quality life. My husband has all the above qualities. So at first when I met him soon I realized all the above mentioned. Our friendship started and we remained friends for about 6 months. Then I realized that he smokes grass. To be honest with you, I had no idea what the grass is. I knew it is not a good thing but no more than that. Anyway, after a while (and after I studied about grass) I decided to break up with him. And I did. After 2 weeks he called me and he was in a very bad shape. Long story short, I couldn’t resist him and we got back together. So the rest of it was not base on my visualization. It was mostly about helping him. Several times he told me I am the one who brought laugh and joy into his life so I wanted to make him happy. I mean I wanted to help him as a human. At that time I thought maybe if I help him, he would reach to a state that he would go and find somebody else for his life. But it never happened. Many times he told me he couldn’t imagine life without me and these stuff. Anyhow, as we decided to get married I was thinking about making him quit smoking grass and stuff. But unfortunately marriage in Iran is such a heavy, energy consuming process that you couldn’t find anytime for anything else. After marriage I talked to him several times to make him quit smoking grass. But I guess the need for smoking coming from inside his body so he wouldn’t accept that. I think it would be great if I try to do it through homeopathy. After all, I love him. Except for smoking grass, he is a very nice man. By the way last weekend we were with his boss (in his cottage) and his boss offered him grass and he refused. It was very interesting. Cause it was the first time in his life that he refused smoking grass.
phosphor last decade
what relation like with parents? past and now?
John Stanton last decade
If I am really going to answer this question completely it would be a very long posting (longer than previous ones). So let me explain it in 2 paragraphs and then if you have more questions in this regard let me know.
My father: as far as I can remember I have always had a good relationship with my father. He is a respectable father but at the same time absolutely friendly. I mean when I talk to him I am very careful with the words and sentences but at the same time I can tell him whatever I feel, I want, or even whatever happened to me. there are things that I would never tell him because I don’t want to make him sad and disturbed. In one sentence he is the best daddy in the world.
My mother: my mother is a very strong woman. Both in health and in personality. She is very brave, never lies, and she loves me and my brother very much. She is a teacher. I used to have problems with her. First of all she always treated me like one of her students. You know what I mean, like she always wanted to teach me. so we never got a chance to be friends. She is emotional (she didn’t want me to get married at all because she couldn’t accept getting separated from me) but at the same time very serious. She is very bossy. She believes that she is the best of everything. Best mother, best wife, best teacher, best cook. She is also very beautiful and very attractive. I have learned a lot from her but for some reasons I just can’t be completely myself when I am with her. Recently she has became religious. Right now I don’t have any specific problem with her. Anyhow, I guess that’s it.
phosphor last decade
in waht ways are you similar to mother (physically-..etc)?
John Stanton last decade
Sorry for my late reply again. I am preparing my presentation for a conference so I didn’t get a chance to reply back sooner.
Well I have to say that I am more like my father. But there are things I think I got it from my mother:
1. being hairy(but she doesn’t have unwanted hairs)
2. having lumps(mine is in my breast hers are in her underarms)
3. flat feet(no arch)
other than these I am nothing like her. My face is pale and I don’t look like a strong woman (exactly opposite of my mother).
Emotionally and mentally, I am not sure if I acquired things from her or if they are from inheritance. You decide:
1. being emotional (we both like poems, emotional movies, …)
2. need for attention
3. wanting best of everything
4. being serious(she is more serious than me)
5. being proud of yourself
I guess that’s it.
phosphor last decade
Please let me know if you have more questions.
phosphor last decade
how important you think/feel it is for you to be mother of own child? in what ways you feel not suited ofr this ? what are your personal concerns in this matter?
John Stanton last decade
it is a tough question. I love kids and I can make good relationship with them. I would love to have my own child. and even if for some medical reason I can't have one I would like to adopt one. to be honest with you I don't feel that I am not suited for this. the only thing is sometimes I think the age difference between me and my child would be 35 years and that is too much. I mean when he/she gets 20 years old I would be 55 and I don't feel good about this. but what can I do? my only concern is about my husband, I know that he will be a good father in terms of loving his kids, spending time with them, and so on. but I am not sure if he wants to continue this smoking grass thing, would he be able to continue his sane living?
I wish I knew a little bit of future.
phosphor last decade

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