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Genital Warts during Pregnancy


I am currently 31 weeks pregnant. I discovered genital warts at around 24 weeks and have been having them frozen on a weekly basis however this is having little effect and if anything, the warts are spreading.
In the past couple of weeks the warts have also become extremely itchy, particularly at night. There is no bleeding. Warts feel hard and dry, are white, rough in shape. Newer lesions are smooth and flesh coloured.
I'm obviously wary of some treatments due to pregnancy. I am wondering if anyone can suggest a homeopathic remedy and dosage safe for use during pregnancy and advise on how to take it.

Many thanks
  Elka on 2017-11-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please answer the following questions for a recommendation.

1) What are your complaints.
2) List out locations and any known cause for each complaint
3) Write down sensations associated with complaints.
4) Write down worsening and bettering factors of these complaints.
5) Any associated symptoms with these complaints.
6) Other details relevant to these complaints.
7) Details about your emotional state, personality, temeperament and any other relevant details like cravings/aversions, climate/temperature preference, fears/anxieties, thirst/hunger/sleep/sex issues.
maheeru 6 years ago
Complaints: Trouble falling and staying asleep, restless legs, frequent need to urinate, little thirst during the day, lethargy and lack of motivation, dry hands and feet (finger tips and heels), comedonal acne on jaw, watering eyes outdoors, difficulty waking in the morning, feeling stiff and nauseous until the afternoon. Long term low blood pressure, and during pregnancy. Dizziness and light-headedness. History of skin problems since late teens, acne (recurrent), pityriasis rosea (resolved), molloscum contagiousum (resolved, sexually contracted from ex), pyogenic granuloma on finger (resolved), verruca, right foot (resolved after many years) seborrhoeic dermatitis (recurrent), itchy legs (recurrent), patches of contact dermatitis (recurrent), dry peeling lips (recurrent since childhood) that I have a tenancy to chew/pick when nervous/stressed. Intolerant to milk. When ingested without heating it causes severe stomach cramps. I can tolerate cheese/yogurt but I choose not to eat them as I generally feel better without and they can make me nauseous.
In early pregnancy I experienced an ocular migraine for the first time. Little pain but I suffered visual disturbance for 20 minutes. At the time I was stressed about telling my family about pregnancy (2nd pregnancy, baby conceived during one night stand 1 year after 1st baby was born with ex partner who broke up with me when first baby was just 4 months old)
Emotional state: emotional roller-coaster due to ex partner. He has always been a fairly depressive and antisocial person. We first got together 10 years ago in our early 20's (I'm 31 now). 5 years ago I got very drunk and had a one night stand, I have little recollection of that night. I told my partner about it immediately and begged forgiveness. He never seemed to be able to do so. A few months later he began to ignore me, before finally admitting the relationship was over and leaving. We were back together within 6 months. He left for a second time within the next year, again, ignoring me before finally admitting he didn't love me anymore and leaving. This was a very emotional time for me and I started to suspect due to his behaviour that he was not mentally well but also blamed myself. He came back to me for a second time and promised he had come to terms with everything and wanted us to be together and start a family. Four months after our daughter was born I noticed a return of the same behaviour, ignoring me, drinking excessively. He told me he wanted to leave and I swore it would be the last time for our daughter's sake and because I couldn't take the heartbreak of the cycle repeating indefinitely. Since we 'broke up' he hasn't really been out of my life, he has many problems relating to drink, drugs, depression, debt, he lost his job, he frequently falls out with friends and family and he plays the role of victim very well, he cannot accept responsibility. I have acted as a confidant and caregiver to him when I should have distanced myself emotionally to heal. He seemingly hit rock bottom in October. Shortly before he left he came over to my house, drunk or under the influence of drugs and began to talk about our sex life and how unsatisfactory it was and how it could have been improved if I did xyz. He suggested this might have saved our relationship. He also mentioned he cut off some skin tags he had on his groin and asked me about a skin tag I had on my bikini line. I told him I wasn't comfortable with the conversation and would he please leave. It was the next day that I discovered the genital warts, as if they had appeared over night. It sounds strange, but the same thing happened with my acne. I've always had clear skin on my face. One day someone complimented me on my skin and complexion and shortly afterwards I developed bad cystic acne that lasted nearly 3 years. It improved significantly on birth control and has never been as bad since, although it still reoccurs.
Because of his behaviour and drug use and insistence on being part of our daughter's life I have had to involve certain authorities recently to ensure our safety. I feel guilty about this but I know it was the right thing to do. On a daily basis I am emotional as I worry about him. He has recently been sectioned for suicide attempts. I fear that my involvement of authorities and my attempt to finally distance myself from his drama will cause him to try again. He has currently broken all contact with me. I am weepy and tearful most days. I am obsessed with finding a solution for the warts and I fear passing them on to my baby. I am keeping busy during the day to try and distract myself, often obsessive with cleaning, crochet and watching TV series in the evening once my daughter is asleep to the point I cannot switch off. I have a short temper and even the smallest things are causing me to shout. In the evening if I think about what is worrying me my heart beats faster and I feel breathless and have palpitations. I have been encouraged by one agency I am currently involved with to think about whether my ex partner has been controlling during our relationship and whether his behaviour could be categorised as emotional abuse. I am constantly bringing up and thinking about the past and so confused that I cannot make sense of anything. I feel that I don't know my own mind and have lived a lie for a long time.
I love my daughter and I am looking forward to meeting my son. But other than having my children I don't feel very hopeful about my own future. I feel very stuck. I see my family weekly, but I don't have many friends or a social life. I haven't spent more than a few hours separated from my daughter since she was born, she is 19 months old.
I don't really have any cravings. Normally I tend to prefer savoury over sweet. I don't have much of an appetite to begin the day, food seems like a chore and nothing sounds very appealing. I eat what's there and make an effort to make it nutritional for my daughter and the pregnancy. We often eat the same things every day. I feel like if it wasn't for the pregnancy I wouldn't feel physically hungry at all. Physical hunger tends to come late in the evening, after dinner as does thirst. Sometimes I eat something, sometimes I don't. More often than not it is fruit or toast because it's quick to prepare. During the day I probably have about 3 cups of decaffeinated tea to drink, I am only thirsty for water in the evening. I was a coffee drinker before pregnancy 3 or 4 cups a day but can no longer stand the smell/taste. I seem to have become intolerant to caffienated tea too, and feel quite queasy after consuming it.
I prefer cooler temperatures generally, pregnancy in particular makes me feel hot and uncomfortable. I am prone to getting to warm in bed and have to sleep with my feet uncovered. However on a couple of occasions in the last few months I have woken up at night, feeling like I might be coming down with a cold or flu. I begin shivering violently to the point that my teeth chatter. Once I warm myself up, I am often too hot. When I wake the next day I have no further symptoms.

Many thanks for your reply
Elka 6 years ago
Please help. The nurse I saw yesterday for cryotherapy said she would need to refer me to a consultant if the warts got much worse. I really don't want this to interfere with a normal birth. If I have to have a c-section I will have very little help with my daughter while I'm recovering. I don't know how I will cope.
Elka 6 years ago
Hi Elka

Please take Nat. Mur. 200c one pill/drop as a dose. Take doses every five days leaving four days without medicine in between.

Take upto six doses. If any dose worsens or improves significantly stop with that dose and report.
maheeru 6 years ago
Many thanks Maheeru for the reply. I have ordered nat mur 200c in pill format. I will report back with any changes.
Elka 6 years ago
I've been taking natrum muriaticum every 5 days as prescribed. I took my 4th dose on 16th.
With the second dose I came down with a cold and was very congested, more so than usual. The cold has passed and most symptoms have improved but I still suffer lots of congestion, especially at night.
I have noticed an improvement in overall mood - I do not find myself dwelling on the past as much, my moods are more even, I am less likely to get angry or frustrated over small things and I have found myself being more productive.
Sleep has also improved, I still wake at night, but far less frequently. I cannot remember the last time I suffered restless legs in bed. I am able to fall asleep within an hour.
As for the warts, the itching has subsided greatly. However the warts themselves haven't improved much if it all. Some of the larger ones have shrunk in size, but others have taken their place. I was due to have cryotherapy yesterday but was unable to be treated due to the tank malfunctioning, and was advised to return in a few days time. As of last night I began topical treatment myself with apple cider vinegar and castor oil as I feel cryotherapy is having minimal effect. I have been taking red marine algae to boost my immune system for the past 10 days.
Should I continue with the next doses? Please advise, many thanks
Elka 5 years ago
Ok elka. Continue with the remaining two doses. Make the gap between them one week instead of 4/5 days.

Purchase Thuja mother tincture or ointment/cream with thuja alone as an ingredient in the latter case. Also purchase thuja 30c. Once you have purchased them let me know.
maheeru 5 years ago
Thank you Maheeru for your quick response. I have taken my 5th dose of Natrum Muriaticum and set a reminder to take the next dose 7 days later. I have also now purchased both thuja mother tincture and thuja 30c.
Elka 5 years ago
That was pretty quick. But let us wait for some more time esp. till you finish the doses of N. Mur.
maheeru 5 years ago
Sorry Maheeru for my impatience. My due date is a little over 4 weeks away and I hoped for an improvement before then. I suspect however I will go overdue as I will not feel comfortable to birth in my current state. The itching has increased significantly in the past three days. I am bathing twice a day to try and combat this and thoroughly drying the area before I dress. Coconut oil seems to be the only thing to soothe the itch, but relief is only temporary. Enough to sleep at least. I ceased using apple cider vinegar after two days as I felt it was only irritating the area and making me even more uncomfortable. I am due to take my 6th and final dose of Natrum Muriaticum tomorrow.
[Edited by Elka on 2017-12-27 11:14:19]
Elka 5 years ago
After taking the last dose, wait and see for two to three days if there is improvement in warts and itching and post changes.
maheeru 5 years ago
I took the last dose on Thursday. There was a relief from itching immediately after my cryotherapy treatment that day, but it soon returned. Last night the itching woke me a few times. There has been no improvement in the warts. It may be be be my imagination, but when I checked this morning some of them looked a bit bigger, but there don't appear to be any new growths.
The day before I took my last dose, I was told by my midwife she wanted me to be checked at the hospital before she went through a birth plan with me or agreed upon a home birth. I accept this and I respect her opinion and efforts to make sure my birth is both safe and comfortable, however when I was alone I broke down in tears and was unable to console myself for several hours. I think this is mostly from shame and the fact I am unable to control the situation. My hospital appointment is now booked and I feel better about it generally. I do feel that the Natrum Muriaticum has a calming effect on me.
[Edited by Elka on 2017-12-31 08:11:25]
Elka 5 years ago
Ok Elka.

Start applying Thuja Mother tincture using cotton wads two to three times per day on all the warts.

Internally start on Thuja 30c.

Dosage is as follows: Take one dose(one pill/drop) every three days leaving two days in between without any medicine. Take upto nine doses in this manner.

In between if you notice aggravation or improvement--- report and ask for further advice.

It's not good to feel shame or depression about this now especially when you are carrying. Generally there is a quote about 'look before you leap' to prevent such bad things done to oneself. Feeling guilty or bad about past incidents however serious can not turn the clock. Now the time is to repent and to look forward positively. If you are spiritual, please seek forgiveness and help from God.

God Willing, I'm trying to assist you to make this safe and less embarassing. So hold on without losing hope.
maheeru 5 years ago
Thank you for your kind words and support Maheeru.
Elka 5 years ago
Welcome keep me posted about the changes. If there is no reaction too post the status.

Exactly how many weeks are you pregnant as of now?
[Edited by maheeru on 2018-01-02 19:06:37]
maheeru 5 years ago
No changes as of yet, but it's only been a few days. I have yet to take the second dose of thuja 30. I will be 37 weeks on Friday.
Elka 5 years ago
Elka reduce the gap between any two doses to one day in between from two days in between or in other words on alternate days.
maheeru 5 years ago
Hi Maheeru, it's been 7 days since I started thuja. I've taken my third dose today and will begin to take it every other day as you advise.
I saw a consultant on Thursday who did not seem to think the warts would pose any risk during birth so I am reassured about that. I have been applying the thuja 2 times a day. I missed an application on Thursday however and only applied once. I have noticed the warts are whiter in appearance. There is still some itching, but it's more of a dry and prickly sensation. Some of the warts are tender to touch, but I also had cryotherapy on Thursday afternoon so that could explain the tenderness.
I'm not sure if it's related, but the evening of my first dose of thuja I had a upset stomach and loose stools. It had passed by the morning, but I had the same thing last night and this morning, two days after my second dose. Otherwise I am well, apart from a sore, dry throat left over from the cold I had a few weeks ago.
Elka 5 years ago
Ok discharges can be positive here. Let's wait.
maheeru 5 years ago
Please restrict the doses to seven/eight a modification from the prior advice of nine doses.
maheeru 5 years ago
Hi Maheeru, I have taken dose 5 of Thuja with the 6th, 7th and 8th doses due on the 15th, 17th and 19th. Generally there has been no change, itching is on and off and one of the smaller warts is now bigger. However, this morning when applying thuja tincture to the largest cluster the top layer seemed to come off of one of the warts. The wart is still very much there but is more flesh coloured now. This is the first time I've noticed any of the warts shedding since they appeared.
Elka 5 years ago
Looking again this morning, there seem to be more smaller growths. Either that or they have increased in size and are more noticeable. I've noticed itching and location of itching seem to indicate worsening of symptoms.
I do feel like giving up at this point as they won't be gone before the birth so I'll have to suffer the discomfort and humiliation anyway.
Elka 5 years ago

Stop with the 7th dose on 17th. Leave 3 to 4 days without medicine. Then start with Nitric acid 30c two doses(one pill as a dose) per day for four days. Along with this apply nitric acid MT using cotton on the warts.

Generally warts treatment take some time from six weeks to six months. So no need to give up at this point. Let's give some time for the system to clean the toxins of this condition so that your system and baby's system gets free of this problem. If this problem what homeopathy calls as sycotic poison if not treated properly can lead to complications. Skin is the last layer so after cleansing of the system you will start to see the results on skin i.e warts will start to disappear.
maheeru 5 years ago
Thanks for the encouragement Maheeru. I am ordering the products online as I live in a rural area. I have been ordering through Helios, but I am unable to find Nitric Acid Mother Tincture. They have, Oral Liquid (23% alcohol), "Medicating Potency" (high alcohol liquid potency for practitioner use only) and LM liquid (10% alcohol)... No cream or ointments, are any of these suitable replacements? I cannot find Mother Tincture elsewhere either...
[Edited by Elka on 2018-01-16 18:22:26]
Elka 5 years ago
Is it possible to prepare a tincture with the Medicating potency? And what potency would I chose?
Elka 5 years ago

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