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Is it possible to prepare a tincture with the Medicating potency? And what potency would I chose?
Elka 3 years ago
Being an acid there won't be MT technically. But one can use the lowest dilution available for external application. Here in, 12x liquid form can be used for external application. Oral liquid 23% alcohol can be chosen.
maheeru 3 years ago
Hi Maheeru,
I finished with the thuja and am now on my third dose of nitric acid, due to take the fourth tomorrow.
I had cryotherapy the day before I started nitric acid and the nurse remarked that the warts looked better as they looked "drier". The following day, when applying nitric acid for the first time I noticed the top had come away from some of the largest of the warts leaving them looking pinker, almost red in colour. There has been some irritation and itching in the early hours of the morning but it is less than it was. I haven't noticed much more of a change in the appearance of the warts since starting nitric acid, or any further effects. Please advise, many thanks.
Elka 3 years ago
Are you taking two doses per day? or one a day?

Please finish this course even if there is no visible improvement on warts. These meds are important to be taken ---most of the time action may be invisible ---but clear the ground for further medicines.

Also liberally apply the external application three times a day.
maheeru 3 years ago
Yes I have been taking two doses a day, but I took both pills at once and not at separate times. I have now taken two doses per day for four days. Yesterday was my last dose and I have had nothing today. I was applying nitric acid twice a day, though maybe not liberally. Should I continue with this treatment?
Elka 3 years ago
Two pills at a time will count as one dose only. So you have in effect taken four doses. So take four more doses. But when you take two doses in a day separate the doses by 5 to 6 hours minimum.

Increase the external application to three times. After two days you can stop internal medicine. But continue with external application. At the end of this two days of internal medicine write a brief note about your overall symptom picture that remains and energy/sleep and mood.
maheeru 3 years ago
OK, thank you.
Elka 3 years ago
I've taken four doses of nitric acid over the last two days and have been applying topically 3 times a day.
I had hardly any itching during that time but it seems to have returned this evening. I also had a very good night's sleep the night before last only waking once, which is very unusual for me at the moment. Today I have felt very lethargic, barely able to keep my eyes open by 3pm. I've still been suffering a lot with congestion, especially in the evening or when resting. I'm now two days past my due date, but with no signs of labour starting soon...
My appetite has increased and I have been craving raw vgetables and fruit, specifically oranges and red peppers. I've also been thirstier than normal. Probably all fairly typical symptoms at this stage of pregnancy!
The warts look whiter and puffier again. Not much change in size or shape.
Elka 3 years ago
What congestion? write the details about it.

Please re describe the warts and nature and if anything has changed from the beginning posts like colour, consistency, size, nature,form etc.

If any thing that has changed significantly from the very first post.
maheeru 3 years ago
Biggest improvements since beginning of treatment, better sleep (easier to fall asleep and return to sleep after frequent waking) and general mood (not feeling as nervous, no palpitations, obsessive thoughts etc) I have not had contact with my ex partner for nearly 6 weeks as he was not happy with the plans I made for him to see our daughter over Christmas and he is now ignoring me. I've not been as upset about this as I thought I would be, or might have been in the past. I would normally be worried about having upset him, or try to make amends, apologising even if I am not the one in the wrong. I give it a fleeting thought every now and again but I wish him well and hope he is clear of his vices and not suffering and then I am able to put it out of my mind.
The congestion is remaining from a cold I caught at the end of November after my second dose of Natrum Muriaticum. There is little mucous and I normally wake up clear, but by the afternoon/evening one or both nostrils are completely blocked. It's worse with the heating on. My voice still sounds croaky and nasal but there is no pain in my throat.
Since the beginning of treatment I have had a couple more warts appear, but not for several weeks. I seem to have lost some also, or they have shrunk. The largest of the warts are in a cluster on the right side. These warts are white, crusty with an uneven surface. I have shed the top layer to these warts twice now, once during thuja treatment and once in the break between thuja and nitric acid. It's this area that itches and burns the most. However the itching is not consistent at the moment. I can go days and barely notice it or it can suddenly get worse and last all day/night. Cold improves it, cool water, coconut oil, cool air and heat makes it worse, friction, warm moisture, too hot baths. The left side is the most improved since the beginning of treatment.
Elka 3 years ago
Get the following two medicines: Sulphur 200c and Pulsatilla 200c.

How many weeks have you been pregnant now?

Are you seeing any signs of labour yet?
maheeru 3 years ago
40 weeks and 5 days today. In the week leading up to my due date I was having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and some pains, but I've only had a handful of Braxton Hicks contractions in the past few days. I had a call from the social worker today to whom I was referred regarding my ex partner's drug abuse and mental health. He has asked to be assessed by her and so has indirectly made contact. He seemed to make out that I had mislead them and blown everything out of proportion so I was a little perturbed today to say the least and very annoyed at the timing of this as I want to feel calm and relaxed at the moment. I've had two cups of coffee today, which I haven't had in weeks and unsurprisingly, I've been feeling rather strange and spacey.
I will put in an order for those two remedies. Shall I continue to apply nitric acid externally in the meantime? How should I take the sulphur and pulsatilla?
Elka 3 years ago
Until you start on next medicine you can continue with N.Acid application. Once you move to next one stop this external application.

We may revisit Thuja and N. Acid in higher power depending on the progress. At that time external application can be resumed.

Also you can order for Caulophyllum 200c. This and Puls. are for facilitating smooth labour.

Once you receive the medicines, start on puls. Two doses per day for three days and then one dose per day for another three to four days.
maheeru 3 years ago
In between if genuine labour starts, you just have to take one or two more doses till the delivery happens. After that you need not repeat pulsatilla doses.
maheeru 3 years ago
I have taken 2 doses of Pulsatilla a day for 3 days now. I had what felt like contractions almost immediately after my 1st and 2nd doses, nothing the following day, on the third day I took a long walk and felt some pains in the evening and was woken by them at 3am. I tried to sleep through but ended up getting up for something to eat and drink and to take a bath. By 8am the pains had subsided and I took another dose. They are now very irregular, though they were 5 minutes apart at one point in the early morning. I have been losing parts of my mucus plug since Thursday, no blood, but yellowish and clear discharge.
I have been very emotional this week and frustrated with waiting for the labour to begin and worrying who will be available to help with my daughter and support me during labour. I have planned a home birth but many of the midwives are on sick leave at the moment and have warned me if I go into labour before Tuesday they will be unable to send a midwife to me and I will have to attend the hospital an hour away. I really don't want to have to do this, it just seems there isn't a convenient day to have this baby now he is so overdue, not for the midwives or for my sister or mother who have other responsibilities. I had another ocular migraine about an hour ago, triggered by the lamp on my bedside table. This is the second since the very beginning of my pregnancy. I had flashing, swirling lights in my left peripheral vision lasting about 20 minutes, no headache, just disrupted vision.
Shall I continue with pulsatilla as prescribed? Should I take additional doses to encourage labour?
Elka 3 years ago
Unfortunately I did not order Caulophyllum in time and I think it may be too late now.
Elka 3 years ago
If you think midwife's availability a problem, leave a gap of day and resume puls. again. If you go into actual labour then take one dose of puls.(even if you have taken doses in the day already) it should encourage the process and make it finish soon.

But as long as you are having false contractions continue just one dose a day.

Isn't there any way to get Caulophyllum or any other medicine at all in a short notice?

What other remedies have you got in your possession with their potencies?
[Edited by maheeru on 2018-02-05 18:05:26]
maheeru 3 years ago
He's been born! Thank you Maheeru for your speedy reply, but labour progressed quickly from 4pm and he was born at 8:30pm UK time - 9lbs 7oz! I didn't end up taking another dose of pulsatilla after this morning. Shall I dispense with this remedy now? I'm still waiting on the Sulphur to arrive... Do you suggest anything else, or shall I take a break. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, patience and time. I feel so very relieved that he is here safe and well. I feel well myself after the birth. It was medication free, with just a small tear. I'm resting now, but able to move and my daughter is safely with her aunt.
Elka 3 years ago
Welcome, Elka, Congrats.

Thank God. I was wondering about your mid-wife situation and also thankfully we were able to prevent a possibly embarassing C Section.

Yes stop Puls. now. Was there any other change on other symptoms after taking this medicine?

Until pelvic bones re-align do not exert yourself physically----that will happen in a few weeks.

Leave a gap of one or two weeks and post a status update we'll resume treatment for warts.
maheeru 3 years ago
Hello Maheeru, and thank you. It will have been two weeks tomorrow since I had the baby. The time has gone very quickly! I didn't notice any other changes in symptoms after taking pulsatilla, but I was so focused on being overdue I couldn't really think of much else.
Since the birth I have felt well. My pelvis has been sore if on my feet for too long or walking any distance, but that's to be expected. I have felt the need to be outside every day in the fresh air although this hasn't been possible due to recovery, or weather... On the days I haven't been out I have felt claustrophobic and irritable. I have been feeling weak and pale this weekend and a little sapped of energy. I have also been sweating a lot a night, although last night wasn't so bad. I had some itching down below as grazes from the birth were healing but no itching of the warts since giving birth. I had a look at them today for the first time since the birth (it was nice to have a break from constantly monitoring and obsessing over them) and they look slightly improved. None have gone as far as I can tell, but they look flatter and smaller and they look dry and flesh coloured as opposed to white and puffy. My blocked nose and congestion has also improved slightly, although not completely gone away.
Elka 3 years ago
Received sulph.?

How about the tear? Improving?
maheeru 3 years ago
Yes, I have the sulphur now.

The tear was no more than a graze according to midwife's notes. I didn't need stitches and there is no discomfort.
Elka 3 years ago
Ok take one dose of sulph. (one pill/drop) preferably early in the morning 40 mins. before brushing.

Post changes in 4 to 5 days.
maheeru 3 years ago
Hi Maheeru,

I've taken 5 doses of sulphur now. The congestion is completely gone. The warts remain flesh coloured - they look like they have spread out, as if they have been flattened. There has been no itching of the warts at all that I can recall since the birth...maybe sometimes a slight tingling or burning sensation.
I have been craving coffee, particularly in the morning which is something I couldn't stand the smell of during pregnancy. The sweating at night has lessened. I have had a few headaches, this week, with pressure around and behind the eyes. I have been sleeping OK I think, but obviously I am up several times a night nursing so I'm not as well rested as I could be. On Saturday I had an ocular migraine (the third I have ever experienced, and only since the beginning of this pregnancy). It was a very sunny day, I was in a children's playground and the sun was reflecting off of the slide. It starts as an after image of light and spreads across my vision from the left, gradually affecting the vision in both eyes with flashing, moving lights and shapes. It lasted about 20 minutes and I had a slight headache afterwards, but it's never as painful as I imagine a normal migraine would be. As well as the light, I have noticed that all three of these migraines have happened during stressful times - worrying about the pregnancy after I had just found out about it, when I was in early labour and, in this case, I was with my ex partner in the playground as he wanted to see the children.
Towards the end of last week I began to feel as if I might be getting a UTI. There was some stinging when urinating and an urgency to go but very little urine. However, these symptoms improved over the weekend.
Elka 3 years ago
OMG, you took 5 doses?

I just wanted you to take one dose and report in 4 to 5 days.

Ok since the deed is done, we'll just have to wait and see before deciding further action.
maheeru 3 years ago
Oops, I completely misread your instructions... Wait another 4-5 days then?
[Edited by Elka on 2018-03-01 18:25:17]
Elka 3 years ago

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