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Oops, I completely misread your instructions... Wait another 4-5 days then?
[Edited by Elka on 2018-03-01 18:25:17]
Elka 3 years ago
10 days wait would help. Let the doses settle down.
maheeru 3 years ago
It's been about 10 days (I think) since I took the last dose of sulphur. In the days following some acne appeared on my jaw, a few large pimples and cysts. They were deep under the skin and painful but have now healed.
I've been experiencing some headaches. They are not particularly painful but I feel a pressure behind my eyes and aching in my jaw and teeth.
My joints have been clicking and cracking as I move, my ankles, knees and hips will crack loudly during the day.
I continue to wake up sweaty in the night and have to lose layers of clothing or bed covers, even if I have gone to bed feeling cold.
The genital warts haven't changed, they are still flattish, pink to flesh coloured, little to no itching or irritation and I barely notice them anymore. In fact I have dreamt about them disappearing twice this week.

Something new I have noticed which is causing quite a bit of distress in the past few days is that I seem to have an oversupply of breast milk and overactive letdown. I did not experience this nursing my daughter but I have been getting a painful pins and needles sensation in the sides of my breasts as the milk moves through the breast. I don't even have to be breastfeeding for this to happen. As a result my milk is too fast for the baby to feed comfortably. He is bringing up milk frequently after feeding, gulping and coughing at the breast, choking on the milk and getting frustrated. He was fussiest at night to begin with, often in a cycle of feeding, vomiting, crying until nursed again, but this seems to extended into the day now too. Unless I wear him in the baby wrap or lay him across my lap on his front he will only sleep for 20 minutes here and there. This has had a knock on effect and I'm finding myself getting frustrated easily. I have felt very irritated when nursing my daughter. The baby is a priority and she has been upset with me, pulling at my clothes, demanding to nurse and crying if I tell her no.
I have felt a lot of anger in the week, even close to rage, I feel very irritated in the pit of my stomach and feel anger bubbling to the surface, feeling like I am suffocated or drowning and I want everyone to leave me alone so I can catch my breath. These feelings seem to come out of nowhere sometimes, I'll feel perfectly calm and content and then completely unable to cope with any small inconvenience the next.
I have been very forgetful and careless, adding to my frustration. I keep forgetting to close doors or put things out of reach of my daughter, or I will walk into a room and not remember why.
I feel quite invisible. On a bad day I resent the fact I am alone with no one to help or encourage me, or even just witness the day. On a good day I'm upset there is no one there to share the good moments with.
During the day I feel better when we go for a walk. I even found myself wanting to walk in the pouring rain today. The smell of it was refreshing to me.
Elka 3 years ago
Ok. Get a medicine called Nux Vom 200c. Take one pill/drop as a dose one hour before going to bed at night. Take just two such doses on consecutive nights. Please take a note, one dose per night for two nights total only TWO doses.

This is to lessen the effects from the previous overdosing.

Keep me posted about the changes.
maheeru 3 years ago
Hi Maheeru, I have taken two doses of Nux Vomica (having read your instructions carefully!!). One on Wednesday night, an hour before bed and one on Thursday night. On Thursday night I fell asleep waiting to go to bed, I was so tired, I think I only managed to stay awake for 45 minutes after taking the dose.
Since then I've noticed a bad taste in my throat and bad breath.
The bumps on my jaw related to acne have smoothed out a lot, even ones that have been there for some time.
When I was a teen and into my early twenties I struggled with my self esteem related to my weight and appearance. I even remember having such feelings as a young child. I would often starve myself and binge on food and then force myself to vomit. I had an internal voice, telling me I'm not good enough, I'm a bad person, I don't deserve to feel happy etc. In the past few days I have noticed that voice return. It's upsetting because I feel like I have come a long way in the past 10 years and became good at quashing that negativity and building myself back up. I have had a loss of appetite in relation to these feelings but not because I am transfixed on my appearance (although I don't think it was ever really about that before either) I barely have time to look in the mirror at the moment. When I have felt sad, mostly in the evenings, I have just wanted to eat, to fill myself with something and be nourished or comforted, but then haven't been able to follow through with actually eating. I have also unconsciously missed breakfast a couple of days and not noticed until lunch time. When I hear the voice it's like someone has punched me in the stomach, I feel ashamed and I hate myself. It makes me tearful to relate it. It is a weakness and I know I shouldn't feel this way.
I have noticed a slight itching, tingling and burning on warts and surrounding areas. They are flat, flesh coloured, some appear slightly grey and, dare I say, they all seem to be smaller.
Elka 3 years ago
Warts how smaller from the time you first noticed them? any percentage numbers? New warts stopped?

These esteem issues and negative feelings ---since when are you feeling post sulph. doses or post Nux. doses?
maheeru 3 years ago
Yes, new warts stopped a while ago. The largest and oldest warts I would say have reduced in size by about 30% now since the birth. The newest and smallest have nearly completely disappeared (I think a couple have disappeared altogether in the last two weeks) and they seem to have broken down into smaller parts, they almost look like skin tags.
I would say negative feelings started post sulphur. I felt particularly bad Wed, Thurs, Fri last week, that's when I realised it felt like more than having just a 'bad day' so overlapping with Nux doses on Wednesday and Thursday night. I've felt slightly better in that regard since my last post.
Elka 3 years ago
So the negative symptoms you talked about post sulph. were the old ones that existed at some point in the past?

Do you have any new discomfort post sulph. doses that did not exist before at any point in your past life?

Did you and if yes what(any medicinal substance) did you take to tackle self esteem issues, forcible starving, binge eating and other concerns about looks in the past?

Are you still over weight?
maheeru 3 years ago
Yes, that's right. It was like being transported back to my teenaged mind.
I haven't noticed any other new symptoms post sulph. I have however come down with another cold.
I didn't take anything medicinal to counter those past issues. I remember as a young child feeling I was too fat, maybe 6 or 7. I began starving myself at 9 and my Mother took me to the GP... from what I remember she prescribed peanut butter sandwiches... My parents would shout at me for not eating, so I ate. When I was older I was more able to hide it from my parents and pretend I had eaten when I hadn't, or I would take food and eat it in secret. At university my weight fell quickly as I was in complete control of my diet, but I was also very sad and I isolated myself because of my eating habits. At that time I considered seeking help with my state of mind, but I never found the courage and didn't consider myself 'ill enough', although looking back I think I would have been diagnosed with an eating disorder. My weight never fell to a dangerous level but it did yo-yo between 110lbs and 150lbs at 5'3 and between the ages of around 14 and 21... Then I started my relationship with my ex partner and I began to find acceptance with my body. During this time I maintained 130-140lbs, I would still occasionally obsess but it wasn't constant. During my pregnancy with my daughter I felt I made a huge step in appreciating my body as it created life. I was overweight after her birth at 150+lbs but lost the weight quickly with little effort. When my ex and I separated I lost more, down to 120lbs and I maintained this until I fell pregnant with my son. I felt my most confident and comfortable at this weight and it was effortless for me to maintain. Six weeks post partum I am 140lbs and for the most part I am happy with that, so when the negative thoughts from my past started to creep up on me again I was surprised.
Elka 3 years ago
Ok get Sulph. 1M. But do not take it yet. When you feel settled from the recent emotional episode, take just ONE dose i.e one pill/drop---while you are taking this dose, just drop a line here.

Take this on an off day without any appointment early in the day 40 minutes before brushing.

Please be careful NOT to take any more doses without reporting and getting my nod.

Often a deep acting remedy can pull out a deeply burried problem from the past to the surface(won't be a surprise for someone who knows about h'pathy well) and more than likely that medicine can also resolve the problem. Let's wait and see and if this does not --will advice about another medicine.
maheeru 3 years ago
Interesting to read what you wrote about a remedy uncovering a deep buried problem. I admit I have a very basic knowledge of homeopathy, although I would like to learn more.
I've taken my dose of sulphur this morning. You said to drop a line here to let you know. Shall I wait to report changes? I have noticed a dull stomach ache today and recall I had a similar sensation last time I was taking sulphur, I didn't note it until now..
Elka 3 years ago
Yes you can wait giving some time for the dose to work probably 10 to 12 days before you report.

Absolutely do not do more doses without confirming.
maheeru 3 years ago
Hi Maheeru,

It's been about three weeks since I took the dose. I've struggled to remember to find a moment to update.
Good news! As of last week most of the genital warts have dissappeared! Only two small ones remain. These were the newest growths, the oldest/first growths are gone. I am experiencing some itching and tingling the places the warts once were.
Following the dose I had pain and a lump develop in my left breast. I had a slight fever and was worried about mastitis but it cleared in 3 days.
I felt very calm at around 5 days and also very productive.
My skin appears clearer, with just one new blemish appearing on my left cheek. My eyebrows look thicker too, (they had thinned during my first pregnancy). I have also been chewing my lips a lot less. This is a nervous habit I've had since I was a child and I cannot believe the difference in such a short time.
After my calm period I suddenly became more irritable and impatient. I would say my moods are still very changeable, but overall good.
Elka 3 years ago
Good going and excellent news indeed, Elka.

Ok leave another 10 days without medicine and after that take ONE dose of Sulph. 1M again. Just ONE dose ONLY.

Like you did last time drop in a line when you take the medicine, and then report changes after a couple of weeks.
maheeru 3 years ago
Hi Maheeru,

I finally got around to taking the sulphur 1m this morning. I had been waking too late and forgetting to take it at the ideal time.
I've been feeling very flat and tired today after a busy few days. The weather has been warm and fine and I've been making the most of it with some new friends.
Elka 3 years ago
Ok Good.
maheeru 3 years ago
Hi Maheeru,

It's been 3 weeks since I took the last dose.
In the following days I noted feeling lightheaded and spacey. I had a dizzy spell in a coffee shop on the 21st when I overheated and thought I might faint (I didn't). On the 24th I came down with a sickness bug, vomiting but no diarrhoea. I was unable to keep down anything, even water from 5am to 2pm. I felt weak for a few days afterwards but otherwise well.
The warts have now completely cleared! 🙂
Elka 3 years ago
The tingling, itching associated with warts? Everything related to warts cleared up?

Ok let's slow down. Observe for another two or three weeks and make a feedback.
maheeru 3 years ago
I may have spoken too soon. It looks like a may have a small growth remaining. I don't think it's a new one. There is a very slight tingling associated with it, more so since I became aware of it. I don't have any itching.
Elka 3 years ago
Was there any impact from the last dose on warts? If i recollect correctly you said one wart remains after the previous dose too.
maheeru 3 years ago
There were two small ones remaining from the previous dose, and just this one after that last dose I took... So both doses seem to have had an impact. I'm not entirely sure it is a wart I have now... It's very small. No more itching associated with it, but I seem to have a slight case of thrush at the moment with itching.
Elka 3 years ago
Ok, repeat just ONE more dose of sulph. 1M. Keep me posted about the changes.
maheeru 3 years ago
Hi Maheeru, it's been 4 weeks since my last dose of Sulphur on 16th June. I was feeling tired and irritable before I took it and this feeling remained for a couple of days after the dose. I was feeling emotional, stuck and reflecting on the past. One morning I woke feeling refreshed and had a really productive day. I got rid of some old things that were emotionally charged and gave them to charity.
I noticed a yellowish vaginal discharge, itching and slight irritation but no marks or new growths. On 22nd I had what I think was a very light period. I bled lightly for two days. The blood was mostly brownish red in colour. I am still exclusively breastfeeding the baby and he wakes often in the night to feed so I was quite surprised by this.
We are having a heatwave locally, and although I have never been a sun worshipper in the past I have been enjoying the weather. My skin has browned easily and I have not burned. I am enjoying waking up to sunlight in the morning and going out in the day to enjoy the weather. I have been slightly constipated, maybe due to dehydration. With it I have had a worsening of hemorrhoids that I have suffered from on and off since pregnancy.
My eyes have been slightly itchy eyes due to hay-fever, but only on high pollen days.
In the past few days I have been feeling quite bloated, with gas. My skin has become greasier and I have developed a few pimples, so maybe I am anticipating another period?
I see no warts remaining and have no itching. I generally feel well and have lots of energy, if I don't have to wake too many times in the night with the baby!
Elka 3 years ago
So you confirm that there are no warts absolutely Zero? Previously once you said you kind of overlooked one or two warts.

I don't remember reading hemorrhoid symptoms. So please put in a note with what happens, bettering/worsening factors and if there is any associated symptom.

Will go through this description and what you would write after this post and will let you know the future course of action.
maheeru 3 years ago
What I thought was a remaining wart appears to be an enlarged fordyce spot...slighlty smaller than a grain of rice. I can feel a bump when I touch it but it feels like it's under the skin.
The haemarrhoids appeared towards the end of pregnancy and have come and gone since then. I have felt quite constipated recently, but I seem to have cleared my bowels and today they are gone. I have been run down after some difficult nights with the baby since last weekend and seem to be fighting some kind of infection. I have a sore swollen throat and tender swollen glands and had a lot of pressure in my sinuses along with a headache. The symptoms are mostly gone now but the sore throat remains.
Elka 3 years ago
Just to add, I did have my period since my last post. The second post-partum. It was heavier than the first one, but not more than normal. It began slowly with pinkish brown blood for a couple of days, then red, then dark brown almost black in appearance and some blackish clots. I didn't experience many cramps with it, like I usually would. But I do recall waking up with cramps in the night two days before it started. As I mentioned before, I had lots of bloating and gas associated and some pimples around my mouth and chin.
Elka 3 years ago

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