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Is Sulphur a good remedy?

Patient has bad breath, body odor and smelly stool, lots of phlegm that he has to spit, somewhat untidy looking, but very smart and educated. He is very serious, does not laugh much and is mostly quiet. Often tired or sluggish - not fresh in his movement and demeanor. Clumsy, doesn't pay attention to what he does, so often breaks things. Often seems to be in a depressed mood, but when you ask if anything is wrong, he answers nothing is wrong.
Oversensitive, gets insulted easily, takes himself too seriously.
Inclination to lazyness and extremely forgetful!
Also, exaggerated sexual desire, masturbates a lot and is somewhat violent in his passion. There is also a constant desire for alcohol and marihuana. Likes to be 'high' to 'relax'.
Otherwise he's very awkward socially, especially with people he doesn't know.
Would you say I was right with the Sulphur?
Well, I was advised before to give 200 c 2 times in one day and wait.
Would you say I should give that dose or another?
I thought of following up with Platinum Metallicum(if Sulphur doesn't work), because the depression, quietness and excess sexual desire seem to be the same.
Also, he often pities himself a lot. Talks of things being 'unfair'...
  cicka on 2007-12-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am kind of sad that my post went unanswered...
Usually most posts will be answered. Is it just that nobody knows the answer?
cicka last decade
what you found after taking sulpher.

narrate the symptoms and present situation.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Do not be depressed.please give him Androctonos amurreuxi hebraeus 30 three doses to be repeated at half an hour interval.Do not repeat wait for 10 days and report.
rssaini18 last decade
Well, I didn't see this last reply till now and I already gave him Sulphur 200 and he's taking the other dose tomorrow.
We'll see what happens and if that didn't work I will go with the latter suggestion.
cicka last decade
Btw, I never heard of Androctonos amurreuxi...
I did the diagnosis using the Remedy Finder on this site and several times Sulphur was either number one or very high on the list.
Where can I find more information about this other remedy?
cicka last decade
So I did administer the Sulphur to my boyfriend one dose on Thursday evening and one on Friday afternoon.
Nothing really changed physically apparently, but today (Sunday) he is being even more selfish, rude and condescending!
Could this mean that he is proving the remedy, or perhpas it is just one of his moods....
How will I know that the remedy helped?!
Please, answer!
cicka last decade
2 doses of Sulphur 200C so quickly is asking for trouble.

What you probably see now is similar aggravation.

Be especially careful with deep acting medicines like Sulphur. Overdosing these deep acting remedies is like playing with dynamite.

Give the single dose of 200C time to act, which is atleast 15 days.

The best would be to wait for this aggravation to pass, and hope for an improvement following this aggravation.

Usually when the remedy is working , the first sign would be a mental sense of well being . But since you did not wait on the action of the first dose to develop, the second dose caused a similar aggravation. Any more remedies right now will only compound the problem. Please wait for atleast 3 weeks now.
sameervermani last decade
thank you so much for the answer!
I was confused about the dosing, bc someone here told me to do 2 doses and some said to just do one, so then I did the 2.
I sure hope this is going to pass!
He says music makes him feel more relaxed.... is this also typical for suplhur?
I thought I did my best with determining the right remedy, but I'm no proffessional....
cicka last decade
In future, be careful.
These softwares are not a substitute for a consultation with a good homeopath. You are trying to cure a deep problem at the mental plane. The best thing would be to see a good homeopath in person. Even studying a good book would be much better than using the software.

And, remember to wait atleast 15 days on a single dose of 200C. Music ameliorates for a lot of people. I would not read too much into this symptom. Wait for 3 weeks , and then judge the response to Sulphur.
sameervermani last decade
Hi again sameervermani!

I have already noticed the reaction of Sulphur - I think...
His behavior is absolutely awful! I am even worried weather I should've given this to him. Things were mostly ok before and all of his bad traits seem to be coming up - being obstinate, snide, careless, sarcastic...etc.
Could this possibly mean that he is reacting to the remedy?
Will this pass?
I hope there wasn't any 'permanent' damage done!
He isn't ever going to go to a homeopath himself - just not the kind of person - too stubborn. That is why I searched for the remedy myself. Thank you for your replies and tips!
cicka last decade
You are seeing an aggravation right now which should pass over if you wait long enough.

Once again I will again re-iterate , be patient with these doses , give them time to act. You have given him more medicine than he needed .

Now please wait for 15 days. That is the best thing to do. Right now , it will not be prudent to prescribe any other remedy.

By the way if you want to understand sulphur more.

Search for 'the esseence of the sulphur type' on google. The first link that comes up has a very detailed explanation of Sulphur. That should tell you if you gave him the correct remedy or not.
sameervermani last decade
Hi again sameervermani!

I have actually read that article you are reffering to! : D
I've been trying to determine what he is constitutionally for over a year now! Hence I was quite sure. He's quite a match, except that he's not as disorganised and disheveled as Sulphur. He is always on time and is very responsible with his job. But the other traits are a match.
Is there another remedy you could see as a better match?
Thanks again for your help and I will report back later about his state.
Is it possible that I may have to repeat the dose sometime down the road if I will see no improvement?
cicka last decade
2 doses of 200C can achieve all the good , that 10 doses can.

The answer is , you do NOT need to repeat the 200C

Not all symptoms of the remedy picture will belong to a person. Even if he is not dishevelled , that is fine. But he should not be obsessed about his appreance. Sulphurs are usually not concerned about appearance. If the aggravation that occured was a similar aggravation , then probably an improvement will ensue once the aggravation passes over.

By similar aggravation I mean the worsening of EXISTING symptoms. Make sure he did not develop any new trouble some symptoms.

As I said , let us wait. Then I can retake the case once this passes over.
sameervermani last decade
if over action of sulphur is apparent---and not new symptom--no unnecessary aggravtion is to be allowed---if assessed so --mitigate the response to sulphur with single dose of nux vomica--better not to use if possible--but again no unnecessary aggarvtion--it is resposibility of doc to smooth this out--also it is very improtant he is not to use any alcholic beverages or anything made with suagr--in this u would see drastic modds if using after sulphur dose--start with diet then use nux-v only if need
John Stanton last decade
I have experienced the same problem with my boyfriend! Could someone tell me how sugar interacts with Sulphur? I tried to antidote but that made him much worse! How often is safe for administering if one sees a lapse in symptoms?

mettagirl last decade
when sulphur is rightly chosen for particualr ill--aggrvation in ental sphere--irritability (if beyond control) use nux vomica---No repeat sulphur dose --allow 1 month time pass befor repeat--this is chronic ills--acute ill another approach
John Stanton last decade
1 month is just approximate--
John Stanton last decade

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