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HELP!! Sulphur: severe reaction.

Please, help! I'm new to homeopathy, don’t know much about it.

I got scabies and started taking Sulphur 30C for 1 week, 3 pellets at once, 3 times per day. Read on this forum about it. Also, I'm applying Sulfur Ointment 10% topically. I wasn't taking Sulphur 30C consistently; I have been missing some dosages of Sulphur 30C for the whole day or two, couple of times.

3 days ago I started having very severe rash and itching on chest/neck/face. Looks absolutely different from scabies. Skin became red, covered with rash and very, very itchy. I can't sleep. Is that related to Sulphur 30C or Sulfur Ointment? Is that because of inconsistency? Or, is it normal? Scabies had improved. But the rash is killing me!
Went to a doctor this morning who gave me Benadryl 50mg and it’s not helping, of course. I’m desperate.

  MisterX on 2010-11-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
There is a very good chance the ointment and the remedy are interacting - these two things should never be used together.

I hope you have stopped both of them? It may take a few weeks for the effects to calm down, which it should if it is merely side effects.

Sulphur should never be used this way. I cannot count the number of bad reactions I have seen and heard reported when it is inappropriately prescribed. Sulphur is a powerful drug, and of all our medicines the one that most people are sensitive to or react to.

For skin conditions, a 30c should be taken only a few times, once a day or perhaps even once a week. And it should always be monitored for aggravation.

On top of that, Sulphur will usually try to throw the internal psora out on to the skin. An ointment designed to suppress the skin condition will then block this, creating a fairly intense conflict between the two.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Oh and another problem I can see with what you were doing is that you have been using the dry doses (pellets or pillules) rather than wet doses (dissolved in water and succussed/hit). Dry doses are usually quite aggravating when continuously used.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I agree. Any ointment put on scabies can cause terrible problems. Stop the ointment immediately.

You have already got enough Sulph 30c in your system.

You may have gotten too much of the Sulph 30c, and the face rash could be a proving symptom.

Have you ever had this new chest/neck/face rash or anything similar in the past?

Please tell us more about you and your symptoms so that we can help you.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Thanks for replies.

Yes, I’ve stopped both of them. I didn’t know anything about wet or dry doses… How can I improve this condition as soon as possible? Is there anything to counteract sulphur if I got it overdosed???? I’m trying to sooth it with aloe vera topically, it reduces itching but I doubt it can cure it. I can’t go to work now, it itches so badly.

No, I’ve never had this new chest/neck/face rash. I’ve never had allergies, but before your replies I was suspecting some reaction to oranges. My skin is sensitive (dermatographism), and I do sometimes have minor candida outbreaks. I’ve had acnes (pimples) on my face and scalp until I turned 31 years old. I’m a 32 y.o. male.

Ho can I stop this reaction now??

MisterX last decade
I can’t post links to pictures of how the rash looks like (no external links are allowed here) but the rash looks like Shingles or Heat Rash or Amoxicillin rash. You can search google images for these terms.
A doctor wants to put me on a steroid cream (Clobetasol) and Loratadine (Claritin). But I don’t want to take these as they are toxic.

Please, advice!
MisterX last decade
How many days ago did you use the homeopathic Sulphur for the first time?

To antidote the Sulphur overdose, first try coffee, then you can try mint extract, you can also try Camphor essential oil.

If those don't work, we can try a homeopathic antidote.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
This is exactly one of those situations that urges me to give warnings constantly on a site like this. Homoeopathy is not 'side-effect free', it is not perfectly 'safe'. It is powerful, and carries with it certain risks when used without proper supervision or knowledge. A proving (new symptoms) or an aggravation may often cause people to end up in the hands of the allopathic doctors who can then make things so much worse.

Do not begin other treatments, especially on the skin, to try and manage this. You will end up in a terrible state if you begin yet more suppressive treatments.

Taking more homoeopathy so soon after taking too much can be fraught with risks as well.

Generally if any of my patient's somehow take too much medicine I always get them to wait until the reaction is over before resprescribing. I will only try to control the reaction if it is life-threatening or has gone on for longer than a week with no improvement in sight.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I think it was 10 days ago. And last time – only yesterday (yes.. stupid me).

Coffee and Mint extract – topically? Camphor essential oil – topically as well?
MisterX last decade
From Condensed Materia Medica.
By Constantine Hering.

► Antidotes to Sulphur : Acon., Camphor., Chamom., Cinchon., Mercur., Pulsat., Rhus tox., Sepia.

Does anyone else have a suggestion of what antidote to try first?
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
No. You should never use anything topically.

To try coffee, if you aren't a coffee drinker, try smelling some coffee grounds. You can get camphor essential oil, and can smell it. If you try that, please report if there is some improvement.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
I agree with some of what brisbanehomoeopath says, except that if there is an overdose of a homeopathic remedy, I always antidote it immediately. I prefer to use low potencies specifically to avoid unproductive aggravations.

For the benefit of the patients, let's keep the theoretical conversations to theoretical discussions, and focus on helping the patients in the patient discussions.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
To brisbanehomoeopath,

Do you think I shouldn’t apply anything now, topically or internally? How about natural stuff (non-drugs)?
Do you agree with Jewish Homeopath on trying Coffee, Camphor and stuff (non-homeopathic)?

To Jewish Homeopath,

I’m not a Coffee drinker but do drink coffee occasionally. Will try. Don’t know where to get camphor essential oil fast.
MisterX last decade
If you're in the US, try Whole Foods for Camphor essential oil, or wherever you got the homeopathic medicine.

You should never use any kind of topical medicine on any kind of skin condition. - JH
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Thanks. The thing is, I’m in pain now, I can’t sleep. And if I can lessen the pain by topical applications, I must do it. I drunk some coffee but didn’t see improvement yet. I will try to get Camphor essential oil tomorrow.

Are you agreeing with me that I shouldn’t take conventional anti-allergens now (steroid cream Clobetasol and Loratadine tablets)?
MisterX last decade
I agree it is only a difference in how we approach it not a right or wrong. Follow Jewish Homoeopath's advice in this. But we both agree attempting to use suppressive medications may create a worse situation for you.

When anitdoting I rarely use the remedies listed, I always retake the case and prescribe on the symptoms the patient displays. Sometimes it is listed, sometimes it is not.

Looking over the case and the way you are expressing this problem, I would go with Aconite.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I must warn you that homeopaths see many cases of terrible conditions due to the use of skin cremes on conditions including scabies. I've seen conditions that are the result of skin cremes on scabies that have taken a year or more of good homeopathic treatment to cure. It depends if this is the scabies itself, or a side effect caused by too much Sulphur 30c.

Please buy Aconite 30c. Put 1 pellet of it into a container of bottled water, and let it dissolve. Then take a small sip of it, and add how you feel to the discussion.

Depending on the result, we will know what to do next. It is possible that this could alleviate the whole problem.

Thanks, brisbanehomoeopath.
- JH
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Well, to be honest I’m little reluctant to try more homeopathy at this point…well, I’m not sure. I know I asked about antidote but….

Anyway, if I decide to do it: what it the volume of water the pellet should be dissolved into? Any water, filtered is fine?

What if my current condition is caused by sulfur topical cream? Will Aconite 30c counteract sulphur 30C, or the current condition cause by the cream?
MisterX last decade
I think that the homeopathy could actually cure your scabies. You just took too much, and it caused a side effect.

I do recommend the Aconite 30c, just one pellet into 10oz or so of water, and take a small sip.

If that alleviates the whole problem, then it's just cured the overdose, and the Sulph could completely cure the scabies, and you could be much better off for using the Sulph.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
At this point, don't bother with the camphor or coffee.

A small sip of Aconite 30c could cancel the overdose, and you could be fine.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Jewish Homeopath,
Thanks for help.

Well, if I order aconite online it’ won’t arrive until 3 days later. One local place sells Aconitum Napellus 6C which I can get today. Should I? What dosages of Aconitum 6C should I take then?

If it will work as an antidote to sulpfur, how fast will it work? What are the chances of getting things worse???

This morning redness was reduced by about 40%. I’m applying the oil squeezed from vitamin E. It helps to reduce pain.

My main concern is not to get things worse with Aconitum 6C. Please, advise.
MisterX last decade
Are you sure that the store does not sell Aconite? If they sell it in 6c or 12c you can buy those instead. Where do you live? It should be commonly available in most areas.

No. It's Aconite that you need, not Aconitum.

There shouldn't be any side effects to one sip of one pellet of Aconite!

The only reason there was a side effect to the Sulph, is because you took so much (20 pellets or so!). I usually give one pellet of Sulph 30c and then wait a week to a month depending on the patient. Using it dry can also cause aggravations.

There is a good possibility that one sip of Aconite will antidote the whole overdose, and you could be fine. The antidote almost always acts immediately. The chances of a side effect from a small dose of Aconite is extremely low.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Well, even when you buy from this website, they have only Aconitum Napellus and Aconitum Ferox. They don’t sell Aconite. Isn’t Aconitum same thing as Aconite?

My local place sells Aconitum Napellus 6C. I called in and they told me Aconitum IS Aconite.

I’m in Brooklyn, NY.
MisterX last decade
I'm sorry, I carelessly misread your response while distracted.

Yes, get Aconitum Napellus 30c, and put one pellet in 10oz water, and take one small sip. There should be an immediate alleviation. If so, then it's just an overdose of Sulph.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
I can’t get 30C now. I can only get 6C. How many pellets of 6C should I dissolve in 10oz of water?
MisterX last decade
Put one pellet of Aconitum Napellus 6c into aprox. 10oz water in a bottled water container. Let it dissolve completely and take one sip. Keep the container for further instructions depending on the effect.

Give it at least 1/2 hr., and then report how you feel.

These symptoms that are bothering you (morning redness/new chest/neck/face rash) are not connected to the scabies or anything else that you've ever had before?
Homeopathy International 1 last decade

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