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Respected Doctors please help!! (best described case of erectile dysfunction) I'm willing to try anything currently

Dear Dear Doctors,

My problem is listed in the below 22 points. I urgently request your help in ratifying the course of homeopathic treatment I’m on currently:

1) My erections are very short lived, ranging from a few seconds to 3 - 4 minutes. This is during foreplay or normal excitation, not intercourse. If I enter the vagina, then I ejaculate very early (pre-mature ejaculation. Both these problems are fixed if I take a small dose of Viagra before the act but I don't plan to take Viagra for the rest of my life.

2) During foreplay I get a normal erection but just as I'm about to go further and remove the clothes etc, the erection just drops!! Just like that, and it doesn't come back again for a long time

3) I have no problems in getting an erection, but maintaining it is a big issue

4) I have a history of masturbation, have tried various styles, one included rubbing my penis against the bed, so this might have caused some issue with it, not sure, but this should not be the case since everything is ok if I take Viagra

5) I have been smoking marijuana for the last few years, in fact I discovered this erection problem after I had started to smoke marijuana (grass) and was also on hair loss medication at that time (Finasteride / Finax). I immediately stopped Finasteride but continued to smoke grass uptil recently.

6) I used to get regular cold / sore throat infections uptil last year, when I started regular pranayam, since then the cold and all has been absolutely ok.

7) I take more salt than normal in my food and sometimes more sugar than normal in tea. I don't crave sweets etc but like fizzy drinks like Coke, Pepsi etc

8) I used to get colds easily earlier, this is ok since the past 1 - 2 years coz I've been doing pranayaam

9) I have hair loss and greying hair, a receding hair line and thinning of hair from the front and top of scalp

10) I have a bit of fat around my stomach, have a tendency to gain weight if I eat too much, but weight is under control, i otherwise have an athletic body

11) I have normal testosterone and other hormone levels (got it checked) and all other body functions apart from liver are fine (liver Gamma and APT values are a little high)

12) I also frequently snore loudly while asleep....otherwise I have no breathing problem or anything

13) # State of mind (including fears, anxieties, attitudes etc.)
----I usually get anxious about cleanliness, safety, about avoiding infections from people and sometimes get hyper about it...

14) # Colour and consistency and regularity of your stool
----Stool is absolutely fine, I got it tested and it's 100% normal, yellowish in colour and consistent, comes in the morning everyday within half an hour of me waking up

15) # What makes a particular symptom feel worse or better?
----The erection problem (erection dying down suddenly) seems worse when I'm wet or in water, for example in a bathtub

16) # Where exactly is each problem located?
---Penis of course :)

17) # When did symptoms first occur, and what bought them on?
----First it occurred about 4 years back in in 2003, when I was about to make love to my girlfriend, during foreplay I got an erection and just as I was about to take her and my clothes off, it suddenly died down, god I was so embarrassed. This thing re-occurred later and happens most of the times now unless I take Viagra

18) # Your sleep pattern
----I generally sleep well, easily 8 - 10 hours, sometimes even more. Find it difficult to get up early morning and also sleep late at night

19) # What are you sensitive to (i.e. light, cold, heat, drafts, touch, criticism etc.)
----Very sensitive to criticism, also to excessive hot and tropical climate, can't stand sweat and pungent smell. My sense of smell is stronger than normal people and it's a negative thing to have in a country like India, where most people do not take care of personal hygiene. I'm sometimes sensitive to light and cold too but I think that's normal, it's not anything which stands out as a symptom.

20) I have already consulted 2 Urologists. One said it’s purely a psychological problem and asked me to meet a psycho-therapist. Second one also did a physical examination and said everything is ok anatomically. He prescribed Panagra (another form of Viagra) before the sexual act. This is something which I already know and have tried with a lot of success many times. With Viagra, all problems just go away and my sexual performance is enhanced many times!!!

21) Main problem is that my erections are very short lived and it just dies down during foreplay, just as I start to remove clothes for penetration….. or even otherwise if I’m watching some spicy video, my penis becomes erect very easily but just as I start to monitor the time of erection, it suddenly droops and goes away!! It's very very embarrassing for me in front of my girlfriend. I don't want to take Viagra for the rest of my life.....please advise a suitable remedy and dosage

22) I have completed 3 days of NUX VOM 30C (2 doses per day) and as suggested by Dr RishiMBA, but there has been no noticeable difference in my condition. Again as suggested by Dr RishiMBA, I am about to start Phosphorus 200C once weekly. I had one clarification to ask in case of Phosphorus. Recently I had got a complete health check up done and the Liver Function Test had shown some problems, like high values for ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE (APT) and GAMMA GLUTAMYL TRANSFERASE (GGT)..the values for GLUTAMIC-OXALOACETIC TRANSAMINASE (GOT) and GLUTAMIC-PYRUVIC TRANSAMINASE (GPT) were also slightly high. My cholosterol levels were also on the higher side at 205, the doctor said it's because of the Liver Function itself as the APT and GGT values are high. He just advised me to walk half an hour a day and said that no medicine is required at this stage. My question is, should I be using the remedy Phosphorus 200C (for my erectile issue, that erection doesn't stay and goes away suddenly during foreplay or when I'm excited otherwise) given that my Liver Function Test has shown the above abnormalities?


Best Regards
  RishiRishi on 2008-01-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please advise if I should go ahead with Phosphorus 200C?
RishiRishi last decade
try acid phos 3c daily one dsoe of 2 drops... will help you....

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Thank you Dr. Sharma,

Should I stop all other medicines when I start with Acid Phos 3C? Also can I start this immediately or do I need to give a gap since I just took a dose of Phosphorus 200C?
RishiRishi last decade
Dear Doctor,

Waiting for your response.

Best Regards
RishiRishi last decade
I have already taken 2 doses of Phosphorus 200C, second one 2 days after the first one. I felt that there is marginal improvement after I taken the first dose but after second dose, the improvement seems to have vanished...though I have not monitored myself well enough till now as I just took the second dose last night.

Please advise if I should stop this and start with Acid Phos 30C?

Also, is it ok if I smoke marijuana (grass) once in a while? as in once a week types?
RishiRishi last decade
Whenever I check, my post has been pushed down the order by other posts, and then nobody seems to notice that I'm waiting for a response....

Please someone respond
RishiRishi last decade
I still can't understand the reason why my erections go away so quickly. Has anybody come across such a case before??? Please tell me about it and if it improved by homeo medication...can this be a case of the 'exit veins' in my penis being bigger than usual, so that they drain out blood from the penis back into the body more quickly than they should?
RishiRishi last decade
Do this exercise as often as possible.

While sitting in a chair, contract your buttocks (hold them in), keep them contracted for a few seconds and release.

You will observe that your penis too gets affected when you contract your buttocks.

This exercise is suggested for people suffering from pre mature ejaculation.

Try it out.

gavinimurthy last decade
Thanks Gavini Murthy...I will try this exercise out

Meanwhile, what do you suggest as a remedy for my issue? Erection just goes away on it's own during foreplay (without ejaculation), comes back if stimulation is kept on for 15 - 20 mins...but it's so embarrassing in front of my girlfriend. Even otherwise during masturbation I've noticed the same thing, if stimulation is kept high the erection is fine and hard, but the moment I start to monitor it or think about something else, it's starts to go away!! I'm sure this isn't normal as people once erect can keep the erection for over half an hour inspite of not penetrating, just during foreplay etc
RishiRishi last decade
Dear Doctors please respond

The remedies which I have tried till date are as below:

1) NUX VOM 30C twice a day for 3 days
2) Then 2 doses of Phosphorus 200C in 3 days (1 day gap)
3) 1 dose of Anacardium 30X
4) One day gap
5) Then Lycopodium 30X for 3 days
4) Penis massage by Olive and Til oil once in 2 days
5) Chandraprabha vatti with trace amounts of Shilajeet (ayurvedic medicine).

I'm still continuing with Lycopodium 30X, it's the 3rd day today, am not taking any other homeo medicine currently. On the first day of taking Lyco I felt my erection lasted for a long time when I got one at night before sleeping....not sure if it were the effects of Phosphorus 200C which I had taken 2 days back or Anacardium 30X (single dose which I had taken a day back) or the effect of Lycopodium first dose which I had taken the same day.....even now I feel there is overall improvement but I want to be sure and want to make my erection last for at least half an hour everytime I get one. Please suggest a good remedy course, should I continue with Lyco 30X or also take Phosphorus 200C or Anacardium or some other remedy????
RishiRishi last decade
I'm guessing that this might be a case of venous leakage, wherein blood flows out of the penis too quickly and brings the erection down. This has not been said by any of the 2 Urologists I've been to, it's just my own guess coz I don't think there would be any other reason, can there be? Can any homeopathic remedy cure penile venous leakage?
RishiRishi last decade
Someone please hear me!!!
RishiRishi last decade
Is there no cure for this in homeopathy?
RishiRishi last decade
Doctor please respond. I am in a very frustrating situation because of my erection problem
RishiRishi last decade
Dr Sharma,

Please advise.....
RishiRishi last decade
When can I have rock hard erections which stay for half an hour or more? Don't go away suddenly even if I'm standing
RishiRishi last decade
RishiRishi last decade
Hi Rishi

Hope you get this. I can imagine what you're going through. However, just a few things...first of all, contact a reputed homeopathic doctor in your city if you want a cure in this branch of medicine. These forums can give you a general direction, but you're going to get many opinions and advice here. Meet someone in person and don't self medicate. That can land you in a serious health mess!

Secondly go to a urologist to do some basic tests - these tests help in excluding psychogenic issues and can pin-point problems such as venous leaks, and other blood flow problems. You MUST make a few visits to rule out this stuff.

Thirdly, don't endlessly google up your problem and go to a million sites to find a cure. You will not find one - I have been there, done that. You just end up obsessing about this and making it worse. Just find a doc, allo or homeo and persist with what they tell you to do. At worst it will rule out their method as ineffective so that you can try another one. Homeopathy mainly interprets this problem as pschological, so this medicine will be helpful if there is psychological ED.

Let me know if you want to ask anything or talk.

Mail me at
kio29 at rediffmail dot com. I check this a/c twice a week to may take a bit to respond.
calmwaters112 last decade
pl stop all medicine pl take nux vom 30 evening time one drop on tongue no tea coffee for one hour pl take for 5 days. After five days pl take one dose of caladium 200 daily for three days evening time repeat after 15 days report for further advise
akshaymohl last decade
i have develop a vain at right side of my penis due to over masterbasing,,its going to increase or slightly painul plz help me
umer6779 8 years ago
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ROBINDER 8 years ago
Aesculus 200 one dose daily evening time for 5days .
akshaymohl 8 years ago

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