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Prostatorrhea, weakness and Erectile Dysfunction

Sir, I am 25 years old male. For the last 6 months, I have witnessed that whenever I talk to a female, very soon my penis secrets prostatic juice in 2-5 drops and then, I feel pain in my pelvic area and near scrotum. Also, my erection has decreased after this problem and even if the erection is expected, my penis looses erection within 1 minute.
During this problem, I once tried first time in my life to have sex with my girlfriend but as soon as I tried to insert, my penis lost erection and failed to erect. Without erection I tried and ejaculated in seconds.It embarrassed me in front of my girlfriend.
I feel very fearful of marriage now and she might have noticed it.

Now a days, even if I watch a female news anchor on News channels, I feel erection and then I check to find seminal secretion from my penis. Thereafter, I feel very weak and my wrist are getting thinner and thinner.
My wrists look like those of a 12 year boy.

I don't masturbate.No medication.No alcohol. No tea. No addiction.No porn. I failed on my first sex and never tried again due to fear. My girlfriend abandoned me.

Please Help me.
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  Shaksham on 2018-12-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Shaksham,

Don't worry, every thing will be OK soon.

Please list down all the medicines you have used with the below details:

name of medicine, potency, date of use, improvement,
HealthyWorld 4 years ago
Thank you for your time 'Healthyworld'.

My life is getting spoiled due to this problem, I'm unable to agree to marriage proposals at my home. Please help me.

I hope you're an experienced homeopath or doctor would surely cure me.

I have tried many medicines:

1.Lycopodium 30- 2 weeks, no benefit in prostatic secretion.
2.Phosphorus 200- 2 weeks,no benefit
3.Conium 200- 1 week,no benefit in prostatic secretion.
4.Reckeweg R41- Cured my occasional nightfall, but
no benefit in prostatic secretion.
5.Selenium 30- Tried 2 weeks ago till today, prostatic secretion decreased but not cured completely.
Found that after watching a Normal Indian Movie yesterday, a bit of prostatic secretion occured and felt pain in near scrotum.

3 months ago, I had also tried small potency of Acid flour30,Picric acid 30,for almost 2 weeks but in vain.
I had tried Damiana 30, 3months ago which had increased my penis erection so that my penis got erection at night making me unable to sleep, I called my Girlfriend and talked, then got prostatic fluid secretion and then started pain in pelvic area. So, I stopped Damiana.

Currently I have tried Selenium 30 for 2 weeks, which decreased my prostate secretion for a few days but not cured it completely.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2018-12-13 14:06:59]
Shaksham 4 years ago
Dear Shaksham,
Your case is recoverable but need time, don't aspect for any miracle. Please note that the treatment will be in many phases. Understand that it is years of weakness, we are trying to help, be patient. We have to give the medicines for your mental strength, digestion, sexual organs, general health building etc.

Please arrange the below medicines and let me know:

Acid Phos 3xC,
Bio Chemic Combination # 16,
Avena Sativa Q <br>ALFALFA Q <br>ALOE 30C
Staphisagria 200C
HealthyWorld 4 years ago
Thank you for your time, Sir.

I remember that I was sexual very fine, like erection, size etc in my teenage.

In 2015, a got my girlfriend who proposed me and we fondled on her request.
One day, she told me to allow her in my bedroom that night, I took two pills of Kohinoor Gold capsule (mfd by Morpheme Remedies).
Within 2 hrs of taking that capsule I asked her but she forbade me to touch. Though I tried but she denied. I supressed my desire then.After 1 hr, headache started and I got 102℉ fever.
I was restless and my girlfriend helped me with water soaked cloth over my head, then somehow I was able to get sleep.

In 2016 December, she asked me for love making, it was my first time and I was nervous, as soon as my penis touched her part, it started shrinking and lost half erection. I tried to enter but failed. I tried love making in almost no erection and ejaculated in less than 20 seconds.

Since then, She started leaving me away.

We talked over phone in 2017, and I found that my penis had started secreting Prostate liquid which was huge when I talked for long or when I met her in person. I noticed that whenver that happened, it accompanied pressing pain in my pelvic area for 2-3 hrs.
Now, I could see that my penis has got smaller than before, Erection goes away when needed, and I found PE as another issue. Now, I am afraid of marriage.
I don't even watch any kind of movie as this starts my problem again.
Selenium 30c that I took last week decreased this but not cured.

Please help me as I have shared my whole story with all the problems.

********It's first about Prostate secretion, then about Size, Erection, PE and not developed body as per my age(Is this something about Testosterone? As my beard, moustache and body are not as per my age)*****************************
My wrist bone is just 5.5 cm in width though I take enough protein and good diet.*******************************

********I do agree that I've weak digestive system.****************

You've mentioned so many medicines that I don't understand how to take all these.

I hope you won't leave me before complete cure.

~~~~~~~~May God bless you with all the happiness.~~~~~~~~

I lost my mother recently and I have no emotional support, even my girlfriend whom I thought future wife has abandoned me. I'm fearful of marriage and have low confidence.

Please help me.

Thank you from the bottom of heart.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2018-12-14 17:45:41]
Shaksham 4 years ago
One doctor had also prescribed Bio Combination 16 and Nux Vomica 1 week, but in vain.

Am I a Dioscorea patient, I don't think so.

Please read my story above and have proper case taking, please ask me if you need more information.

Thank you sir.

Also, please clarify what you meant to refer by 'Acid Phos 3xC' above.
Sir, you've suggested Selenium 6C, Shouldn't I move to Selenium 200CH as I have already tried Selenium 30CH?
[Edited by Shaksham on 2018-12-15 19:21:14]
Shaksham 4 years ago
Dear Sir,

Few weeks ago I had bought a medicine named 'Dr. Reckeweg R19 Glandular Drops for men', written dose was 10 drops 3times a day.I took 15 drops of it and my penis started leaking Prostatic Fluid in huge amount, I started feeling weakness.
Then, I stopped that medicine in fear.Should I take it?

Yesterday before your reply, I bought a medicine named ADEL 36 POLLON drops, and took. Shall I continue or stop this before starting your treatment?

I'm adding a picture of my wrist which looks so weak that People laugh at me and I don't feel comfortable wearing a T-shirt.

Please help me.🙏
[Edited by Shaksham on 2018-12-15 11:57:14]

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Shaksham 4 years ago
My girlfriend abandoned me 4 months ago, and I am alone. Still even a slight thought of her causes immediate release of prostate liquid followed by weakness and pain in pelvic area. 😭

Please help me sir. 🙏

Not getting any response . Please help me. 🙏
Shaksham 4 years ago
Dear Shaksham,

Don't worry, every thing will be OK soon.

What do you mean by, "Am I a Dioscorea patient, I don't think so." and why have you written this sentence?

Who advised you to take 'Morpheme Kohinoor Gold Plus Capsule'?

Which city do you belong to?
HealthyWorld 4 years ago
Sabal serrulata Mother Tincture

10 drops in 20ML of mineral water, 2 times in a day

Morning dose: Early morning as soon as you get up, wash your mouth with plain water (don't brush), take the remedy.
Night dose: 12 hrs after the first dose.

Don't drink water along with the medicine. Don't drink or eat any thing for 30 minutes before the medicine and after the medicine.

Note: don't eat or drink any thing before or after 30 minutes of taking remedy. Avoid Strong smell, Coffee, Raw Garlic, Raw Onion, Hing and Tobacco in any form.

Report back after 15 days with the changes observed during this period.

HealthyWorld 4 years ago
Plz. stop all other medicines before starting this remedy.
HealthyWorld 4 years ago
Thank you from heart, sir.
As I could understand, you've suggested only Sabal Serrulata as of now.
I'm going to follow your treatment with full devotion, word by word.
I don't have mineral water but I'm going to purchase that as well.

Till when should I take this remedy? Isit 15 days?

Thank you very much sir.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2018-12-17 12:03:25]
Shaksham 4 years ago
Report me after 15 days with the chang noticed during this period. It will depend on result
[Edited by HealthyWorld on 2018-12-17 17:30:03]
HealthyWorld 4 years ago
On the second day of starting the remedy ' 'Sabal Serrulata', I feel itching in glans penis forcing me the squeeze the glans part to ease the itching, then I could see a few drops of sticky sparkling discharge (prostate liquid).
Shall I continue the remedy?

Thank you, sir.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2018-12-21 14:27:08]
Shaksham 4 years ago
Update: Not much itching today, may be it was due to Perly Penile Popules near the glans part.
Shaksham 4 years ago
Dear Shaksham,

Sorry for late reply.

Kindly update the current situation.
HealthyWorld 4 years ago
Do you sexually get exited in presence of any woman whether she is good looking or not.?
gopal18 4 years ago
Thank you for coming back, sir. I was afraid you left me amid tides.

I'm taking remedy regularly as advised.

The prostate secretion has decreased but not cured. Also, there's dribbling of urine sometimes.
Shaksham 4 years ago
gopal18 I get erection only if the girl is very sexy . But, the erection is not hard and firm. Also, it last maximum to a minute .
[Edited by Shaksham on 2018-12-26 23:29:26]
Shaksham 4 years ago
Dear Shaksham,

Continue Sabal Serrulata till you are cured or you noticed that the improvement has been stopped.

I will change the medicines based on your future improvement.

Please feel free to contact me in case of any emergency. If you don't receive any response from me then click on my name to find the E mail ID.

Note: you can see the details of any person by clicking the name of that person.

Healthy World
HealthyWorld 4 years ago
Well you are taking the right medicine however I think medicine is not working due to sycotic traits. Take one dose of Medorrhinum 1M and report if you feel any change. Continue with Sabal as usual.
gopal18 4 years ago
Sir, I heartily thank you for your kind support.
I'm worried today, I went to a shop with my cousin as he had to buy a mobile phone. At the shop, the sales person was a beautiful lady. While talking to her I felt erection for a while, we soon returned home and I went to check and found that my penis had secreted 1-2 drops
Of sticky liquid which I found in my brief.
I'm feeling lower back pain and weakness since then.

Please help me.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2018-12-27 18:00:21]
Shaksham 4 years ago
I told you to take Medorrhinum 1M.Take one dose of it and give me the report if you feel change.
gopal18 4 years ago
Medorrhinum is given when a man get sexually exited in presence of woman . It will also control your sticky discharge.
gopal18 4 years ago
Sir, The problem is~~ Even when I see a kissing sensual scene in movies/video song I get sticky discharge, however I fail to have firm, hard and long lasting erection when attempting coition, and get premature ejaculation.
I have never had sex, even my 5 years younger brother has better physique, good beard, moustache and has sex with her girlfriend almost every day.

While I being 25 years old have weak physique, less beard and moustache, underdeveloped chest, thin wrist (plz see picture above). I remain tensed as I have only few friends, no family support, lost my mom in early age. Even My girlfriend cheated and abandoned me 6 months ago. She had told me my penis is soft and it can't enter her.😭

I don't understand it's something hormonal, prostatorrhea or canc*r or what, my mind remains doubtful.
Please read my complete case for symptoms and remedy taken so far.

I don't wish to be impotent taking any medicine as I'm 25 years old soon getting married for the sake of my family. Also, I have never seen acne or such skin problems which many guys experience entering puberty. I don't see any skin symptoms of Medorrhinum in me.

Currently I have been taking Sabal Serrulata Q for 11 days.

Kindly read my case as mentioned from beginning, then suggest.

Thank you from heart.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2018-12-28 02:02:08]
Shaksham 4 years ago
Medorrhinum is not for skin problem.I have read your case. Your have taken conium , phosphorus etc. All these remedy are generally given for the case you have mentioned above. However none of these remedy acted.The reason is sycotic traits which is not allowing any medicine to act . Take Medorrhinum 1M in good faith.Moreover if you want to really get cured of this problem . Do not think of getting cured for the sake of further indulgence in sex.
gopal18 4 years ago

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