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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Also along with the remedy start doing Prana mudra (formed by touching the tip of thumb with the last two fingers).
Sit cross legged. Place hand on knees, perform prana mudra. Close your eyes and bring your concentration on the ingoing and outgoing breath for 10 minutes or more(your choice). Don't think just concentrate on your breath at that time. Do this every morning and before going to bed.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Thank you from heart for your elaborate reply, your valuable time and effort.
From today, I will start Prana Mudra.

Currently, I have an important exam, after which I shall visit main market to buy the remedy.

Your understanding is requested.
Thanking you.🙏
[Edited by Shaksham on 2019-03-09 20:45:14]
Shaksham 3 years ago
Yes take it after your exams are over. There May be minimal to no possibility of developing 'additional' symptoms after taking medicine(for some people) So it would be good to take after exams.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-03-09 21:58:48]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Sir, I couldn't get Calc carb 10M, instead I got Calc Carb 1M , should I take it?
Shaksham 3 years ago
Ok then have 5 drops of this medicine directly on toungue on an empty stomach only One time today. Wait for a day or two and report the changes if any.
I may need to repeat this medicine once or twice.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Nothing major change after taking Calc Carb 1M. The day I took 1 dose of this, next day, stool was too tight. Further advice?

Thank you sir.
Shaksham 3 years ago
Ok. Wait for another two days.
Don't take any other medicine.
In next post write all the symptoms including your recurrent problem.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Yesterday morning: nightfall with lusty dreams.
Shaksham 3 years ago
If there were no additional symptoms except the one time hard stool and the nighfall yesterday then take another dose of Calcarea 1M. This will probably be the last dose of it.
Update after a few days of any improvements or the other way round.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Unintentionally thought about my past girlfriend , drank milk and slept. Nightfall occurred in the morning again.

Semen is watery thin and wrists look thinner after a nightfall.
Another dose of Calcerea 1M taken.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2019-03-25 06:34:33]
Shaksham 3 years ago
Now tell me
-What about the seminal secretion that occured thinking about your girlfriend etc.
-Is there still back pain accompanying secretion.
-Is there any coating on toungue. Color and place.
-Any recurring dreams.
-Frequency of nightfall
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago

I don't try to think about my girlfriend, so I can't say about the discharge post that.
Have stopped thinking of any girl due to fear of prostate discharge and pain, do not know how to test it.

No coating on tongue, I clean it daily.

Nightfall is 1-2 times a week. If I thought about my girlfriend before sleeping, then nightfall occurs surely.

Thank you .
[Edited by Shaksham on 2019-03-26 11:33:23]
Shaksham 3 years ago
Your main problem was prostate discharge whenever you thought,talked or looked at females or pic in facebook followed by back pain. Unless I know the current status it will be difficult to continue a remedy or give a different remedy.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
My secondary issues are:
1. Less developed muscles, chest, less beard, thin wrist, weak body, fatty belly, low stamina may be due to Low Testosterone level.

2. Loss of erection in penis on touching Female vagina (penis too flaccid to enter vagina), on first try for sex. Then, premature ejaculation(in 10sec.) while performing without erection.
Shaksham 3 years ago
Sorry for late reply. Was running some errands.
At this moment I would say take Avena Sativa(Mother tincture) 7 to 8 drops in half a cup of water twice daily for a week. It will be a remedy that you can take for weeks together. If any problem occurs you can report back.
Regarding your second point it was a one time incident months back as I inferred from your previous posts.
For first have a healthy meal and that too in short breaks. Do exercise. You can add dates,rasins,bananas etc in your meals.
I wanted to give the second remedy but I am not clear about the present status of your Main problem except the night fall. In the meantime have Avena for a week. And as for Calcarea Carb you can again have it once after 15 days from your last dose.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Again Nightfall today, feeling weak and wrist looks thinner.😭

Had bought Calcerea Carb 1M in short quantity since you had advised for 2-3 doses only, sir.

Should I buy another Cakcerea Carb?

Warm regards.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2019-03-30 03:14:45]
Shaksham 3 years ago
Ok then don't buy Calcarea for now. Buy Avena sativa( Mother tincture) and take twice daily morning & evening in some water and Natrum Phos 200 directly on tongue thrice for two days. Afterwards have it once nightly. Do this for a week.
Avena will not come lose you will hav to buy the small bottle. You can buy Natrum phos loose but buy at least 2 drams.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-03-30 06:43:34]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
To test my improvement, I watched a porn clip of 15min. Length. Then,the prostate discharge occurred accompanied by back pain and physical weakness.
Shaksham 3 years ago
Avoid milk and milk products during this time. Add sour food in your diet like lemon,orange,sour apple,pomegranate etc. Avoid drinking water before sleep.
Have half teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder with one teaspoon of honey during bedtime.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Today's observation: hearing just 2min. Call recording of my ex-gf caused prostate discharge. Also, I have noticed that my semen has become watery which was thick like milk in my teenage.
Shaksham 3 years ago
Hope you are not confusing pre-cum fluid which is like watery lubricant with ejaculate fluid. If not then:
-Prostate discharge is with erection or without erection.
-Any pain/itching in scrotum.
-How is your erection.
-Does the night fall makes you awake.
-Apart from backpain what other things accompany with seminal discharge.
-Is there any discharge during passage of urine/stool.
-Is there any pain/burning during discharge.
-Do you cry during such incidents....your emotional makeup particularly.
-Any previous illness(ANY)
-Any fear/phobia
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-01 21:08:35]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Also does nightfall occurs with dreams mostly or without it. Also is there any dream you see a lot.
Is the discharge with erection or without erection.
Any smell from genital area.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-01 20:55:41]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Sir, heartily thanks for your time and reply.

Nightfall occurs mostly with dreams with erection.
Dreams like having bed sex with a girl(my ex or someone unknown with not visible face/identity).

If I take Tribulus capsule, I feel enthusiasm and feel horny, mind starts thinking about my ex all the day, even before bed. Then, I sleep and find nightfall in the morning.

Prostate discharge: First Penis gets erect and it loses erection and starts prostate fluid steadily. As long as penis is full erect, discharge doesn't happen. But, penis loses erection a less than 20 seconds, and prostate discharge starts coming out.
Shaksham 3 years ago
I'm concerned about discharge of the prostate gland which is clear in color, sticky+smooth in texture and sparkles after drying. It was excess in quantity in the presence of my ex-girlfriend, while being around her, talking to her or with a hug. Now, I have no girlfriend, but if I hear my ex's recording/watch her photo for just 2 mjnutes, I get that prostate discharge followed by weakness and lower back pain.
Erection: I had good erection+long penis in my teenage, I had habit of bed-humping and I remember that due to that once in a day, I had bed-humped and made my whole pants white and highly crispy/plastic like(due to semen ejaculations/my semen was very thick that time)-pants were smelling like sweet biscuits.

I hard longer erections and bed-humping continued from age 7 to 16(puberty started around age 13).
Now, I rarely do masturbate(only bed jumping preferred).
At the age of 21, got a girlfriend, we were away and talked sometimes.
At age 23, she asked for sex, I got erection and started losing erection while trying to figure out her vagina. Before I could enter, lost erection(in less than 20 sec.), Tried to enter in semi-erect state and failed as her vagina was virgin and penis had lost erection on touching her and ejaculated in just 15 seconds. Failed to achieve erection while having embarrassment and anxiety.Thus, I failed on my first ever sex. My ex told me that my penis is too soft which I also realized that my penis was not hard enough to enter into her.

From then, we talked over phone sometimes. After 1 year, I observed that whenever I talk with her, I feel pain, which I found that I was getting clear discharge while talking followed by heavy pain in pelvic region for next 3-4 hrs. While in pain, it was difficult to walk , preferred to sleep with belly down, so that pressure on my pelvic region could alleviate the pain for a while.
We separated, and I don't talk to any girl, took homoeopathy medication as per this forum post and with time, the discharge has reduced (now discharge when I see my ex photo or hear her recording voice or see a hot video clip) the pain has decreased alot and discharge has reduced.
But neither the discharge nor the accompanying pain has STOPPED.

Now, I don't get morning erections/I don't get erection seeing a normal woman except my ex even in photo), if a woman is highly sexy then only I get erection but that too is short.
Penis size has reduced.
Recently I discovered pearly penile popular as well-not an issue.

No pain during discharge.
No pain/itching in scrotum.
Erection reduced.
Nightfall sometimes feels in dream-doesn't wake me up but I remain sure before waking up that 'today this shiit has happened again'.
Seminal discharge accompany- reduced wrist thickness.
No discharge in stool/while stool.
No pain while discharge.
Emotionally normal while this
Digestion poor.
Illness- one episode of Jaundice at age 10.
Fear/phobia- Fear of marriage due to anxiety of performance in sex(developed after failure on first sex),
Phobia that I'm weaker than other guys of my age or even below my age.
Phobia that my wrist is thin and people laugh in their minds and make fun.
Shaksham 3 years ago
First don't take Tribulus capsule.
Secondly if you can then do the Fenugreek thing(not necessary).
Thirdly don't take milk and milk products.
Have oranges,pomegranate,apples etc.
Stop anything that excites you atleast for a week or two.

1) Avena Sativa(Mother Tincture) 10 drops in half cup water. Morning and Evening everyday half an hour apart from food. Take it as long as the bottle last.
2) Sepia 200 - Thrice on day 1. Twice on day 2. Once on day 3. Then stop.
3) After Sepia Start Staphysagria 30 Thrice a day for at least a week.

Take Sepia and Staphy. 3 to 4 drops directly on tongue on an empty stomach half an hour apart from food/water.
Report after 10 days.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
In between if you want to report/ask something then you can do so.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago

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