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Prostatorrhea, weakness and Erectile Dysfunction Page 3 of 7

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Sir, as advised by you earlier, i took 2 doses of China, nothing happened.
Which potency of China now?
What next?

Thank you.🙏
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Shaksham 3 years ago
HealthyWorld 3 years ago
Sir, I feel that China 30 worked somewhat, since the prostate discharge and pain have got decreased.
But, the discharge has not stopped completely.
What is the next step for treatment?

If any further remedy is needed, please let me know so that I could arrange.

Thank you.
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Shaksham 3 years ago
Not cured 😭

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Shaksham 3 years ago
Dear Shaksham,
Don't worry, you will be cured. REMEMBER that its weakness of year and will take some time.
Continue China 30 for 3 months and update me.
HealthyWorld 3 years ago
It happened me again at 3.50pm while was in market. My cloth became wet and i felt embarrassed while I was returning from shop on foot.
Shaksham 3 years ago
Please start SELENIUM 6C, 2 times daily (every 12 hours)

Continue taking China 30 too.
HealthyWorld 3 years ago
Unable to arrange Selenium 6C, can I take Selenium 30 instead?

Many thanks.
Shaksham 3 years ago
yes, go ahead.
HealthyWorld 3 years ago
Sir, I had heard that in homeopathy follow-up of a remedy is done by a different remedy and the same remedy is not repeated more than a week or so. Also, someone said that a homeopathic remedy when taken for more than 2 months has some impact on body.
I have been taking China 30 for more than a month now. Should I continue it?

Thanking you from heart .
Shaksham 3 years ago

I may change the potency based on improvement. Plz update the progress.

Nothing like that, however you have to update me if noted so.
HealthyWorld 3 years ago
My 30ml packs of China 30 and Selenium 30 are empty now.Should I keep taking both the remedies in the same potency(I shall have to buy new packs now)?
Shaksham 3 years ago
How could I give you further advise without knowing the current progress?
HealthyWorld 3 years ago
Progress is minimal, as the secretion has reduced but not completely stopped.

Also, wrist is thin, stamina is lacking, erection is rare, beard and moustache less than average.

Thank you.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2019-03-05 14:07:46]
Shaksham 3 years ago
Please take SELENIUM 200C, 2 doses only(every 12 hours)

Stop taking China.

feedback after 4 days
HealthyWorld 3 years ago
Sir, you reply so late. I bought China 30 as you said you would change potency later, now what should I do with this?

I now have to buy Selenium 200, that too for 2 doses, I have also kept Caladium 200 , just for 2 doses I have to buy a 30ml bottle(minimum available quantity in any shop), I've been buying tonns of bottles of homeopathy without knowing when I would get cured.
Shaksham 3 years ago
Dear Shaksham,

I am really sorry for that.

Please visit any homeopathic clinic in your locality.
HealthyWorld 3 years ago
Dear Sir,

I've faith in you and this is why I have been following your advice for months. I belong to a lower middle class family. I have been buying lots of medicines since months and let me tell you 200c potency medicines which I take 2 doses of,I have to buy a complete bottle for it.
I have become frustrated as I'm not getting cured.

Try to understand my situation and please do not take it otherwise.

Thanking you.
Shaksham 3 years ago
Hi Shaksham

With respect to HealthyWorld I wish to take a look here if he don't mind. At the end of the day everybody is trying to help each other out.

Shaksham I read your posts. But can you Again write your problem out here wrt mind and body elaborately or in short as much have been written before. Just want to know what's your condition on mental and physical level after taking medicines.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-03-09 08:55:19]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-03-09 12:29:24]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
If there is not much change then before then bring Calcarea Carb 10M and Gelsemium 1M.
No need to bring the whole bottle. Just ask the shopkeeper to give you 1 Dram of above remedies in liquid dilution each separately. It will cost you very less.
Take Calc. carb. 10M ONLY once 4 to 5 drop directly on toungue on empty stomach or half an hour before or after meals. Wait for a day and tell the changes. For Gels. 1M I will give it afterwards. The first remedy will itself clear much symptoms.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-03-09 12:27:59]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Well How do you feel in presence of any woman (Whether she is good looking or not)
gopal18 3 years ago
First of all, I thank you from heart, for trying to help me.

My story is very long, I request you to read this complete post to get thourough case study. Thank you.

As of now, my prostate discharge has l
owered alot(thanks to Mr.Healthyworld and the medicines above.)

Physical condition: I have very thin wrist( I feel ashamed wearing T-shirt).Low stamina,Belly has become fatty. underdeveloped chests, penis size has decreased after this prostate discharge started. Failed on my first sexual attempt since my penis lost erection after touch and didn't get erect, ejaculated prematurely. Since then, I have fear of marriage.
If I get a night-discharge( maximum 1 or 2 times a month), I find my wrist to become thinner which doesn't get thick no matter how well I eat.

Mental: I don't get erection too easily, even morning erection doesn't occur daily.
Now, minimal prostate secretion occurs when something sexual is watched.
But, if I see my past girlfriend's picture(only girlfriend till now), on facebook or whatever and think for 2-5 minutes about her, I get profuse amount of prostate discharge followed by back pain and weakness.
I don't get erection even after seeing many girls/ladies.

About remedy: In Bihar, loose medicines are banned, only packed bottle of homeopathy medicines are available in shops.
Shaksham 3 years ago
Okay I read what you wrote. First bring only Calcarea Carb 10M. Have 4 to 5 drops(as told before) Only 1 time tomorrow. At evening/night tell me the effect physically/mentally. Do Not take other medicines in the meantime.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-03-09 19:55:45]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Don't think much about the way you look(particularly the wrist you talked about).
Nobody has the time to think about your bodily features. You may have seen plenty of peoples today but rarely you may have tried to rethink about the way they look. The next day you will totally forget them. So stop thinking of yourself on these terms. Nobody cares.
The only thing you have to care is the way you think and the way you present yourself to yourself. Simple way is to counter those thoughts with totally opposite and more powerful thoughts everytime they come and move on. Even if you don't beleive keep trying. As its said thought makes you and thoughts break you.
There is only one simple rule of the universe. You get what you think and it depends on wherever your faith or beleif lies. Its not the case of positive thinking but of right thinking. One thought will give rise to similar other thoughts and the chain goes on. And mind/intellect/thought are on a higher and subtler level then this body which in turn affects the body. The other way is also true. So keep working on both fronts at the same time in the rightful way. Other views will not change you but your own views will definitely change something.
So don't fear the TShirt and the wrists! They r nothing more then your views and as far as other are concerned I will say it again...Nobody Cares!
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-03-09 20:23:08]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Also along with the remedy start doing Prana mudra (formed by touching the tip of thumb with the last two fingers).
Sit cross legged. Place hand on knees, perform prana mudra. Close your eyes and bring your concentration on the ingoing and outgoing breath for 10 minutes or more(your choice). Don't think just concentrate on your breath at that time. Do this every morning and before going to bed.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago

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