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In between if you want to report/ask something then you can do so.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Sir, one thing I forgot to mention:

I observed that if I had chat with my ex on whatsapp as well, the discharge continued while chatting, no matter 1 hr-2 hr...Until I stopped chatting. It never happens with anyone else male/female I chat with.
Shaksham 3 years ago
Sir, one thing I forgot to mention:
<br>I observed that if I had chat with my ex on whatsapp as well, the discharge continued while chatting, no matter 1 hr-2 hr...Until I stopped chatting. It never happens with anyone else male/female I chat with.
Shaksham 3 years ago
Have the remedies as written.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago

Staphysagria felt effective on day 1, but on day 3 it appreard ineffective as the symptom of quick discharge of prostate juice came back again.
Shaksham 3 years ago
So this must be your 5th day of taking Staphysagria. And what caused the seminal emission.
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Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Sir, yesterday was the 3rd day of Staphysagria. Was watching youtube, suddenly a sexy girl appeared in the clip for just 10 seconds. In that 10 seconds only, I felt wet penis. Upon checking, it was secreting prostate discharge. Then, it followed heavy lower back pain and weakness the whole day.
Shaksham 3 years ago
Did you take sepia for 3 days. It wud have been first day of Staphy yesterday. And are you taking Avena as said. What about nightfall and the fear of other's.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Does it happen with every women. You said it happens when you hear or talk to your gf.
Do you use any balm that contains camphor or anything having camphor in it.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-08 08:10:07]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago

Thank you for your time in effort. Thank you very much.

It started while talking to my gf, it's in huge amount while anything related to her.
Though in small amounts but it happenss with other sexy woman/girls, since then. My gf abandoned me 1 yr ago, we are no more connected.

I don't use any balm or camphor.

While I was with my gf(2yrs ago), I had used 'Himcolin gel' by Himalaya as I had failed to get erection, but I don't use it afterwards, bacause after 1 hr of applying it, penis starts to secrete pre-cum slowly and continuously for 1-2 hrs, making me weak and tired.
Shaksham 3 years ago
1. Should I try any homeopathy for Prostate gland as male treatment is not curing me, eg. Dr.Reckeweg R25 or SBL Prostatinum Dilution 6CH or SBL Prostonum Drop?


2.Should I try a mixture of these:

Acid Phos Q, <br>China Q, <br>Selenium Q, <br>Agnus Castus Q, <br>Yohimbinum Q, <br>Damiana Q, <br>Lycopodium Q, <br>Sabal Serrulata Q <br>
Kindly see the above 2 queries.

Thanking you.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2019-04-09 08:22:01]
Shaksham 3 years ago
You didn't answered my first part of the question.
You should be open regarding intake of medicine. Whether you are taking it or not. Its been only few days you started the medicine.
I have seen many people start looking on Google if the medicine is for them or not. And when asked they say I read about the medicine on net and seems the symptoms mentioned there did not match my symptoms. And this is one reason they don't take the mentioned remedy. One thing I like to add is Google can't tell everything.

Regarding your second question regarding intake of R25 and Prostonum drop I would refrain you from taking it. You have pathological problem of Spermatorrhoea not Prostatorrhea. People often mistakes between the two. There are many reasons for it like vice of masturbation, medicines,orchitis, depression, neurosis etc.

If you want to take combination medicine then take Reckeweg R41. Take 15 drops in half cup of water before your meals three times a day. And stop the remedies that I prescribed and any allopathic remedies you are taking along with it.

As per Ayurveda you can be translated into vata type in the present circumstances. For this you can include Ashwagandha tablet only once. Take it with some 'warm milk'. Many people can't digest it and sometimes shows symptoms of stomach pain and lose stools. See how you react to it after taking it once. And if all is Ok take one at bed time at least for a week. After which Do Not take it often. Take it once or twice a week and stop. Do not take it on a daily basis. Use infrequently as and when required.

Do the breath exercise I told you. And if you can do it right then do Kapal Bhati one of the six purificatory practices that precedes pranayam. Don't overdo and overstrain it. Start with 20 times for some days and increase the duration very slowly. Maximum of one minute should be more then sufficient for you.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Do Kapal bhati on an empty stomach preferably in the morning hours if you want to do it. Do it only if you can do it right.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
I am sorry Sir, Kindly check I did answer your first question.

The pre-cum secrets heavily in case of gf else it's small in amount for other women unless stimulated too much.

I believe on you more than the internet, I am taking the medicines.

I had taken 2 bottles of R41 3 months ago to cure excessive nightfall, and it worked. Should I take it again, and stop the medicines prescribed by you above?

I used to take 1 Ashwagandha tablet before starting your advice. I fail to digest Patanjali Ashwagandha powder+milk, but I have no issues with ashwagandha tablet (Himalaya).

Kindly suggest.
Thanking you
Shaksham 3 years ago
My first question was about the nightfall, fear and did you took sepia and avena. As if taken Staphysagria would have been the first dose not the third. Well leave it. It doesn't matter.

Yes you can try again R41 as said. The powder form pose problem because many people take more then they should take it. It should be very little. I saw Patanjali also sells capsules. Its cheap and would pose less problem.

But if you want you can try Staphysagria and Ustilago at least for a week and then move on to R41.

My Last prescription will be:
Staphysagria 30 and Ustilago Maydis 30 both thrice a day for a week. Buy both in 2 drams. No need to buy the bottles.
If it doesn't help you can move on to R41.

If you have purchased Avena Sativa(tincture) then use it thrice a day 10 drops in half a cup of water.
Follow other things if you can.
Hope for speedy recovery.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-09 13:33:55]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago

I keep pure mind and Nightfall is not these days.
Fear: I fear about marriage due to performance fear and erection loss along with decreased size and PE.
Took Sepia for 3 days in the advised manner.
Avena Sativa is being taken regularly.
Also, taking Staphysagria as advised.
Going to purchase Ustilago tomorrow morning.

(Drams have been banned in my state)

I don't do exercises and remain indoor most of time. If I try push-ups and exercise, lack motivation, enthusiasm and enough stamina to push hard, and stop doing exercises.
When I take highly nutritious meals for a few days, mind starts bending towards thoughts about girls and all, forcing to masturbate.

I don't know how to improve myself physically while keeping my mind calm.

Thanking you from heart.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2019-04-09 14:12:25]
Shaksham 3 years ago
I wrote about drams because last time you brought Calcarea in small amount. Its good nightfall is not occuring. I was asking about the fear of people that they will laugh at you about your wrist. Fear that yu think you are weaker then other guys etc. that you wrote in ur last post. Did that dimnished. Though its only few days you took the medicine.

Ok Take Avena, Staph nd Ustilago as said.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-09 14:15:34]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
That fear is still there, sir
Shaksham 3 years ago
Sir, what do you think about this:


Please comment if homeopathy is just a myth in the name of remedy. Thank you.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2019-04-11 11:50:35]
Shaksham 3 years ago
I think the matter is still ongoing in court. The NHS which you read in the article is close to privatization. And you know when big players come in it needs to end any competitions. Homeopathy has been UK's NHS part since 1948 but recent pressure by big pharma players and activists has led to this review of funding Homeopathy.
Its like a thorn for these billion dollar pharma companies because unlike allopathic medicines homeopathic medicines are FDA regulated and can't be patented, is safe and inexpensive. Many times these companies will not target you from front but use organisations,activists etc. to do the same. Everyone knows the dirty work of these pharma companies. Its all about profit and business.

There were three people having a conversation. First said: I have an idea. Lets drug half the population. Other replied: I have a better idea. Let's get everyone to pay us for those drugs. To which the third replied: I have the best idea. Lets call it medicine!

The article which you produced is from UK. There only the organisation called 'Sense about science' which frequently campaigns against homeopathy was caught red handed accepting money from coca cola just to downplay the dangers of these drinks. After the scam was exposed the CSHO immediately retired herself from the position.Its just an example to show what they do.

Now on the efficacy of Homeopathic remedies. There have been previously and presently ongoing research on the use and effects of homoeo remedies on various diseases. Many research papers comes out on regular basis. Its only that unlike the allopathic remedies the homoepathic works on vital forces or rather say homeopathy is the play of subtle forces which the mainstream people have hard time to digest because till now you don't have the instruments to measure and do experiments on the subtle. Just as Yoga,Ayurveda,Acupressure etc works on the subtle parts of our body same way homeopathy works. I will like to call homeopathy the medicine of the future. For an individual its the direct effect they sense. Some people call it placebo. But I have seen people having utter faith in allopathic remedies getting more sick by taking the prescribed medicine and the same person getting cured by homeopathy which they don't beleive. I too have cured many cases and it wouldn't have been cured if it didn't work. Previously people and mainstream people thought yoga as just sets of exercises but now they accept it as a potent mode of getting cured. Though they still have a very long way to go to understand Yoga. Same is the case with homeopathy.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Thank you for such an elaborate explanation.

I had practiced Yoga from age 9 to 12 regularly, I have experienced it's efficacy.
I used R41 by Dr.Reckeweg, and I have felt that it works.
I personally have seen that formulations made by companies like Dr.Reckeweg work than single remedy. Don't know how far true it is.

I fall short of words to thank you for helping me.
[Edited by Shaksham on 2019-04-11 16:37:18]
Shaksham 3 years ago
If you have practiced Yoga before then start it again. In pranayam more attention should be given to Anulom Vilom pranayam(without breath retention in the beginning) alone. And in Asans Surya namaskar for about 4 to 5 repetitions in the beginning alone is sufficient on a daily basis. If done regularly these two are sufficient to take care of you physically and mentally.

The combination medicines many times work good and the opposite is also true. Its like a hit and miss case. If one remedy in it fails other might hit the target.

Classically only one medicine is potent enough to clear the individual case. But it requires great experience as there are tonnes of remedies and to fit an individual to one of them is great task.

Thank me when you are healed as it seems my remedies are falling short to cure you in this case!
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Sorry to interrupt- soul-spirit please look at the post partum depression
Thread again . Thank you.
simone717 3 years ago
Sir, before I could have developed a good physique, nightfall happened today depleting my energy and physique.

At first I woke up at 4am morning, cleared my urinary bladder then slept again.
Around, 6.30am I woke up with lusty dream and nightfall, feeling less enthusiatic and dull.
Shaksham 3 years ago
Ok don't worry continue the remedies. It takes a bit of time to show effects. Its only few days you started the remedies.
And try not to connect the discharge of semen to depletion of your energy and physique. It Can't deplete your physique in an instant.
You may experience a bit of weakness but try not to connect the two too much.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Also increase Avena sativa to 15 drops in half a cup of "hot water" three times a day.
Use Staphy and Ustilaga as said.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago

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