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4.5 year old with acute asthma, eczema, and allergy to pistachios/cashews and chickpeas

my daughter has constant stomach aches for about a year now and her stomach is bloated, she has chronic constipation problems and her asthmatic symptoms only appear after a cold. she is now having eczema or a infectious rash of some type that looks like it has a circular ring or her inside arm (near elbow area) and thigh. she is energetic almost hyperactive child and loves sweets and cold stuff. she is stubborn and has a jealous nature too. she grinds her teeth at night. i believe she has a weak liver because her tummy hurts especially in the morning. she is extremely, extremely sensitive to light . her eyes water and she can't even look straight when the sun is shining in the car.
  hemraj on 2008-02-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Give her three doses of Arsenic Album 30C on one single day, and then no more doses.

After that wait for 4 days and report status.

sameervermani last decade
Nat sulf 30c twice a day in morning and evening for a week.Avoid fatty meals and cold drinks.

Dr Tahira last decade
Dear Mr. Sameer,

Thanks for replying , why Arsenic alba and not sulphur.

Also we took her to the medical doctor today and the infection on her thigh and arm is ringworm. Will that affect the selection.

and then please clarify where I should incorporate natrum sulph ....

Thanks Dr. Tahira for the quick reply also
hemraj last decade
Dear Mr. Hemraj,

Her symptoms point to Arsenic Album more according to me.

Her reslessness , photophobia , grinding of teeth, eczema (Ring worm as well), craving for cold drinks, jealousy, constipation, tummy ache, and her asthma are all covered very well by Arsenic Album.

I do not think Sulphur is indicated here.

I would not recommend taking Nat-sulph along with Ars Alb. Homeopathy is about one medicine at a time.

Give just 3 doses (total 3 doses) of Arsenic Album on ne single day. And, then wait for 5 days. After that report status .

All the best,
sameervermani last decade
Nat.Sulph was prescribed on the totality basis,as it is deeper than Sulpher.Practice makes a practitioner confident and aware with the knowledge we dont find even in books.treating root cause is important rather than just subsiding the symptoms.

Dr Tahira last decade
I am trying to cure on the totality basis only and anyways 12 continuous doses of same potency is not good prescribing.

Can you please explain , apart from ashthma and photophobia , which of her other symptoms correspond well to Nat-s.

I am unable see a Natrum Sulph totality here.
sameervermani last decade
Nat.Sulph also covers symptms of eczema and allergy to nuts. In acute symptoms of a chronic problem a medicine can be used repeatedly if the situation require. Arsenic Alb. may be the next after Nat.Sulph, depend on patients condition.
Dr Tahira last decade
Hmm.. Interesting .. I leave the choice to you Mr. Hemraj.
sameervermani last decade
hi , thank you for both your replys ...I am somewhat confused. Why is Natrum Sulph deeper than Sulphur?....is it just not a tissue salt. And with homeopathy do you not start from the most recent symptom and then go back in time?
Please explain and by the way where do you both practice.
hemraj last decade
Dear Hemraj,
Nat.sulf is a tissue salt but using in homeopathic potency makes its function different.It is definitely deeper than sulpher,u can make it confirm from any authentic homeopathic book.Why i recommended, becauce of many reasons.I think ur child has a sluggish liver,according to me,all symptoms are indicating towards a liver remedy covering all her symptoms.Nat.sulph is good right now.May be during her treatment Ars.alb also needed as it is a follower of nsulph but where symptoms require.Beside all this remember that we r not watching patient's costitution so may be we can miss something about him.U can see my profile for ur last question.

Dr Tahira last decade
Nat.suph is a tissue salt but in homeopathic potencies it's function is differert.It is deeper than Sulpher u can confirm it from any authentic homeopathic book.Ur child's symptoms r indicating sluggish liver,here nat.sulph is good both as a liver remedy and also on the basis of totality.May be we need Ars.alb at some stage of the case as a follower of natsulph but where it strogly called by its symptoms.Beside all this remember, as can't watch the patient,can miss something.U can see my profile for ur last question.

Dr Tahira last decade
Mr. Sameer,

I read your earlier posts , you seem very knowledgeable..
Let me try to give you a complete profile of my daughter.

My daughter was born by a planned C-section . She had a little bit of jaundice and I had to put her under the sun for 15 days for the yellow to get out of her eyes. She had eczema since birth which went away with some steroid applications.

She was completely nursed until 3 months (I supplemented with baby milk formula just at night...then as she turned 3 months she developed bloody red stools with also some mucous. After several doctor visits, she was put on a hypoallergenic formula (alimentum) until she was 15 months. I also did not start solids until she was 6 months as the doctors said if your first child has many allergies wait until 6 months for the second child for solids. She also did not have any dals(ie. lentils/ until 8.5months ) as my older daughter is severely allergic to green peas and chick peas(chana). I slowly started on few dals(moong dal and red dal only). She has never tried green pea or chick pea in her life but a skin test showed positive for chana but negative for green pea. But she is very allergic to pistachios and cashews. She is a very loud person at home but she needs her blanket when she goes to sleep or just watching tv or just to sniff especially when she's tired. She's not affraid to show her family members whether she is mad or sad or happy. She gets jealous immediatley. If I hug my older daughter, she immediatley says mummy, you don't love me...or if someone looks cute on tv and we say that then she says 'you don't think I'm cute' She craves sweets and cold and she use to sneak eating just plain ice cubes. She is also very secretive. She hides her toys or takes things from our drawers and puts them anywhere. She is a bright kid and logical but when she does something wrong (like not writing the letters of the alphabet properly) she will scribble on the whole page rather than fix the problem. She likes to rip up paper or tissue and make a mess everywhere. She got really sick when she was 18months after I put her in daycare and she developed a bit of asthma/bronchitis /pneumonia and was on 2 sets of antibiotics . She hates taking medicine but now she is getting better at taking medicine since she got the flu and felt horrible and she realized she got better with medicine....anyways...i have to go I will add more details later. Thanks so much for your input...sameer/dr.tahira and whoever wants to comment
hemraj last decade
Dear Mr. Hemraj,

Thanks for your kind words.

Can you also list the homeopathic medicines she has taken for this ? and also how many doses and which potency ?

sameervermani last decade
Yes, u must go ahead with a knowledgeable person like Dr.
Dr Tahira last decade
For the flu she only took tylenol, and antibiotic (cefzil)and puffers (salbutamol and flovent(steroid) inhalers) as she was wheezing. The only homeopathic salts she has taken is calc phos/kaliphos/kali sulf/calc sulf and ferrphos..

To be honest with u , she is presently on sulphur 6c (4 pills 3 times a day) because a homeopath here in town recommended that she needs a mineral so keep her on sulphur.

I joined the forum later and you had suggested ars alb and dr. tahira had suggested nat. sulph but since I started her on this, I feel I should continue. No change so far in her status thought....told by homeopath to wait one week.

I read the profiles for both sulphur and ars alb and nat sulph....she matches all three....how do you decide which one to give...my homepath I don't feel comfortable asking questions that is why I have turned to this forum...Please help us as her illnesses and allergies are taking a toll on her and my family.

Also along with sweets and cold foods she craves a lot of cheese.

We are also giving her amla juice (1tsp) and wheat grass juice.

Also Dr. Tahira, I did not mean to offend you ...you're a doctor and insight is what you
provide for the patients.
hemraj last decade
No medicine in unchanged potency is given for a length of time.

Only 2-3 doses of one potency are tried and then we wait for the response.

'To be honest with u , she is presently on sulphur 6c (4 pills 3 times a day) because a homeopath here in town recommended that she needs a mineral so keep her on sulphur'

You should stay away from this homeopath because he does not know that these medicines do not provide any 'minerals' to the patients. They are just substances which create 'similar' images of the natural diseases on the dynamic plane. You should stop Sulphur 6C immediately. and wait for a reaction. It is not the medicine which cures , it is the response of the vital force to the medicine which cures. Give that action some time to develop. She will start proving Sulphur if she is sensitive enough.
sameervermani last decade
And Mr Hemraj,

I am afraid I will not have the time to justify each and every prescription of mine , because it will take a lot of time on my part to tell why I did not pick A and why I picked B.

However , I would say , just pick someone(it doe not have to be me) who follows the principles of homeopathy to the full.

i.e. One medicine at a time, Minimum dose, and no undue repetitions.

I gather you were just confirming the choice of the homeopath who gave Sulph. 6C. Before questioning the choice , you should question his method , he is giving unchanged doses of the same potency 3 times a day. This is not homeopathy Mr. Hemraj.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Mr. Sameer

Thank you for your input. I spoke to the doctor about continuing on with same dosage for such a long time and how it is not advised. He said she actually needed the 12 c strength of sulphur twice a day . I could not get that from my store and so he is looking into where I can get it from.. Also my daughter chews the pellets and he says thats ok. but I have read your posts and others and it says to dissolve in water and sip. Am i helping my daughter ? I am very scared of homeopathy as I know things are supposed to get worse before better and I am afraid of this as she has already suffered so much. Also what is proving in homeopathy?
hemraj last decade
'I am very scared of homeopathy as I know things are supposed to get worse before better and I am afraid of this as she has already suffered so much. '

Your belief is not correct. This only occurs when too strong a dose is administered. This will never happen if the 5th edition or 6th edition Organon methods are used where water based potencies are used after tailoring them 'correctly' to the sensitivity of the patient.

'Also what is proving in homeopathy?'

This is when the person starts developing symptoms belonging to the remedy picture.

Without commenting on appropriateness of Sulph. for this case, a 12C can also be given in water. Just dissolve 2 pellets in 500 ml spring water. Then after they have dissolved, gently turn the bottle to mix.

Give 1 teaspoon from that bottle using a disposable spoon, and then wait and watch for about 2 days. The time you need to wait after a single dose can be weeks at times. This all depends on the sensitivity of the patient. Mechanically repeating twice a day for a continuous number of days of time is wrong prescribing.

You need not be scared of homeopathy as WHEN used correctly it is the only system of medicine where you get cure. However, you should be certainly scared of steroid creams which have been used on your daughter and this, I would caution against. These steroids would push the disease deeper from where more serious health disorders result.
sameervermani last decade
hi drs, my daughter had 106F fever and I have stopped giving her sulphur.

Her eyes have become very droopy and I am afraid of liver becoming more weaker.

Please provide input

Could Sulphur have caused this reaction.. She got the fever all of a sudden

Is it because the dose was too much for her or her condition...she ways 15.5kg

She now has a bit of nasal and throat congestion

What is the next step
hemraj last decade
I had warned you earlier too about this.

One remedy is only given for 2-3 doses in one potency. The amount of doses your homeopath is prescribing is bound to cause problems.

Now, you should wait for the reaction to wear off. Let her body stabilize a bit. Wait for a week now, and then come back with her symptoms at that time.
sameervermani last decade
Read what I said about repetitions above.
sameervermani last decade
how long will it take for the reaction to wear off?

we took her to emergency and the doc said to give her acetaminophen around the clock which we are doing also for her nasal congestion , and throat congestion just some saline drops and salt water gargle

so was it the sulfur that caused this?...does that mean that this was the correct med but the dose was too high. please specify
hemraj last decade
How many total doses did you give of 6C and 12 C ?
sameervermani last decade
Have you ruled out leaky gut syndrome? I am currently thinking that is what is wrong with my son with some similar symptoms.
kamryy last decade

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