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Acid Reflux - Nexium not effictive (teenee)

Hi Pankaj - thanks for responding. I copied my earlier post into this new thread in case others are having the same difficulty.

I am new at homeopathy and I was diagnosed as having a hiatal hernia and gastritis in July (endoscopy). They have me on Nexium (40 mg) daily. I have been taking it consistently but the reflux seems worse lately. Are there any remedies that can cure GERD? I noted in one of your posts Barrett's disease - what is considered long term reflux - I'm nervous about cancer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!
  teenee65 on 2004-11-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What symptoms of Gastritis and Hernia do you experience ?

What is your age and M or F?

what illneses have you been thru in the past ? Childhood onwards.

Have you tried any homeopathic medicine earlier?

Need answers.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
In June, I had what seemed like a lower body, viral bug that wouldn't go away. Then I had heartburn-type feeling that got worse (felt like gallbladder problems) - caused me to go to GI specialist who did the endoscopy. Now mainly liquid reflux seemingly splashing up esophagas (sp) - causing the need to swallow, (even early AM upon rising when morning congestion drains - we live in Houston - high mold/allergy area). Sometimes minor burning/upper stomach discomfort. Tried apple cider vinegar and water this AM - made it worse (does that mean too much hydrochloric acid?).

I do herbs and vitamins mostly - ginko, alfalfa, garlic, licorice root, slippery elm, B complex, C, multi. In June I tried fiber cleanse (Fiberblend by AIM) which used to work wonders for me but it seemed to make symptoms worse so I stopped. Aloe (fresh from plant) helped me at onset. Helped a little yesterday too. Early on, I tried taking enzymes with my food - helped some.

I am a married 39 yo F - 2 small children.

childhood - meningitis (age 2); ulcer (validated through upper gi's - age 19, 22); gallbladder removed (age 36); anxiety and sensitive nervous system (from age 27 onward); immune system lower since age 32

I have not tried homeopathic medicine for me though I give it to my children.

Thanks so much,
teenee65 last decade
Any skin out-breaks?

Stomach -burn which part...left side or right??

What do you over eat?

Sweets, salties, ketch-up , vinegar, pickle ???

Any breathing problems? Headaches?

viral fever ...what were the symptoms??

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I've had a little bit of eczema (sp) for the last 10 years that I can't seem to get to go away.

Stomach discomfort typically in the middle below ribs.

Yes, I used to have an addiction to chocolate and sugar. In July, I stopped eating chocolate regularly and now eat it seldom. I still battle with my sugar-sweet tooth. Also I used to eat a lot of tomato-based products. Not too much of a salt person.

No breathing problems and headaches very rarely.

Viral problem in June was mostly diarrhea and cramping - lasted about a month. Now just intermittently (today actually but I started taking enzymes with my food again yesterday - could that be a cause?).

Can I email you? I have many questions that are troubling me about my condition...

teenee65 last decade
Yes you can !
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Sent you an e-mail.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thank you for the info. A few questions -

Are Hyland's brand of those ok? Do you only recommend ABC Homeopathy brand?

The potency that I give my kids (chamomilla and hepar suph - sp?) is 30X - I get
confused on that. I have read the larger the X #, the more it has been diluted
(less strong as in microscopic?) but in other places I have read the larger the number, the stronger...can you clear this up?

what is bio-chemic?

I am still taking Nexium (afraid to stop since the reflux is so bad!)...shall I
keep taking it or stop (my research leads me to think Nexium is destructive in the
long run being we need acid to digest foods). I am also taking Acidophilus between
meals and Enzymes with meals - can/should I continue with these while taking Mag Phos and Natrum Phos?

Thank you much. May God bless your day.

teenee65 last decade

Would you have any thoughts on my questions above? I started taking the Mag Phos and Natrum Phos 4 x daily. I did not take Nexium yesterday however.

Also, since last post, my son (1 year old) started coughing (real loose) - started him on Hepar Sulph 2 every hour - any thoughts on that?

teenee65 last decade
Dear Teenee65

I saw your other post.Pankaj will come back.Just wait for a few days.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Thank you!
teenee65 last decade
After 4 days of taking the Mag Phos and Natrum Phos 4 x daily, I was seeing some improvement so changed to 3 x daily. After 2 days of 3 X per day, the reflux got worse so today, I went back to 4 x a day.

Even water causes reflux...any thoughts on this?

teenee65 last decade
You may have too much of acid food intake for the body. The body must be on the alkaline side. Go to health store and look in an Acid/Alkaline book to see. If you find something interesting to you, may think of buying it.

Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant are of the nightshade family and I am finding that some people suffer from eating these particular vegies.

Did you say you DO have an ulcer of the stomach??

Have you been checked for diabetes?? Not trying to alarm you. Worth checking.

Post again, lets continue to talk, Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I looked up acid/alkaline (are you familiar with Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis & James Balch?): OH MY! I am going to have to do some experimenting to see which I am (acidosis or alkalosis) as I am confused. I did a stomach acid self test with apple cider vinegar. Supposedly, if the vinegar makes it worse (or not better), you have too much acid. The test reflected too much acid. But as I look up the vitamins/herbs/food to take for alkalosis, I see that I have eaten/taken many of them and I feel bad today! This AM started out with banana (that did not go well!). Then whole wheat toast and an apple. I am trying to eat little meals as it is less discomfort. It is possible that I need to be on a raw fruit/veggies diet primarily - as it says that raw foods will help you maintain the right acid/akaline balance. Some experimenting in order! Thanks for the suggestion to look this up - verrrry interresting!

Also, I find when I wake up and many things going on in my mind, the reflux starts. Is there anything proactive/reactive I could take for this? Also under alkalosis, it reports alkalosis promotes overexcitability of nervous system - something to ponder...

No ulcer right now but diagnosed back when I was in early 20s. The recent endoscopy (sp) showed hiatal hernia and gastritis (GERD?).

I get checked every few years for diabetes and so far nothing has shown up (last time, 2 years ago).

I used to drink a lot of water but now even water gives me reflux (I don't drink with meals). Also when congestion is coming from bronchials (I think that is where!), I get reflux from swallowing that - isn't that weird?! Should I still be drinking lots of water, even though it causes (or seems to) reflux?

Today have stomach sensitivity (1/2 way between belly button and where ribs meet...possibly a virus? No nausea, just tender to pressure and loose bowels (not too bad though).

Thanks for your diligence and patience with me!
teenee65 last decade
Doesn't sound like a virus. It sounds like you are getting over one. You have an imbalance and are trying to figure it out. Glad that you checked the book.

What did you take for the virus? Please discribe what and how of the episode of the virus. How began, end?

The reason I asked you about the ulcer is that "hydrocloric acid" supplements don't go well with this. As you do not, get a small bottle to try. Two capsules in the am and two in the evening, just before eating. The body makes HA to digest your food. With gall bladder, etc, may have messed it up. You should feel relief within two days if this is the problem.

There are remedies you could take, but wanted to see how this works. Then we would see what remedy would be best.

If you actually find a problem coming in...write. We check often. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
The "virus" just started today. You know the abdominal cramps you get with a virus? I have done nothing for that except take 3000 mg vit c. If you mean the virus back in June, there had been one going around in our group of friends so I figured I had just gotten it too. I had been taking my fiberblend herbal formula that kept me regular and helped keep nerves calmed but that seemed to upset my stomach so I stopped. And last month, I tried it again just to see, and again, abdominal cramping so I'm done with that! Other than that, I don't remember what I did for the one in June. It seemed to "blend" in with the reflux so don't know which came first, the chicken or the egg!

Today, I did take kelp for balancing pH and Alfalfa (2 of each). I took a pH test (found a med. supply place open!) with litmus paper and it shows pH is around 6 or 7 (hard to determine shade!) - that is, if I am doing it right - they don't come with instruction manuals!!! And these aren't like the ones in the olden days - these have 4 different colors on them - what's up with that?!

Tomorrow, I start seriously experimenting to see if I can tell if my diet is a key part of the problem. I have a hunch that back in june and leading up to it, I was abusing my body with too much hot chocolate, tea, coffee, sweets. I used to be an addict (ok, I still am, just now I'm reformed!!!) Try not to have any of these now.

Re: HCI, I had been taking enzymes (however, they did not contain Betaine HCI) with some of my little meals to see if that made a difference - couldn't tell. The directions on the Mag Phos and Nat Phos say to take right after meal so I didn't want the enzymes to affect the results of the Nat Phos and Mag Phos so I only took enzymes with in-between snacks. I don't know of any stores open for HCi tomorrow - my book notes to test if HCI is needed, take 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and note affect (helps - need more HCI, doesn't help, avoid HCI). I tried this before and it didn't help but I can try it again tomorrow. Do you think this is an adequate test vs. purchasing HCI?
Blessings to you!
teenee65 last decade
Sorry, not a trained nutritionist and cannot answer the Q on the tests. You know more than I do.

Homeopthic remedies are taken about 15 min after the mouth is clean of foods. You could take the enzyme after meal, before the homeopathy. The water to wash it down will cleanse the mouth.

Homeopathy is not taken with water. It goes from the saliva glands to the brain. So, this is why you can take the enzymes. Saying all this in case not clear.

Because you suspect the virus, please keep close posting on progress. I am a night owl and it is only 7:30 pm here. I will check again. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Good morning,

The abdominal cramping continues today. Loose BMs also and frequently. trying to stick to 85% raw fruit/veg today to see if it will balance acidity/alkilinity.

Wondering if some of this could be tied to nerves vs. virus - noticing stomach tensing up when thinking of stressful things. BMs seem to follow tension.

How long do you think I should stick with the nat phos and mag phos or try different remedy?

teenee65 last decade
Is there any nausea? Get a couple of mothers and go in together and get OSCILLOCOCCINUM. It comes in little tubes, several in pack. Says one tube is one dose...NOT! 5-6 little grains is one dose out of the whole tube, so it will go a LONG way. This is for various flu type conditions.

Another is the INFLUZIUM. Don't think that is correct spelling. But, these remedies good to have when you are suffering with this.

Right now for many reasons, I feel that CARBO VEG would be good. This is a remedy that is taken when one just can't seem to get over an illness. It is very good for all the upset stomach, etc. See what happens.

PLEASE keep posting. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks Sabra,
Say on the Carbo Veg - how many shall I take (I have 30C) and when (i.e. I just took my first of four doses of nat phos and mag phos after my first meal)? Will it hurt to take any of these together? Shall I discontinue the nat phos and mag phos during carbo veg?
teenee65 last decade
Oops, no nausea!
teenee65 last decade
do you have eye problems too??

headaches in the fore head??

Internal thought process is like what ???

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
The point of pain between the "Belly button" and the "lower rib" .....is on the left side of the body???
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Good morning Pankaj,

How are you doing? Hanging in there ok?

No real eye problems other than age deterioration (have become farsighted)! Every once in awhile I see a tiny black trailing spot out of my peripheral vision but I hear that isnt anything serious.

Pain was in the middle - maybe around gall bladder area (but I don't have one!). Could have been due to a liver flush I did the night before (Sun night) to see if any stones were stuck in bile duct.

No headaches.

Internal thought process lately has been scattered - I have 2 little ones at home so I sometimes run around here like a chicken! Last week or so, waking up to anxiety - could that be a cause for belly upset? Could I take kali phos for that?
Thanks for taking the time to help.

teenee65 last decade
Liver flush not recommended when having these type of problems. No gall bladder?? Then no stones, this is why it is removed. Hi Pankaj, Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Oops! But you are wise in saying not to do it now - there's probably enough inflammation and irritation to be messing with other nearby organs. No more flushes now for me! It was very interesting tho, the things that came out! I have read in several places that stones and debri can still be in the bile duct (they did not remove that on me) and in liver.

Thanks Sabra.

You or Pankaj have any thoughts on dosage of carbo veg (I bought 30c) and what to use for the anxiety causing tummy tension? I did the question to find a remedy form(s) on this site but there were so many, it was hard to nail down. Kali Phos to try at first ok? My tummy appears calm upon just waking up - then gets real tense as soon as I start thinking of all I have to do. Then reflux starts in shortly thereafter - i am assuming it is related.

Appreciate your thoughts and wisdom.

teenee65 last decade

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