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7 month old with congestion and eczema


I had earlier posted, but can't seem to find my post.

My son has constant congestion, which results in ear infections. He was on anti biotics a month ago for his ear infection.

He also has a severe case of eczema - on his scalp and limbs.

When in India recently, we gave him sulphur 200c 3 mornings, and Nat Sulph 3 doses (every 4 hours) for 2 days (for wheezing). This was on the advice of a doctor. He also asked us to give him graphites 30c for 5 nights in a row as a constitutional, but we did not because my son developed more rashes due to the heat from all the medication.

Yesterday morning, we gave him sulphur 200c. We were asked to wait 3 days before giving him two doses of Nux Vomica or Belladonna.

Any comments, please?

Thank you
  kganti on 2004-11-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Sulphur sometimes is used to "begin" a treatment of other remedies. The nux is probably for the antibiotics.

Unless there is hot dry fever with red cheeks and ears, and wants to cover up, I am uncertain of Belladonna.

Natrum Sulph is more moist with difficult thick greenish mucus. It is known as an asthma remedy, but not enough symptoms from you to tell me at this time. If there was not much recovery, not a good choice I think.

There are many remedies for asthma, but I do not think your baby has asthma. Everyone is trying to "name" it. It actually is a respiratory problem, with throat.

MEZEREUM would be good in this case because of the skin problems and also has the respiratory indication.

I am praying that there is no vaccinations here. This in itself causes all of the symptoms you discribe. Homeopathy can give your child every vaccine it needs.

Please keep us posted. Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you, Sabra. I do not believe my son has asthma! There is of course a family history of asthma and allergies. He had wheezing, but it probably was because of all the dust and severe humidity in the place we visited.

I believe my son started getting all these because of his vaccinations. His eczema first started after his 2 month vaccine. He was fine until then! The doctor was even surprised that he had no cradle cap, period.

He has had his 2, 4 and 6 month vaccinations.

Natrum Sulph did reduce his wheezing, but my family asked not to continue with it. So, we haven't given it anymore.

My son gets frquent colds, which lead to ear infections.

We returned from India a week ago, and at the first signs of cold, gave him Ferrum Phos for 2 days (a dose each day - 30c). After a two day gap, I gave him Pulsatilla 30c - one dose. I always belived Pulsatilla works for him. But it didn't work on his eczema. So, we gave him one dose of Sulphur 200c yesterday (after a two day gap).

Another thing - he fell and hurt himself yesterday, so to relieve his pain we also gave him a dose of Arnica 6x. Would that interfere with Sulphur? How should I proceed? Should I stop, wait for a few days and give him Mezerium? What potency and how many doses?

When reading about children's types, I found that he matches the Pulsatilla group more than any other.

He is usually a very happy baby, smiling at everyone, doesn't seem to suffer from stranger anxiety, loves attention, cries easily (with immediate tears), and is comforted when carried.
kganti last decade
My son is scheduled for a flu shot tomorrow. Could someone also tell me if I can go ahead with it? Or would it interfere with the homeopathic remedies? And, please let me know when to give the Mezereum.

kganti last decade
NO, NO, NO! They are lying to you! Vaccinations are filled with heavy metals. It used to be that we could go into the AMA and demand a "right to know," about what something is made of in shots for children, etc.

They have now gone in and closed this door to us, but we already know. Why would they stop letting us have the "right to know?" Because we are coming more and more under the thumb of the doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Mo' Money!

They DO NOT CARE if they kill or disable us...it is only about money!!!

There are MANY homeopathic flu remedies to use for your child. I can name at least 30. Go to the FLU site on this forum. You will find more info.

Keep posting and we will help you through until you have a better understanding and give up the need to hand your child over to another to heal.

YOU are his healer, now take up that God-given talent and do what you were born to do. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
NO, NO, NO! They are lying to you! Vaccinations are filled with heavy metals. It used to be that we could go into the AMA and demand a "right to know," about what something is made of in shots for children, etc.

They have now gone in and closed this door to us, but we already know. Why would they stop letting us have the "right to know?" Because we are coming more and more under the thumb of the doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Mo' Money!

They DO NOT CARE if they kill or disable us...it is only about money!!!

There are MANY homeopathic flu remedies to use for your child. I can name at least 30. Go to the FLU site on this forum. You will find more info.

Keep posting and we will help you through until you have a better understanding and give up the need to hand your child over to another to heal.

YOU are his healer, now take up that God-given talent and do what you were born to do. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Sorry, clicked twice.
Give Mezereum within a week of last remedy, IF he seems better. Give one dose for 3 days and report to us. Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks. I have just cncelled his appointment for the flu shot. Will keep you all posted about his progress.
kganti last decade
I had been to the doctor's office this morning. My son was treated for a ear infection 5 weeks ago. This morning, the doctor said his ear is still badly infected, and prescribed anti-biotics. I have stared him on those. I would like to complete this course.

But, I would also like to supplument with homeopathy, and once the 10 day course is done, would like to give him remdies so he doesn't get these recurring ear infections.

Is supplementing possible? If so, what remedy should I use? I read that for acute infections with pus, Hepar Sulph is good. What dosage and potency?

With these anti-biotics, should I put his congestion and eczema treatment on hold?

Thank you
kganti last decade
Sorry but antibiotics are also unwise. They suppress conditions. drving them inwards and ending up with chronic problems.
I say to people only use antibiotics when death is the only alternative.
The whole problem started with vaccines- many problems , including asthma , do. If he is a Pulsatilla type use that in preference to Sul. Use 1m.
passkey last decade
I had given my son one dose of the anti-biotic. I suspect he has developed some difficulty in breathing because of it. I had ealier also given him Hepar Sulph 6X.

Could someone please tell me what to do now? I plan to hold off on the Augmentin till I see the doctor again.

My son has had some cough for a few days, and usually after eating/drinking. So, sometimes he tends to gag on the cough and throw up a little. Today, he breathes noisily before coughing.

kganti last decade
I did not see the post by passkey earlier.

I am not even an amateur homeopath. I developed an interest in it after my son was born.

What I am trying to say is, I think my son is a Pulsatilla type, but I am not sure, and would appreciate some suggestions from all of you.

At this time however, there are a few things happening.

His left ear is infected and has pus. No drainage. Right ear has fluid. My son is (or rather was) not acting different. So, I had no clue he has an infection. He eats well, and sleeps well. He has been active too.

To fight the advanced ear infection, I gave him Hepar Sulph 6x, one dose - about 1 hour ago.

And then, I noticed that his breathing is more wheezy than congested. Anti-biotics? Maybe - I asked the nurse, and she says "Probably not". But I read online that it is possible.

I have decided to hold off the anti-biotics. I am not for them, but in his case, I wouldn't know if the infection cleared with homeopathy. So, I decided to go with it in the first place.

Please suggest what to do next. Where do I go from here?

Thank you
kganti last decade
I am not sure how one is interested and using homeopathy, yet continuing to use antibiotics. Now your son shows sensitive toward the antibiotic.

Homeopathy HEALS children's ear/throat/nose/lung problems very easily. When children have one, most likely another is present at the same time. Like ears and throat infection goes together.

At this time I suggest ARSENICUM ALBUM. 30X or 200X. Get the smallest bottle with the smallest pellets...#10. 5 or 6 is one dose. Each evening after dinner and one at bed time, for 3 days.

Continue to post anything different, good or bad. (Mezereum later.) Sabra
sabra last decade
Ars Alb lives in a world of their own. Awake at 3 am. Caugh with some wheezing. Some fever or not. "burning" complaints. Thirsty. A little irritable and tired.

Pulsatilla is more mild and gentle yielding. Wants open air. Greenish/yellowish mucus. Wants head high. Cries easy. Crack in lower lip. Dry mouth without thirst. Colic with chilliness. Chilly with fever.

Belladonna is hot and dry. Wants to be covered up. Face has red cheeks and ears. No appetite. Nausea. Stomach tender. Thirst for cold water with dread of drinking. Drying in nose and mouth with dry cough. Tonsils enlarged. Stiff neck.
sabra last decade
Clicked too soon.

These remedies all have throat/ear/nose symptoms. One needs to pick out the differences to choose a remedy.

Do any of these seem more like your son? Blessings, S.
sabra last decade
The Arnica was ok, but for now you could reserve it for head bumps. S.
sabra last decade
Thanks for the postings.

My resposne is a little lengthy.

I did refuse the anti-biotics when I saw the doctor yesterday, but he scared me. And, I found out about the infection only on seeing the doctor. I was concerned that if I gave homeopathy, I wouldn't know if my son is better unless I saw the Ped again. And, once I tell him I did not use the antibiotics, then things would go rapidly downhill from there.

Now that I know for sure he reacts adversely to the antibiotics, I can tell him I will not use it, wait for it to clear up with alternative remedies.

My son wakes up rather early in the mornings - usually around 4:30 or 5:00 (he does wake up in between too most nights - but mostly for a feed).

He has a cough with some (but very little) wheezing. He is usually not irritable.

He laughs and cries easily. When he cries, his eyes instantly fill up with tears. He always wants open air, but he is not colic. No crack in lower lip. He wants his head high.

His face (cheeks and chin area) is red, but he doesn't seem to be hot or have a fever.

He eats and drinks well - unless he is full, he is excited when he sees his milk bottle. He eats every 3 - 4 hours. At nights, he can go as long as 5 - 6 hours. Occasionally, 7 - 8 hours.

He seems a little of everything that you had mentioned!!!!

I saw this post only a short while ago. So, in the morning, I had given him another dose of Hepar Sulph 6X to fight his infection.

There is no drainage, no fever, no loss of appetite, not very irritable. Loves being carried, but I can leave him alone for a while too.

Thanks for your responses. Please let me know what to do. I can give more details if needed.
kganti last decade
One ALWAYS tells the doctor that you did what he said to do....NEVER tell an allopathic doctor you use homeopathy. They may refuse you as a patient.

One often needs the dr to diagnose the problem until you learn to recognize it. I took my sons to doctors until I could tell how to read the symptoms. I just never filled the priscriptions.

I never got tetanus shots for my boys. Gave homeopathy. Once in hospital because one boy got chewed by dog and refused tetanus shot. They sicked the big bad nurse on me to scare me. I had to sign a paper. I was amused. But you see, they were trying to control me.

This is the only way one can protect one's child. The so-called lying is protecting one's child. THEN, as you learn about symptoms and how to "read" your child, you will need doctors much less.

We will never actually NOT need an allopathic doctor for some things. Keep a good relationship with them. There may be times in future when one actually will choose to use an antibiotic, but by then you will recognize the difference, and the child will not have a body filled with chemicals running around trying to chase the side effects of each.

Over time ONLY using antibiotics, first there is one side effect and another antibotic to chase that side effect.......etc.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Well, lying is what got me in trouble in the first place. You see, I never completed the first course of antibiotics for my son. But, I didn't mention it. So, the Ped. prescribed the second line of antibiotics - Augmentin, saying Amoxicillin did not work on my son.

He already told me, if the infection still does not clear up, they are going to give him a shot, and/or plant tubes in his ears!!!

If you could please suggest what to use based on the picture I had given earlier, I'll give my son that remedy.

Thank you
kganti last decade
Hepar sulph is for chilly person with green mucus and pulling blanket around. eye symptoms. Choking cough, possible loss of voice, even to having croup. Mastoid infection of ears. Pus from ears. Sore throat. This is the major symptoms of HS.

Does it sound like him?

BRYONIA is a very irritable child, so sick, don't touch me. Headache. Worse by motion-"Don't touch the bed!" Ears and throat again.

You see how they are for ears and throat, but are not really the same remedy.

Belladonna is a sicker child with fever and red cheeks and in a quiet hot world, covered up even though hot. etc.

It seemed that the ARSENICUM ALBUM would have been the one for now, but you seemed to get good results from Hepar S.

Something you CAN do is get some Sulphur 200X and have on hand. This is used as one morning dose to reset the remedies or make changes that you can report.

Learn to lie or don't go back. We really can help. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Forgot, the main reason we homeopaths are so against the antibiotics, other than they are chemicals, is that children are walking around right now that have had ear infections since early childhood and they are now 8 and 10 years old and there is NO allopathic antibiotic that works anymore, because they built up resistance to them all.

There are also adults trying to live this way too. S.
sabra last decade
I do not have Arsenic Album at home. I need to get it from the store, and there is one some distance away. I have Arsenic Iod at home. Is it ok to use that until I get Arsenic Album.

Hepar Sulph seems to have helped with his skin too...

His wheezing seems a little bad, though.
kganti last decade
Arsenicum Iodatum has more wetness...mucus, as I am reading it, it shows a lot of eczema symptoms of the skin.

Dry cough with with dry stuffed nose. The mucus is irritating to the skin in and around the nose. (Sounds like a contradiction, but is like homeopathy to be this way sometimes.)

Possible some sneezing.

Sweating with fever.

Upset tummy, may vomit. Thirsty but may vomit it.

Try it.....Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I had given him one dose of Arsenicum Iodatum 30C Friday evening, at about 7:00 PM, one dose in the middle of night - about 7 hours later, and one dose last evening at about 7:00 PM.

His wheezing looks better, but he still breathes heavily. His eczema seems to have increased.

His dry cough has turned very loose and rattling, and he is spitting up a whole lot. Seems to be mucous.

He is still sneezing.

He had a troubled night because of some abdominal discomfort. Probably gas, but I am not sure.

But, I still don't know anything about his ear infection. Even before the doctor told me he has an infection, he never showed any signs - or, at least, I couldn't read them.

Now, he pulls on both ears, and tries to bore into them. I have an appointment tomorrow to have his ears checked. I'll post back about his ears after the appointment.

Is it ok to give him another dose of Arsenic Iodatum this evening? Is the aggravation an indication that the medicine is working?

Thank you
kganti last decade
I will be glad when we discover the best remedy. Then you will see something like a miracle happen. It is always so noticable with children. Then you won't want to go back to doc except for diagnosis.

When you are out, get some mullen oil at health store. This is a common thing to place in ears for earache.

Today, if you have olive oil, heat some in a spoon with a match, make sure only "warm" and dribble into ears with cotton. Years ago this was called "sweet oil" and one bought it at pharmacy.

Tell the doc it is sweet oil.

While you get the Ars Alb, Get some Belladonna 200X or what they have. To have on hand. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Your "family" asked you to stop the Natrum Sulph???? What is going on there???

I was just rereading and I want to know more about this. It sounds like you are getting it from all sides! Are you saying he was getting better from the Nat Sulph? Why did they ask to stop?? It is made from salt for heaven sakes. No way to harm.

Try it again today. Please explain what is happening in your life with this interference with YOUR children. Wish I had caught this the first time! Please post soon....Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

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