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Your "family" asked you to stop the Natrum Sulph???? What is going on there???

I was just rereading and I want to know more about this. It sounds like you are getting it from all sides! Are you saying he was getting better from the Nat Sulph? Why did they ask to stop?? It is made from salt for heaven sakes. No way to harm.

Try it again today. Please explain what is happening in your life with this interference with YOUR children. Wish I had caught this the first time! Please post soon....Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

No, my family did not ask to stop Natrum Sulph completely. At that time, he had too much medication. So, they asked to stop because he developed a lot of heat in his body, and developed severe rashes.

Also, the doctor had asked to give Natrum Sulph every 2 - 3 hours. So, they asked to stop and watch before continuing the remedy.

My husband's grand father was a leading practitioner in his dictrict in India. He passed away a few months before my son was born. He belonged to the class of homeopaths who believed that you should take a few doses, wait and watch. And, he insisted his family follow that principle. So, my in-laws do not like giving too much medication.

Anyway, last night my son had some wheezing. I gave him Nat Sulph 30C, 1 dose. He seems better.

I'll get the mullen drops this evening, if possible. I'll also tell my husband to warm some olive oil and put it in my son's ears.

kganti last decade
Actually, I have had a lot of help from my in-laws. I read up on remedies, and then ask them to go through the books they have, and recollect information that grand-dad passed on to them. So, it has always helped with both me and my son. My pregnancy was very smooth, thanks to them. And, my son's first few months were very good too.

I do have most of the common remedies at home. I do have Belladonna 200C, Sulphur 200C.

kganti last decade
So very glad to hear the family was right on. Stop and watch, but if was helping try a dose again to see. Not necessarily to change.

Over the years, many that knew nothing about the remedies would overide the mother and force her to stop what she thought was best.

I agree, least given and stop when better. Sometimes I give longer, but not as a rule.

You have a good background to be successful with your family. Discuss with them and evaluate their reasons. Homeopathy is not easy to understand. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Forgot, not both olive oil and mullin. One or the other. Mullin my first choice.

Verbascum, the remedy, not the ear drops, is great for sinus headaches and general sinus and throat inflamation. S.
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra,

Thank you.

Here's some good and not so good news.

Couldn't get the mullin drops, or any of the homeopathic remedies. The store closer home doesn't carry a whole of remedies. The one we go to usually is pretty far, and closes early. So, we might have to wait till the weekend.

My son's ear infection has cleared up. There is still some fluid in his ears.

I spoke to his Pediatrician. I asked her to work with me on this, and said I would like not to use anti-biotics. She said that is fine, she will not write any prescription.

He has some wheezing. A whole lot of mucous, and severe cough. His Ped insisted we use a bronchodilator on him for at least 2 days, and then use homeopathy. But, I will hold off on getting the script filled out. I have a nebuliser at home (I am an asthmatic myself).

I have tried the Natrum Sulph last night. I thought he was better in the morning, but he seems to get really bad in the evenings and middle of the night. I do not have Arsenic Album. We plan to give him Ipecac tonight, so he will spit out his mucous. Any suggestions and remedies?

Thank you
kganti last decade
Do you mean you are giving a 7 month baby over the counter Ipecac??? Not homeopathic?? Very severe.

You could hold him face down and tilted down at 45 degrees and pat back gently, and a lot of mucus will come out.

I am leery about using your nebuliser for an infant. Yours is geared for an adult.

Unless he is running a high fever, you are taking this far more seriously than it is.

He has a bunch of mucus and it is causing tummy distress. There is wheezing due to the mucus. If it was asthmatic wheezing you would know.

You could buy from ABC and have them ship overnight. Smallest bottles, small granuels, 200X.

Because of evening symptoms, look up and consult family about Lycopodium.

Go to pharmacy and get a little baby nose clearing bulb. Will clear out lot of mucus. Get a vaporizer that puts moisture into air. DO NOT use "stuff" in it.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Kganti, email me...
a1remedy at yahoo .com
sabra last decade
I am planning on giving him homeopathic Ipecac. I don't know of any other.

I don't plan on giving him any albuterol either. My nebuliser is geared for an adult, but the prescription Bronchodilator is for infants.

The doctor too said it is because of mucous. My only concern is, we have a history allergies and asthma in the family.

Yes, when I ran his symptoms, Lycopodium showed up. I have to check to see if we have that at home.

I use a vaporiser in his room. I add a little turmeric to it.

It didn't occur to me to buy from ABC!!! I'll check that out too tomorrow.

Thank you
kganti last decade
Good! Ipecac is homeopathic. Not harmful to infant. Good for mucus.

You are doing well, you just do not realize it.

One of the things that happens is that the family illnesses become an "expected" thing and this causes a lot of stress in you and the baby picks it up.

He hears what you are saying, feels your stress and follows suit, even though you don't realize it, he does not either, but he will oblige you and present all the symptoms you expect him to.

I am only speaking from experience. No matter the age of the infant, they know. They do not know consciously as we do, but they know.

Talk to him, rock him, tell him how well he is doing and how proud you are of him. What a perfect little baby he is. He chose you for his mother for his own reasons, so give him encouragement.

I have seen this over and over and I am old enough to be your great grandma. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks Sabra. I had emailed you the same information taht I had posted last night.

Actually, my son is handling this very well. I am concerned, and use this forum to vent it all out. But, my husband and I are not panicky or anything. And, we really are not stressed out. I just keep watching for any wheezing symptoms to make sure we remove it before it gets any worse. People are surprised that my son does not ever complain even if he coughs so badly. It's because we don't react immediately to it either.

We had given him some Ipecac last night. Hopefully, it'll loosen up his mucous and induce some vomitting, so we can then go back to taking care of his eczema :)

kganti last decade
Remember, if a remedy is healing mucus, this does not necessarily mean vomiting or coughing it up. Many times homeopathy just gets rid of the problem. Turns off that which is making mucus.

In case of boils, cysts, for instance, homeopathy could bring to head and drain or just make it dissapear. NOT suppressed.

Ipecac, over the counter, is for children that have eaten pills or something of that sort that must be brought up for safety against poisoning.

SOME things MUST NOT be brought back up, consult doctor.

Homeopathic Ipecac is used for many things, one of which is to cease unrelending vomiting. Also in case of an asthma episode, and child coughs so hard and long he vomits, this is the remedy to give.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Did you try Sabra's original suggestion of MEZEREUM ?????

One dose of 1M potency is enough for two weeks for a baby.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi Pankaj,

Hope you have healed from the pain of your loss. Please accept my regrets.

I did not give him the Mezereum yet. At that time, Sabra suggested I hold back on the Mezereum because of his ear infection.

I don't have Mezereum at home. I had ordered the kit from ABC, but it is a 30 C potency.

I'll get it this weekend and give it to him.

I am a little confused about the dose. Should I give him 1 dose, wait two weeks and give another?

Thank you
kganti last decade
One dose, wait and watch. Report. Mezereum is often used for the scalp and body eczema with excessive itching. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks for your comforting words. Such pain will take time to heal.

Use one dose of Mezereum 30 which you have.
It is a long acting med. If it shows results.... good. The symptoms are there as Sabra has rightly poined out.....scalp and body eczema with excessive itching.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thanks Sabra and Pankaj. I'll give my son Mezereum tomorrow evening. Will keep you posted on the results.

kganti last decade
Hi Sabra and Pankaj,

Sorry, I could not post earlier.

Things don't seem to be going very well with my son.

I did not give him the Mezereum yet. he has had very bad cough since Friday. He kept throwing up because of the cough. We gave him Arsenic Album, but it didn't seem to help. Then, Sunday and Monday, he seems to have got a cold again. Cough with mucus.

He also had a low grade fever last night, and cried out in his sleep a few times. Could it be a ear infection again? He is probably teething too.

The last two nights, his sleep has been really bad.

We have tried so many homeopathic remedies, I don't know if that itself could be a problem.

We had given him ipecac almost a week ago, and then Arsenic Album. I had read that giving tissue salt remedies does not interfere with other homeopathic remedies. I don't know for sure, but we gave him at different times (and different days) Ferrum Phos, Nat Sulph, Cal Phos.

Last night, we gave him Belladonna for his fever.

I probably made a mess with all these remedies.

Could you please let me know what to do now?

Like I said, he has congestion at nights, runny nose sometimes, cough all day and night because of the mucus. Last night, he was warm and cried a few times - like he was in pain.

The eczema on his legs and hands is still not better.

kganti last decade
Hi, I suffer the Seborhoic dermatitis. I want to try MEZEREUM from Boiron. Anyone knows what's the dosage for this homeopatic? How many pills a day and how often? And am I supposed to take several doses of it or just one, and then take a break?
Thank you
Henzel last decade

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