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Dr Sameer Vermani, need your help: constipation, hernia.


i have a history of chronic constipation with inguinal indirect hernia and clinical depression. the left hernia is repaired but the right hernia was not since the doctor said it would heal by itself.First i was given some series of medications for one month due to which all my conditions severely aggravated. i dont know what the first set of medications were, he did not tell me. then when i reported this to my doctor, he prescribed me coffea cruda 10 pills 30 c for 10 days. then, prescribed nux.v 30c due to which there were severe aggravations. then the doctor told me to stop taking it for 5 days so that conditions will settle.

then, he prescribed me medication nux.v 6c, 4 pills yesterday. After 1 hr of medication, i had loose motions. Ever since then i have been having loose or semi loose motions(stools) every two hours. Also bloating and gas formation has not changed although i am passing stools every two hours.
my details are:
Sex: Male
Age: 21 years
physical appearance: 5'11 height with a medium build, 78 kg weight.
Ever since i have had homeopathic medications, the conditions have only worsened. following are some of them:
1) loss of vital heat in the body.
2) permanent bloating and stone-like ssnsation in the abdomen. my abdomen feels very hard and i cant flex it in( push it in or out).
3) loss of motility in the body, increased rigidity in the body. my whole body feels like stone. nothing seems like moving or normal. stiff chest, stiff shoulders, stiff chin and my face seems to have shrunk due to the rigidity in the body. even though i am not fat, my stomach has taken on a permanent appearance of being bloated and i hence look
4) loss of strength and vitality in the fingers, limbs, forearms, calf muscles. Loss of general physical strength as such
5) dumbness, lethargy, lack of motivation to do general things(loss of vital heat of the body is related to all these things), also stupidity.
6) my upper back is also very rigid and feels like some stone is deposited inside it. hence, i have a stooping stance or i stool when i walk or stand.
7) numbness and in the shoulders and chest and a feeling like they dont exist.
8) Yoga has no effect on reversing all the above mentioned problems. I am trying also acupressure for the sole purpose of reversing all that has been created by his medications. there is absolutely no difference whether i d yoga or not, no change in 'feeling' too. there is tingling sensation and weakness, pain in the eyes
9) further loss of sexual feelings due to the above mentioned problems. My stomach feels like some stone, i'm unable to flex it or move it. it is permanently bloated and bulging.
10) even my pelvis has become numb.

the general physical desctiption of the problem is that the stomach system(almentary canal, abdominal region, intestines etc) are closely related to the sexual and urinary system. It feels as if the whole stomach system is pressing forward against the urinary system and the pelvic region(penis, scrotum and testicles). In other words there is pressure on my abdomen, a feeling as if abdomen is going to burst towards my penis and crotch. there is presure of the stomach system on my kidneys( right and left sides of abdomen) and the pressure is the most towards the hernia region towards the pelvis. i have told you all these problems before too. the tingling, weakness and pain in the eyes is also too much to handle. there is also rigidity and stiffness in the chin and below the chin. the ears are also getting harder to clean, no earwax is coming out while there still exists ear pain and the top of my head also aches very badly( the whole head aches as though someone constantly should massage it to reduce the headache. as a result of this my face is ceratinly looking a bit smaller in length than before. the pimples on my face have increased too. there is rigidity and stiffnes in jaw muscles and upper and lower parts of the jaw.

the main observations of the nux v 6c medication is increased bloating, gas, loose motions without clearing the stomach, hardness and stonelikeness in the abdomen and sides of the abdomen.

If possible, please antidote all the provious medications. I desperately want back my earlier self. i am striving every bit to reverse all the effects it has caused.

Also, i have been having coffee (beverage) to reverse the effects of the past three or four months of the medication.

there is also discomfort in the lips and forarms in that they feel 'toxic'. i feel like itching and there is a kind of numbness associated with it.

i know that C potencies are used for chronic problems but it seems like i cannot handle C potencies. I think i would be able to tolerate only X potencies.

I think the first step is to antidote the nux v 6c. in X potencies. also i am only familiar with the pill form of medications..

Thank you in advance.
  zhestt on 2008-08-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Okay , please take just a single dose of Pulsatilla 6x. No eating/drinking for 1 hour on either side of the dose. Make sure no strong odours are around for the day.

This should undo the harms caused by Nux, and then we can begin addressing the other parts of your case.
sameervermani last decade
i have taken coffea cruda 30c today since i did not read your reply( as i also know that coffea antidotes nux).
btw, how many pills is one dose(pulsatilla 6x)
zhestt last decade
Dissolve 1 pill on the tongue. It should be enough.
sameervermani last decade

i am sorry for such a late reply. Actually, there is no pulsatilla 6x in my city. So i took one dose of pulsatilla 6c in the morning. My head feels lighter and more free. Also my eyes have opened up slightly(relaxed). However there is not much change in the condition of the abdomen, i still cant flex it, it is rigid and stone like. Also my jaws have become just a bit free, they should still lose their stiffness.
zhestt last decade
the main problems that i have are constipation and difficulty sleeping a t night. its been atleast 6 years that i have had a refreshing sleep. i had chronic constipation since i was 14 (when i started getting depressed). Consequently, ever since i remember my sexual feelings(or libido) have always been diminished and this i strongly feel is due to the excessive constipation and bloating(diagnosed with a congenital indirect inguinal hernia last year). i believe if we cure both constipation and the difficulty of sleep, libido can be restored. infact the quality of my life has been terribly bad since i was 14, and there is no sense of 'goodness' associated with living( or being).

i am feeling better although ust my abdomen needs to get more flexible after taking pulsatilla 6c today. please let me know if i should have another dose tomorrow.
Thank you.
zhestt last decade
Wait for 3 days after the Puls dose, and then report status.
sameervermani last decade

not that i am critical, but i've read nowhere that pulsatilla is an antidote to nux vomica.

Otherwise, there is not much change until now.

thank you.
zhestt last decade

there is no change in most of the symptoms. the most irritating problem perhaps(of my previous medications) is having my meals. be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, they seem like a mission. i literally struggle to shove food down my throat. i keep munching and munching but i dont swallow. Another thing: these days i have been swallowing as soon as i munch just a little since i get fed up midway during my meals. luch takes 45 mins to 1 hour to complete and that too, my stomach is 3/4ths full. there is lack of co-ordination between chewing and swallowing. my mom told me as she observed that when i am eating something, it appears to other people that i move my mouth vigorously to down the food. couple with this the problem of constipation: the constipation is so bad that the right side of abdomen and my liver aches. my eyes threaten of exploding due to pain and i feel that most of my problems of eye aching or head aching or lack of appetite is due to one major root: constipation. puls has not done anything to change my constipation and the bloating sensation.

i would like to add that i am pretty much sure that i am not a nux vomica person, as i had also tried nux v 3x after one set of coffea cruda antidote treatment. there are pimples and boils on my back and shoulders as well.
zhestt last decade
as such i avoid eating outside as i get embarassed about the struggle to eat( in restaurants etc).

let me brief you about myself. my inner and outer worlds are totally out of sync. on the outside, i am introverted, sympathetic, warm, affectionate and uncomfortable with making friends or maintaining them. in the inside i am egoistic, knowing, and totally depressed that my true self doesnt show. i am afraid to interact as i feel it is my duty to be nice or kind to others at my own cost. this is a psychological problem. i tend to make others people very happy not realising whether or not i have the energy to do it. this is the reason why i am not even comforatable staying with my parents. there is a genuine lack of self-expression and a fear that others may not like or even despise the real me. there is so much bottling up of emotions and there is self- imposed restrictions and inhibitions in every fleeting moment that there is no peace of mind.

i also have great trouble expressing my problems or how i feel especially with doctors.
according the homeopathic law, you could say i am totally introverted( which complies with the law of conservation of energy). many a time my ego burst open and the feelings come out in a very aggressive way( if ever i opposed something that someone said or if they say 'that is how it is/will be'. i really cant stand being with people or adjusting with them(my parents too), but i end up forcing myself to go against my will( like pretending to be nice, being kind to everyone, neglecting myself by constantly attending to others' problems. i also had a terrible fight with my dad regarding this quality of mine. it was of the decision to go for engineering. i thought if i listened to my dad, everything would be alright and never once considered( in the pacy moment of making the decision) what i truly feel about whether i really wanted to do it( at that time i was acutely depressed). by default, i neglect my feelings and it is really some great effort that i make to compulsorily consider my feelings too. Also , as such my parents have been very kind, and i dont have much problem with them except that i know that there is a huge problem of bad communication, that too only from my side. i made friends and have lost their respect for me as they thought i was a person with no self-respect( constant self- neglect in the matters of hygiene etc triggered by depression). now that the big mission of engineering is over, i really want to get well, and mentally and physically healthy, release all the emotional toxins( of self restrictions and depressions) that have polluted( and manifested as constipation)

As such i have had a terrible history with homeopathy till now, but i believe in homeopathy as it completes a person's personality by doping their vitalforce with the same substance as the personality in small amounts.
zhestt last decade
and now, my vital force has become so weak with all the problems in my hostel life. i got teased very badly in the first year of my engineering and ever since then i never had friends as they thought me to be someone without self respect.

and it is this doubt that i am afraid of. should i or shouldn't i hold on to homeopathy, since my vitalforce has weakened , as homeopathy takes advantage of the vitalforce(or 'chi' or 'prana'); also considering the fact that it usually takes atleast, say, an average of one and half months to derive what is my constitution( in terms of homeopathic medication) and someone with a vitalforce as weak as mine, it just asks for more time and risk.
if you need me to fill you on generals or specific questions, please let me know.
zhestt last decade
my colleagues and people who i know, take advantage of me due to my own indecisiveness. i have very little luck with the outside world: doctors, friends(or someone like them), others who i need to deal with in day-to-day life. my cognition of the outside world is also heavily blurred due to the explosive headache(due to constipation). it is like i have a wildly fluctuating headache throughout the day, due to which i am not much aware of what's going on in the outside world. also one another aspect of my set of problems is intense difficulty falling asleep, also sometimes, i neglect sleep even if i am tired since there is too much irritation due to constipation. the combination of sleep diffculty and constipation can be classified as Irritable Bowel Syndrome( type: constipation only).
zhestt last decade
Two further questions:

Tell me about your food cravings and aversions

What time of the day do you feel at your best, and at what time do you feel the worst ?
sameervermani last decade
well, i dont have any food aversions. i am a pure vegetarian.i love rich food especially fast food and every once in three days, having a sweet helps keep a check on my depression and i feel better. i cant stand bland food. food should be easy to eat, tasteful. also i love food that clears my sinuses and congestion for example: spicy food( not necessarily chilly but certainly with other spices like pepper, cardamon etc). i am literally bored of rice and roti so even for lunch or dinner i try to make my food interesting. i was quite athletic. one of the my persistent frustrations are not being able to play good football due to the current problems(what when i am unable to FEEL my legs?)
i am a very spiritual person. i love watching heavy weight boxing and all things aggressive. Also, i love music and strongly believe its because of music that i have been pulling on somehow. i usually listen to heavier forms of Rock music(heavy metal/thrash metal/death metal) and i cant stand too much of soft(bollywood type music) although i love all kinds of music. i also feel sometimes that going to a military academy would help solve my problems. i love the words 'war' and 'blood'. i love mysticism and esoteric subjects. i absolutely love mythology. i often lose myself in accumulating knowledge about obscure subjects(like alchemy, mythological interpretations of life, old fables). i like to find interesting patterns in life and try to correlate and RATIONALIZE everything. i try to rationalize the existence of god to myself so that i am satisfied that 'praying god is correct since He exists'. i dont accept something that someone says unless i know if its really true. if i dont know it, then i keep finding and searching for the right way. in this regard, i never did what my parents told was good for me(example, like a method to follow or setting up a routine to help myself), until i tried it myself and checked if it helps. i dont borrow others' opinion. i am individualistic and in this regard i may also appear very egoistic. Most of my friendships have ended with the reason being my egoism.my parents think i am very stubborn in a negative way and tell me to use the stubbornness positively.
i would like to add that i am a person who loves challenges. i had been idealistic when i was 14 but later adopted that life is wonderful, if there are challenges. if there are none, i try to create challenges(like adventurous things to do). i have become a bit masochistic in this sense and also due to my depression .the corollary of the previous statement is that i cant stand numbness( both physically and mentally) i believe there is no fun in living if life is smooth. life is valuable only because there is contrast; otherwise we wouldn't understand the other side. only if we knew thirst, could we understand what it feels like to quench it. i also possess wanderlust which is only challenged by my constipation ( i have difficulty walking esp when i am terribly constipated). extensive pilgramages and striking conversations with strangers is what i tend to when i am relatively much happier(or without misery). all of the above mentioned traits dont come out always as i have explained in the previous posts. so it feels to me like there is some kind of civil war in my body.
Also my lower body feels like it doesnt exist. this is a direct consequence of the long standing depression. also its not something that i feel but its true to the eye that my lower part of the body has reduced in length slightly. i feel like there is a huge blockage in the abdominal and pelvic area which is causing my lower body to weaken by every moment(my legs have weakened terribly due to the extreme herniating sensation). the blockage in the abdomen and pelvic can be charaterised as having the following effects: 1) terrible constipation and bloating 2) complete sexual blockage

MAny a time i dont feel like sleeping even when i am sleepy. When this happens, i masturbate without any sexual urge just to feel tired. it actually helps me fall asleep but i know that this is a very unhealthy habit and this is also one of the reasons of my low vitality and it also further reduced my libido.
zhestt last decade

i have observed, after the previous dose of puls, that whenever i have milk(in the day), i have loose motions. apart from this, there is no sense of bowel control( as before the puls dose). my liver feels kind of hardened.

i hate coffee. although it tastes good, it only increases all my existing problems. i am accustomed to tea, however. tea makes me feel more active and better from a severe headache. i have also become dependant on milk as i've observed it helps me sleep, acts as a healthy laxative, and i feel better(generally, with 'goodness') with it. Life without tea and milk is very difficult for me.

my past medical diagnoses and treatments are:
1) ulcer and superficial pancreatitis in the stomach when i was 17. got medically treated and cured.

2)i had psychiatric medication for about a year from when i was 18(diagnosis: 'anxiety and emotional disorder')

3) IBS constipation type when i was 20. Medicines had no effect.

4) prostatitis when i was 19. treated medically and cured.

5) left inguinoscrotal hernia last year. got surgically treated and cured.

6) Viral hepatitis last year( four months before the surgery of hernia). treatment was diet regulation advice, result is cured.

i get easily threatened and offended. i avoid confrontations when i am physically weak and mentally weak( which i always am). i get nervous easily. i remember when in the first year of hostel, when i was ragged pretty badly, there was too much fear, that i couldn't handle. And that is the period when i felt that my life was totally out of my control as if 'there is no solution to this kind of a circumstance'. now, my nerves have weakened so much that confrontations like bargaining (that which require strong communicative skill of convincing) is totally ruled out, and it appears like i am constantly taken advantage of, by others.

the only C medication that did not have an adverse effect on me was coffea cruda 30c which was the first antidote treatment.

i am sorry that my posts are so long, i only hope it helps decipher my constitution correctly.

Thank you sir for your attention.
zhestt last decade
i forgot to mention what time of the day i feel worst. Well generally the whole day is very strenuous and long, but i feel relatively better in the evenings. Afternoons are worse than mornings.
'Most of my friendships have ended with the reason being my egoism' - finally(ego bursting),after having been too nice to them at my own cost.

although i sound like am aggressive on the inside, i am a warm blooded person. i dont intend any harm to anyone and i truly am sympathetic and understanding of others' problems too. but this positive trait is being taken too far by me. To tell you the truth, i feel confused how to be with people. i usually SHOULD try to balance my sympathy and understanding towards others and my inner being(aggressive). It may seem constrasting, but its true.
zhestt last decade
I will come back to your case in a day or so, as there is a lot of information you have give above, and it will take me some time to analyze this.
sameervermani last decade
thank you sir.
i would like to add that i have been feeling that length of my breath is reduced to half the normal and am breathing slightly less frequently( i mean there are pauses between every breath). i am not sure if its due to the puls dose or the earlier medications.
zhestt last decade
Please take a single dose of Lycopodium 30c, and report in 1 week.

1 pellet dissolved on the tongue is the dose.

No eating/drinking for 1 hr on either side of the dose.
sameervermani last decade

i am worried if 30c may be a bit too strong for me. Otherwise i can confirm that my constitution is probably lycopodium. after reading about the lycopodium individual, i have found the following other similarities b/w me and it.
1) most of my sinusitis and headaches are concentrated on the right side of my face/head. my right temples ache more than the the left, and also i tend to rest on my right side during sleep(most of the time) since doing so helps me relax the right side of my head/face.

2) i have been having a strained relationship with my father since when i was 15; also i feel his pressure all through my teenage to do better in whatever talents i had.

3)i usually take my parents for granted since i know i can depend on their help. they have even told me this.

4)'my preference for company in the next room' - when i stay alone, i feel lonely but when i'm staying with people, my 'space' becomes very dear.

5) feeling very restricted all by myself when there is no external stimulus. the self restrictions are probably due to holding back of natural self expression due to some constant fear.

5) not wanting to attach emotions to responsibility

6)'people pleaser'

after another confirmation from your side about the potency of lyc, i will go ahead with 30c i dose.
zhestt last decade
Go ahead with the dose. I do not think a single dose should aggravate you for long.
sameervermani last decade
ok. i will take the first medication today.
Thank you so much.
zhestt last decade
i have taken the dose in the morning. it was pretty good. there was perhaps no sense of aggravation. i began feeling more relaxed although a bit tired at first. my restrictions(both physical in the form of abdominal blockage/strained lower body and mentally) i could feel started melting away and i had a really refreshing nap in the afternoon. i also felt better in the lower body. i think the effect of medication was more like an exponential curve of -ve x(where x is time): there was an 80% reduction of the dose's effect after the first five hours of having taken it(took it at 11.30 am). And now,(at 12.50 am)i can say that the whole effect of the medication has been nullified(i mean, i feel like my earlier self; 20% reduction in the later 6 hours or so). i may be wrong: perhaps there could still be 5% remaining as i am pretty confident of sleeping well this night.

i am very glad that my constitution has been derived at the first try. i would like to take another dose tomorrow in the morning. if it were a stronger dose then perhaps i could have had a better bowel movement in the evening.

i hope you reply before 1130 am(IST). i dont feel there is anything wrong in taking another dose tomorrow, although the review period is a week; or any change that you may suggest in the dosage and/or the potency. i am looking forward for a positive answer.

Thank you sir, for your time and attention.
zhestt last decade
No, you dont have to take another dose.

You should never repeat a dose after the reaction has started. Be patient.

If you want to continue with me, you have to promise me one thing that you will not take ANY remedy without talking to me.

Now, please wait for ATLEAST 1 week without any medicine.
sameervermani last decade
ok sir. it was just in time that i read your post; that i won't take the medication i said yesterday. i will wait another week. but can i know why exactly do you feel that we should wait for a week? you obviously know better, but my doubts are usually very impatient to be clarified..
zhestt last decade
These are not anti-biotics that a minimum level of 'medicine' has to be maintained in the blood stream.

These medicines just give an impulse to the vital force, and it is the REsponse to that impulse which is curative. Once that response has started, all further doses are nothing but interference.

If your symptoms come back unchanged very quickly after a dose, the medicine is NOT going to be curative. It will most probably just be palliative.
sameervermani last decade

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