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Um, Im not sure what my scars are anymore. Im almost positive that the ones inbetween my eyes are ice picks, lots of small ones. Then I have some im my smile lines (but on my chin, if that makes sence) that I thought were rolling, but when I look close they look like a ton of tiny ice picks. It looks awfull when I smile, and you can tell that the skin is bound down there. then I have two on the right side of my mouth, right above and below my lips, that look like I hit something and my eye teeth came threw my skin...I don't know where those ones came from.
I did break down and just go buy the silica 6x, I don't knwo that I made the homemade stuff right, but it didn't seem to be haveing the same effect on me as everyone else. The store bought 6x seems to be better for me. OH, and did you see that kuldeep is back on the other thread?
shaunakeltner last decade
ya kuldeep is back! let me know how the silica 6x is working for you and maybe I'll buy some as well.
hotty198 last decade
Dear Dr,

I have got these acne scars on my face that refuse to go or fade and i guess.. 2 - 3 acnes have developed into keloids.. have tried many a things but nuthig is helping.. m suffering since last 2 years.. how soon does it take to cure this in homeopathy..
I need to get rid of these anyhow! are keloids curable??
plz.. help me
samrita last decade
I am new to this forum, but I have been reading it for the past 6 months. I started to take the homemade silica in February, after I read about it on this forum. Within the first week, I was amazed by how fast my scars seemed to disappear, and then my acne completely cleared up. WOW!!! I continued taking 2drops, 3x a day, and was so absolutely impressed!!! At about the two month mark, my cheeks and jawline became COVERED in under-the-skin, small cystic acne bumps. (I also found that I had more frequent panic attacks with taking the silica.) I still continued with the silica for a while (another two months, taking only 2x a day due to panic attacks), but no more improvements in the acne. So I stopped taking the silica. Since then, for the past three months, I have been trying everything to get rid of all of these little cystic acne bumps. I've been tryin topical gels, creams, microdermabrasions, chemical peels,YOU NAME it!!! My face has never looked so rough!!! I went literally crying to my doctor last week and she perscribed minocyclin. I doubt it will work, because I know that my current problem is related to the silica, and none of the acne solutions that have helped me in the past are helping now!!! Nothing is working! How can I correct this??? I am afraid to take silica again, terrified that it will cause more damage!

Do you know of anyone who has had this happen?

Did they continue taking silica anyways, and did it eventually help?

Does silica build up in your system? Should you only be on it for a certain period of time? (I wonder why my panic attacks got so severe on it.)

My face is awful right now, and this is right after a chemical peel!! Chemical peels used to help my acne, but not this time!!! Can you honestly say that I should stay on silica? Or can you remedy at this point?

Please answer! Let me know of other similar cases? I need help badly.


-K. K.
K. K. last decade
Arnica 30c taken in the Wet Dose usually helps to cure chronic cases of Acne, Styes and Chalazions which have defied other Homeopathic remedies and drugs.

The method used to make the Wet Dose is as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from your nearest supermarket.
Pour out 100ml
Drop in 3 pellets or 1 drop of liquid Arnica 30c into the 400ml water
Cap the bottle tightly and succuss it 4-6 times by banging on your palm and look out for the air bubbles to fizzle up from the bottom.
Pour out 1 teaspoonful of the potentized remedy and sip it twice daily with the last dose taken last thing at night.

You should observe that your acne will disappear in under 10 days. The scars will also get filled up in a few months.

You will also observe that you will sleep very deeply after the Arnica. I believe that this is part of the therapy as this deep sleep helps the body to recover better overnight.

Arnica is very safe in use and I have used it every night as a 'tonic' for the last 10 years.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you, Joe! I will start the amica TODAY! I really hope it works.....sounds like it works miracles.

Anybody else out there have suggestions, in case this doesn't work (no offense, Joe). I need all the help I can get right now. I'm too embarassed to leave the house.

Any more answere as to whether or not silica can build up in your system and cause harm? I have had panic attacks on it, not to mention vertigo, and as I said before, bad, stubborn breakouts too.

Thanks everyone! Feedback, please!

K. K. last decade
OOps....It's arnica (a-r-n-i-c-a), not a-m-i-c-a. I was mistaken, there.
K. K. last decade
Hi K.K., Im sorry I cant answer your questions about the Silica and panic attacks.

I know how you feel((BigHugs)))...I suffer the same.. although, I have not yet tried silica for my scars.

I am currently taking 25mg. Amitriptylin(Elavil)before bedtime for my depression, insomnia and panic attacks.

The Amitriptylin knocks me out and makes me very tired....however, I would like to try the Arnica for my acne scars like suggested above..

My question is: is it safe to take the Amitriptylin and Arnica together...since both help with deep sleep?? (I wont be very happy going into a coma...lol)
If not, can I take the Arnica in the morning instead?

Thank You :-)
nodoubt last decade
I note that you are taking Amitriptylin for depression which you state knocks you out and makes you tired.

I am surprised that you still continue to take it as it is only doping you to sleep and will surely cause you major physical damage soon.

Your condition is not what I would like to diagnose and treat on the web and I would advise you to seek assistance from a Homeopath.

For the moment you can try stopping all drugs and only using Arnica in the Wet dose twice daily with the last dose before you sleep.

You must also try to work out the reason for your depression which you can perhaps treat without resorting to these drugs which are obviously harming you.
Joe De Livera last decade
I still need to knw if Keloids r treatable?
I had these acnes who have now bcome keloids (one dermat told me its keloid and the other one told me that its just a cyst thats formed and taking long to go .. but in the due course it wud go..)
I do not mind taking wet doses of arnica as suggested for my scars but how long shld i continue to take it??
samrita last decade
You can use Arnica 30c in the Wet Dose for as long as you like twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade

I have been on the arnica for almost 3 days. I did notice the deeper sleeping. My acne is perhaps a bit better, but hardly any improvement yet. I do realize that I need to give it more time....we'll see!!!

I have a couple of questions.....Why does one need to avoid the coffee and cola drinks? Will the arnica NOT work if you consume these things at any time during treatment? What if I had a cup of coffee in the morning, then one tsp arnica in the afternoon, and the second one before bed? (just curious.....I LOVE my mornning coffee).

Thanks, Joe!!!
K. K. last decade
I can vouch for the morning coffee craze;) I cut coffee cold turkey as a 1/2 cup a day isnt possible for me. I guess its harder for cold turkey. Im just weird like that. Anyway at least I'll know for sure its not interfering with remedy.
hotty198 last decade
anybody try the MaMa Lotion for their pitted acne scars? Just wondering if it helped at all. kuldeep or anyone doesnt the pitted scars mean the underlying skin is damaged as well?
hotty198 last decade
I have discovered that coffee and coca cola antidote any homeopathic remedy.

It is up to you to figure out which is the greater priority. Your acne or your coffee.
Would you like to replace your coffee with tea ? Sri Lanka is where the world's best tea is grown and where I live.

In any case your Acne cure is not an instant fix. It may take up to a month.

Keep up the Arnica wet dose for as long as you like. I have taken it for 10 years and can prove at age 76 that it is the reason for my present state of wellness.

Classical homoepaths will frown at my practice but they live in a world of their own and are not interersted in reality.
Joe De Livera last decade

I will have to forgo my morning and evening coffee... thats sad.. but anything for acnes..

Just out of curiosity.. doest anyone knw what the YUVA acne lotion is all about.. this i got from Dr. Rekha sheth..

anyways.. Joe can u tell me what all dietary precautions will i have to take if i take arnica 30 c?
samrita last decade
Dear Joe,

you mentioned in the procedure of making wet dose of Arnica..that 3 - 4 pellets or 1 DROP of arnica in 400 ml of spring water.. wud it suffice??

is it all that powerful.. can u tell me what exactly arnica is??

i want to try it but just want to knw more abt it before trying..
plz reply.

is the spring water really essential.. cant we use the regular drinking water??
samrita last decade
Thank you Joe, and everyone for your information and sympathy. I will give up my morning coffee and replace it with tea.

Just two more questions.......1) Is it coffee and ANY carbonated beverage, or just cola (pop)? 2) Is there any harm in taking other homeopathic remedies at the same time as arnica (e.g., Unda for gallbladder, or Silica 6x for scars)???

I enjoy your wisdom, Joe!
I still remain hopeful, following your advice on arnica (otherwise, I wouldn't bother asking you all these questions)!!!

K. K.
K. K. last decade
I note that you express some disbelief as to how the remedy can work when diluted in the manner that I indicated.

I too was unable to accept it at first but it is after many hundreds of treatments of patients successfully that I arrived at the conclusion that the Wet Dose is the way to go in the use of Homeopathic remedies as the succussion seems to increase the potency of the water remedy slightly thereby making it more effective in helping the body to recover from the ailment.

Please report your response good or bad on this forum in a few days after you commence treatment.

I am copying information on Arnica Montana from the web which you too can do by typing Arnica on Google:

"Arnica montana or Leopard's Bane is a perennial herb, indigenous to Central Europe, in woods and mountain pastures. It has been found in England and Southern Scotland. "

The flowers are used in Homeopathy.

Spring water (check the fine print on the bottle) which is sourced from deep inside the earth from bore wells is preferred to the water from the tap which I have found also works. However tap water obviously contains so much other minerals and impurities that the pure water should at least theoretically be better.
Joe De Livera last decade
My advice to you about carbonated beverages is to avoid them like poison. They are usually very high in their sugar content and some have harmful chimicals and additives which the manufacturers add to provide that pep and pickup when one is tired. These chemicals will antidote Homeopathic remedies which as you know are in trace levels in the globules. A 6c potency is the equivalent of 1 Million Millionth, while the 30c potency is the equivalent of 1 drop of the Mother Tincture mixed in the water of all the oceans of the world ! Unbelievable how as substance which when diluted to these infinitesmal levely can possibly work. But it does !

I cannot remember why you wish to use Arnica but it will help you to sleep deeply which is the reason why, I believe, it can be used for so many diverse ailments as this deep sleep helps the body to recover overnight in a better way than it would do without the Arnica.

I do not know if your use of Unda for your gall bladder can antidote Arnica. Silica 6x may be OK but I would prefer you to use Arnica only for 2 weeks and see the result for yourself.

I hope you report your response on this forum as it is customary that most who use any remedies prescribed on this forum just forget to record whether or not they helped theif ailment.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe for all the clarity. Now i have a major question..

As i mentioned i have these acnes scars which r taking a lot of time to subsidize.. infact i m not seeing any change in them since long.. they are as it is.. they look something similar to settled acnes which leave marks and spots (luckily the texture of my skin is still good and i do not have those nasty tiny holes kind of things!!)and which fade with time.. but mine arnt fading..

However the popping of new acnes have gone down drastically infact it barely occurs now..

K K mentioned that he is treating his scars by silica..

I m concerned about these marks.. Now i just need to make sure what should i really take Arnica or Silica??

Would meeting a homeopath personally help??

I have also developed these small blisters (about the size of cyst) on my forehead which again refuse to go.. and if they do ... its replaced by newer once..

these dont look like acnes to me.. any idea what are these and the causes??

Joe plz.. tell me what should i start off with Arnica or Silica??

samrita last decade
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe de livera, Ive just tried making the wet dose of arnica 30c. I put 4 white balls of it in 400ml spring water and banged it 4-6 times like you said. are they supposed to dissolve before you take the remedy? also you say bang it 4-6 times before each dose right?
hotty198 last decade
Joe De Livera last decade
right right. aight. thanks.
hotty198 last decade
Bang?? u mean shake well rite??

anyways.. joe i take multi vitamin capsules.. is it okay to be on arnica wetdose and multivitamin tabets together?? or will i have to stop the vitamin supplements till the time i m on arnica??

can u suggest the time difference between these doses if at all i can take both??
samrita last decade

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