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Bang?? u mean shake well rite??

anyways.. joe i take multi vitamin capsules.. is it okay to be on arnica wetdose and multivitamin tabets together?? or will i have to stop the vitamin supplements till the time i m on arnica??

can u suggest the time difference between these doses if at all i can take both??
samrita last decade
You can shake it vigourously to get the desired effect. The bubbles are the secret of succussion.

You must stop all other remedies and vitamins when taking homeopathic medicines.

If you take Arnica you will observe that it is far superior to any vitamin tablet that you take as it will promote deep sleep which will in turn help your body to rebuild faster which will cut out the need for Vitamine tablete.

You may however take a good Fish Liver oil capsule daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

I was out for a while so cudnt write. I have got the arnica 30c tablets.

Need to make the wet dose now. I m sure of the procedure of making a wet dose but just want to knw can i consume the tablets directly?

may be you can suggest the dosage. or shld i settle for wet dose only?
samrita last decade
ya they say wet dose is more powerful than just taking the balls directly in your mouth. I dont understand this at all. and then to say split dose is more powerful than wet is beyond me. I dont find this true at all. I dont sleep as deep with the split so Im sticking with wet dose which works great.
hotty198 last decade
I believe that the Split dose is more subtle in the way it reacts with the body like for Asthma when Nat Sulph 6c is used and usually helps to cure the ailment. Chronic Asthmatics who used Inhalers 4 times daily are not using them any more. But they have to use 1 teaspoonful of the remedy daily.

I have observed that the Wet Dose is far more effective than the Dry Dose when using certain remedies like Arnica.

I do realize that all this seems illogical but when you think of it, Homeopathy also seems to be illogical and I often wonder how any substance when diluted to the level that remedies are, can have any reaction and cure an ailment.

You may like to know that a 30c potency is equivalent of 1 drop mixed in the water of all the oceans of the world !
Joe De Livera last decade
thats mind boggling
hotty198 last decade
Hi Hottie,

Plz tell me whr do u get bottled spring water?

Joe I had asked you this before also just confirming again.. our of the 500 ml y to remove the 100 ml? and can i prepare the wet dose in regular drinking water?

plz help

samrita last decade
Check the fine print of the drinking water you get in supermarkets to verify if it is got from deep bore wells where the water is pure.

You need to decant 100ml to make space for the air bubbles but you can also do without doing so if you twist the bottle in your hand clockwise and anticlockwise. You must get the bubbles each time to succuss the water to get the full benefit of the potency raise with each dose.

Report response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thnx Joe,

I guess a bottle of Mineral water could help rite??
samrita last decade
To Joe DeLivera:
on 9/29/05 you state in reply to taking Arnica Wet Dose:
"You must stop all other remedies and vitamins when taking homeopathic medicines." Why?
Mary-Liz last decade
I have observed that Arnica when used for some diseases like Eczema and a few others does not work as effectively as it does when used alone, without other remedies and of course drugs.

In the case of Diabetes it will reduce the blood sugar level even when used with Metformin and if used with Cinnamon powder it can even replace this drug.

Would you like to share with me the reason why you too wish to use Arnica ?
Joe De Livera last decade
back to this post...
I wanted to let this thread know that I found *silica* for sale, already very finely ground, like fine sand, at a ceramics supply store, you know, the kind of artist's place that sells clay. It is used to make glazes, and is cheap, something like $2.00 a pound!

is there any online store to order this from? thanks.
hotty198 last decade
thanks. what was your dosage? how much in 1 liter of water? also I would like to get the quartz crystals as kuldeep said that these would work. I guess I could just get beach sand right? and grind that up furthur?
hotty198 last decade
what were some of the improvements you noticed the first week? why not increase the amount little by little till you feel the tinglys in your face again. just a thought. or is the amount you use already alot?
hotty198 last decade
im not a homeopath. but kuldeep did say they drank from the river all day long so I dont think it would hurt. if you start feeling constipated your taking too much:)
hotty198 last decade
Dear visitors and prasanthc,
Rescently very good medicine is introduce in homoeopathy i.e. super neuclic acid i.e combination of Ribonuclic acid and D. neuclic acid is working very good for removing scar and pimples and black heads from the body , face etc.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
is this for real?
hotty198 last decade
To Joe DeLivera:
In response to your 1/13/06 reply/question re: use of vitamins with Anica Wet Dose, I was going to use it for old acne scars (15-20 years old).
Mary-Liz last decade
Hi Joe,

I've read many of your posts re: Arnica, which seems to be some sort of miracle. I've read and learned alot about alternative medicines and am surprised I
have never heard about Arnica. I wanted to try your suggested Arnica dosage for acne and acne scarring, but I wondered if you could answer a few specific questions
before I start. Any answers/advice you may have would be humbly and greatly appreciated.

I have mild to moderate acne, but it is chronic. I've had it for a long time, since I was about 14 or 15 yrs. old. I'm now 33. Some times it goes away, but then
starts back again. As you can imagine, I'm quite frustrated. I've picked alot, and have had many cortesone shots (directly into pimples, to deflate them in 1-2 days).
As a result of these things, and years of acne, I now have scarring, and I still get acne - not as badly, but chronically. I've tried every remedy known to man, except
Accutane. I don't believe it's been quite bad enough to go that route. The scarring I have are: Some ice pick, deep scars,
some rolling scarring, some little 'holes', that look like enlarged pores. It's not terrible, but it is really starting to get to me.

1) I'm currently taking garlic (organic kyolic) during the day, and dairy free probiotics at night. Also a hempseed drink in the am (just hempseed powder and water,
as this is supposed to be the best ration of Omega 3 to Omega 6 that exists in nature, better than flax or anything else).
I'm not taking any vitamins though. Can I continue to take the probiotics, garlic, and hempseed, if I start the arnica, so long as I don't take any of these things
in the same time vicinity as the arnica? or should I stop taking one, two, or all of these things?

2) I've seen many posts about taking Silica for acne scarring, although many people complained of incredible breakouts, as the silica starts to work. And then many
have said that the good effects seem to plateau. Is this the same for Arnica? Should I expect my face to erupt horribly before any good results?

3) Will the Arnica help to fill in the scarring I've described above? (little holes, some deeper ice pick scars)

4) Should I continue taking the Årnica forever?

5) The dose you explain how to make, (30c, 1 drop in 400ml spring water), would I continue to use this bottle until it's finished? possibly a week or more, it would seem? and reshaking each time? or do I discard the whole bottle after each 1 tsp. dose?

Please let me know yours thoughts to these 5 specific questions. I was immediately drawn to your posts about Arnica and I'd like to start it asap. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

saulgoode last decade
Arnica helps to control Acne especially at puberty but in your case since you state that you have suffered from Acne for 15 years it would be interesting to see if it can also help.

I would suggest that you use the 6c potency (not the 30c as you indicatedin your post) in the liquid dose which I presume you already know how it should be prepared. The dose is 1 teaspoonful to be taken 3 times daily for a month and the response noted and reported on this forum. You should normally note an improvement in your condition in a week.

Remember to succuss the bottle every time before each dose. The 400 ml should last you about 2 months.

I would prefer that you stop all other medication you are now taking to give the Arnica a chance to help you.

Silica has helped to fill up the old lesions but for the moment I would prefer to deal with stopping the recurrent outbreaks of Acne you have suffered from for so many years, so unnecessarily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Remedy for acne vulgaris which has been treated by an allopathic physician to the extent of 80% performing 'specified acid 20% peel' leaving brown scars on cheeks of teenager?
udhishter60 last decade
danec at maine dot rr dot com, please help me. I have one scar on my cheek, and its prety big. it's also very red, which im worried about the most.
danec last decade
This message is regarding a post from 2/21/05 to Dr. Kuldeep. I am also in need of guidance. I have been searching for PHYTOLACCA BERRY';s Mother Tincture but I am not able to locate it anywhere on the internet for purchase. Is there anyone that can HELP me find a place to purchase this product? All advice welcomed and appreciated.
Thank you,
rachel in Tx-USA
rushrb last decade
I have no means of obtaining the mountain water...and have no idea how to make the sillica. Could you please tell me how...is flouric acid better? and if so where can I buy this?
My email is rspears01 at alltel dot net
rspears01 last decade

This may sound like an odd question, but wouldn't a product like Perio Med, a flour acid-based gel do just as well as a homemade concoction? I am a little leery of mixing acids.
MichaelF last decade
You can continue the Thiosinaminum 30c three times in a day till get cure of scar. try it now.

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade

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