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Need Constitutional Remedy

Hi, I need help finding a constitutional remedy for my 7 year old cat. He was both vaccinated was on anti-biotics before he was 12 weeks old and has never been 100% healthy since. He is on a completely raw food diet.

Coat -- Black but much of it has turned a rusty brown

greasy, dull, smells

Eyes: discharge...thick green

Mouth: ulcers, lost 2 front teeth, gums red swollen and receding.
Gingivitis...foul smelling breath from deep inside. Comes from both nose and mouth.
Stuffed sinuses, snorts, mucus rattles in back of throat.

Thirst: Great and frequent

Lethargic, always chilly and wants heat. Prefers to cuddle in someones lap.

eats litter and licks the sides of the litter box

Stools are hard little round balls

Any suggestions or help are greatly appreciated
  scruffi on 2004-12-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
p l e a s e ... anyone ??
scruffi last decade
The description you give seems to indicate that
Carbo Veg
would be the remedies most likely to help .
Does he prefer cold drinks?.
Is the coat dry and flaky at the roots - or greasy.
Does he have any warty eruptions?.
passkey last decade
Thanks for the reply passkey,

He prefers water at room temperature...any colder hurts his teeth.
His coat is dry and flaky at the roots...sometimes dandruff is very bad, right now he has little dandruff.
Has no warty eruptions.
He does have one surface bump where he was vaccinated as a kitten.
ispec_jem last decade
Get some psorinum 1m - in liquid form and give him 3 doses at 24 hr intervals . A week from the first dose post details of ANY change .
passkey last decade
Thanks passkey,

I will do as you suggest. Because of the holiday I'll not be able to get the remedy til late next week. Will let you know how he does.
scruffi last decade
scruffi-this is purely academic discussion-proceed with psorinum

Hi passkey - you seem to be very knowledgable in miasmatic healing and this cat seems to need such healing-it has such a disorganized tissues that I thought about mercury ((which is also indicated for ailments resulting from vaccinations) but that bump in the site of vacc. is rather sycotic; so it would need anti-sycotic and anti-syph. remedy-like nitric acid.
What are your thoughts?
Astra2012 last decade
scruffi: is you cat constipated? these hard balls stools are every day?
Astra2012 last decade

Thanks for the reply. He is not constipated but his stools are very hard little balls. He only seems to go once per day.

A bit of past history.

In March 2004 he had so much sinus blockage that he'd lost all balance and could not stand up, could not breathe through his nose, his eyes were pulsating in and out as well as side to side with every beat of his pulse. The swelling in his face and around the eyes was severe.

On the way to the vet (an hour away) we gave him Apis 200c for the swelling. When we arrived at the vet hospital his swelling was nearly gone and the eyes had stopped pulsating. He still had very poor balance; could stand up but could not walk without falling over.

The vet put him on a Chinese herb for his kidneys (which he is still taking today)...after 2 weeks of no improvement the vet started him on Arsenicum Album 30c twice per day for one week. The results were immediate and positive. Continued Ars 30c once per day for another 3 weeks. He continued to improve for the next month.

Then in May he was quite stressed when we went on vacation and his imbalance symptoms returned. This time we started him on Merc viv 8x three times per day. After one week he was changed to Merc Sol 30c once per day for 2 days.

The Merc really improved his gums and gingivitis. It is still a problem but much improved from last year.

Let me know if you need more info as I marked all of his symptoms and remedies on a calendar.

The Psorinum is supposed to arrive in 3 more days. I really hope this works for him.

Thanks again,
scruffi last decade
Hello Scruffi,
Thanks for your post.
So you tried merc after all! It came to my mind when I read your first post - the descrpition of his mouth, breath, eye discharge (green)-it is all covered by merc! But it doesn't cover all.

merc doesn't like both heat and cold, your cat (what's his/her name?) is chilly.

merc covers disorganization of tissue (like the state of his mouth) but the bump at the site of vac points also toward "overproduction" of tissue-so (I think) the remedy should also be antisycotic.

I'm writing all this because I see you know some homeopathy.

Is any side nore affected? on which side is a bump, discharging eye, when he was losing his balance to which side was falling?
Astra2012 last decade
Hi Astra,

The cats name is Scruffi. He is a Turkish Angora and came to us at 12 weeks of age weighing only 1.2 pounds. He was so haggard looking that I named him Scruffi. He also came with an upper respiratory infection which has never completely gone away.

This morning his inner ears are so blocked that when i moved him from the floor to my shoulders (where he prefers to be) he started shaking his head and his eyes became very large and round. The small change in pressure was enough to trigger this ear pain and vertigo.

We are going to give him Merc 30c today to try and give some immediate relief. He is also not eating as he can't smell his food today. I cannot find any incompatibilities between Mercurius and Psorinum ... please correct me if I am wrong.

Also, you mentioned the "heat and cold" ... Scruffi likes to lay on the heater or on a persons lap but he will only sleep in the the sunshine for a short time and then retreat to a cooler spot.

His right side has always been most affected. ie gum ulceration was worse on the right, right eye and throat glands swell the most and he tilts his head to the right when imbalanced. I will have to get back to you about the vaccination bump as he is sleeping now.

As far as my experience with Homeopathy... my wife and I started using it 7 years ago when we lived on an island with our horses and no horse vet. We have only used it to treat Acute symptoms... colic, punture wounds, bee stings etc. We used it to save one of our other cats who had Asthma and was in an oxygen tent. That was 2 years ago and now he plays like a kitten again.

Our goal is to enable Scruffi to once again play with his buddy.

Thanks, mike
scruffi last decade
Catarrh is essentially a sycotic problem. Merc and Nitric X are syphilitic remedies [ this is just a thinking tool for miasms]
The philosophy is to deal always with the sycotic first. Looking again in the light of this info and wanting a remedy that covers all the miasms I read again on Kali Sulph and this seems to deal with most of the problems - take a look at it and see what you think.
passkey last decade
but nitric acid is also antisycotic!

merc is not. I will also read about kali-s but so far I really like nit. ac.

neither one antidotes psorinum.
Astra2012 last decade
Banjerjee (Indian homeopath) lists nitricum acidum as anti-sycotic in his book "Chronic diseases-their cause and treatment".

It's also anti-syph.
merc is listed only as anti-syph.
Astra2012 last decade
it should be: Banerjee (just in case soomeone will look for it.
Astra2012 last decade
This is just an update on Scruffi's condition tonight.

I gave him Merc Sol 30 at 11am and once again at 1pm before leaving for work. I returned 6 hours later and he was walking around the house and even ate a full meal. He is very alert and attentive. Still stuffed up and a little dehydrated but enough fluid moved out of his sinuses to restore his balance.

My wife mentioned a couple other symptoms which I forgot to list:

His upper lip gets swollen when he is sick.

His tongue is white coated.
scruffi last decade
Thanks for the update-esp that it is a good news: Scruffi feels better.

Merc. sol.(=vivus, or just merc.) seems to be working!let's see how much it does.

When the time comes for repeating (when his original symptoms start coming back) maybe you could give just one dose of merc 200? Or-if you have problems to get it-just 3x 30c in about 24 hrs (like eve., morn. and eve. again).

keep updating-please
Astra2012 last decade
And it is Banerjee "Chronic Disease: its cause and cure"
Now I got it right!
Astra2012 last decade
Glad the Merc worked so well, love to Scruffi
passkey last decade
Yes it's amazing how well Scruffi responds to Merc. It doesn't address the underlying chronic condition though.

At one time I was going to give him 200c potency but everything I read suggested low potencies for Merc. I will buy some Merc 200 when I pick up the Psorinum... hopefully it arrives today.

Oh, almost forgot. Scruffi has continued to improve. Added some electrolytes to his drinking water and his hydration is normal again.
scruffi last decade
As long as he improves please do not give him ANY homeopathic remedy.

When it stops-post here, we'll advise and you'll decide.

About merc. potencies-200 is ok, but I read that lower than 12x can be toxic!("Encyclopedia of Remedy Relationship in Hom.")
Astra2012 last decade
Hi passkey and Astra,

Scruffi has improved considerably since yesterday. He is now back to the condition I originally posted when starting this thread. This is the condition he has been in for several years except for when he gets stressed like last March, May and then 2 days ago.

In May when he was given Merc he did not improve any further than he is now. Merc seems to work really well to get him functioning but not enough to clear the underlying chronic problem.

I can tell he is back to his old self because he has started to lick the sides of the litter box again.

Here is another point my wife mentioned. For the first 2 years of his life he would have these sneezing attacks every day where he would try to clear his nose. This would happen a couple times per day and the wall next to his bed would be covered in expeled mucous. This was when we lived near the ocean in a humid climate. We then moved about 1000 miles away from the coast to an arrid climate 5 years ago and his sneezing attacks stopped. The mucous now remains internal... His nose is plugged but when it clears it goes backwards to his throat.

Anyway, the psorinum should arrive tomorrow. If you have any other ideas please advise.

Thanks again
scruffi last decade
Psorinum follows well after merc but nit-ac not only follows well but (as thay say in a/m encyclopedia-I had no opportunity to experience it) it can finish cure started by merc! That's what they say anyway.

Unless passkey, or someone else has another ideas I would:

1. at least a week after you gave him 2 x 30c merc give (but one doose only)merc 200c (if improvement stopped)
or 3 x 30c (the idea is to give a higher potency than before-also, if a remedy did ANY good you always repeat it before changing to another remedy)

2.watch at least a week- and if there is no improvement (only!)-which means merc really did what it could- i'd give him nit-ac 30c, twice in 2-4 hrs.

Watch and wait-seems to ve best prescription.
let's see what others think.
Astra2012 last decade
Its just a personal prejudice of mine , but many years ago I was advised to avoid the 200 as it often gives aggro - but it is of course effective.
The only thing that seems to show up as fitting in before using Psorinum is Carbo Veg , but the choice is obviously yours . It is better for scruffi if the catarrh does not drop onto the chest . Licking the box side seems a good sign.
passkey last decade
I have never had (or heard before) anything wrong about 200 potency. Some health stores here in the usa carry 30 and 200 as most popular potencies!

passkey said:
The only thing that seems to show up as fitting in before using Psorinum is Carbo Veg

Where(I mean: which book)? According to "Encyclopedia of rem. rel. in hom." there are many more remedies than carbo.veg. (which follows merc. well BUT in gastric problems).

I'm always willing to learn more.
Astra2012 last decade
btw "at least a week" after merc 200 should rather be "a month" - but I didn't want to discourage you completely.
Astra2012 last decade

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