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3 Month Old Baby Boy - Colic + Acid Reflux + Sleeplessness + Gas + Bad Wind 2


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colic & reflux 3 month old baby boy

Hi, my baby is suffering from colics and reflux but I'd like to stay away from the traditional medicine.
- liquid comes up 4 times in ten minutes (we've done an ultrasound) but he doesn't vomit every time (but you can tell that it's coming back up...). After breastfeeding I try to keep him up right for about 20-30 minutes.
-he vomits a few times during the day, not necessarily after breastfeeding
-he gets various (about 4-8 times) pain cramps during the day and at night. They last from 5 to 30 minutes.
-He then often gets angry,turns red and really screams.
-Sometimes it gets better when wind passes, sometimes it makes him even angrier.
-He sweats when he cries.
-Lying downn makes it worse. -There's no specific time when it happens. Often about 20 minutes after feeding but even in other moments.
-Sometimes he stretches his legs, other times he arches backwards.
-During the attacks he scratches eyes and nose as if they were itchy...he seems nervous
-difficult stool, he pushes and pushes for hours...but the stool then is still liquidish
-his head turns left,right,left, right for hours at night and he pushes but nothing is coming out...maybe a bit of air.He whinges but doesn't cry.Only after hours or when he gets picked up.Often he does this tossing and turning even in his sleep.
AND: He never falls asleep on his own (since he was born).He needs the breast or otherwise, even in my arms, he cries himself to sleep... During the day he hardly sleeps...or he quickly wakes up again...at night he hardly sleeps more than 2 or 3 hours in a row...because of the problem mentioned above as well I assume... I know it has nothing to do with the colics but it's still a 'problem'...
I hope I have mentioned everything...
Please...can you help him to be better?
Thank you so much in advance
Many greetings from Rome

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  Bellinamia on 2008-11-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I forgot: Probably due to his reflux he's got bad hiccups that just won't go away and sometimes go on for hours...and again after a while he gets really upset abour that especially if milk comes up as well...
Bellinamia last decade
Your baby is just lovely.

Please you can try giving him a single dose of Chamomilla 30C.

- A dose is 2 pellets completely dissolved in 1 teaspoon(5ml) of water.

Give only 1 dose and then wait and watch to evaluate the effect of the remedy. Because babies are full of vitality if the remedy is well indicated you should see results within a few hours to 1 or 2 days.
raphaeloliveira last decade
Hi,thanks a lot.I've tried that already with Chamomilla D12-do you think it will make a difference?
Bellinamia last decade
How many doses did you give him?

It can make a difference because D12 is from the decimal scale and it's a very low potency compared to 30C (centesimal) which is still suitable and safe for babies.
raphaeloliveira last decade
I've followed your advise but it hasn't made a differenze so far...
Bellinamia last decade
Please look into Mag. Phos-6x (mix 4 tablets in a little warm milk/water) and give him 3/4 times a day and report after 4 days.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Please do not repeat Chamomilla. If it has failed in those potencies, then it's not the right selection.

In addition to all the symptoms you described, does his belly also rumbles and make noises?

If yes, then you can give him a dose of Dioscorea 30C.

Do exactly the same thing, give only one dose and watch for any difference. The indication of this remedy suits colicky babies who arches backwards like your does, they don't like to lie down and prefer to be held upright.
raphaeloliveira last decade
This is not a simple case.There are lots of causes of colic and reflux.The actual cause should be evaluated.Otherwise condition of youe baby will be deteriorated.
Zahid)2 last decade
I forgot to mention that Magnesium Phosphorica will be suitable for your baby if his pain is relieved by any for of warmth or by bending double. If that's not the case, then Dioscorea will be well indicated as I mentioned before.
raphaeloliveira last decade
Sorry for late reply,have been really ill.He was better during the day,but the nights still bad.Most of the time he turns from left to right,right to left etc and pushes...just after a long time he starts crying.Hr gets nervous and scratches eyes and nose and has really angry attacks where he tries to bite his hand and screams out loud.I can calm him down breast feeding.This happens during the day and started 2 days ago.I thought we were over it... Now he cries a lot again and yes, it's worse lying down.And yes,his tummy makes terrible noises. But the arching backwards has more or less gone.
And one day he only wants to sleep (waking up with pain but going back to sleep after) and the next day he can't sleep at all and is whinging all the time.
Might it be a growing phase???
Still dioscorea?
Well, warmth doesm't seem to make such a great difference.
And still difficult stool.He tries and tries but nothing happens.When he's done it he seems to be better - at least right afterwards.
Thanks a lot
Bellinamia last decade
Please give him a dose of Dioscorea 30C and report back in 2 days.

Dissolve 2 pellets in little water as I explained before, and don't feed him for at least half hour before or after the dose.

All this trouble and angriness is because the colic pain has been unbearable for him. You've done the wisest thing one could do by deciding to treat your baby with homeopathy.
raphaeloliveira last decade
Unfortunately my chemist doesn't seem to be capable...it hasn't arrived yet and I have to wait...well,that's Italy...:-(
Bellinamia last decade
So,I've tried that now and it hasn't made any difference... Shall I continue?
Many greetings from Rome
Bellinamia last decade
Wait and watch for 2 days and then give him another dose.

How exactly are you giving to him? Is the remedy in form of pellets or liquid?
raphaeloliveira last decade
They are pellets...and i gave them in a little water. I gave them to him 2 days ago...so 2 days have passed already...or do you mean I still have to wait another 2 days?
Bellinamia last decade
You can give it to him at any moment then. This time give him preferably on a day or the time that he's having the colic or is sleepless. See if the situation changes within a few hours.

After that wait 2 more days and report back.

If after these 2 days you still haven't seen any changes at all, then go to the store and buy a 500ml bottle of spring water. Pour out about 1/3 of the water so you have a small part empty. Put 2 pellets of Dioscorea 30C in it, let it dissolve completely. Hit (succuss) the bottom of the bottle firmly against your thigh or the palm of your other hand 2 times, to produce a controlled shaking. Then give 1 teaspoon from the bottle as a dose. Give a daily dose to him using this method for 3 consecutive days. Remember to ALWAYS hit the bottle 2 times prior to the dose. Report back.
raphaeloliveira last decade
Sorry for my ignorance but what is spring water?I live in Italy and here's nothing with that name obviously. I buy normal fizzy water or still water for babys. I assume none of them is what you mean, right?
And what does this 'hitting the bottle' do and what is it for?
Bellinamia last decade
By spring water I mean bottled water. As long it's not fizzy (carbonated) water, then it's fine. Just regular, plain.

When you hit the bottle producing a shaking of the medicinal solution, this makes the potency of the remedy to slightly change and increase its strength a bit. This is necessary when you need to repeat doses of the same remedy/potency more frequently, so the next dose is always different compared to the previous one. This makes it more effective and also prevent the patient to become resistant to the medicine, which would happen if one takes the same unchanged dose for a certain period of time.
raphaeloliveira last decade
It hasn't done anything so far. The nights are terrible. He drinks a bit, falls asleep and wakes up after 30-60 min. The noise in his tummy is so loud...I can hear and I can feel it. Why is it so bad at night? Just because there's no distraction or because he's lying down? Why did it get so bad 3 weeks ago?He's 4 month old now. Normally the colics should be finished by now, shouldn't they?
Bellinamia last decade
Please suspend the use of Dioscorea, because you should be seeing an improvement by now which hasn't happened. Wait for 2 days with no medication.

I'll explain below regarding choices of remedies so you know what's going on.

I'm considering 5 best possible choices of remedies for your baby colic case and here they are:

- Chamomilla
- Colocynthis
- Dioscorea
- Gambojia
- Podophyllum

First Chamomilla was worth a try, it's a very common remedy for this type of case and your baby had/has its strong characteristics, 2 of them were his angriness and anguish. It then failed to work in 2 potencies so there's no reason to continue it, it's not the right remedy.

From here symptoms became more clear to point to Dioscorea which matched (and it still does) basically almost with all of his symptoms and characteristics. It's a very well indicated remedy for colic along with Colocynthis, but what differs one from another is that Dioscorea feels better by stretching out and moving about, and Colocynthis feels relieved by bending double and aggravates by motion. Colocynthis also doesn't has the rumbling as Dioscorea does, therefore it was ruled out.

Besides the colic, Podophyllum doesn't match in almost anything so it's not been quite considered here.

Gambojia is what I consider to be the best second choice. Symptoms feels better by motion, and it aggravates towards evening or at night. (Dioscorea aggravates in early morning from 2 a.m onwards). Gambojia has the loud rumbling and the stools are evacuated with great force (2 strong characteristics). Diarrhea is yellow and green, can be mixed with mucus. It has the inclination to vomit as well.

Now answering your question, the situation has gotten worse from 3 weeks ago because he's in fact responding to the homeopathic medicines (since chamomilla) though not in a good way towards cure because he has not yet given the right remedy. On the other hand this makes possible to eliminate the choices that it was initially thought to be well indicated, to narrow down and get to the right one.

Please now give him 2 doses of Gambojia 6C on a single day.

Give it dissolving them in little water as before, 1 dose in the morning and the 2nd on early evening. Do not repeat it after that and then report back again.
raphaeloliveira last decade
Same problem...the chemist is not ready... Now I've ordered it in Germany where I go on Sunday for Xmas. So I might have it on Monday...
You wrote Dioscorea aggravates from 2am... Well, it actually does. But just because he's been lying down I guess. Even during the day it happens. He won't sleep longer than 1 hour and then start bending etc. He always calms down when I give him the breast. But I can't do this every time he start...sometimes every 20 minutes...like last night. THe funny thing is that the rumbling in his tummy already starts as soon as the milk has gone down...maybe he sucks too much air...
Anyway, the nights are terrible. Can't wait for Monday to try the Gambojia.
THanks for your help...
Bellinamia last decade
Sigh...I've tried to order it in Germany and they told me it doesn't exist in Germany (???). Do you know if there might be another name for it?
Thanks a lot
Bellinamia last decade
The other names are: Gamboge; Gummi Gutti; Garcenia morella.

If you still can't find it, then you still have the option to buy online. I'd suggest Helios Homeopathy in UK.

raphaeloliveira last decade
I just found out that in Germany the remedy will probably be under the name Garcinia.

You can take a look at this link of a pharmacy in Austria.

Gambogia.html?arzneinr=1033&PHPSESSID=p4npj1ra35fptsr6tdp1ikfcn5" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://www.remedia-homeopathy.com/homeopathy/Gambogia.html?a...
raphaeloliveira last decade
Ok, I'll try...won't be before Monday now...:-(
I'll let you know as soon as I have some news...thanks a lott for your help!
Bellinamia last decade

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