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vulvodynia please help

I am a 36 year old married mother of 1 and was diagnosed 5 years ago with Vulvodynia. I was in bad shape for a little over a year and then the Vulvodynia died down for the last 4 years. It was still there, but it was hardly noticable. Some days were a little bad so I used lidocaine and in a few days it was back to being not noticible. I was able to have intercourse and wear pants daily. Three months ago the awful vulvar burning came ba ck. I do not know why. 5 years ago I also had peeling vulvar skin and that is back as well. I thought it was from the lidocaine so I stopped using it a month ago. The skin quit peeling (thin layer like when you get a sunburn and your skin peels). This morning I was burning sooo bad and I took a look and the skin was peeling again. I have used NO chemicals in the vulvar area. I am so careful when I shower and even wash hair in the sink so shampoo does not run down. I am no longer able to have intercourse or wear pants. Walking makes the burning worse. I feel like my vaginal fluids and my urine are burning my skin like acid. My urine pH is acidic. I have seen your other posts but those women have herpes. All of my blood tests and all of my vaginal cultures show that I have no infection at all of any kind. I have been given so many meds and they are expensive, don't work and make me feel awful and affect my brain so I can not use them. I would prefer a homeopathic as I know it has helped some women who post on Vulvodynia forums. But their remedies are different. Please help. I would appreciate it more than you can imagine. I have nowhere else to turn. Every doctor sends me to another doctor who sends me to another doctor and so on.
  Candece13 on 2008-12-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
P.S I tried the self diagnosis/treatment thing on the site and it really was not helpful for me. It kept referring to the vagina. I have no vaginal pain, only vulvar burning from just below the clitoris to the opening of the vagina. The skin peels from the area south of the clitoris to the urethra opening. No burning or pain up inside of my vagina. Just the vulva so the area cannot be touched. Thank you.
Candece13 last decade
u can consult a l;ocal homeopathic doctor

Dr. Hasnaat
Hasnat last decade
I was hoping someone here could help. I live in a small town and we dont have doctors like that around here. I am lucky there is a chiropractor close :o)
Candece13 last decade

You may try Kreosotum 12c thrice daily for only 3 days and report after 2 weeks.
maheeru last decade
Thank you. I tried the area to find my own remedy, but got different results each time. One time Sepia came up as the first and another time Sulphur so I was very confused. I talked to another girl who was given Berberis vulgaris. So if the one you suggest does not work after 3 days then what?
Thank you.
Candece13 last decade

First you can try this. Positively this should help you. If it does not-- please report with full symptoms profile, and then a suitable remedy shall be suggested.
maheeru last decade
So I only use the Kreosotum 12c thrice daily for only 3 days. Why then do I wait for 2 weeks to report? Does this remedy stay in the body that long? I am new to this so I apologise if this question sounds ignorant. I appreciate your help. Blessings to you in the New Year.
Candece13 last decade

Wish the same to you a wonderful new year ahead. Waiting period is for observation and assessment of the remedy's effect so that further suggestion could be made accordingly.
maheeru last decade
Hi Candece,

I noticed you said your pH was acidic. I have recently found a site called vulvadyniasolution. (I can't post the link, but it is vulvadyniasolution dot com),
which is run by a former vulvadynia suffer, who thinks her vulvadynia was caused by her body being too acidic. She recommends a book by Christopher Vassey and adjusted her diet to bring her body's pH back to slightly alkaline. She is not medically qualifed and the diet is very strict. I would be wary of being on the diet without talking it through with a dietician first, but it might be an angle to explore. However, other people say that elimiating foods which are high in oxylates has resolved their vulvodynia. The problem is you can't do both the low-exylate diet and the low-acidic diet because some foods that are low-acid are high-oxylate.
Lizzi last decade
Hi Candece,

I forgot to say I am not medically qualified either, this is just info I have learned from doing research on the net.
Lizzi last decade
Lizzie thank you. I have been in touch with Laura for a few weeks now. I wanted to try something else as well and I prefer homeopathics over herbs because herbs tend to hurt some of us. Are you trying to the alkaline diet? If so is it working for you? Feel free to email me at chrisandcandi at tampabay dot rr dot com I would love to hear from women going through this and who are being helped by alkalizing. It makes me feel like maybe I am on the right track FINALLY.
Candece13 last decade
Hi All!

I have recently heard of staphysagria for vulvodynia. It is supposed to help relieve some of the burning, itching, swelling, and inflammation that often come with vulvar pain.

It is homeopathic and relatively easy to find. I actually bought mine through Amazon but it can also be found at Vitacost for about $5.

I also use Traumeel to help with the tenderness and inflammation and it seems to be helping. Again, it is quite cheap and easy to find.

Hope this helps!


AlexD last decade
I to suffered with vulvodynia, a specialist dermatologist got me on to Advantan Fatty Ointment used sparingly around the vulvar area only at night, and also Allegron 10mg for pain managment, this worked a treat, and it cleared the vulvodynia, I was in so much pain with out the dermatologist help I dont know what I would have done as none of the other doctors could help. Good Luck, Best wish! Angelique
angelique10 last decade
I know a few women who have had permanent results with switching to a more alkaline diet(no red meat or shellfish, no dairy, no artificial sweeteners), taking blue-green algae supplement and using Kangen/alkalized water on the area....spritzing it. The water isn't that costly.....a bottle should last for several weeks.
Also, avoid foods high in oxalic acid like chives and spinach. Just thought I'd share.
Mag Carb is sometimes a helpful homeopathic solution, although I am not sure if it would work for you.
Daniellie last decade
I would also like to add that the Advantan Fatty Ointment will stop the terrible burning, it will help the skin heal, it will eventually stop the terrible vaginal pain also as the inflammation starts to reduce, this not a homepathic treatment it is an ointment that a dermatologist prescribed me and it actually works, you must try this ointment, I had vulvodynia twice first time for 4 months and nothing worked and no doctors could help me apart from the dermatologist, this ointment is applied sparing only at night, while you sleep there is no movement or as much pressure on the vagina and it heals the skin, please try this ointment and the Allegron, I am sure you will be pleased with the results even after just a week I was feeling so much better.
angelique10 last decade
Hi ladies,
I havent posted here in about a year. I took the advise above and contacted Laura at vulvodyniasolution.com and she helped me sooo much. I also had a D.O. that specialized in gynecology do a vaginal smear and send it to the lab as well as test my urine for everything unusual and I had nothing at all unusual in the vagina, no superbugs, nothing, but my urine showed crystals. She sent me to a nephrologist and it turns out I have high levels of uric acid. The b est thing to do there is drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water everyday and eat a more alkaline diet. So looks like Laura had it right. Some of us are acidic and some of us also have high uric acid levels. I have to adhere to this for my kidneys sake as well. Uirc acid can cause damage to the kidneys over time. I also found out I have frightening low vitamin D levels. I have found I must drink all of that water or I burn. I started burning eaarlier in the week and when my hubby asked if I had drank enough water I thought about it ans said no. I dont get thirsty so I forget to drink. In 2 days I had coffee, coffee, coffee and maybe 3 glasses of water. That wasnt even enough for 1 day and coffee is acidic. We were busy and I just forgot to drink. Within 2 days of returning to my water, I was fine. I agree with the oxalates causing pain, these also exit as crystals in the urine. I was tested for that and had no traces of oxalates, I was also tested for calcium phosphate and was ok there. Just had the uric acid crystals. My gyn said the acid can burn the skin and the crystals come out and then can stick into the tissue. I think everyone shoud get tested for this. I make sure to do my testing in the morning before I have had too much water or else I wont get a good reading since the water dilutes these crystals/ I can use nothing topically on my vulva and I cant even use lotion on my legs as when you go to the bathroom and pull your pants up and down it rubs on your legs and the lotion ends up on your vulvar skin. I am sensitive to alot anymore. After 9 years with VV I do well most of the time and have a normal life again.
Candece13 last decade
Wow, that's great to hear! My partner (a guy) also was having persistent acidosis.
Going more alkaline, taking blue-green algae and kangen water is helping tremendously!
Not getting enough sleep contributes as well believe it or not.
Daniellie last decade
The remedy kreosotum suggested in here on 29-12-2008 can also help in vulvodynia that happens because of excess acidity and less alkalinity. Before trying out expensive stuff, this would be a fair try.... results may be surprising.
maheeru last decade
Hey guys,I'm 19 and I've been reading all your suggestions and everything you have been trying.. I've had vulodynia for about 2 years now. Ive seen a lot of different types of doctors and none of their suggestions have worked. I'm very disparate to find something that works for me as it is making my life and relationship go down hill. I'm currently on allegron which has just been bumped up to 75mg and just using lidocaine gel and ointment but they don't seem to be working... Ahhh please help, what worked best for you??
JenayaKate last decade

Please copy the Questionnaire from the following thread
and post all the questions here duly answered. On that basis your remedy may be worked out.

The answers should be given in a way that we are able to understand you as a person.
kadwa last decade

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