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Hello Dr Sarrup,

By means of continue Shall i wait for 5 more days and then come back to you? as its been 5 days i took sulphur 200..
Buqraat last decade
Dear Dr Sarup,

I have taken Argentum-nitricum-1M and waited for 3 weeks. Didn't find any change to PE, its still there, No change..

please reply

lover.boy last decade
Hi Dr Sarrup,

Its been 10 days now that i took only one dose of Sulphur 200 (Not repeated) as per your instruction.

i have not observed any change after taking the Sulphur 200 single dose yet.

Please advice what to do next...

I m waiting for your reply.


Buqraat last decade
Hi! Michael,

Please take one dose of Stramonium-30 only.Report after 10 days.
sarup last decade
hi! buqrat,

Please take one dose of Lac-caninum-200 and not to be repeated. report after 15 days please.
sarup last decade
Hi Dr Sarup,

One dose means same 3-4 drop in 2-3 table spoon water??
And one more thing just to gain my knowledge, In homeopathic, the time period of taking medicine is that Long always? i mean Only take 2-3 drops and then wait for 15 days?? if i take doses with this long time period that i m afraid my marriage will come in 3 months and at the end of the day i will have only few drops.. cant i be given daily dose so that i could cure with in the time frame of my wedding? or at least could feel betterment in my PE..

please dont take me wrong i was just asking about that..

thanks for your support
Buqraat last decade
Hi! Buqrat,

Yes only one dose please. Your anxiety, curiocity and impatience to fix the problem is understandable and this mental state is already accounted for in this remedy. take care.
sarup last decade
Hi Dr Sarup,

thanks for understanding my state. i hope that the remedy start working soon.. i will take one dose of Lac-caninum-200 and report you after 15 days for further instruction.
thanks for your kind cooperation.

Buqraat last decade
Hello Dr Sarup,

I have taken Stramonium-30 and waited for 10 days.. Still No change.

Sir please reply

lover.boy last decade
Dear Dr Sarup,

I have been waiting for your reply, i have taken these medicines from the beginning:

1. Argentum-nitricum-200
2. Argentum-nitricum-1M
3. Stramonium-30

Still there is No change in my PE, what do i take next.. sir please do reply.

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lover.boy last decade
Please go in for one dose of zinc met 200 only once.
sarup last decade
Sir Dr Sarup,

I have taken zinc met 200 last week... waiting for any change.

one more thing is think i should inform you though, i had noticed few grey hair last month, now almost 30% of my head became greyish hair, why all these are happening, I'm 25 only, what happened to my hair..!!

Is this problem related to my PE?

Please reply what should i do?

lover.boy last decade
Sir Dr Sarup,

I have taken zinc met 200 two weeks back... No change yet !!

Please reply

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lover.boy last decade

Pl. speak about your latest condition.
sarup last decade
Dear Sir,

Thank You for your reply, sir it has been long since i took the medicine u prescribed, Medicines i took:

1. a single dose of Argentum-nitricum-200
2. Argentum-nitricum-1M
3. Stramonium-30 only
4. zinc met 200

But nothing happened yet, still i have the same PE problem, comes out within few seconds i get in.

Please do reply.

lover.boy last decade
Dear Michale,

I dont think that in this whole planet earth One man has ever cured from the PE problem.. as far as i studied and research.. there is no remedy of this disorder or if any then it is hidden so far..Tell me one person on this over all PE forum who has been recovered yet (Talking abt PE only).. name one only..in each PE blog of this SITE u click there is always an incomplete correspondence bw the Dr and the Patient after looong treatment and at the end of the day patient comes up with the same answer as you appeared with Thumb down sign.. :) I would highly suggest stop being a subject for any experiment and start using Delay Condoms and numbing creams as Porn star use.. there is no cure for PE for sure neither in Aelo nor in Homeo .. Trust me!!!
M sorry for my bold remarks if i hurt anyone. but this is the truth and one has to admit it..

Buqraat last decade
Dear Michale,

Here you are some tips and techniques which can help u out to stay away from PE ..

Here is a honest working guideline to increase your lasting time in bed naturally and permanently:

1. Be sure you are not suffering any diseases. If you are suffering any disease, consult with doctor and cure yourself. And also be sure you are totally free from any sorts of stomach and liver diseases like dysentery, IBS, jaundice etc.

2. Stress and anxiety are the main enemy of lasting longer in bed. So be sure you are free from all sorts of stress and anxiety. Live a relaxed, happy, healthy life. Laugh everyday as much as you can. Laughing will make you relaxed and happy. And don't suffer sexual performance anxiety in bedroom. Just be calm while making love, don't feel nervous.

3. Eat proper nutritional diet regularly in time.

4. Start practicing yoga. It will keep your whole body healthy, will help to circulate blood properly and will make you calm which is needed to last longer. And it is the pre-requisition of performing later steps of this guideline.

5. Start practicing Pranayam and Qigong breathing technique everyday.

6. Practice relaxation meditation regularly. While meditating give positive autosuggestion yourself like, 'I can last longer in bed. I can make love for long time.' etc based on your needs and situation. Autosuggestion must have to be positive. If you don't know nothing about it, search google to know more about it.

7. Past negative conditioning or experience may cause Premature Ejaculation. A guy in his boyhood had been masturbating in his room but he was always afraid about if he get caught by his parents. So he was rushing in mind to ejaculate early while masturbating so he doesn't get caught by his parents. And this negative association caused him premature ejaculation. If you have any negative sexual experience or association/conditioning try clearing/releasing meditation/hypnosis technique to clear them from your subconscious. Search google to learn how to perform clearing or releasing meditation or hypnosis.

8. After continuing these for about 3-4 months, start doing cardio and some little heavy workouts for body building.

9. About 6 months later start full heavy workouts for body building. Slowly increase your workouts level. If you are thin or underweight, gain some weights.

10. Start practicing PC muscle exercising, and other techniques etc from now to increase your lasting time. There have a good ebook about this PC muscle exercise. There have some sorts of exercises, techniques and routines to increase the lasting time naturally and permanently. go search for PC muscle exercises on google

11. Don't masturbate. Instead of masturbating, make love calmly with a real woman.

12. Do not take any drugs which can harm your body. Do not be addicted. Love yourself.

13. Do not penetrate without full erection.

14. Woman on top position will delay your ejaculation.

15. Make love with your partner at morning after awakening from sleep than at night before sleeping. After sleep sex at morning will help you to last longer.

16. Be calm and confident while making love. Take deep breath while penetrating.

Buqraat last decade
Sir Dr Sarup,

I have been waiting for your reply, sir please do reply

lover.boy last decade
i take 2 remedies for 4 days i feeling well now. Doctor advise me to take 5 days a week.
1. agnus cast q 10 drops morning and evening 30 min after or before meal.
2. Avena Sat Q 10 drops noon and night 30 mins before or after meal.
Dont use anything in 30 mins when u take a dose.
both remedies are made from seeds(oats) and flowers.
Hope you get result in a week.
sher564 9 years ago
Dear Sher564

Could u please elaborate what kind of problem you had for which you are feeling Well now? i mean what was the time duration before using medicine and what is the Penetration time now after using these medicines?

please clarify so that it can help to others as well.

Thanks for your cooperation
Buqraat 9 years ago
Dear Forum members nd PE sufferers,
I do agree with Buqraat's comments regarding p.m. yes,No body can tell that he cured from p.e.through medicine.I have read all most all post nd replies for p.eja. in this forum but I did not get any complete correspondence from which we can conclude any result.I observed patient's dis-satisfaction as well as doctors failure.finally doctors/advisers are remaining silent.my experience tells - it is due to long masturbation(10-15yrs)and mind set for quick ejaculation.Reality is that the time of real intercourse the previous mind set goes with which result quick ejaculation.To change the mind reverse process should be adapted which will takes long time.this can be done only by a sex therapist or psychotherapist.medicine can improve only semen condition,libido and erection matter but it is not permanent.Holly mind, peaceful life,exercise,good food and practice of negative mind can eliminate the PE gradually. if any one cured from PE by any means please mention his experience here so that we sufferers can be benefited.


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shakhawat 9 years ago
Dear All,
I can claim and assure you that PE is curable. It is curable and it is once again curable.

But cure may not be as easy as going to a Macdonads outlet where everything is ready before hand.

Dr. Ram Saini ( swarup) who has been replying to almost all on this formum and thread cured my PE right in 7months and yes we had to experiment a lot and show a lot of patience.

Now for some one 7month may be too long and for someone like me too short.

SO have patience and trust in your Doctor and if the Doctor is Dr. Ram Saini then have ABSOLUTE TRUST.
iamcure1 9 years ago
please give me contact details of Dr.Ram Saini = thanks
peepintom 9 years ago
The cure is simple please read carefully u must practice this technique to get it right. Premature ejaculation can damage relationships and damage confident its a worse thing to happen to men .I suffered badly from it now i m recovering. This website is great its helping lots people. Thank you Please help other people who suffer from it.
1 there is point when u feel ur going to ejaculate at that point u must squeeze the lower part of the penis imagine penis like a pipe u find the deep lower part of the pipe fingers wrap around the pipe squeeze hard . u must do this just before ejaculation happen
2 at the same time ur other hand fingers squeezing the top part of the penis
3 u must continue breath in and breath out
4 u have to apply this technique very quickly just before ejaculation happen
when u do this the sperm can not come out when sperm dont come out for 3 months u will start to recover
5 u have to practice many time to get this technique right
When ur about ejaculate testicals will come very near to the lower part of the penis u must gently push them down with one of ur finger while squeezing
Cut ur fingers nails so they wont cut ur skin while squeezing
u can also practice this technique when ur not having erection imagine penis is like a pipe try find the very lower part of the pipe squeeze fingers around the lower part of the penis then squeeze the top of the penis with other hand fingers around top part of the penis breath in and out continually
u will recover but it can take some time be patient
when u start to recover plz let me know thanks
[message edited by vishnu5 on Mon, 26 Nov 2012 00:46:24 GMT]
vishnu5 9 years ago
dear iamcure
Please help us giving contact details of dr.ram sani.
shakhawat 9 years ago
please take Avena sativa-Q, 20drops twice daly for 7 days
sudip1111 8 years ago

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