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Foot Pain

About 4 yearas ago my podiatrist told me that i was suffereing from Plantar's Facitis. It started in one foot and went to both the feet. I have tried everyhing from orthotics to massage, physical therapy, stretch excercises and even cortisone shots in both the heels. Shots helped for a few months (during this time I continued with my strech excercises and wore orthotetics) but the pain came back. It came in left foot. No pain except discomfort every now and then in the right foot. The pain in my left foot is all around the heel and the ankle. The pain sometimes goes into my calf. The foot hurts after resting. The first step in the morning is the worst - I can not put wait on my left ankle and ofcourse the heels hurt. I am much distrubed by this condition. Help please!

  footpain on 2009-03-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Take Rhus Tox 30 daily one dose in the morning and another in the evening.
Take two doses daily as above for one week and then report here.
Follow homeopathic restrictions like no coffee, no raw garlic, no raw onion, no strong perfumes during the treatment period. Don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
Thank you Kadwa. I will certainly try this medicine. this might be a dumb question, but what is one dose?
footpain last decade
Another question Kadwa - during this treatment should I continue with my foot and calf streches, stationery bike excercises(I do it for 20 minutes)and vitamin supplements? Thanks.
footpain last decade
If medicine is in liquid form
add 2-3 drops of medicine in about 30 ml water.
sip the water slowly.

If medicine is in the form of pellets
Take 3-4 pallets and put it under your tongue until the pellets dissolve.
Don't swallow pallets.
Don't touch pellets by hand. Use cap of the medicine container for taking medicine.

Continue with your vitamin supplements and stretch exercises.

Start taking rhus tox as early as possible.

Also let me know whether you can get bio-chemic combination bc-19.
Its composition is
calcarea phosphorica 3x
Ferrum Phos 3x
Kali sulph 3x
mag phos 3x
natrum sulph 3x
in equal proportion.

It is produced by all homeo medicine manufacurers like schwabe, reckeweg etc. and it is generally available at all homeo stores.
kadwa last decade
I will try to get this combination.
I have similar combination by SBL - the combination is:

Calcarea Phosphorica 6X
Ferrum Phosphoricum 6X
Kalium Phosphoricum 6X
Magnesia Phosphorica 6X
Natrum Phosphoricum 6X
in equal proportion
Manufacture date 2/2008

Since I have quite a few bottles of the above combination can I take this instead? What should be the dose, how many times a day etc.

I am extremely active person and this condition in hindering me in my daily activities! Thank you so much for helping me.
footpain last decade
What you have is five phos tonic. You may take 4 tablets thrice a day with atleast 4 hr gap.
Your main medicine is rhus tox.
Both rhus tox and five phos tonic can be taken simultaneously (i.e. on the same day)but there should be a gap of 1 hr between the dose of rhus tox and five phos tonic. Follow the schedule for rhus tox given earlier. Also observe the restrictions given earlier.
kadwa last decade
Sounds good. I will begin my treatment. I will keep you updated...
footpain last decade
Hello Kadwa,

Hello Kadwa, I have been taking Rus Tox, and Five Phos Tonic as directed. I still have pretty miserable pain! My foot doctor is suggesting foot and ankle MRI to see if there is anything else going on. I am tired of wearing orthotics (custom made for my feet); they are very hard. So I bought gel type from the drug store. What should i do next? Waiting for your reply eagerly. noticing it.
footpain last decade

please read the following that you have reported in your first post
'The foot hurts after resting. The first step in the morning is the worst - I can not put weight on my left ankle and ofcourse the heels hurt.'

Tell me whether there is any relief may be 5% or even 1% in your condition.
kadwa last decade
Well, come to think of it, may be a touch better! My ankle hurts but I can walk, and put weight on my ankle in the morning a bit more though I have to hang on to the furniture etc. I also ice the ankle in the morning at the end of the day to take away the pain; It helps. During the day after sitting (I do computer work; but I make it a point to walk often) when I walk my heals hurt more than my ankle. So to answer your questions the releif is there may be 1%!
footpain last decade
Okay. Don't take rhus tox 30 now. Continue with the five phos tonic as told earlier.

Get bach flower remedy hornbeam in dilution form. Get non-medicated sugar pills also called as globules. Get some empty bottles meant for storing medicated globlues. These you can get from a homeo shop. Fill an empty bottle with un-medicated globules. Add some 5-10 drops of hornbeam dilution into the bottle. Shut the bottle and shake rigorously. Take 4-5 pills every two hourly from this bottle. You should take this regularly for a month.

Get rhus tox 200c
Take three doses of rhus tox 200 c on a single day with a gap of 4 hours. No more doses thereafter. Don't take five phos tonic or flower remedy on the day you take rhus tox 200. Start taking five phos tonic and flower remedy from the next day. You may continue with five phos tonic if there is some delay in procuring rhus tox 200 and hornbeam.
Report after 7 days from taking rhus tox 200.
kadwa last decade
Ok. One question -
5 to 10 drops of Hornbeam Dilution for approximately how many globules? I do not want to put too less or too many.

Just for my own knowledge, what is Hornbeam medicine used for; what medical conditions?

Thanks Doc! Have a great Easter.
footpain last decade
picture of bottle. Put five drops after filling a bottle of this size with globules. Don't touch globules with hand. It is one dram bottle.

Flower remedies are flower essence that act on the mind. These remedies do not have any adverse side-effects.

is used against feelings of exhaustion and tiredness that come before an effort has been made. The person in this state feels that he or she is too tired to cope with the demands of the day. It's easier to stay in bed or put off making a start - but if an effort can be made to get started the weariness will fade, a sign that unlike the Olive state this is a mental rather than a physical weariness.

You may read about flower remedies in the following posts.



(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

kadwa last decade
This flower remedy contains 27% alcohal as inactive ingredient. I am a strict vegetarian! I do not eat meat, eggs, fish, shellfish, lard or gelitin etc. Please suggest what else can I take?

Does Homeopathic medicines have alcohal too?
footpain last decade
Here is a 100% vegeterian and non-alcoholic option for you. It will be equally effective rather more effective than the homeopathic medication.

Get an ayurvedic herbal preparation
Yogiraj Guggulu or
Mahayogiraj Guggulu
Take 2 tablets each in the morning and evening after meals preferably with milk for 1-2 months

Try to do the following breathing exercise 30 mintues everyday in morning.
Please read the posts on the Anulom Vilom Pranayam and Kapalbhati Pranayam by following the links given below.

Do anulom vilom pranayam whenever you get free time slot of around five minutes sitting in the chair.

Eat plenty of green leafy vegetable specially spinach. Strictly say no to patato and cauliflower. Don't take heavy meals at night. Use whole wheat flour. Don't eat food articles made from maida.

Homeopathic dilutions are also alcohol based. Many remedies in homeopathy are made from non-veg sources like spider poison, crushed ants etc.

Ayurvedic preparations like arishta and asava contain alcohol. Don't take such preparations.

The remedy that you had ie rhus tox is made from a herb.

Please feel free to seek any clarifications.
kadwa last decade
So, I should not take Rhus Tox 200, or Five Phos as suggested earlier and start with the Auyervedic medicine and the Pranayam exercises, right?

It may take me time to get the Auyrvedic medicine; I do not live in India. Untill I get the new medicine should I continue with Rhus Tox 30c and Five Phos?

May I ask, if you are a Homeopath doctor or an Aurvedic Vaid?
footpain last decade
This flower remedy contains 27% alcohol as inactive ingredient.
Does Homeopathic medicines have alcohol too?

See all homeo remedy pills are medicated with dilutions. Dilutions are alcohol based.

It may take me time to get the Ayurvedic medicine; I do not live in India. Until I get the new medicine should I continue with Rhus Tox 30c and Five Phos?

As all homeo medicines contain alcohol i don't think that you can take rhus tox or five phos tonic looking at your solemn pledge to total non-alcoholism. Dispose off the medicines asap.

If you have any guilt feeling for breaking your pledge unknowingly you should consult your family members and take corrective action. The corrective action may be like giving donation to a gaushala or observing fast for a day or half-day.

Supressed guilt feelings are very dangerous. Homeopathy is strictly against supression of any physical or mental disease. There are many remedies in homeopathy for supressed guilt feelings. But your guilt feeling is coming from taking the homeopathic remedy itself. Now this is like running an infinite loop and making the system hang as you have in your computer programming. So i hope that you will take a corrective step and will not allow the system to hang.

Send me the following details so that i can give you a complete plan of ayurvedic medication.
1. age
2. gender
3. marital status
4. how is your bowel movement ie whether constipated, loose, normal.
5. whether you suffer from any abdominal problems like abdominal pain, bloating, acidity etc.
6. report all your problems, if any, related to reproductive system, urinary system, cardio-vascular system etc.
7. Do you suffer from any peculiar sensations in your body like hot flashes, tingling sensation etc. If yes, in which parts and how often.
8. Any other fact that you would like to bring to my notice.

Start doing pranayam immediately and regularly.
kadwa last decade
Age-52; female; widowed, no child; live, and take care of aging mother and ailing older sister; work full time; attend to natures call every morning but never have a feeling of clean intestines; about 15 years ago I was treated for gastriatis, acidity etc. fine now, but bloating of stomoch; no other cardio vascular conditions; BP, CBC, minerals, glucose, THS and urine, gyne are normal; menopaused, and experiencing extreme dryness; no hotflashes etc. I have bad sinus, specially left side; eyes remain very dry, i use artifical tears;

I found Tryodashing Gugglu at home. Waiting for your reply.
footpain last decade
Trayodashang Guggulu is not very well indicated here. But it will not have any adverse side effects if taken. You may try.
Please take only one tablet in the morning and evening with milk ie 2 tablets per day.

Swami Ramdev recommends the following combination of medicines for the kind of problem that you have.

I (Powders)
1.Divya Suwarna-Makshik Bhasma 5gm
2.Divya Maha Vata Vidhvamsana Rasa 10gm
3.Divya Praval Pishti 10gm
4.Divya Brihat Vata Chintamani Rasa 1gm
(if pain is more you may take 3 gm Brihat Vata Chintamani Rasa, atleast for the first month)

Mix all these medicines divide into 60 parts. So your 30 days medince is ready. Take each part an hour before breakfast and dinner with honey or hot water.

II (Tablets)
1.Divya Yog Raj Guggulu 20 gm
2.Divya Chandraprabha Vati 40 gm
3.Divya Punarnavadi Mandura 20 gm

1-1 Tab., To be taken after breakfast & dinner with hot water / milk.

The above medicines are only available at the retail outlets of Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy. No body else sells the powders. So you don't have option to buy powders from other sources. From select locations these medicines can also be ordered from their website www.divyayoga.com.

A cd on yogasan and pranayam is also available at retail outlets of Divya Pharmacy.

There is another website where few medicines given above and cds are available. They ship the products worldwide but it seems that they charge more.

Ghrita Kumari Swaras or Aloe Vera juice is always advised by Swami Ramdev.
You may come to know about the medicinal properties of aloe vera Juice by reading the following article.

Dosage of Aloe vera Juice :

Kumari Saar should be taken twice daily. 1 tbsp in the morning and evening, with equal water.


The nutritious ingredients of Aloe-Vera can be divided into the following groups.


It is rich in most vitamins like Vitamin D, A (The antioxidant beta-carotene), C and E and even traces of B12, one of the very few plant sources of this vitamin.


Several of these biochemical catalysts aid digestion by breaking down fat and sugars when taken orally. Kumari Saar (The Aloe Vera juice) contains Lipases and proteases which break down foods and aid digestion. It also contains bradykinase, which helps to reduce excessive inflammation and pain when applied to the skin.

Even though minerals and trace elements are only needed in very small quantities, they are essential for the proper functioning of various enzyme systems in different metabolic pathways. Our preparation Kumari Saar is rich in these minerals.

Salicylic Acid

It is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, blood thinning properties.


Known as mucopolysaccharides, they enhance the immune system and help to detoxify. In topical preparations, the sugars are also the main moisturisers. These polysaccharides also regularize the glucose metabolism, thus are very helpful in maintaining blood sugar levels in diabetes patients.


There are twelve of these Phenolic compounds which are found exclusive in the plant sap. In small quantities, they aid absorption from the gastro-intestinal tract and have anti-microbial and pain killing effects. The important ones are the pain killers Aloin and Emodin. They also are anti-bacterial and anti-viral.


It gives Aloe Vera a singular penetrative effect so the other ingredients are absorbed through the skin.


They have cleansing, and antiseptic properties, acting powerfully against bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts.

Fatty Acids

Cholesterol, Campesterol, ß.Sisosterol and Jupeol. These four plant steroids found in Aloe Vera are important anti-inflammatory agents.

Amino acids

The body needs 22 amino acids – Kumari Saar provides 20 of these. More importantly, it provides 7 out of the 8 essential amino acids which the body itself cannot synthesize.


Acute and Chronic Constipation
Hyper acidity, Ulcers
Skin problems like Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Hyper pigmentation.
Liver dysfunction
Diabetes and it's complications
Gout, Osteo-arthritis, other inflammatory joint conditions.
Premature falling and graying of hair.
Fatigue, loss of energy.
Blurred vision due to age.
Wounds and Chronic ulcers/sores.

Please practise pranayam regularly. Also ask your family members to do pranayam. It can also be done lying in bed.

So your main medicines are -
yogiraj guggulu
chandraprabha vati
aloe vera juice

please follow the tips given below-
1. always drink water sitting in a chair and not in a standing position. drink plenty of water. Always sip water slowly.
2. don't take water immediately after meals. Take after a gap of atleast one hour.
3. take aloe vera juice only with hot water(warm water, mouth should not burn).
4. it is good for elder people to abstain from drinking chilled water
5. eliminate sour artilces like pickles from your diet. Sour articles cause aggravation of pain.
6. Go to my profile by clicking kadwa. Go to posts started by this user. Click the post Yogic Cure for Diabetes. There at the end i have talked about a dalia. If you could include that dalia as a part of your diet, it will be of great help.

i am also a strict vegetarian and non-alcoholic but i take homeo medicines whenever required. Let me know if you would also like to practise my style of vegetarianinsm and non-alcoholism. If you decide to go for homeo medicines we can take that path.

May i know your weight and height.
kadwa last decade
thanks. i am 5'2, 140lbs,
footpain last decade
Thanks. I am 5'3, 140lbs.

What is the difference between Divya Yogiraj Guggul and Divya Tyrodashng Guggul?

What is Punamavadi Mandura? What is this medicine for? Is this made from the powders (you wrote)?

Is Aloe Vera juice taken on empty stomoch? How is this different from Acai juice?

So if I understand correctly-1 tablet of Guggul morning and evening with hot water or milk after meals
1 tablet of Chandraprahavati with milk or hot water afer meals (1 hour gap from Guggul)
1 teaspoon Aloe Juice with warm water; equal parts of juice and water.
Anulom-Vilom; Kapalbhati Pranayam.

I would like to know home remedy for this condition. Someone suggested me to take Haldi (turmeric) in warm milk.

I love yogurt! Can I continue to have it?
footpain last decade
What is the difference between Divya Yogiraj Guggul and Divya Tyrodashng Guggul?

Yogiraj Guggulu is the remedy for joint pain, muscular pain, the problems with fasciae, tendons etc.
Trayodashang Guggulu is a remedy of unquestionable influence in neurological problems like paralysis, parkinsonism etc. In such problems in addition to toning up the nervous system it also tones up the muscular system. Therefore i suggested you to go ahead with Trayodashang Guggulu.

What is Punarnavadi Mandura? What is this medicine for? Is this made from the powders (you wrote)?

As punarnavadi mandur is one of the ace remedies of inflammation in ayurveda, it might have been included in Swami Ramdev's package that i mentioned you. i have given a detailed description below. It is not made from the powders i wrote. What i mean to say is that is best if you could take all medicines as per the package. But if it is anyhow not possible to get all the medicines, you should get atleast yogiraj guggulu, chandraprabha vati and aloe vera juice.

Divya Punarnavadi Mandur for Kidney Problems and Anemia

Main Ingredients:
Punarnava, Baybiding, Katuki & Mandur Bhasma.
Therapeutic Uses:

The root of this plant is a powerful Rasayana (longevity enhancer). It is good for the kidneys, especially the nephron cells which are damaged by long-term hyperglycemia (diabetes). And it pacifies two of the main laws of physiology (Vata and Kapha).
Punarnava enhances the quality of 6 of the 7 categories of bodily tissues, including nutrient plasma (Rasa Dhatu), blood (Rakta Dhatu), muscle (Mamsa Dhatu), fat (Meda Dhatu), bone marrow and nerves (Majja Dhatu), and reproductive fluids (Shukra Dhatu).
Punarnavadi will assist in detoxifying the overburdened kidneys and in eliminating excess fluid. Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa) is a well-established kidney tonic.
It is useful in anaemia, inflammation, acute abdominal pains, pilesand abdominal tumors.
Mode of Administration:
To be taken with hot water/milk.

I would like to know home remedy for this condition. Someone suggested me to take Haldi (turmeric) in warm milk.
Swami Ramdev suggests the following home remedy for vata diseases (neurological problems)-
haldi 100 gm
methi dana 100 gm
sounth (dried ginger) 100 gm
ashwagandha choorna 50 gm
Mix all the above. Take 1 tsp each after meals in morning and evening with warm water. In my opinion if this combination helps you then trayodashang guggulu should also help.

The second home remedy that he suggests is to take 2-3 petals of garlic on empty stomach with water. Here i doubt that you will take garlic as it is considered as a tamasik ahar.

Swamiji also suggests as much use as possible of bottle gourd ie lauki in the diet. It can be taken in the form of juice, soup or vegetable. But those who suffer from joint pain are advised to take lauki juice after heating. Amla juice may also be taken with aloe vera juice. As a note of caution let me tell you that your sinus problem may worsen if you take amala juice with cold water and it may ease out if you take amla juice with hot water. Therefore ayurvedic remedies are always prescribed alongwith the anupaan (ie the vehicle in which the remedy will enter the body). If you take tulsi ark 5-10 ml in the morning and evening you may not have any sinus problem.

The other home remedies suggested by him are based on indian herbs
nirgundi ke patte
motha ghas ki jad
which wont be available to you.

I love yogurt! Can I continue to have it?
i did'nt understand what do you mean by yogurt.
If it means shrikhand - it is better to avoid
It it is dahi - no. Don't have it.
It is is butter milk (Takra) - Yes. Have it.
See dahi is considered as heavy to digest substance. When it is diluted with water and strirred rigorously you get Takra which aids digestion. This is the basic principle of homeoapathy that the medicinal properties of a substance change after dilution and dynamization. Thatswhy substance like spider poison which is highly poisonous in itself acts as a medicine and removes poisonous effects from the body when administered in highly diluted and dynamized form. So the homeopathic principles were also put to use by our ancestors.

How is Aloe Vera different from Acai juice?
Aloe Vera is a cactus like plant found throughout the world. Acai berry trees are found in south america. Acai juice is made from acai berries and it is altogether different from aloe vera juice.

Your daily schedule

Get up early in the morning
Clean mouth with water. You should brush afterwards.
Take about 30 ml aloe vera juice mixed with 30 ml warm water.
Drink two glass of water (preferably warm) sitting in a chair. This time you drink fast instead of sipping slowly. But not at any other time.
Attend natures call
Do Kapalbhati Pranayam 15 minutes
Anuolom Vilom Pranayam 15 minutes
Take 1 pudiya containing the powders
Take morning meals after 30-60 minutes after taking pudiya
Take one tablet each of punarnavadi mandur, yogiraj guggulu and chandraprabha vati with hot water/milk after one hour from taking meals. All tablets at the same time.
Drink one glass water slowly sitting in a chair at the end of each hour. But not atleast 30 minutes before lunch.
Take lunch after 5 hours from taking meals.
Take 1 pudiya containing the powders 30-60 minutes before taking dinner
Drink one glass water slowly sitting in a chair at the end of each hour. But not atleast 30 minutes before dinner.
Take dinner after 5-7 hours from taking lunch.
If possible do pranayam before dinner
Take one tablet each of punarnavadi mandur, yogiraj guggulu and chandraprabha vati with hot water/milk after one hour from taking dinner.
Take about 30 ml aloe vera juice mixed with 30 ml warm water before going to bed.
Only anulom vilom pranayam can be done lying in bed if you suffer from insomnia on any day. Kapalbhati should not be done in that position.
kadwa last decade
Yogurt is Dahi.

This is in depth information. I am leaning towards Homeopathic treatment. Is there any comparable Homeopathic medicine for the Hornbeam?
footpain last decade
Bach flower remedies and tissue salt remedies are nothing but homeopathic remedies with some difference.
Homeopathic remedies arouse the vital force and restores the individual to health. The problem with selection of homeopathic remedies is that there are hundreds of remedies available and narrowing down on a few remedies also becomes sometimes very difficult. Then you have problems with the selection of potency. There can be a problem of symptom aggravation like if an incorrect remedy is administered in higher potency it could create symptoms of that remedy in the patient and aggravate his sufferings. To tide over these problems Dr. Schuessler came forward with the tissue salt remedies. These remedies do not cause any aggravation of symptoms and they provide nutritional support to body tissues. The five phos tonic that you have is a tissue-salt remedy only.
Similarly Dr. Edward Bach came forward with flower essence dilutions. These dilutions have profound effect on the mental states. Flower essences change the mental state without any adverse ill effetcs. Bach Flower Therapy is a part of homeopathy. You can see that flower remedies and tissue salts are available at homeo shops. All homeo dilutions contain alcohol. You may also buy globules of hornbeam remedies if you wish.
The other point is that it is better to take one homeopathic remedy at a time. But you can take tissue salt and a bach flower remedy and they will not interfere with the action of the homeopathic remedy.
Therefore if you want to resume homeopathic medication you should resume from where you left it ie
rhus tox 200 3 doses on a single day
from the next day
hornbeam thrice a day
five phos tonic thrice a day
But you should also stick to the schedule given to you and do the pranayam regularly.
kadwa last decade
Point well taken. Let me begin with Ayurvedic medicines. I will find out about the powders, in the mean time I will start with T. Guggulu, Chandraprabhavati, Aloe juice, Pranayama.

Is there any auspicious day to begin the treatment?
footpain last decade

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