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Attn: Dr. Sameer Re: PLEASE HELP!!!! 3 months old with a severe body rash

dear Dr. Sameer, I am seeking your expertise as well as many others on this site. Please respond at your earliest convenience!
My 3 months old daughter has not been well. She developed a severe skin rash all over her body and face. Now 10 days later the rash has gone down leaving dry scaly patches all over. diaper area is still red with some bumps. I gave her 2 (pellets) doses of 6C Lyc. Did I give too much of the remedy? Can the dryness be a reaction to the remedy?
She is still very congested( it cleared at first, but now back) but have no discharge. occasional sneezing turned into coughing. worse at night. normally very calm and happy baby. started having stomach aches. vomiting after some feedings. keeps rubbing her right eye. her pediatrician mentioned that she also has a mild ear infection (left ear) which he prescribed camomilla for, saying that i have to 'cut the pill in half and give the half 3 times a day for 10 days' ??????
I dont know much about homeopathy, but i DO know that you are NOT supposed to touch the remedy leave alone cut with the metal knife. Now I seriously doubt his professionalism and cannot trust him with the health of my kids.
Dr. Sameer, please, help. It is really hard to see a tiny little baby suffer. I would like to find out the root of the problem. Does it look like allergies? the same pediatrician commented on her skin rash being due to the virus.at a follow up visit a week later, he suggested an allergic reaction to the soap I have been using on her since the birth. (???)
she is breastfed exclusively and my diet has been the same.
I'd really appreciate your input and advice as I value your knowledge and admire you for all the help you offered to so many on this site ( I followed some of your threads). THANK YOU!!!!
p.s. i posted before
but had no responses, so had to add your name in the title.
  kassyuta on 2009-04-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
How many doses of Lyc 6c were given ?
sameervermani last decade
i gave 2 pellets of Lyc 6c two times
kassyuta last decade
List all her current symptoms in the form of a list..
sameervermani last decade
-dry scaly skin on her stomach,chest and back; looks like the rash she had 'dried out';
-red rash (bumps) on lower abdomen, diaper area, lower back,back of her neck and left cheek;
-congestion, she sounds like she has a difficulty breathing. Im using saline/aloe drops to clean her nose;
-no 'real' discharge; some in the morning, solidified, dried out;
-rattle- like wet cough; worse at night;no expectoration;
-she keeps rubbing her eyes; both left and right, even when not tired;
- her appetite, always good, didnt change, however she spits up more often and quite a bit:
-has a difficulty passing gas, wiggling like a worm,very unhappy, arching her back, kicking legs. It used to be a bit of a problem at the beginning, but all babies seem to have it, ended at 2 1/2 months of age, it has been back for about 10 days now;
-seems more gassy than usual;
-her stools are the same, a bit more frequent ;except for on thursday her diaper was very different - greenish with a red bloody string, almost looked like she pooped some part of her body out. That happened after DH accidently gave her a teaspoon of cod liver oil instead of gripe water I m using to relieve her tummy colics. Not sure if it is relevant;
She is a very content and happy baby otherwise. Smiles a lot. Doesn't mind playing by herself, although likes the company as well. Likes to be held upright.
The pediatrician mentioned a mild ear infection in her left ear, but she didnt really show any symptoms.
That seems to be all. Please let me know if you need to know about her previous conditions. The poor thing had quite a few for her young age.
Thank you very much, Dr.Sameer.
Best regards,
kassyuta last decade

This dose is to be given once

Dissolve 1 pellet of Pulsatilla 6c in 120 ml spring water, and give her a teaspoon from there ONCE.

Make sure nothing enters her mouth 30 mins before and 30 mins after the dose.

Report in 48 hours.

sameervermani last decade
I will get the remedy tomorrow. thank you!!!! I would also like to know why you chose Pulsatilla. I am trying to learn as much as possible! thank you, Dr. Sameer!
cheers, natasha
kassyuta last decade
read about Pulsatilla, it does make sense. will report in 2 days. have a great day!
kassyuta last decade
hello. it hasn't been 48 hours yet, but there are quite a few changes i wanted to inform you about.
-red rash has cleared for the most part within the first 24 hours: there are a few red bumps on her bum and lower back left;
- skin is very dry and scaly;
-LOTS of nasal discharge; mostly clear but thick, occasional whitish lumps coming out;
-cough, worsened; hacking,persistent, very loose, didn't notice any expectoration ;
- lots of saliva; she wouldn't stop chewing on her hands, sometimes both are in her mouth;
- she doesn't seem to be hungry, eats much less during the day, spits up quite a bit; hungrier at night, woke up this morning at 5 and vomited everything out;
- usually a good sleeper, now wakes up at 5-6 am, crying,almost weeping not from a stomach ache;
- in general very happy, now weeps easily;
-her stools are more frequent than before; greenish once; more liquid ( i have started taking probiotics though);
-passes gas with much more ease

does it feel like an improvement? i will report back later on. thank you for your time, Dr.Sameer.
kassyuta last decade
Let us wait for 2-3 more days, and see where we are at that time.
sameervermani last decade
another update.
-still coughing. badly. the nature of cough has changed though. very 'vocal', if it makes sense.
-heavy nasal discharge. sick,going from clear to somewhat whitish;
-the skin is still dry;
-heavy vomiting; last night she threw up everything she had eaten;
-slept through the night, without waking; -she is being more herself, very happy, smiles a lot; doesn't weep as much.
thank you.
kassyuta last decade
Good signs, the body is throwing out discharges and when that is accompanied with mental amelioration, it is a curative response.

Wait for another 2 days, and please keep Pulsatilla 12c or 15c at hand.Do not give it till I tell you to.
sameervermani last decade
thank you, Dr. Sameer. i will have to order the potency from the site as i dont have it handy.
more updates:
- the rash has come back. her little tush looks awful; the nature of the rash seems to be different though, it is more like a yeast diaper rash now, which she has already had before a couple of times; she had gotten prescribed Nystatin Cream for that,and it helped in the past. i did apply it this morning, however if you think i am only suppressing by doing so, i will stop. do you think the remedy has come to a halt? or is the yeast rash back? or is it related and part of the same problem? more red bumps on the back of her legs and some more on the cheek;
-her cough really worries me; it sounds painful, as if she was screaming while coughing;
-lots of saliva;
- the nose keeps running; thick, white discharge;
-as far as her mental state: happy, smiles a lot, cries while coughing; wants more attention, wants to be held
please, advise!
thank you!
have a great day!
kassyuta last decade
'she had gotten prescribed Nystatin Cream for that,and it helped in the past. i did apply it this morning, however if you think i am only suppressing by doing so, i will stop. '

You should not apply a cream under any circumstances and this is very harmful in the long run.

Okay, so Puls is not doing the job properly. As, it aggravated first and then the aggravation went away but there was no improvement in the chief complaints.

The next remedy which is coming up is, Calcarea Carb.

But since you have given Lycopodium , Calc cannot be given directly.

So, please give her a single dose of Sulphur 6c as follows.

Dissolve 1 pellet in 500 ml spring water, and give her 1/4 teaspoon from there.

Report in 3 days.
sameervermani last decade
ok! i will give the remedy as advised. my question to
'The next remedy which is coming up is, Calcarea Carb.

But since you have given Lycopodium , Calc cannot be given directly. ' is
i would appreciate if you could take a minute to explain that for my future reference. thank you very much
kassyuta last decade
The three remedies, Sulph, Calc, Lyc can only be given in the manner in which arrows depict below..

Sulph -->Calc-->Lyc-->Sulph

The moment you reverse an arrow, you have an INIMICAL reaction.
sameervermani last decade
so, in a treatment Sulph can follow Lyc but not Calc... and theoretically speaking, if i introduce Sulph, then I can introduce Calc later on? or it is not a natural progression? where does Pulsatilla stand in a group?
thank you, Sameer, for taking your time to explain. I am very new to Homeopathy, it is fascinating and makes so much sense and I would love to learn more about it. is there a book on a subject you could recommend? thank you again.
have a great day!
kassyuta last decade
so is Sulph being introduced now just for the sake of Calc later? is Sulph just a 'middle man' in a group? where does Pulsatilla stand in a group? what happens in case of an inimical reaction?
thank you, Sameer, for taking your time to explain. i am very new to Homeopathy, and would like to learn more, its fascinating and makes so much sense! is there a book you could recommend on the subject?
thank you again.
have a great day!
kassyuta last decade
oops, didnt mean to post twice. please, ignore the first post!
also, have a question about coffee. i nurse, but have one shot of expresso with soy milk every morning...should i stop while she is under the treatment?
thank you
kassyuta last decade
Puls is not linked to this cycle, although it does anti-dote Sulph and Lyc partially.

Sulph follows Lyc well but reverse is not true.

Lyc follows Calc but reverse is not true.

Calc follows Sulph but reverse is not true.

Yes, you should stop expresso.
sameervermani last decade
please advise when i should give her Sulph. have the wet dose ready, but haven't given it to her yet. had espresso( sorry for mistyping before) this morning before reading the post.

i see the relationship, thank you for explaining. should i have Calc 6C handy then, as you said it would be the next remedy coming up?
don't mean to be impatient, just trying to understand fully how it works.
would greatly appreciate your recommendation on a book for the beginners.
kassyuta last decade
You can give it to her tomorrow morning.

Yes, please have Calc handy.

Family Homeopathy by Paul Callinan is a good start.
sameervermani last decade
will do!!! thank you!!!!!
enjoy your day!
kassyuta last decade
dear Sameer!
wanted to report some changes before giving Sulphur:
-skin mostly cleared up , except for the diaper area which still has a rash, especially thighs and the front; her bum looks much better; skin still feels very dry, with some dry patches on her face ( above eyebrows), back and stomach;
-her cough worsened; exhausting, suffocating; occasional vomiting after coughing for a prolonged period of time; some expectorations;
-heavy nasal discharge; white-yellowish, thick in the mornings; clear during the day; gets dry and crusty when sleeping;
-stools are less frequent and MUCH less than usual;
-lots of saliva;
-she looks happy and smiles for the most part, but when crying its more like weeping,whereas before she would only cry when in need-hungry, needs a diaper change, etc.
please advise, if i still should proceed with Sulph.
thank you!
kassyuta last decade
She is extremely sensitive to remedies as she is still showing primary effects of the Puls dose.Do not give her the Sulphur as I am sure she will start showing effects of Suphur.

We need a little change in plans, as I want to get rid of this cough first.

You (the mother) takes a single dose of Hepar Sulph 30c as below:

Dissolve 1 pellet in 120 ml water, and take a teaspoon from there once.

She will feel the effects through breast feeding which will be much milder.

Report in 48 to 72 hours.

sameervermani last decade
does it have to be 30C potency? i have Hepar Sulph Calc 30X at home. can it be taken instead? otherwise i will purchase 30C. please let me know
thank you!
kassyuta last decade

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