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AUTISM - Hope with Homeopathy

I need help for my son who is 5 and has autism and I am hoping your experience here will help him.

I am not ocnfident with my own homeopath and am trying to find another one more versed in better management practices.

My question revolves around management and the worry that i have made my son worse, not better.

we started out with carcinosin (no effect) then tuberculinum, then hyos.

My son received low dose of the first two but with hyos he received 30c and then 10M.

i dont know that much about homeopathy, but i dont understand why we went from 30c to 10M?

My son has not made any progress with the Hyos.

I would love to have some input from people here, well versed with homeopathy.

5 year old boy with autism
born by difficult caesarian
-father left at age 2
-fathers family violent and history of bipolar and alcoholics
-lots of miasmic diseases in background like mental health and multiple sclerosis, diabetes, heart probs
-destructive men in background

-child has always been super hyperactive, craves ice cubes, ice cream and sweets(doesnt get any)
-had bad excema (now gone)
-had bad warts on body (now gone)
-pulls his own hair out
-preoccupied with his own genitals (normal for 5 yr old?)
-loves water
-very happy
-not afraid
-good sleeper
-bad teeth
-drinks liquids excessively

Where does one start? do we start with the symptoms or the miasms? I think my family gave him the 'hyperactivity'.

Do we start with his current symptoms and the miasms?

I dont want to fool around as my boy is getting older now.

any help much appreciated.
thank you
  helpinghim on 2009-04-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hmm.. interesting , as Hyos is a remedy which is indicated in very severe acute cases of psychosis, and in any case, this case is not pointing to it.

Moreover, the jump from 30c to 10M was uncalled for. The potency should be raised in a slow manner (and only if there was benefit from previous doses and the response has come to a complete halt).

So, the dominant miasm here seems to be sycosis, and the remedy which will be closest to his symptoms and is also an anti-sycotic remedy will be curative.

Can you give me more information about his behavior, fears, anxieties, food cravings/aversions, general things which ameliorate or aggravate him.. that would help me narrow down to the remedy.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Rebecca
Give Thuja occidentalis 1m once daily for 4 days . Wait for 15 days . Dont give any remedy. let me know his symptoms. My skype id dr.rangadhar contact me I will send the case history format that will help to take the totality symptoms. Thta case history format can not send here . But first give Thuja 1m once daily for 4 days. Thank you
dr.rangadhar last decade
Dear Sameer and Dr R

Dr R, why thuja occidentalis? I dont want to give any more remedies until i know why and what for. This is what got me in this position in the first place, because I was treating my homepath like an allopathic doctor, just 'assuming' he knew what he was talking about. I wont be doing that any more and will have to investigate absolutely everything. Can you advise why u mentioned thuja O? thanks

Dear Sameer,thanks for responding.

We used hyos before (30c) and it had a very calming effect on my boy in fact 15 minutes after taking it, we were able to walk in the park without my son running away or throwing himself to the ground. Because I did not know about case management then, and did not advise my doc of this, he then suggested the following:

after hyos, he prescribed carcinosin, tuberculinum, tarantela and then hyos high dose.

none of those did anything except carcinosin aggravated.

Hyos was indicated because of sexual - my boy has 'discovered' his penis, and likes to walk about naked (5 years old) He also pulls his hair, likes to eat paper and put other things in his mouth. He dances a lot in front of tv, jumps up and down, twirls, throws himself on the ground (acting out tv shows) very comical.

He shrieks very loudly.

He likes ice cubes and LOVES ice cream and popsicles, anything cold.

He is very clingy, but more recently has been going up to strangers and saying hello and touching them (after the hyos 10M)

why do you say dominant miasm is sycosis? We have a very syphillic background, perhaps he has 2 miasms?

he is incredibly hyperactive, never sits still, cant concentrate, always on the move, all day.

He is pulling the hair out of the back of his head, and has done well before homeopathy (a year)

He loves tickles, like to be cuddled and held.

Long eyelashes, very beautiful child, has cold sores on his mouth and used to have warts and very bad excema all over his body.

He craves sweets all the time, and drinks all the time, always wanting juice.

Since Hyos he has played more with his toys quietly, is able to entertain himself a bit more.

He is not 'afraid' of much, though cannot stand anyone shouting or telling him 'no'. He gets very upset at that.

He loves babies and likes cats. He copies other people, say for example a baby is crying, he will cry just like that baby.

what are the anti sycotic remedies?

thank you
helpinghim last decade
Hi Rebecca,

The whole totality points to sycosis starting from his premature interest in sexuality, to an 'excess' of everything at all levels. An excess of energy and audacity is prevalent all through this case. Also the sensitivity to reprimand with the clingy nature when combined with the hyper-sexual, attention seeking behavior is very much a sycotic trait. Even his mimicing others (desire to be someone else) is very much sycotic.

Had syphilis been the dominant miasm , you would have seen 'destruction' and not 'excess' at some levels atleast.

Okay so, which of these symptoms started after Hyos and were not there before ?

sameervermani last decade
Hi, thanks for responding.

Hyos was the first remedy we ever used (30c). Following it almost immediately, we were able to walk the length of a store without him pulling himself to the ground or running away. He seemed to be calmer.

In the interim, we used carcinosin, tarantela, tubucerlinum.

Most recently we went back to Hyos. First 30c (two doses) and 10M.

All i have noticed is that he is very 'loving' always hugging me and telling me he loves me (never used to do this)

He is saying hello to strangers in the park and wanting to touch them.

He is also pre-occupied with people's FEET. He wants to touch everyone's FEET, and he takes their shoes off and uses their foot to touch his own genitals! ARGGHHHH.

After Hyos, more taking off of his clothes, he deliberately throws water on his trousers so he can take them off.

Also, after Hyos he started throwing things again, he used to throw things over the garden fence, or out onto the street.

He also seems more happy, not crying half as much. He used to cry ALL the time, during transitions (eg if you ask him to do something he would cry about it -he is 5 years old)

nothing really destructive, he is nicer to our cat now.

thank you very much for your help.
helpinghim last decade
Okay, your first step should be:

Take a bottle of HYOS 6c in liquid form (25% or above alcohol content) and open its lid, and bring it close to his nostril, and make him take a sharp short sniff from the bottle ONCE. (so that he can feel the smell of alcohol going inside)

Alternatively the liquid can be applied just below his nostrils while he is sleeping.

Report in 72 hours.

This should calm down the accessory symptoms from Hyos 10M dose a bit.

If you are ordering remedies together, please also order Belladonna 6c in liquid dilution.
sameervermani last decade
While reading the questions and replies from various people I was inspired and gained confidance that there will be a hope for my 6y old son who is suffering from mild autistic/hyperactive features. I have the full reports of my son (blood reports, MRI & EEG etc). Depending on the response to this e-mail, I will attatch..
Mostly I am interested to know the updates from two people (e-mail from (1) helpinghim 2)danmom... becuase many of the symptums are matching with my son's problems.

Please advise me what my next step would be...

nmrao last decade

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